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You think you’re so cool using “okay boomer” lol. Not even close to a boomer so try again.
It wasn’t a bad outing compared to LSU, UF, Oregon or Bama. You can dissect all you want too. The author claimed it was one of his worst outings and that is false.
"Nix turned in his worst outings in losses to Florida, LSU and Georgia..' Against UGA, Nix was 60% for 240 yards and a TD, plus a rushing TD. It was his 3rd highest yards in a game, behind Ole Miss and Miss St. Don't think it was one of his worst outings considering he was worse vs Oregon and Bama.
Saying: “Nix pulled ahead in the last few days of practice” and “it was the closest QB competition in school history..” is not an opinion. It’s just inaccurate.
140 yards and less than 3.5 yards per carry is not having your way against anyone..
I actually think both believe what they said except Barkley is a basketball analyst and doesn’t realize Kentucky is not the old Kentucky.
I don’t care what you think.. please just stop posting inaccurate information. Closest qb competition in school history? Laughable. If it was that close Joey would’ve played when Nix struggled but he didn’t. Just stop.
This is the part where I tell you that your post is nonsense. Nix did not pull ahead in the last few days of practice.. the competition wasn’t close. Gatewood struggles big time in practices. All he has to do is throw for 100 yards and he’ll do better than he did at Auburn..
I’m all for calling upsets and hot takes but this is just laughable. Impose their will? Is UKs line good? Yes. But that same line didn’t impose their will on UGA, UF, MSU or South Carolina last year. But give them props for imposing their will on the likes of Arkansas, Vandy, Missouri and Tennessee-Martin.
Don’t think anyone is looking past Kentucky any more like they did in the past
Read where Domino has been hampered by an injury. I also think we'll see both Burks and Butler a lot this year because of the no eligibility rule and Garner loves rotating his guys.
I hope the most of yours are too but sadly they aren't. Joey wasn't even the full starter at his high school and got beat out by Nix after already being on campus for over a year. He's an okay QB with size.
Is UK over AU even an upset anymore? Just about everyone is picking them.. seems like picking AU would be going against the grain right now.
Real coach? He’s won an sec championship, been to amother, been to a national championship, beaten saban 3 times.. not sure what you mean. Look, I like Pruitt and I think he’ll do good things at Tennessee but right now they are not on par with auburn or Tennessee.
I would be surprised if Tennessee went 4-6. I could see them going 7-3 with losses to bama, uga and uf. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they upset one of those teams this year. For prediction purposes I think I’ll go with 6-4 with losses to UGA, Bama, AU and UK.
Saban still had to sign off on it. Now the rule is for a graduate you don’t have too. Kirby had to sign off on mays just like Malzahn had to sign off for Gatewood
Your rational is flawed and bias. Both should have to sit out. "Unless you’re a graduate transfer you have to sit out a season." Sounds like Daniels should sit out then. An injury is not a special circumstance..
Just adding some details to it man.. I knew what the question was.
And they all sat a year. Grant even had to walk on first because Saban never released him
I don’t think either should be eligible. I’m consistent. You aren’t. Saying JT Daniels sat out a year because he got hurt is like saying the backup sat out a year because he didn’t play. JT is still transferring to play, just like Mays.
Still nothing.. and now changing subjects again. Go figure.
Still nothing to back up the comments you made.. comical. Just like the Arkansas football program.
You’re* You’re an idiot. You can’t even back up your own statement.
On paper the Vols should be one of the preseason favorites to win it all. Barnes has always been a players coach so I think the guys would trust him with minutes.