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Could do what LSU did this year. Monken could be passing game coordinator like Brady was.
Compared to the sec championship game it was meaningless. I never said ugas defense wasn’t elite.. I’m saying you didn’t play elite offenses till LSU and got stomped. Auburn, UK, UF, Tennessee, USC and Missouri all had either first time starters, true freshman or back ups playing. So 6 of the 8 sec games. Doesn’t take away from what uga did but it does put it into perspective.
Boxster - read the rest of the statement. I didn’t just focus on one game. Also.. about as good as that elite defense was against LSU, except the bowl game was meaningless unlike the sec championship game.
That’s great and all but that elite defense just gave up 37 to LSU.. also it helps when more than half of your games are against backups, first time starters or true freshman.
And he’ll be playing against defenses that are elite..
Interesting pick up. Obviously helps to have a veteran in the QB room but don’t know if he’ll be the starter. He was good against poor competition but really pedestrian against the better teams. Don’t if Coley will adjust to his skill set or not.
Although Najee is a great back, I don’t see him getting the carries to produce those kind of numbers and especially with Sanders back.
Good effort by Vandy last night. Might not have been a poster but someone obviously touched someone because a foul was called. Lee’s dunk was a wide open dunk.
You asked who else exists.. just giving other qbs that’ll be drafted that year.
Sam Ehlinger - Texas JT Daniels (if healthy) - USC Kellen Mond - A&M Brady White - Memphis
Auburn does not have the facilities.
They are wrong too. The facts don’t back it up. Yes they threw more on first down and in general but it wasn’t at him which was your point. Also, you’re caught up on one game and this is a season list, which is what my point was to begin with.
Oh now it’s context? You love jumping around.. I gave you facts and it doesn’t match up with your statement. I mean he had 28 other passes to targeted to other guys.. he had 20 other completed passes to guys not covered by him. Your statement was just false. They didn’t go at him all night and when they did it wasn’t that much success.
Lol I already watched it.. McCarron was 3-6 (mixed up 1 and 7 earlier) when targeting him. So 6 of his 34 passes were targeted at him. That’s 17%. All 3 catches were tough because he was all over them.. not a ton a success like you mentioned. Only 54 yards of his 234 were against him. Targeted 1 time on the last play of the 1st quarter. That’s not targeting all night like you mentioned. Also only threw at him 1 time during the 2nd half and it was the first play of the 3rd quarter. Maybe you should watch it..
Could care less if he was the mvp.. just stating that you don’t see very many qbs win mvp without any touchdowns.. probably should have went to the kicker or a defensive player. But anyways.. you’re statement of “ Honey Badger had a bad ending to that season as he was picked on all night by Alabama’s passing attack with AJ McCarron in the championship game. The gameplan was to throw on first down at Mathieu and it worked.” is still wrong.
Quit running away from your statement.. he was picked on with little success. That’s not why Alabama won. Also AJ threw for 0 tds in that game so that’s not a very “mvp” performance.
Yep.. with no national championship appearances compared to 2 for auburn in his tenure. Only 2 sec championships compared to 3 for auburn in his tenure.
Don’t know how anyone could be anyone’s “b” with only a 4 game lead in the series but go off. There’s always next year or the next 40.. Keep calling him sCam as Kirby and Co continue to lead the SEC in arrests year in and year out.. Richt 2.0.
All 3 were circus catches as they were all covered very tight
Just think that despite “owning” that program.. it still has a national championship this decade. Must suck. Much rather win a national championship than beat uga.
Still doesn’t diminish what he accomplished that year.. Also he only gave up 3 catches for 54 yards.. was picked on but only completed 3 of 9 passing against him.
And no national championships to show for it.. how sad.
60 compared to 56.. looks like uga has lost to Auburn quite a bit too. Also despite all this losing to uga, auburn has won a national championship this decade. I’ll take that over 1980 any day.
Just looking out for the best interest of his son like a normal father..
I think he meant late considering he was projected at a top 10 or maybe even top 5 pick.