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Freeze is the man. All the jealous can begin their Karen like screaming.
Pete Thamel is one of the least reliable reporters employed today.
He has an unsigned extension offer on his desk. It isn't asking too much that he either sign the extension or move on.
He is a public employee making $9 million a year. He can answer the questions.
They don't require a yes man. They do require a coach that isn't lazy and uses NIL to build the roster. Think about that for a minute.
I want them to go back to IDAHO. I don't care how they get there or what they do when they get there, but the have no business in the SEC and especially at Auburn. LSU came to Auburn 2 years ago. The OL was almost the same as today. That Gus coached team beat them badly 48-11. We are worse today than we were at that time.
Harsin did this to himself. He chose to run Bo Nix away. He chose to be an ass when he rolled into town. He chose to run off experienced coordinators in favor of his Boise boys, therefore he can choose to call the movers.
When you make no adjustments, that tends to happen. This is on Harsin and staff totally.
Oldbaldfrog... u don't know wth you are talking about.
Only a portion of the $15 million is due within 30 days of termination. The remainder is paid in equal installments over the term of the original contract.
As though Auburn hasn't been down and risen right back up b4? Some of you are so weak sauced.
Auburn plays Penn State in two weeks. I applaud schools playing smaller programs. It helps the sport and helps them survive and thrive.
Who would someone sue? Cornbread911 from a message board?
You show your ignorance by your comment. Your Pearl comments are just patently FALSE.
Any coach that takes you to a national championship game is by definition not a bad hire. I realize that Arkansas folks have no basis of comparison for that statement.
Have fun and know that what you people think means nothing when the truth is much different.
That is exactly what happened. He could not work with Harsin due to Harsin's bipolar personality.
This won't increase the seating capacity. There is no need to do that. This is just a practice facility and likely recruiting facility built adjacent to and connected to the Arena.
Reducing to just under 10,000 was a smart move. The Arena is basically still new. This upgrade is really only building a new practice facility adjacent to the current arena, much like Pratt Pavilion at Tennessee. The Arena also has two practice courts built into it on the lower level as it is today.
There is more to this story. Nobody in their early 30s walks away from making $700,000 a year. Nobody.
Being an ass is never going to work long term. Harsin is an ass.
Harsin didn't walk into a rebuild either. However, when he is gone, the next coach likely will.
Football aside, the Malzahns are wonderful people. Prayers that things aren't as serious as it appears.
As a Georgia boy that had the good sense to go to Auburn, this is my favorite rival. There are so many connections over the history of the two schools and athletic programs. UGA was #1 in 2017 when they strolled into Jordan-Hare and left searching for their soul. I think this uga team is much better than that 2017 team, but I would love nothing more than to witness a similar result. Come on down or tune it... it's gonna be a battle.
There are plenty of things to worry about in the world. Bruce Pearl being able to recruit championship level talent and develop players don't make the list.
That lofty top 25 finish... LOL. Nobody pays $50 million to finish #24.