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Game vs. Miss St starts at 730....mysteriously Jeremy Johns throws a backward pass at 731....
I know people hate to lose a commit. But explain to me how a high-school junior/senior can go visit these schools where everything is set up to lure them in, and not be awed and maybe indecisive? Just like pre-season predictions and power rankings, these verbals don't mean anything till they are faxed in, and signed AND the kid qualifies and shows up at the school. AND then works hard and lives up to potential. That's a lot of if and but. I remember how Zeke Pike and Kyle Frazer were hooplaed. The dysfunction of the Chizik era may have been a problem for them, but still they flopped on the SEC stage.
It's a fact, ESPN doesn't seem to like Auburn. Maybe they just like to perpetuate the underdog feel w/ bama. I'm just surprised that ESPN didn't pick Ohio State or Notre Dame to win the SEC.
Yeah, I would hate having a bunch of draft eligible players on my team. Said no coach ever.
What old Pawl means is that he thinks bama won't be as good as usual, so therefore, the SEC will be overrated.
And the Vols fans fall for the Old BC trolling them again. It's much easier to see the comment and move on. Believe me, I'm an Auburn fan, if I flipped out everytime some bam said something I'd have to make it a full time job to respond.
I agree with little Nicky. If the SEC has a rule, then it should be in line with the NCAA and other conferences. What I don't agree with is his mention of Newton or Marshall. Yes those two got in trouble and dismissed. Both did their penance in JUCO and came to the SEC. But neither were implicated in domestic or sexual abuse. Linking the two is just Saban pandering to the tide fans and using a totally different circumstance to try and distract folks from the fact he brought a woman beater onto the team and had to get rid of him. How can Nick Saban be wrong if Nick Saban made the decision?
Where was the mascot's spotter? The limited visibility of the costumes usually means there is a handler helping the mascot navigate? Is MSU named in the suit for not controlling the sideline? Seems like proving negligence will be pretty hard. It will be settled out of court probably similar to a wirkman's comp case. But MSU should bear that burden. There house, there accident.
It makes me nervous to see how much credit Muschamp is getting and the confidence in J. Johnson's arm. Auburn is still thin on the D line at tackle and the two starting LB's have been inconsistent. With the exception of Jones in the secondary not sure who is going to play on the back end......That being said...pre-pre-season predictions are silly.
Crowell brought a Bulldog puppy to a press conference. Now he is at North or South Alabama,or wherever. They are kids. Kids do stupid things.Kids make rash decisions. Maybe after visiting both schools young Mr. Foster had a change of heart. Maybe, he didn't like Yeldon when he met him. It really doesn't matter. He still has to play his senior year of football. He still has to qualify to get in to a school. The bottom line is that they are kids.