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Auburn does not have one offensive lineman that could make the two deep at Bam or Georgia. He has had three o line coaches, three o coordinators two head coaches and only this year a QB coach. Gee do you think that might be the real problem"? Oh yes and except for one his WRs were all kids at the start of the season. He has never had even a decent o line to play behind in three years. He is far and away the toughest and best QB in the conference.
I did not know the QB played defense. Defense is the problem. If USC plays as they did against Florida Auburn gas no chance. I am projecting them to the bham bowl game and a 6 and 7 record.
Who would have thought Auburn on November 1 just needs to win out to go to Atlanta. More realistically, they will decide who does not go to Atlanta. Check back in two more years but despite all trepidation this limited team has surpassed any reasonable expectation. I mean you lose six returning linemen to the coaching change and have a eastern Kentucky and a UAB retread in your starting rotation. The O line is the worst in the SEC. The good news is seven of the meat eaters will be gone next year. The bad news is seven new ones next year spells big trouble. So that limits scoreboard improvement for the next two seasons.
As an Auburn fan this may be a tweener year for Alabama. Their QB is great but young. He is still learning ... a lot and how to overcome the road. No way the offense could duplicate what was done last year but it has frankly exceeded expectations. Defense has struggled but I still believe they are good enough to win the national title. It comes down to Saban. Having lost one he knows each game is a playoff game. The one chink in his armor is when he gets too uptight the team turns into a drum and drums don't win. Saban uptight always loses against Auburn usually in excruciating ways. My advice is to loosen up a notch and be confident instead of being up tight. He has the players and coaches. Yeah it is necessary to get on them at times but it is equally necessary to do what he did last year with that team. A lose but prepared and determined team is almost irresistible. The question is can he and will he? Auburn looms.
Fisher and Malzahn are two of a kind. A and M needs to move on as soon as they can.
This is really funny. When the Big 10 stole Maryland from ACC that was good business. When Pac 12 tried to get Texas A and M Oklahoma and Ok State that was deemed brilliant. When Missouri was left hanging by the Big 10 so they could take Nebraska that was deemed sound business judgment. So SEC absorbs Missouri no one complained. Now they get Texas and Oklahoma and that is somehow sinful. What hypocrisy. This alliance assures the following. Clemson. Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan are no more going to do this than A and M go to Corvallis for a women's soft ball game. What will happen is the money is in the SEC along with scheduling. Game match set and point to SEC through ESPN. Oh and UNC will be exchanged `for Vandy and Notre Dame will be added for football to the ACC. What is left after that? Well very simple. Oregon, USC, FSU and Notre Dame simply become another pod in the SEC super conference operated by ESPN. Or does anyone think ESPN is going to help Fox? Really? Ha ha
This team wins at most five games. They have to beat State at home or Mississippi at home to get the fifth win. I don't see either happening. Nix has a glass jaw after three years of no O line and they do not have another QB on the roster worth mentioning at this point. That could change. The d line look good Saturday but against what exactly? Precisely. Wide receivers well how may make the three deep at Bama?
Must come as news to ESPN who holds the ACC rights. Here is what will happen. Clemson and North Carolina to SEC with Notre Dame and Vandy joining ACC for football. Ohio State and Penn State from not so Big 10 with Michigan or FSU rounding out the haul. SEC than has four pods of five teams each. Remainder of Big 10 forms pods along with PAC 12 and play each other as crossover pod games. End of story.Oh and Big 12 is extinct .
Hopefully he will improve over the performance against San Jose State. Are you serious?
Auburn does not have a quarterback period.
Malzahn took the Auburn job from the preferred status to the career ender status. What upwardly mobile big time coach would take it at this point? They could not even get a single one to consider much less interview. Boise east means least.
First UK then Kansas State then Iowa Sate and expect OSU Michigan and Penn State plus slightly later Clemson to SEC. Then slightly after that ND to ACC for football completely, and a swap of UNC and Vandy from one conference to the other. Expect remaining teams in Big 12 to park in AAC. Then expect Big 10 and PAC 12 to join as one.
When Clemson leaves ESPN has them sliding in a s areplacement in the ACC
Hey the Big 12 has some vacancies. Go there.
I agree with you but watching them get creamed each year is well priceless.
Just move Auburn back east to reignite rivalries with Tenn and Florida. Go to nine games Problem solved unless they are about to add two more teams to the East like say Ohio State and Penn State . That destroys the Big 10 Network. If you go four pods then you can add Clemson and UNC for instance.
This is not over yet. ESPN is directing traffic. Look for Ohio State and Penn State to show up next. Put them in the east.
The only thing foolish was the conference bringing your tird rate program into the conference. You have never been anuthing in football and you never will. If you had a shred of morality you would quietly leave and rejoin the ACC or go to the AAC where you belong.
Oh really? Get a life. Oklahoma has done more than well against the SEC over the years. They have a winning record. Look it up chump.
Auburn is going five and seven or four and eight this year. Recruiting is a trash bucket fire. Maybe Auburn can leave and join the Mountain West.
Texas is about as likely to join the SEC as Fauci and the CDC are to speak the truth
I apologize for the poor excuse of a human being masquerading as an Auburn fan. You belong in Tuscaloosa chump. As to transfers Auburn uses such at quarterback to win championships and Georgia transfers them to Ohio State. A dog will always be a dog.
These players good enough to beat Bama or Georgia? Then nothing changed
Worst rush defense in league by far. Nobody to play DT no depth and not a single player that would make Bama travel squad. Linebacking would be great but absence if DT will impair their ability to roam and make plays. DE has some promise but can be run right at and will be. Secondary will be outstanding but what will it matter. This team wins five max. Book it and move on.
Speaks volumes they did all this and still could not crack the top fifty. Are u serious?