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Let me first say that I am a Huskies fan (as indicated by my handle). Before we get all hot and bothered about the fact that Auburn beat Washington and the nay sayers chime in about Pac-12 football inferiority, Washington is absolutely the better team and should have won that game running away. If you were watching that game, your eye balls should have told you who the better team was and that you all stole one. Not only that, but our freshman fill in offensive line handled the studs of Auburns d-line admirably which, if I were an Auburn fan, I would really be worried as you start SEC play. We were without our All-American left tackle, playing offensive lineman out of position which would have absolutely been a difference maker in the running game and Jake Browning still torched your secondary and he wasn't even that sharp Saturday. The UW defense is better than the Auburn defense and if the two play again, the huskies win running away especially at a completely neutral site where the number of tickets sold aren't 90% Auburn and 10% Huskies. Let me tell you this, you better hope the huskies don't run the table because if they do, they will be in the CFP. I hope Auburn makes it as they will get embarrassed the second time around.