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Tennessee will play in Atlanta by winning games above plus upsetting Georgia, Miss State and Missouri. Georgia will lose to Auburn and Florida will lose to Georgia and Auburn and probably LSU
Auburn is going to win the national championship this year
More grist to the rumor mill that things are not exactly right in the dog pen
So let me see if I understand. Two five stars are gone from the 2018 recruiting class. Where does it rank now?
may be a blessing in disguise as this allows more practice reps for the remaining backs available and there are quite a number of them.
Rich Rod is both a moral derelict and genius. I hope the later trumps the fopremer for him at Mississippi
They can not even field five offensive linemen . It will be a long year in Rebel land but next year has promise with another round of desperately needed recruits added to this thin mix. Sanctions do endure
LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Texas A and M and even Mississippi are my top 5
Auburn is to thsi year what Clemson was to last year. Wait and see.
After Auburn Ntre Dame and Florida use them as punching bags going to Atlanta except to play Tech is not happening. I pick this team third in the East.
Georgia needs to stop worrying about recruiting and actually win a game that matters. Oh well dogs, bones and bones in the throat fits the mantra of the school in general and thsi coaching staff in particular.
Athletics lost their high ground when the forst dollar of profit was made
love of thugs and thuggery is the undoing of what used to be copllegiate football
he would be the league doormat. He is already the laughingstock of the Big 10
Mason is class and is finding ways to build Vanderbilt into Stanford East.
If we only had a coach... and a d coordinator who did not choke on demand.
Two first round picks in the starting five and all are seniors. Auburn is winning the west, the SEC and then bring on Clemson. We are a precise copy of the later from a year ago only better.
Auburn is exactly like Clemson a year ago. Five senior o linemen, the fifth best Dline in the NFL and two studs at QB. They are going to rock and roll this year
The defense looked like Oklahoma against Clemson. Saban should make them wear OU unis until they start performing again.
He passed away? What dioes that mean? He faded liked a ghost in sunlight? Or did he simply DIE?
Auburn playing teams like thsi is a disgrace.
West Virginia should be in the ACC. They were an original drafter of the old southern conference in the 1920s. They are not in that conference because of politics. UAB would have been in the AAC had they doen then what they have done now. Hopefully, this will get corrected but they may be the mid major version of Wva. BYU will never be allowed into the Pac 12 They have religion and that is not tolerated there. Notre Dame would be excluded as well. And you wonder why California is literally a waste dump? Uconn is in the socialist paradise of Ct so sanity need not apply. Their decisions reflect this irrationality. Even the ACC learned you have to have football or it really does not matter enough.
Georgia is Georgia. They will soon be third best in the East
The league created this stupidity when they had Georgia play Auburn at Auburn two years in a row. Correct it by playing at Georgia two years in a row.