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1) The whole rent a qb thing is a dumb argument because it was State that offered money to pay him and the NCAA found no wrongdoing.. 2) 17Tide said 20 not 17 years. I know reading is hard though. UGA has gotten our number the last 15 years for sure though but Auburn aint going anywhere and it will always be a rivalry
That was an SEC thing.. had nothing to do with McGarity.
MattyJ - whether it is the first play of the game of last play of the game, you call it the same. Sucks for uga but blame the fan. Btw I do think it’s a dumb rule regardless UGARMYRet - let it go. Uga clearly didn’t have a problem with it. It wasn’t auburn whining and crying. Your president and AD only would’ve agreed to it had it beneficial for uga and they apparently thought it did. Decisions are made based on two parties or more.. They were also doing their job when they made uga come to auburn back to back years but y’all are still crying over that.
Refs did their job. They didn’t take the game away from uga.
Agree LSUSMC. UGA aint dumb. I would just rather play back to back in Athens. I was talking to buddies earlier but what if the SEC went to a cross divisional rival weekend in October.. TN-AL UGA-AU UF-LSU USC-A&M UK-STATE VANDY-OM MISSOURI-ARKY
UGA clearly didn't mind.. decisions are a two way street.
The SEC had to do that with A&M and Missouri coming in.. I say play back to back in Athens.
By 3 games UGARMYRet.. took you long enough to catch up. Auburn will be back sooner than later.
Doesn’t matter. That’s three games they’ll have to play their A game in and then most likely play a top 3 team in Alabama the following week. You can say it is not tough but you know it is
UGA doesn’t want to play auburn in November either.. Tough three game stretch in 19. At Auburn, vs A&M, at GT. I don’t want to change it. Much rather play back to back in Athens than move the game.
This wouldn’t be happening if UGA/Kirby didn’t agree to it.. I agree. Would rather play uga in November and go back to home/away between UA and UGA
No the reason is because A&M and Missouri were added
Agree. Just play back to back games in Athens in 2020 and 2021. Would much rather do that than move the game..
Then how come Kirby has been trying to get it moved as well?
Had an adequate QB last year.. running is fine as well but O line is where the problem is. Has been for the last couple of years..
Leo Lewis from Mississippi State did it. It’s very common actually. I’ve worked in recruiting at the d-1 level and it happens more times than you would think. You just don’t hear about it much
His frame looks to be more suitable for OG but could play either position and he said he was open to it as well.
Auburn won’t know if Moore is part of the class until signing day. This happens often in recruiting. Leo Lewis did it as well. Everything right now points in the direction of him signing.
This happens more often than not to be honest. Nothing points to him not qualify.
This is just from an Auburn perspective but losing to teams like MSU, tenn, LSU and uga are the reasons Auburn is frustrated. For me, I understand bama is at the top for now so going 2-4 is not terrible considering the opponent. Going 2-5 against uga, 2-4 against LSU and 3-3 against state is what makes me mad.
Tired of losing? Gus is 2-4 against Saban isn’t great but not many coaches can say they have 2 wins against him. Can’t win them all. Out of top 10 recruits in the state of Alabama from 2013 (Gus’s first year) Alabama has 31 compared to 21 meaning up until this year it was 27-20. That’s not terrible for a “mediocre, high school, trick playing, always on the hot seat” head coach.
Just don’t keep following our path lol it leads to mediocrity
I can tell you it doesn’t hurt. It was expected. Losing to LSU, Miss st and Tenn hurt far more
Auburn went 3-9 in 12 and signed a top 10 class for 13. It is the beast of the SEC, most all kids want to play in it