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When you're at their stadium you almost feel bad for their less rabid fans because their vocal half are straight up mouth breathers. It's like having to take "that cousin" out in public that doesn't know how to intereact with other humans. They will have to learn to lose gracefully before they will ever be happy with anything. I think that's why their coach was settled on leaving. He knows all it will take is the next 7 or 8 loss season and their torches will start lighting up.
As he pointed out, they had a comfortable lead on everyone else in wins , so why not? Sucks for his players to work hard only to have figure heads yank the rug out from under them.
Dabo had better learn from Rich Rod and stay where things are good. There is no logical reason for him to go to Bama after Saban retires.
My unbiased top 3 destinations for Hurts would be 1. Nebraska 2.UCLA 3. Oklahoma He could make serious waves at any of those places and not have the external pressures he would have at other places.
At first I was kind of like...you waited 2 months to hire Jim Chaney? But I guess it's actually pretty smart. He has proven reliable, competent, and adaptive. There were better xs and os candidates available, but they were all gambles in the climate of the SEC . Good hire Vols and despite what the neighboring fans want to say, Kirby Smart didn't bring him along because he wanted to lose.
Nobody should take me seriously, as I am not on the field, but one serious matter was how many times Tennessee spanked your teams' yappin butts when it was "your year " .
Georgia fans have some very short memories. Or maybe you've been a fan for all of 3 or 4 years?
I don't understand why nobody has hired him. I'd take him anyday over half the top 25 .
Exactly. Saban got smacked down by Louisiana rec center his first year, didn't he? He turned things around pretty quick, but it wasn't over 1 summer.
Where's this man's golden cookie?? Who was Tennessee going to bring in that was going to shock the world in week 1 after that disaster from last year? Gruden? Chip Kelly? Oh wait , Schiano ? It's been proven you can polish a turd, but it's not easy and takes time.
The same bald Butch that helped put a trophy in your case?
Tennessee was easily one of the most horrendous teams in the entire country last year. To erase that stench in one offseason would have been a comeback for the ages. What I saw from them today,was nerves and a lack of preparedness. It's pretty unfair to judge their coach for not turning turds into contenders overnight. They will get better . Chip Kelly's team stunk it up. Harbaugh's team did too and they've had continuity. Judging UT after today is kind of silly.
Every SEC team on UT's schedule with the exception of a couple matches up pretty well with them or exceeds them talent wise. I do, however, believe their coach is the real deal and will be the next shaker in the conference. His body of work is pretty impressive and he uses a proven formula. This won't be a Butch Jones show going forward. Give Pruit a year or two and things will start looking different in the east.
It's kind of mind boggling the amount of wasted talent that's gone through Knoxville the past 10 years. Something tells me that will change very soon.
He's simply saying he's more concerned with Pruitt's potential to revive TN than he is Mullen at Florida. It's a legitimate concern from a rival fan that knows what Pruitt is about. The only thing that should stop UT from improving steadily and recovering from it's misery is a colossal failure of administration or it's irrational fanbase. I can't see Fulmer letting things go bad from an AD position.
There's a lot of unknown in the SEC this year. I have a feeling Georgia will finally put it all together and the rest will be very unpredictable. Auburn is my pick to take the next step and challenge UGA. Don't count last year's flops down. They all got a huge upgrade in coaching .
Georgia fans are easily the most nausea inducing bunch in cfb. They have 1 good season and suddenly they're taking Bama's spot. I hope Oklahoma breaks off an ear of corn in their asses and sends them whimpering back home. They've been pulling in top classes for decades it seems and gag like 18 year old porn stars when the lights get bright. Only Texas has come close to wasting the amount of talent UGA has over the years.
Considering the options that should have been available before this whole clown show started , I would imagine that NOBODY worth hiring there was approached .
I lived in Tennessee for years and the sad part is , there are a lot of sane UT fans that are just stuck watching this monster train wreck and can't do anything about it . Their only real solution is to wait for it all to fall to pieces and hope that disaster of an athletic dept they have is all fired and new blood comes in to rebuild. Never seen anything like it. I also think it was stupid to show up protesting the Schiano hire, but I don't blame them for being pissed off about it.
The best thing that could happen is for UT to play well the rest of the year and save Jones' job. That guy is awesome.
Seems like we hear this every year from UT commits. That being said this is the kinda qb that could help make it happen for them.
From a personnel standpoint, I would give it to UGA. They're deeper than anyone else in the east. I have to go with them. I think UT finally has an edge over Mizzou in overall talent and probably at a bit of a disadvantage in coaching(although Butch Jones has shown to surprise people after his first couple years) so I'd call that one a draw. My gut tells me that the vols' lines on both sides will click this year and will overachieve. I think Spurrier is done and the rest of the east will be thanked for participating. Don't see anybody but Georgia taking the east this year , though.
This dude has star written all over him. Can't wait to see him develop.
Na , I don't think they were implying the Gator bowl win was more impressive , just stating that considering the youth on UT's team, it was up there. Iowa had no excuse getting manhandled by a team full of freshmen and it wasn't a bad day or a fluke. The vols ran over them like a logging truck with no brakes.
Totally agree PLaC . Had Tennessee started that Dobbs guy and their defense not wet themselves early, that game may have been very interesting to say the least. You can tell they're just a few pieces away from having a scary team.