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Georgia is Georgia. They will soon be third best in the East
The league created this stupidity when they had Georgia play Auburn at Auburn two years in a row. Correct it by playing at Georgia two years in a row.
Just pass a rule that says the winner of the SEC East and West are hosts to two at large schools. Makes it easy and effective and gives the SEC a couple of sacrificial lambs to devour before facing off for the championship and everyone knows Georgia and Alabama are the two best teams in the country.
Stidham is a glass jaw. Can't take the heat and that means he needs to go back to the Big 12 where they play no defense and no QB gets his uniform dirty.
Just another year in a losing silo. Bring back Barfield
Auburn is now just like they were under Barfield
Rather than go to a useless bowl schedule a viewing of the Auburn game at Neyland and put it on a jumbletron and sell tickets for $5 a piece and call that the bowl game.
Well what choice do they have? I mean they can't afford the insane buyout. So going forward Auburn will be playing Mississippi each year to determine who is last in the west. Sure would be fun to have Dino in Syracuse armed with this personnel.
And of course the F as in Funds from shall we say many places had nothing to do with them moving from Hawaii to that garden spot Tuscaloosa right?
Antifada U needs to promote Dooley. Then everyone in the east will have an easy designated homecoming game.
Watch his team lose right? And they played so much better with him in there the second half.
When a Cajun runs into talent and coaching it will always be a long night. LSU is finished as a national power with him at the helm.
I think Burrow needs to go back to OSU. He is a perfect fit there.
Missouri has Dooley as the coordinator. That gives Tennessee a chance. UT is on their way back. Did Georgia or Alabama do great the first year and both had more talent under their now successful coaches?
Even though the game means nothing in terms of winning the East and Georgia may be a bit flat you can still count on the personal nature of the rivalry stoking the fires and Georgia will win. I hope they win by eight touchdowns so we can hire a real coach and real coordinators instead of the useless bunch we now have. The AD is from Syracuse and I hope he can bring in their coach and soon. Auburn quit Saturday. A&M simply found a way to lose.
USC fled the ACC to avoid annual beatdowns there. Now they have to deal with both Georgia and Clemson. Good luck with that.