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I wouldn't be shocked if Mizzou ends the season somewhere around 5. Bryant hasn't played poorly and Wyoming is actually a better team than they will get credit for being. Their 2nd year head coach won a lot of championships at ND State.
I often wonder if internet sites of any kind actually hire editors?
Going 9-3 or better would make Gus a non-issue, but 8-4 with a win over uga would be enough to not pay that absurd buyout.
No. First of all, Auburn doesn't run a traditional spread offense. Never has. Auburn's offense and Clemson's offense are built the same.
I agree that there are seldom slam dunk hires waiting on a job. However, the problem is that Gus isn't a bad coach. Like most things in life, the answer isn't a mathematical equation. There is a sliding scale. When Chizik had the worst season in school history, his fate was sealed. Gus hasn't had that kind of season.
Everyone can make their own decision, but I do know one thing for certain. Bruce Pearl loves Tennessee. Bruce never speaks poorly of UT. In fact, he is first to dismiss any question that could be interpreted as suggesting any ill will toward UT. He was asked after defeating UT in the SEC Tournament if it was any sweeter because the win was against UT and an emphatic NO.
I just want to thank Big Blue Nation for showing up and really pulling for us against Carolina. That was something I will never forget.
Funny stuff right there. I believe this will happen about as much as I believe that Tebow hasn't had sex and is str8. Yeah
This is not a great class of QBs overall, which should help Stidham shine at the combine. When he throws for teams, they will be impressed with his arm. Add that to good measureables, 6'2" and 9.5" hands, and he has all the things necessary to move up the draft board quickly. He also comes with zero baggage and is very well grounded.
Not sure why people can't wish him the best without throwing stones at the guy. Yes, he dropped some passes, but I'm certain he can catch a ball better than anyone that is whining about how he does it.
The author of this piece should just look back at other flips and signings. The uga crowd knows full well how many times their fan base has accused Auburn of doing the exact $ame thing. The staff at Georgia and the staff at Auburn operate the exact same way, whether people want to admit to that fact or not.
She deserves the benefit of her contract. If Tennessee is willing to pay her the balance of her contract, she should consider stepping down. If not, its not fair to ask anyone that has given the years she has to walk away without compensation.
Everything Moon has reported to date has been spot on. Until it isn't, what he says has to be considered.
Do a little more research. Auburn didn't get input from Jay Jacobs, the lame duck AD you mentioned that is now at Florida. The new President did this all by himself. Brilliant.
Made the day even sweeter knowing that Minnesota lost.
Their insurance company surely will eventually. Unfortunately. this cost has to be paid now. I do agree that they should be paying these expenses without reaching a full settlement.
There is no way to avoid that happening at game speed. Bryant didn't lead with the crown in an effort to spear a defenseless player. The rule needs to be changed or at the very least adjusted. If the defensive player is expected to be able to pull up when the other player lowers their body, then the player needs to be considered down the moment they lower their body/head.
They brought even more family from Hawaii to sing some kind of Hawaiian wellness chant. Bet that cost a pretty penny. Wonder how many of them they will get jobs and homes for in Alabaster?
To waste that kind of money paying a buyout would be the most irresponsible thing I have ever seen done. Its downright childish.