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Coe already said he was staying
Agree.. linebacker corps gonna take a huge hit next year. 3 seniors.
They are irrelevant. UGA has an argument as one of the 4 best and is left out because they lost a game that they earned throughout the regular season. 4-7 will usually have an argument as one of the best. Also, I didn't say anything about UCF so I don't know where that cam from. I don't think any one should be given an automatic entry. Everyone should earn it.
I don't want automatic qualifiers at all but not having the playoff at least at 6 is dumb. Each P5 conference champion could theoretically go 13-0 and one would still be left out right now.
By an inch or so. That will not effect him much because he can escape in the pocket and extend plays. His arm talent is way better than RGIII's. His size will always be a knock on him.
Each conference is different for tie breakers. But you break it the same way any other tie is broken: Head to head, tied teams record against similar opponents, etc. There are plenty of ways to break a tie. I could copy and paste the Big 12 procedures on here but it is long. The website explains it thoroughly.
People said the same about russell wilson and drew brees, both under 6 ft. Murray throws it well and runs it way better than those two
And that is why you have tiebreakers. It is possible to have 3 teams with the same record in one division. If Auburn is 7-1 (Lost to Bama), Bama 7-1 (Lost to LSU) and LSU 7-1 (Lost to Auburn) you would have a three way tie.
That's false. You don't have to have divisions to break tiebreakers. Just take the top 2 teams of the entire conference. Doesn't matter that you don't play everyone.
But conferences aren't to big to have divisions. You can have 14 teams with no divisions. The big 12 can have 2 five team divisions also
There is no bias talk with 8. If you cant get in the top 8 then you dont deserve to be in. The eye test is the best way to determine teams without a true set of criteria.
This is CFB not the NFL. I do not want to see Pittsburgh, NW, Washington, Alabama, Texas, ND, UCF and UGA in the playoff.
Being a consultant is probably a good thing for Durkin.. can see how a top notch program is run behind the scenes. Doesn't and shouldn't be around the players much. A good experience for him
Ship isn't sinking. There is no writing on the wall. He left because Auburn does not utilize a TE. He was more of a blocking TE for us and felt he needed a change
You replied to TigerTD saying conferences are too big too not have divisions.. I said big 12 doesn't and you said they don't have 14 teams.. Well before A&M and Missouri joined the SEC had 12 and were in divisions.. so is 14 teams the requirement to have divisions or is it 12?
And? Neither does the pac 12. You said conferences are too big to not have divisions. So 14 is too big to not have divisions but 12 is not big enough? The SEC had divisions at 12..
1) Move it to 8 2) Get rid of the CCG (it would potentially help the SEC get 3 teams in every year) 3) Keep the committee and have them pick the best 8 after 12 games 4) Either have the top 4 teams play home games or play in an indoor venue/warm weather location. Since you are getting rid of CCG in my scenario then Indy, Jerry World, ATL and Santa Clara will all be available. 5) If your conference can't get in with 8 then you do not deserve to be in.
This is dumb^. Automatic qualifiers should not be in the playoff. This isn't the NCAA tournament
Busy day for Levy, Greise and McShay. Two high profile bowls in one day? Is this a typo?
Hey BT.. how you do factor that in? Are you counting RS Sophomores and Juniors or did you read it somewhere?
I dont think money had anything to do with it. He chose Liberty because he thought that was the best decision for him and his family.. but like I said if the Liberty job had not opened up he would be in Auburn right now
It sucks for depth but he was already number 3 for just freshmen. Have multiple guys that are ahead of him already.. sucks for the kid and wish him the best.
Freeze was offered. You don't have to believe me but he was.
Auburn offered. If the Liberty job had not come open then he would be in Auburn. Don't know about TN but nobody put any stop in negotiations at AU.
Auburn has every RB back. The new OC is not calling plays. Gus is at his best when he calls plays. If he wins 9 games and competes with or possibly wins either UA, LSU or UGA then he will stay. There has be somewhat of a direction in the offense next year or he is out.
While I agree he has been somewhat of a disappointment with injuries and other stuff, I think JAX is a terrible fit for him due to the coaching and that loud mouth of a corner in Ramsey. I think he would shine and be THE back somewhere like Indy or ATL.
Auburn is losing three senior LB's. He would start day 1 for Auburn.