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For your sake you'd like to think that he's not going to be good but he is everything Nick Saban looks for in a wide receiver / kick punt returner. You heard of Jaylen waddle JoJo Earle. He'll be perfect in the scheme of things for the future of bamas offense. Anybody would want to have this guy on their team but just not bama right? just another amazing athlete who will be playin wide receiver for Alabama/WRU!
Sure Bryce young did not have his greatest game against Auburn at jordan-hare Stadium but our offensive line was not playing well and you saw how good they were against Georgia. But it's not how bad Bryce young played against Auburn is what he did in the fourth quarter to bring us down the field and give us the touchdown that I believe tied the game up and put it into overtime where he did what he was supposed to do bring Alabama to Victory. And he carved apart the supposed best defense in the country in Georgia and let's be honest George is not going to win a National Title with Stetson Bennett or j.t. Daniel's Kirby Smart is not going to win a National Title until he gets a real quarterback. I mean hell after Bryce young leaves will have another quality National Championship type quarterback in Ty Simpson from Tennessee who just won the Tennessee Player of the Year Gatorade award. And we have Jalen milroe who might be the most athletic run first quarterback in the country. And I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Arch Manning goes to Alabama. So you see if Kirby Smart can't get that caliber of quarterback he's not going to win at the national championship level. Good day!
Malachi Moore and Josh Jobe rounding out our secondary. Have all stepped up and been exceptionally well at the end of the year but our wide receivers are going to have their hands full with the Bearcats but I don't see us having a problem beating them. Anyway let's enjoy Crimson Tide fans. And all the accolades until the national title game, I'm out.
University of Connecticut is a an amazing feat yeah right they haven't been good since 2004. And who won the Iron Bowl that's what championship-caliber teams do they do whatever it takes to win the game unlike the barner's. Rejects of Alabama. Our retarded Stepbrother aubie. Yeah and also who won the regular-season championship and the SEC tournament title last year Alabama baby. Roll tide
If I was LSU I would jump on Billy Napier like flies on s*** before Florida takes him. Not going to waste your time with Dave Aranda and or the other guy. He's 10-9 overall and he's 8-2 this year I don't call that flat-out coaching at all look what Billy Napier is done that's flat-out coaching I would be a hell of a lot more worried about him if I were Nick Saban then Dave Aranda. But every wide receiver coach Nick Saban's ever had is going on to be a great. And so will H. Wiggins
LS you would be crazy not to hire Billy Napier from the Saban coaching tree not to mention he's from Louisiana but he's a hell of a lot better than Ed orgeron ever was look what he's done with u l l. I wouldn't waste my time with Iowa State coach or even Dave Aranda. Yeah Dave Aranda can coach and I can read Braille. What is Alabama supposed to be scared of David Randa I don't recall him flat-out coaching anybody..... with LSU's offense it was so prolific not their defense.
You don't want none of the goat(bama) Cincinnati. You and your Division 1 double-a opponents. Bearcats don't deserve to be in the playoff discussion. You would get your ass kicked by Alabama or any one of the teams in the top four or any one of the teams in the top 10 for that matter and Notre Dame sucks they are overrated. Cincinnati is about as big of a joke as Oregon being the number 4 and in the playoffs. I mean nothing is set in stone. But give me a break Oregon plays in the worst Power 5 conference, where there's all offense and no defense. The pathetic 12. All that great competition Oregon plays give me a break. I'm a Bama fan I mean I think we should be number 2 totally legitimate especially after this Saturday, In the picture. After this Saturday Bama will look more like the number two team in the country than ever before. Hiccup up Michigan State and Cincinnati even if you win or lose? look at Michigan State the team that everybody thinks is so great about to lose to the Boilermakers. In Cincinnati can barely handle Tulsa right now if it was anybody any better than Tulsa the bearfat would lose. And you think Cincinnati should be ahead of Alabama now that it's in a one score game against Tulsa. Cincinnati fans you must be delusional. All of a sudden you can handle Alabama and Nick Saban, please don't make me laugh. Even if Cincinnati does beat Tulsa they don't deserve to be in the top 4. Yeah go ahead Boo the greatest coach in college football history. Yeah you know nothing about football just stick to basketball. The two best teams in the country are number one and two and they will meet up in the SEC Championship. And a lot of people think the SEC is not the conference it was which I think is crazy. But you're allowed to have your opinion. And if Alabama's got a weak schedule then so does Georgia and we should be able to go into the SEC Championship and whip their tail. In Cincinnati has the number one pass defense in the country yeah right in that conference. they would get annihilated against a real Division 1 team. Like Georgia Bama Michigan State or Oklahoma who should be number four not Oregon. even Ohio State should have a say in that as well.
Remember lswho's, It's Only the first year they got their whole careers to iron that out okay so jamarr Chase might be better right now don't mean he's going to be down the line and Najee Harris is going to get Rookie of the Year. Devonta Smith was certainly better in college and he will be better in the pros .let me look at the quarterbacks we got here Joe Burrows he loves to throw the ball Jalen hurts he loves to run the ball. And who did Nick Saban take out of the national championship game cuz he wouldn't throw it down the field to Devonta Smith. Jalen for Tua! That's All She Wrote. So don't try to compare apples to oranges right now give d.smith little bit of time and he will be the better overall athlete and you give him a quarterback like Joe burrow and he will flourish as much as jamarr Chase and then some. I mean who won the Heisman Trophy and who didn't. Jamarr Chase could have easily won it just like Mac Jones could have easily won it. LS who's you're just pissed off because your program is an absolute travesty and in shambles. y'all win the national title in 2019 you know go from being the greatest team in the country to the biggest flop in the country in one year. No consistency unlike Alabama who's been doing it since 2009. Anything to try to undermine the Gump's.... jealousy's a b**** get over it. That's the only point you have going for you. You'll always be second rate to us. Hopefully you slow Learners in Baton Rouge we'll figure it out and get a real Coach from the Saban coaching tree like Mel Tucker or Billy Napier.
And neither has Auburn and you won't. Like we have anything to worry about with LSU Arkansas in Auburn give me a break Dream On. pencil us in
In your dreams Lassie.... You all haven't even come close to bridging the gap....sorry jumbo, no closer to the goat than you were last year. That will cont'.rtr
Still the best linebacking core in the country even losing a good player like him that's how much depth we have. Wish him nothing but success. See ya king good luck. Rtr!
So we lost Langston Wilson, but we got Numari burnett, Charles Bediako and transfer beast Noah Gurley. See ya Rojas and Miles. There is still a chance we get back Wilson. But we are loaded, Oats doing what many others couldn't. Kentucky and Bama, will be the big dogs next year, everyone else will get scraps. WATFORD who? RTR!
We will be more than ready to bury'em & The rest of the gig'em nation. Not while Saban I s still coaching will J.Fisher and the gig'em nation will be able to to take down his former boss "the goat"! Non of his former assistants will be able. Until he is gone. Undefeated he will go, against his former assistants. Ramma Jamma yellow hammer.
As smell a big pile of hype as well, I mean have we seen this guy do anything has he even played a year in the SEC if so I haven't heard of him will just see how good he is in SEC play and how fast it is. If he can keep up. We will more than ready to bury him. RTR!
the best player in the country( allaround quite possibly), well especially on defense, the man the myth the WILLIAM "THE TERMINATOR" ANDERSON JR. The X-Factor in all of college football. The next D.Thomas & then some!! Bama's disrupter. We got guys in that secondary that can hang with him, introducing Brian branch & malachi Moore. X- factors. They went up against the best wide receiving corps in the country in practice every day last year in our wide receiving corps only got better, yes you heard me correctly. With the addition of Christian Leary, agiye Hall, jacorey Brooks, jojo" rick James " earle, plus traeshon holden and Javon baker (slade Bolden). The talent an ability is their all day long . Not to mention will Anderson goes up against the best offensive linemen in college football every day last year and it will continue this year. So yeah, their won't be any better xfactors in the sec or countrythan Willy Anderson DE, and combo of Malachi Moore and Brian Branch. See ya in the guantlet.
Attention overload I mean come on , Could it be because of his name. The name will take you only so far ...see how good this kid really is. Got a lot of lofty expectations The bars set real high. Honestly I think we already saw the best Manning with Peyton. Eli wasn't too shabby either. who cares wins. I'll take Ty Simpson.
I know these are duplicates but the 1st one was written like a retard.
He had his reasons, you gotta take care of you and your family first and what other issues( covid-19, African American equality Tennesseescandal and a mental breakdown). Tough gig to give up, coachng and learning from the best: Saban and the tide. The potential for him to be successful was there to recruit and coach. But we'll see what Nick will do, never good timing but I'm sure Nick will find somebody with great coaching & recruiting prowess. somebody who can mentor impressionable young men on and off the field. I wish Jay Graham nothing but the best with his mental health,I hope he gets everything in his life back on track , so he can continue to coach and be successful at the highest level. I'm sure Saban will find someone equally qualified as Graham. And Alabama can keep the relationships with recruits Graham started and get everything back on track.
Congratulations Herb! J.Qunnerly should be on there to.
We will have first an second teal all Americans next year, with Charles Bediako, JD Davison, Langston Wilson and possibly Alex tchikou. Too bad we don't have a big presence down low this year, that will stop us from getting past the elite eight or final four. Unless we get Alex "Frenchy " Tchikou back from acl injury. But I doubt it.
Unless we get Alex "Frenchy" Tchikou back from his ACL injury but I doubt that will happen. But with the addition of Frenchy, Charles bediako (if he commits and he should) & Langston Wilson.we will be an absolute force down low in the sec and in the dance for years to come
We might make it to the elite 8 or final 4 but without a true big man it's gonna be tough.
Carl Scott(jay valai), Charles Huff(Robert Gillespie), Steve Sarkisian(Bill O'Brian), Jeff banks(jay Graham),Kyle flood(doug marrone), all left, replaced with guys who are just as efficient in recruiting and on the field. Bold statement that I believe. Saban just reloads not only with players but with coaches. Jay Graham and Bill O'Brian already made huge noise pulling the strings on ty Simpson. Jay Graham pulled the strings on Elijah Brown at tightend. 11th best in the nation. Athletic freak. Already better , then Jeff banks at recruiting tightends. He was awful. Except for Billingsley.
The rich keep getting richer. Other than LSU win in 2019 the only other team to win an sec title and a national championship in the same year was Auburn in 2010,since 2009. Bama 09,11(beat lsu's ass in the title),12,15,17,00! I'd say thats total domination and its not letting up anytime soon, Bama owns this conference( Scary thing it's the best conference in the country). I mean 2021 recruiting class, the best ever! No signs of bama slowing down. Catch us if you can, brigde the gap if you can, we'll see if a&m,lsu,gators&Georgia( only relevant ones)can bridge the gap. The ironic thing is we did everything lsu did in 2019 and then some in 2020!!!. Broke all their records had a more prolific offence better defence and had a heisman trophy winner, and two more that could have won(Mac10,Najee H.)!It took us one year to do what the tigers did. Just looked our last recruiting class. Best ever! And we'll be a top 3 class in 2022. Nice addition, Ty Simpson along w/ B.Young. wow were far from thru. Catch us if u can. RTR!
We are clearly Wide receiver you it's not even close. Keep dreaming Ohio state. I'm Sure you dreamed about that national title but you came up short in a big reason why was because our wide receivers were incredible unlike yours, they flatlined.
Wouldn't surprise one bit if saban reels him in. He makes a perfect perfect fit at bama. right next to Christian Harris and he would get playing time Very quickly in jump up the depth chart.... Christopher Allen will Anderson both coming back plus drew sanders who will be a monster. Jaden Moody will be good. In coming freshman, Dallas Turner, deonta Lawson ( 2 monsters) and Kendrick blackshire. Too bad we didn't get shemar Turner & tunsmise Adelaide. And Marcus Burris who all went to Texas A&M even though we have jalen milroe from Katy, Tx, figured that would help.Oh well we still got monkell goodwine. But Texas A&M will probably win the west next year. Their gonna be good. But bama '21 class is loaded from top to bottom. Best recruiting class i have ever seen....In saban history. 7 5stars, more no.1 & no.2 rank player at their position then I've seen in along time. But bringing in Henry To'o To'o would be icing on the cake. We'll still have a brilliant d next year. So much talent on or coming into bama on the offensive side. No back to back titles. I d ont think!!!. We won't have to wait to long again. I hope we can get our hands on ty Simpson from tenn. Or Arch Manning. But Tanner Bailey would do just fine. Ithink Paul Tyson will be our next qb not Bryce Young. But jalen milroe T he xfactor.! We'll see, great competition. But we are h onna reload at most positions. Especially wr & rb we will be loaded. %
Stick to baseball chumps... Football is our domain, recognise!