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the only way Georgia wins is to score more points
Maryland not Marylamd although the later nicely describes if u change the d to a b by reversing it....
Kick the worthless stain of a program out of the SEC. That would improve the league and have South Carolina go with them. Two useless schools that will never add anything to SEC football anymore than Marylamd and Rutgers will the Big 10
Wow you are one of those delusional Auburn fans that thinks Malzaqhn should still be the coach after losing as many games over a four year period as freaking Barfield did!
first of many years to come Bama is fifth best in the league now and Tennessee is rapidly preapring to make them sixth and Texas A and M will then make them seventh Mediocrity will soon wear Crimson
He painted over the decline of the Saban dynasty which is now in evident collpase. They are just barely favored against a three loss team is a further proof. That two teams form the SEC may well be in the cfp and neither is named Alabama.
Ok let's compare Malzahn with the worst coach Auburn has had since ww3 and that is Douf Bardfiled. Barfiled's record against his big three of Tennessee , Alabama and Georgia was i win in four consecutive years. Doug also averaged four losses a year if you excusenhis forst year. If you delete Malzahn's forst year like Barfield and look at his record he has averaged more than four but less than five losses a year. His record against the big three of Alabama, Georgia and LSU is a bit better , He has beaten Alabama twice and Georgia twice. He has beaten LSU twice. Now let's do some drill down. One Georgia win was a fourth and forever tipped pass and one win against Alabama resulted from Alabama missing several FGs in the fourth quarter from less than 25 yards out and just missing a 65 yard kick to win. One of his wins against was a aloss against LSU that was overruled by the clock expiring a micrometer brfore the ball was anapped. So three of his wins are all in the believe ir or not category. Otherwise his record against the big three pretty much tracks Barfield. Any questions? Just one. Why is this worst coach since ww2 still employed there?
with Dooley running the offense with the Clemson reject this is over before the end of the warmups
His dream will be a nightmare with Malzahn running thisngs and the G defense will take care of the reat
Georgia win and you are in but you must beat LSU, Auburn and Ga Tech in those wins.Alabama is the third or fourth best team in the SEC. Georgia beat a good ND team. Alabama has played nobody not named LSU.
Alabama is the third best etam in the league and I doubt they will include three SEC teams
If Auburn had a coach , a o line coach and an efefctive O ccordinator it might actually matter but they don't so it won't
Alabama played a great game just like they use to say to Auburn during the Bryant years. Ha ha ha
The final four will feature LSU v OSU in the finals. Will Georgia get the fourth spot. Clemson is a lock as the defending champs and unbeaten despite a woeful Alabama type schedule. Georgia must win out and beat LSU. Good luck with that. Oregon will be the fourth seed if they win out. Sorry Oklahoma.
Parents must have been cit off from their funding or does anyonje really believe they just happened to move from Hawaii to Alabama? really?
They were wiped off the field by a vastly superior team at 33 to 13. Whenever they played like the little train that could LSU simply stuffed them. Not a top ten team and may not even beat Auburn This game reminded me of Saban at Mich State against Tom Osborne at Nebraska. People and press prostitutes that continue to pump sunshine in need to finally understand there are two teams in the SEC alone that will finish ahead of them. Maybe they can play Notre Dame in a cry baby bowl. I am rooting for Baylor and Monnesota to play in the CFP finals. LSU Ohio State will be a great game. Enjoy it Tide fans. Your run and reign is finished.
Either way who cares. Thake Mississippi in an upset. See tenn game last year as the reference.
I am a huge Auburn fan. Gatewood is doing the right thing the right way. He is going to make somebody a great qb . Wait and see. Auburn has a problem. It includes the head coach, the o line coach , the qb coaoch pretending to be a O coordinator and a toothless d coordinator. That translates to four or more losses every tear. Gatewood is right to leave and I wish him the very best.
how do u blame this cpoach and staff for the mess Freeze left? Are u serious
This is so bogus. Alabama, LSU, and Florida can all end up with just one loss So you arev saying that only one gets in? Are you serious?
Missouri is road kill away from hime First Wyoming and now Vandt
Taeggert is getting it done They look like a team for the first time in five years. Wins to follow
Things are so bad the coach is courting a job at Rutgers!
Miss State now has taken the Vols misery crown and put it on their heads. They are now officially UT west.
Not that this will happen but if Minnesota wins out and wins the Big 10 and Auburn wins out (hey we can dream the impossible dream right?) please explain how they are not in. Add to that a one loss Oregon team and an undefeated Clemson team you may have the final four especially if Texas wins the rematch with Oklahoma. The cries you now hear come form a one loss Notre Dame team, A one loss Alabama team a one loss Wisconsin team and a one loss OSU or PSU team. Please explain that
This is men against the boys. Who has Florida played? Auburn can lose the game but Florida can not win it. Auburn 34 Florida 19