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Well this is the real problem in South Carolina you've got a bunch of prima donnas that 1 acquit good escort him off campus take him off scholarship cut off their meals food lodging and everything else and put him out the street where they belong end of discussion
Id USC has no coach or qualified list the firing Muschamp is equally stupid but then we are talking about South Carolina right? SEC is way too good of a conference for schools like this in it.
Well the ball coach quit on two teams in the muddle of seasons so I think he need be better served by not running his mouth and kicking a man that is down well I guess he learned that growing yp in east Tennessee and at Florida
maybe he quit because the Ga Bulldogs are becoming losers
He has his millions so he could care less Another dumpster fire coach just like Tennessee
When you rely on a test that does not work expect chaos. the test has been proven false by every ,measure of science.
One real problem. Coaching. Palmer is a talent. The O line is superior. The RBs are more than competent. The head coach and O coordinator are the real culprits.
Wake when they fore Malzahn. Until then expect four to five losses a year. Nothing more to see here
You kind of wander how much this coach was responsible for Georgia s success. If he can do thsi with a QB even Mullin could not use just wait to the talent he is bring in gets up to speed. Arkansas stock is definitely a buy now. This is an incredible accomplishment by the coaches and a group of players that have decided to own what happens and find ways to compete to win.
Who says Georgia is more talented and talent alone and that difference alone does not guarantee anything. Georgia has been lit up by the two good teams they have played. there are real problems in that staff and lockerroom. Mullin recruits well enough and coaches hard enough to win a national championship. Style points matter not.
Just wait till Gatewood gains traction at Kentucky. He will make people forget Willis. Malzahn is a complete idiot. He could have red shirted Nix and started Willis but no he had to go with the wunderkind before he was mature enough. Typical. And Gatewood may yet the best of all three Time will tell.
Pellini was a disastrous hire. He will be gone soon. You can not normally do well with a freshman at QB especially when everyone else is pretty much inexperienced as well. Once they hire a competent d coordinator (hello Brad Lambert) LSU will return to form.
He takes talent and puts it in the position to perform. Remember LSU beat Central Florida with his old system the year before Brady arrived in the Fiesta Bowl. And now he has adjusted and enhanced. He is right there with Kiffin and Sarkashian. Shame the d coordinator is such a shlock
Here is the deal. There are twenty to fifty major athletic financial boosters. If they decide Gus is gone then here is how. They contact the Trustees and Ad and declare a complete moratorium on any additional giving as long as Malzahn is there. If their giving is ten million or more per year Gus is gone. You find a way through debt to pay off the 21 million if it will cost you ten million more per year not to do so. Any questions? Auburn will be no better than 4 and 6. I suspect 3 and 7 more likely for a team that is in the same state as the last Chizik team
Malzahn needs to bench Malzahn. Where is a good dose of the Red virus when we could use it? This kid won five straight high school championships. He is not the problem, the O line and coaching are the problems.
You know what is happening at Missouri and Arkansas is truly amazing. The new coach has put pieces together and bringing very promising recruits For the first time in almost forever Arkansas has leadership and management. Their future is really bright.
Anyone that believes Malzahn and winning championships belong together is engaged in criminally wishful thinking. They never have an O line, they never develop a quarterback, their D coordinator always is at his best when they lose, the O coordinator does not matter because Malzahn will always call the shots and his one trick pony offense was defended ten years ago and Malzahn will always in games that matter including Alabama. Just in that one Saban does it more. Malzahn has turned the Georgia game into a scrimmage ...for Georgia. This year he will lose at least 5 of ten games. Meet the new Auburn. Mediocre!!!A nice way of describing LOSER!!!
Missouri and Arkansas are growth stocks with huge upside. Will they play in Atlanta in a couple of years?
Just look mat USC Arizona State and the drunk Pat Haden except the drunks were not the AD Saturday might Kiffin will build a power house. they only have 60 or so real players. Kiffin will get the rest he needs and then watch out.
The problem with the Air Raid is exactly the same problem of using airpower to conduct war. The Raid may hit a lot of targets but in the end it can not occupy the champions square any more than air power can in a war
This guy is another Petrino with a bigger check book and a pretension to class and discipline. Same ice cream just a different flavor.
1. Coaching 2. preparation 3. performance Any questions?
he needs to leave He can play and the coaching staff , of that is what you call those numbnuts, I don't, can figure out how to use him. Hint put him on the field and get the ball to him!