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The number ten is basically cursed as QB at Auburn. Pat Washington wore number 10 but the curse goes further back than that
Why is this guy allowed to coach anywhere? Nothing but trouble the Bobby Petrino of high school coaches
Well he does have urgency and does not own the result so he like the coach are a perfect match
Change the name to LSU and write it circa 1990 or Alabama circa 2003. Any questions?
Hey the author failed to mention that for seven consecutive years Coach Jarhead averaged five losses a year. Add to this the three cupcakes minimum played each year, his record against LSU, Ga and even Alabama and you can only wonder why he was not fired before the 2017 season. The guy is a one trick pony and the pony died.
Not sure why Kat left. Newkirk is a very large disappointment. Auburn stood with him through two plus years of large injuries. He probably should have remembered that. However, they were both loyal to Gardner and that is why they left really. Still I will be happy with the coaching change despite this.
Yeah since his recruiting scuppered Tennessee and USC he probably avoided a show cause for sure.
Vandy needs the Temple treatment They will not attempt to compete so kick them out of the conference. Add West Virginia, Oklahoma or Clemson oK the last two are dreams only.
Are u serious? I mean come on he has been there less than two months. So he had to crack the top ten. You are an idiot
Might be a great hire. Time will tell. A sensible approach employed. May not workout but a good hire regardless
Big Cat eat your heart out while u lose and are tripled team at UT. The fifth round will be your reward.
good recruiter who strays in his recruiting from time to time Brown will have to watch closely but he is a good recruiter and coach
His staff will have the moniker last chance u staff.
Since Tennessee never scores this move makes sense. The punter left to avoid ruining his leg from too many punts
Well on his way to a dreaded vote of confidence As Leach would say he will be offed.
He will soon have a show cause attached after what he has done at several schools. Gotcha says teh great god NCAA!
We are gonna lose and I am the only fool willing to take the money and end my mediocre career impaled by a motley crew of Gators, dogs and elephants and after that what difference does it make right?
If you take out the year he used Frost's players he is a sub 500 coach at Central Florida. Not impressive to say the least. Another bad hire for what used to be a great football program and he got the job because of AD nepotism or the AD had no one else that would take it. That is the sorry state of UT now.
A really bad move. The coach has not done much at Central Florida. It smells of incest
This is nepotism and cronyism and just exactly what Tennessee can ill afford. You have the answer at Liberty and at West Virginia and you go with this second tier clown instead. Business as usual at Tenn I am 70 . I will never live to see Tennessee ever noteworthy again in Football. Sad
Moronic comment. Look at his roster. This year it was all youngsters because the prior coach left a huge year and class that left after the 2019 season. He chose to rebuild through balanced freshmen classes and has done so. He lost two games this year in overtime. That division in the Big 10 is as strong as the SEC east. Going forward Fleck has them primed to win big and everyone in the Big 10 knows it.
Tennesse comments show how bad things really are. Fleck can win a national championship at Minnesota quicker than he can at Tennessee. Wake up fools that is where the program is and get over it. Then you can start to build one again. Fleck took over a Westrn Michigan program that was no where and when he left they were playing in a BCS bowl,,, you know like Tennessee used to do thrity years ago. Minnesota has a brand new stae of the art stadium. Tennessee has a concrete mausoleum. Minnesota has great facilities much better than the tired garbage present on rocky top. Minnesota does not have the NCAA taking out long term leases around Fulmer's abandoned office. Minnesota is a far better job now than Tennessee and that is precisely the problem. Oh and deluded people like you also expect the new coach to beat Bama , Georgia and Florida the same year beginning year one. Ha ha ha
Alabama played a big boy schedule. OSU played teh Ivy League and only six games . OSU would finish fourth in the SEC West If they played 11 straight SEC teams they would have 5 losses. Oh and their QB is a Heisman in the Big 10 and scout team at Georgia. Need I say more?