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The demented world of 3 turnovers costing you a game, maybe? I dunno, just sayin'......
If the dynasty were over, these knuckleheads wouldn't be spending all day every day talking about a coach that isn't going to the playoffs.
Not to mention Tua probably has an insurance policy to recoup a portion of the millions he will lose due to this injury. He will not get that if he comes back.
God, you're reactionary take on Tua is terrible. Sure, if Nick had your magic 8-ball shoved up his butt, he might have seen this coming. But Bama had to win and win big in this game to stay relevant. Mac Jones slingin' those arrows, as you so eloquently put, would not get it done here. He scored 3 points in the second half. They may not win that game at all without Tua. That being said, Tua is a grown man, a young man, but still grown. Tua can make his own decisions, and he can live with them afterwards as well. Tua, along with his parents, the medical staff, and whomever else got involved made this decision, not Nick Saban, decided he was healthy enough to play in this game. Nick Saban was merely told yes or no. As Nick Saban said, if he is healthy enough to play in the game, he can't be worried about him getting injured. So he should have come out at 35-7. I understand this. But again, Bama's D isn't like other years, you say. What if State gets hot in the second half, like Bama did last week against LSU. It happens. I guess it just makes me wonder why you still need to work, having that magic 8 ball of yours. You should be a billionaire by now.
@LSUorBust no, LSU let Vandy score 38. The team Old Miss just held to 6 points.
Same thing they said when Bama went to LSU. Someone needs a new crystal ball.