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I don't think Heupel's play calling was our problem . We shot ourselves in the foot some and got bulldozed a lot.
I think Elliott is going to eventually make a good head coach somewhere , but Tennessee , as their chancellor pointed out, isn't a good place to learn on the job. They still have enough athleticism on that team to make a big leap forward and I suspect that Heupel has just enough experience to make it happen. It won't be a toxic environment at least and he didn't totally bomb on their staffing hires. Their qb Harrison Bailey looked kinda so-so at best under Jim Chaney, which may or may not have been because of Pruitt, but I think he'll flourish in Heupel's system.
Sounds like you have nothing to defend and my comment doesn't apply to you.
Cocky understood what I meant. If you're a football fan , regardless of your gender and what school you cheer for, the comment wasn't meant for you. It's the ones that attend the parties and tailgates and deck in in the gear screaming row tide at every person they see, yet could not care less about the games and what the athletes put into it. They just pick whoever is winning currently and suddenly they've been Bama fans their whole life, or Patriots/Chiefs/Bucs/whoever the current superbowl favorites are.
I don't mean to imply that UCF are scrubs. They have fielded some really good teams and can play with most of cfb . It's just your AD implying that UT doesn't want any of UCF is just hype blowing up the fanbase's butt. UT's roster has been devastated by attrition but would still match up talent wise with your current squad. If they had coaches that knew what they were doing, they would be favored in a game against UCF and most likely win it. Ironically, Josh Heupel might be what they need to get out their rut.
That Baylor win was impressive , the rest were nothing to thump your chest about. A team capable of beating that Baylor team , losing to South Carolina , shows where you were. A dangerous team for sure, but you'd go 7-5 in the SEC in any given year at best.
He obviously has no love for Auburn. Just sounded like he was getting really annoyed at the obsessive and excessive row tides . I would say at least half the Alabama fans here in Springfield are females and the majority of them don't know the difference between a LB and a RB . They just know " their team" and " their boys " usually win the games. So they deck out in red and yell Row Tide! at anything that has ears. That's probably the portion of Bama's fanbase that annoys the hell out of him.
I think UCF was a little blown out of proportion. They beat Auburn , sure, but so has a few other terrible teams lately. They kind of had lightning in a bottle with McKenzie Milton and Scott Frost . No Sec school should be a dog to them. Their program is in a state of delusion.
Generally, UT has a very strong OOC schedule . Alabama on the other hand ,usually has an embarrassing one.
I don't see the NCAA bringing the hammer down on them considering the money they bring in typically. Especially after firing half their football program to clean out the scapegoats.
Been waiting for a game like this for a while.
It wouldn't have mattered if Bama's defense just stood in place and reached their arms out. UT's offense would stall on a clump of grass often enough to lose a shootout . UT wasn't stopping anything Bama did . Until they make some key personnel changes, they will struggle with everybody they play for the rest of the season. The Georgia game broke their spirit. The UT team that left the field leading that game at half time died in the locker room and was replaced with something else.
I don't think anyone really is proclaiming UT as contenders . The most optimistic UT biased people are just saying they're no longer and automatic win and blowout prone. Given how bad UT was just 12 months ago, that's a pretty dramatic rise. I'm happy to see them get up off the floor and bring some nostalgia back. Miami too. I'd love to see the days of Miami, Michigan, FSU, UF, Nebraska , USC , and UT being in the mix. Bored as hell of just Alabama and Clemson. Nobody in their right mind would say UT WILL beat Georgia right now. It'd be cool if they do though.
UT has enough to knock UGA on their butts a few times, but they aren't hanging for 60 mins. Just too much depth on the UGA bench still.
LSU is going to drag us around town square in our underwear. The first week for LSU was a lot of new faces getting ambushed by a firing squad. It will be a different team we face unfortunately.
yeh UT won't beat UGA playing not to lose. They'll have to keep pressure on for 4 full qtrs to pull this one off.
That's kinda how I see it. UT will make a game of it until Georgia's depth on D starts causing problems in the 4th . Close for 3 qtrs and UGA pulls away in the last 10 mins.
You're probably right about winning the LoS . If their qb wets the bed , or is running for his life, Georgia jogs away with it by the middle of the 3rd qtr. If UT manages to push your NFL DL around, it will get interesting. Their backs aren't Nick Chubbs, but they're good enough .
The vols might have the talent to be a top 10 team this year , but they aren't all on the same page . If they get it together and use their strengths to their advantage, they'll be a dangerous team. They looked poorly prepared against an outmatched team though. No logical reason to have been one snap from losing to Muschamp.
If UT could get out of their own way, I'd say it's possible. No way though. They looked for real one minute and horrible the next. It's gonna be a game.
I've seen Cade Mays enough to know he will be a big shot in the arm of their running game. I don't expect to get ran over and dragged down the field, but they'll probably control the game if they keep it on the ground. It won't be a blowout though , because their team looked pretty undisciplined against USCe. If they try letting their QB come out throwing bombs , I like our chances. 24-17 UT
I didn't watch that game, but I would have publically trashed on them too for getting pushed around by Ga.State. There's no excuse for any SEC team to lose like that. He was probably tired of apologizing for that kind of horse crap.
Ok it was a gross exaggeration and not based on fact . There was an underlying point , but you are right. My little brother comment might have been a little off base . My apologies .
They're so beaten down and tired of the previous few coaches that it's probably hard to not be optimistic. You can't really fault their excitement. Yes, they have a ways to go to be in the same league as UGA in any aspect of recruiting , but they're definitely coming. I think the writing is on the wall and that's why you see the top teams suddenly making sure everyone knows the score vs UT. It's a similar feeling to Oklahoma at the end of the 90s . They crept up from being terrible , to being somewhat competitive , to all the sudden in the 2000 season they laid waste to #11 Texas ,#2 K-State , and #1 Nebraska in a 3 week span, very loudly announcing their arrival. I feel like that's going to be UT within the next 2-3 years.
It goes both ways. You can't go 3 posts in any topic without a UT fan mentioning "the time they beat Florida" , which comes off as little brother syndrome, but it's hard to ignore the fact that UT is gaining ground in their development and UF is clearly concerned. You don't see UT sports guys making post after post about Kentucky. UGA and UF both seem to have UT on their minds a LOT. They're starting to worry whether they'll admit it or not.
He'd probably do well in any system, but honestly he'd probably be wasted at a school like UT. They need a big nasty RB and a strong blocking FB . Someone like Harrison Bailey or that USC transfer (JT Daniels) would be more their speed. Oklahoma is a good fit for him or go to somewhere like UCLA and get Chip Kelly's wagon rolling.
My first reaction is "a couple 5 stars a few 4 stars and a bunch of 3s , but one thing that's a little different is Pruitt recruits to his template, not 247, Rivals, etc. He learned a lot under Propst and later Saban. My guess is half of those 3s get a bump before year's end.
Uga has recruited at the highest level for a long time. They also have the obvious benefit of in state talent that rivals most anyone in the country. You have to really suck to not be able to recruit a top 5 class at Georgia. The problem for UGA is Dan Mullen and Jeremy Pruitt are both capable of recruiting right with him and both might be better coaches when all else is equal.
Mack Brown is a force and will have UNC all up in the face of everyone soon. Pruitt is another that will start making some waves soon. The pecking order will change soon and I'm glad to see it. CFB has become a little stale , but times are changing . If Smart doesn't poop soon he's going to get knocked off the pot.