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Not sure if anybody will even care but Mauger and Michel hail from Haiti, or at least families from Haiti, which in fact has a French influence. So not only was Palmer correct with MOzay but Michel should be pronounced Meeshell. Either way, good to hear an announcer respect the family wishes of Mauger to pronounce his name right.
I'm probably going to regret even bringing this up about Kublanow but come on Vols. These hits are all pretty vicious (except for the Polamalu in my opinion...no fair catch and went in with the shoulder to the chest) with malicious intent. How the Quentin Dial cheap shot to the earhole on Murray from 2012 isn't on here absolutely blows my mind. When I was going to UGA word around Athens was Kublanow was a pretty decent guy. He just went low on a block because he didn't have a great angle. There was absolutely no malicious intent there. Just a guy trying to make a play.
Anybody want to explain to me why the flagship university in Georgia is most hated within the state when the only other major school is Tech? There's no way Tech is driving all that hate. Or is it because the UGA hate is spread between Tech, Florida, Auburn, USC, and Bama, and Tech just really hates their in-state big brother?
I think what they were referring to was the previous week when Kiel left the game (Miami OH) with a head injury and cleared concussion tests before this game with Memphis. All they know at the time of this article is that he's moving his arms and legs in the hospital.
Murf, you rock! I've only had the opportunity to read a few of your pieces but you never disappoint. Solid stuff all around. Not only do I get a great analysis but I also learn some deeper stuff like OL techniques, gaps, etc. Can't say enough positive things about your work! But as a fan continuously disappointed by a team that doesn't live up to expectations this kinda makes me cringe! Not because I don't believe you but because it seems like these expectations are always there and are continuously left on the table. We're a perennial power in the East and that obviously draws expectations, which is the way it should be, but we never hit that crest that so many of us believe we should. It's nothing but excitement before the season but I can't help holding my breath watching every snap for that "Well, crap" moment. Like southforkdawg said, the right mind-set is super important for this team. As far as the actual team goes, I'm not very afraid of the QB situation, because, like you said, whoever is there will have weapons at their disposal. What I want to see is the resurgence of a defense that demands respect. I believe we're getting there, though. I love what Pruitt is cooking up on that side of the ball. Anyways, all that to say great piece but you're getting me too hopeful Murf! Can't wait to see how it all comes together.
This is what I love about the SEC. It's the most trash-talking, hate-fueled, rivalry-driven conference in the nation at any other point and then something extremely unfortunate happens to a student-athlete and there is nothing but good vibes and class. There's nothing better. I'm definitely real sorry to see this happen though. I was following the situation pretty close and it killed me when I read about what he told his HS coach. It sucks. This was supposed to be his time to shine healthy in a position with little depth. Can't say enough about his positive attitude though! GO DAWGS
What? TSUN is "That School Up North." Dan Mullen's way of annoying Ole Miss fans. And their new mascot is the Rebel Black Bear, which, ironically, the only bear that is native to Mississippi is the Louisiana Black Bear, a subspecies of the american black bear.
Couldn't agree more. Seems like this list is based more on potential (at least in UGA's case) and less on how the season went.