Auburn fan who lives on the other side of the world in Singapore.

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O God Please No. This guy dont know what hes talking bout.
Not as fast as No. 1 fastest man in college football. Anthony Schwartz.
Ight Ron Mexico, first of all, what you got against UGA. As they went to the championship a couple years back if you remember. And what's your team? It's not SEC, it's irrelevant. At least UGA is more relevant right now than your team. So come back when you can grow up and UGA is actually bad. Unless your a Clemson or Oklahoma or Oregon fan. I have no respect man.
The passing one makes sense. Georgia is very run heavy. Auburn may be able to steal Georgia's defense commits but not the running backs.
Toxicity level 2000. Maturity level 2000. How old are you guys 13? I have to side with the dawg man though.
They should be listening. Joe Burrow is REALLY good, if y'all haven't noticed, and they could really get a lot of decent players for him, which is what they need. Short term loss for long term gain.
Chad's gonna be good. He is the guy who recruited Deshaun Watson (Won championship for Clemson for those of you who talk just to talk) as a Freshman in high school.
As long as Gus can beat Bama once every three years, he'll be around for a while.
all SEC my man the kid's a freshman and put up better numbers than any other freshman QB this year. Yes my opinions biased and no he didn't play a great season but he still has three years left.
Also very stereotypical for a Vols fan to talk about, last year, or next year, when known of the years were or will be the year.
Guys please reply to this and give me your honest opinion... Is the Alabama Dynasty finally over?
Handled question mark? Or trap game? It was the same kinda thing as Ole Miss.
Ha how does Saban look after getting outsmarted by the guy who apparently, has run out of tricks?
I agree with all point except for N0.4, it's gonna be the other way around. Bama will still win this one big though.
Hey remember that time y'all held up that trophy in week two against an unranked Virginia Tech? Good times.
Oh and also stats show the Harvard and Yale are both better than both of those schools. Wow, I'm surprised you're actually educated enough to know those two places exist! Good job buddy!
The or they aren't British comment is for Mike up there who probably hasn't been out of the country.
Whoa ok. I don't know if you've noticed but our country is kind of being run by people from Ivy League schools and America is doing pretty well right now if I do say so myself.
It pretty stupid. I mean I see where they are coming from but, nobody is gonna make a difference at a game that a) almost nobody is watching except for Harvard and Yale fans b) protesting about something that will take 100 generations to kill us and c) nobody gives a crap.
When you go to an SEC school (besides Vandy and Tennessee) and you call the Harvard and Yale students lunatics...
When you realize the guy who writes all these articles calls MSU Ole Miss and you shake your head and realize how much more accurate ESPN is.
So this means the anchor is down with Mason?
The guy isn't heartless. He takes all the freshman out on a lake and flips them on a tube over and over again. He isn't a robot.