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Winston is a spoiled prima donna Never been held accountable What a waste of mammoth talent Grow up!
Who cares about a stupid basketball game when millions are about to suffer.
My five things 1. Win over Auburn 2. Win over LSU 3. Win over Alabama If 1-3 do not happen no need to look at four and five
So a foreigner sponging oiff the season is proetcted but an American employing an unalienable right of free speech is attacked. Yessir is this a great country or what/ What nis the answer
A freally big increase in the already gargantuan buy out
Oh just give the players skirts, flags and play the little girl way. This is noti football. Pure garbage
Never has so much spent for so little These dawgs balways swallow the bone and choke right?
hope he plays qqb better than his father has an offense. the only thing Muschamp can produce on offense is well offensive.
This may be a homerun hire or a complete disaster. Pellini can coach defense well but he is a zero as a recruiter.
U might want to check and see how sad his last two emploters were that he left and what happened to Kentucky after his tenure there. Let's balance the fl;agellation and take a wait and see expectancy because he is a scientific experiment for a school long known for its cheese and dairy.
MSU had to get Leach to offdset Laney. It will be interesting to see if Leach can elevate MSU to what they have been under Sherrill and Danny Boy or beyond. The big losers in all of this are Tx A and M and Auburn. The foremer will be exposed as an overpriced error and the later exposed and fored when he tries to run this gauntlet. MSU has players to fit Leach's system from day one. The cupboard is not bare . Watch out.
If he stayued with that lousy o coach one more year he would become undrafted Good move.
The author is either incompetent or ladeliberately ignoring reality. The SEC had a good bowl record thsi year compared to last Year's disaster for a couple of good reasons that have nothing to do with conference alleged supremacy. The SEC often has 11 teams in bowls and two or more in BCS bowls plus one in the CFP. Teams number 10 mand 11 end up matched up against number 4 or 5 teams from other conferences and ususally lose. This year with nione teams only, the SEC matched up much more evenly with other conferences. The Auburn flop and the Kenticky upset offset. The SEC is pathetic when you drop below the top five or six schools. Over half the conference more closely resembles Ruthgers than Ohio State. Put the fourteen teams in the Big 10 aganinst the SEC and I suspect the record would be about .500 hardly a domination. I personally belive the SEC is weaker top to bottom now than at any other time in this millenium. Arkansas, Miss, Miss State, Vandy, Missouri and USC are all dumpster fires, hardly an imposing conference list.
This was a reaction against Mississippi hiring Lane Kiffin. They do not even have a list and one possible candidate at La Lafayette has already said nyet. Imagine turning down a SEC jo ton remain there. State is in big trouble.
Malzahn is a four loss coach. He belomngs at Ak State not in a big league. I am done wwith Auburn until they hire a real coach who will then fore the incompetnet d coordinator and the O line coach and actually hire and use a O coordinator.
Here is the secret. Auburn has a gremlin or leprichaun. He sits in the end zone opposite the scoreboard. Maybe he is a relic from Donohue the Irishmen or a ghost player from Heisman's day. He looks like a cartoon goofy character and has a pair of football britches common to the thirties, an illfitting old fashion leather helmet and huge white oversized white sneekers. When Auburn is united he comes onto the filed. When Bama comes to town he always plays unless the Auburn team has no heart. When he plays they amost do not lose and you can expect to see what you have seen. He almost never goes on the road except to T town. When Auburn has heart he is on the squad that day there as well. Or he is simply absent. He hates Florida, Tennessee and LSU stadiums for some reason but loves Grant field and Athens. Go figure. I have seen him many times in close games there.
for the most the most part the SEC bowl match ups win or lose are both non descrip and probably downright boring
Fisher is a Chizik a one time wonder with a great QB Done nothing since and won't
the only way Georgia wins is to score more points
Maryland not Marylamd although the later nicely describes if u change the d to a b by reversing it....
Kick the worthless stain of a program out of the SEC. That would improve the league and have South Carolina go with them. Two useless schools that will never add anything to SEC football anymore than Marylamd and Rutgers will the Big 10
Wow you are one of those delusional Auburn fans that thinks Malzaqhn should still be the coach after losing as many games over a four year period as freaking Barfield did!
He painted over the decline of the Saban dynasty which is now in evident collpase. They are just barely favored against a three loss team is a further proof. That two teams form the SEC may well be in the cfp and neither is named Alabama.
Ok let's compare Malzahn with the worst coach Auburn has had since ww3 and that is Douf Bardfiled. Barfiled's record against his big three of Tennessee , Alabama and Georgia was i win in four consecutive years. Doug also averaged four losses a year if you excusenhis forst year. If you delete Malzahn's forst year like Barfield and look at his record he has averaged more than four but less than five losses a year. His record against the big three of Alabama, Georgia and LSU is a bit better , He has beaten Alabama twice and Georgia twice. He has beaten LSU twice. Now let's do some drill down. One Georgia win was a fourth and forever tipped pass and one win against Alabama resulted from Alabama missing several FGs in the fourth quarter from less than 25 yards out and just missing a 65 yard kick to win. One of his wins against was a aloss against LSU that was overruled by the clock expiring a micrometer brfore the ball was anapped. So three of his wins are all in the believe ir or not category. Otherwise his record against the big three pretty much tracks Barfield. Any questions? Just one. Why is this worst coach since ww2 still employed there?
with Dooley running the offense with the Clemson reject this is over before the end of the warmups