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He has a $15 million buyout. He won’t be rowing that boat down the Chattahoochi.
Briles is a choir boy compared to Freeze. Nobody has even proven exactly what Briles supposedly did.
This makes for a catchy article, but that is all it is. 0% chance this happens.
Yes, Chad Morris is not Ryan Day. He was never handed a program stocked with talent as a first time head coach and told just to keep it between the lines in order to have a great season. He had to actually coach players.
If LSU keeps playing like they have been the past month, the could def run the table. It is basketball, so I doubt they win out, but they are really impressive as of late.
Could the kid not find an unopened bottle or a water fountain? Good Lord....
Exactly. They were patient with him. He decided he wanted to play games.
Malzahn will be back regardless, unless he chooses to go to Arkansas. I know that for a fact.
Money, recruits and having won a National Title in the past decade. Next Question.
I stopped reading after "If you take away Malzahn's first year...." That is totally moronic to even argue. Would you evaluate Ed Orgeron by first stating, "If you take away this special season?"
Yeah - he has done nothing, if you don't count the years he won the SECWest. That makes so much sense... NOT.
You are spot on Fuzzyvol. You know first hand how some people around a program are always seeing the grass greener by making a change.
Correction. He is a good coach. Will he win enough to survive 15 years at Auburn? Probably not, but who has? I would have never agreed to the buyout terms, but that doesn't change the fact that they are what they are. When its all said and done, Gus will have achieved what few dream of being able to do. He bacame a millionaire coaching at the highest level. He coached a Heisman trophy winning QB and a Heisman finalist running back. He won the SEC West twice and the SEC in his first year as HC. He took his team to a BCS championship game and a New Years 6 bowl. He coach his team to a win and witnessed the greatest play in the history of college football with the Kick 6. Life isn't so bad for a man you readily disrespect. He played Nix because Nix was the better QB. It doesn't take a genius to discover that fact.
At least he has "done it", which is more than I can say for most SEC coaches.
Not true. Nix could literally be at any program in the country. Gatewood wasn't the full time starter in high school.
There are close to 30 million reasons that Gus isn't going anywhere.
I'm an Auburn guy, but the list was invalid the moment I saw that it didn't mention those Ole Miss light blue uniforms. That are some good looking unis. Personally, Auburn and Florida's uniforms both look better than trying to mesh yellow and purple or that plain jane bama uniform, but to each their own.
Stupid is as stupid does. Unfortunately, stupidity isn't relegated to California. Look no farther than Atlanta, Georgia to find an example of a supreme waste of money called Mercedes Benz Stadium.
Jake Fromm wasn't the problem Saturday. He is a phenomenal leader and has the talent to be considered one of the best QBs in college football. His receivers have to help him out.
That was clearly not a dirty hit. Mullen is a good coach, but he has always whined about something. Congrats to Florida in a hard fought win.
Florida's defense deserves all the credit in the world for the way they played Saturday. Congratulations!