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That lofty top 25 finish... LOL. Nobody pays $50 million to finish #24.
Pearl has no interest in dealing with a mess in Texas.
Gus didn't fail at his job. He just didn't win enough lately. Jay Jacobs had nothing to do with the extension that Gus received, in which the buyout was included. That was all Steven Leath, the new AU President at the time, who has now been fired. I understand the extension at the time, but the buyout was just stupidity on Leath's part. Arkansas was ready to pay Gus anything to come home. Auburn should have patted Gus on the back and said good luck buddy, but instead decided to allow foolish pride to get in the way. Remember, the extension was done right after beating #1 uga & #1 bama back to back in 2017. Had Kerryon not been injured and in need of a hip procedure,Gus would have likely gotten to the playoffs that year. Not certain, but certainly possible.
I'm very interested in what Gus is doing, especially when it also involves former AU players. I wish him nothing but the best!
If you don't see the decency he lacked, you are blind.
You have to acknowledge that Pruitt, whatever he has done, didn't come up with the idea out of the blue. He learned what to do at many programs. He was simply sloppy in implementing his plan.
Tennessee needs someone capable of thinking outside the box and finding ways to win games. Gus has proven his ability to do just that.
Gus would do wonders at UT. People sometimes overlook just how solid of a person Gus is and the things he has accomplished. The man has an SEC Championship, played for another, played for the national title in 2013, won a title as offensive coordinator in 2010 and has never had a sniff of NCAA problems.
This might be one of the few ways to actually save face and make it work./
Don't believe every rumor you see written. Auburn has never contemplated hiring Freeze and there is no opening to fill.
Actually....it was. It was certainly not done with malice. Mullen just acted like a high school cry baby, which he has a history of doing.
Yes he did. He had no justification for being that irate. He should have been thrown out of the game. The hit could have bee penalized, but it wasn't egregious in any way.
He has a $15 million buyout. He won’t be rowing that boat down the Chattahoochi.
Briles is a choir boy compared to Freeze. Nobody has even proven exactly what Briles supposedly did.
This makes for a catchy article, but that is all it is. 0% chance this happens.
Yes, Chad Morris is not Ryan Day. He was never handed a program stocked with talent as a first time head coach and told just to keep it between the lines in order to have a great season. He had to actually coach players.
If LSU keeps playing like they have been the past month, the could def run the table. It is basketball, so I doubt they win out, but they are really impressive as of late.
Could the kid not find an unopened bottle or a water fountain? Good Lord....
Exactly. They were patient with him. He decided he wanted to play games.
Malzahn will be back regardless, unless he chooses to go to Arkansas. I know that for a fact.
Money, recruits and having won a National Title in the past decade. Next Question.
I stopped reading after "If you take away Malzahn's first year...." That is totally moronic to even argue. Would you evaluate Ed Orgeron by first stating, "If you take away this special season?"
Yeah - he has done nothing, if you don't count the years he won the SECWest. That makes so much sense... NOT.