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Things are so bad the coach is courting a job at Rutgers!
Miss State now has taken the Vols misery crown and put it on their heads. They are now officially UT west.
Not that this will happen but if Minnesota wins out and wins the Big 10 and Auburn wins out (hey we can dream the impossible dream right?) please explain how they are not in. Add to that a one loss Oregon team and an undefeated Clemson team you may have the final four especially if Texas wins the rematch with Oklahoma. The cries you now hear come form a one loss Notre Dame team, A one loss Alabama team a one loss Wisconsin team and a one loss OSU or PSU team. Please explain that
This is men against the boys. Who has Florida played? Auburn can lose the game but Florida can not win it. Auburn 34 Florida 19
Auburn is going to win the CFP Get over it
Hold the applause until after they play LSU and Auburn. That thud you just heard is the Alabama O.Just like Clemson last year.
Power rating is a joke as usual. Auburn has played two top ten teams away from home and won both games yet is ranked fourth. Based on schedule they are number 1.
Mason may be the first coach in history at Vanderbilt to beat Tennessee four consecutive years and then still be fired.
Georgia, like Noter Dame is way overrated Texas A and M and Auburn will remove all doubt. But then Florida will beat you forst to gove you three losses. Wait and see.
His opinion is trash just his mouth and pen are full of trash. Full neither of sound or fury and signifying less than nothing.
Why is Morris still on the job and why was he ever hired?
Auburn 42 Georgia 10 Your coach is a real dawg. He coaches not to lose against good teams and almost always then does. A choker in the tradition of Georgia for sure. tech will beat you like a yard dog within four years.
he will be burned up if he keeps doing this. georgia high schools play great defense in most cases to boot. Amazing.
This team needs no motivation because thw whole seasonn is all about the motivation to win a national championship. M State will fall 38 to 14.
OU plays no one except Texas. They will finish foifth in teh SEC West.
A guru to a few and an idiot to the rest. He predicts everything eaveryway so he is never wrong. And people pay him money? Are you serious?
You can tell the author lives in Alabama. Very hyper critical. When Nix has just a few more rpes with the starting four receivers he will not miss when they are open deep. that will come. Given that Auburn hangs fifty on A$M Saturday. Keep that in mind going forward.
Like tale of Two Cities this is the best and the worst of times for the SEC.
A&M does not yet have the maturity required when playing a team like Auburn whose lines consist of seniors and fourth year juniors. They also do not have a QB that can make plays when it matters most.
Atkansas is now officially the second best football team in the state.
Starkel deserves a better end than this. The coach is in way over his head. Maybe Tennessee can coach swap and hey inlcude the knuckle head at USC in Columbia in a three way parley. Arkansas is a dumpster fore at this point
Well maybe you have consumed some tainted meat! Yes They could get to six wins
He will recieve the same treatment and support form Florida Custer did from Sitting Bull at Little Bighorn. College football may lobby for a mercy rule after this game ends.
These clowns are not experts Just morons getting paid for their moronic behavior
These clowns are not experts Just morons getting paiid for their moronic behavior
Mond will never be a top flight Q. He does not have the it factor
Why do so many people hate Texas? Becuiase like liberals they always lose and come to think of it they are a liberal school. And now you know the rest of the story....
What does Texas have in common with the US mail. Both have excuses and the laetr can not deliver on Sunday and the former never deliversm on Satyrday when it matters. She fits right in perfectly. Oh and maybe she should spend some time trying to get Austin to remove vagrants from the streets before leprosy arrives.