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I highly doubt that. Have 4 quarterbacks on the team now with 3 coming back next year plus the #1 dual threat qb in the nation for 2019.
No the fumble wasn't the only reason but it was a big factor. Also top linebacker and all sec corner out in the second half. Had a lot go against us that day
Heck no. Just pointing out that the fact that uga hasn’t had much success against bama at all with Saban there. You mentioned our record against the dawgs was 3-9 in last twelve and that it was probably the same against bama when it is actually 5-7 bamas way with a national title and 2 sec championships.
True but I think auburn, for the most part, has held their own. 4 wins in 11 years against the “all mighty greatest coach ever” is good believe it or not. And Malzahn is 2-3 head to head with him. Also Saban has never beaten a good auburn team (9+ wins)
If you’re giving me the Sean White one then you have to give me K.J. as well.. I mean we dominated that first game with a fully healthy roster. Then down 1 touchdown going into the 4th quarter and putting together a good drive and then fumble the first play of the quarter. All down hill from there..
Also UGA has beaten Bama 1 time out of the last 5..
I fully believe had KJ not been hurt in 2017 and Sean White not been hurt in 2016 then you wouldn’t be saying “owning you the past decade”. But injuries are part of it I guess.. we’ll see you in Athens in November.
5-7 Bama in last 12 games with 1 national championship.
This isn't a goal list.. it is a record list. Goals can only be achieved not broken.
Auburn can lose to bama and still go to the SEC championship.. I'm sure he wants to win both but losing the way Auburn did in the SECCG last year I would imagine he wants that one more.
This list is terrible.. Most important IMO to each coach: Saban-Auburn (revenge) Morris- A&M (recruiting) Malzahn- UGA (revenge) Ed O- Probably bama but could be MSU Moorhead- Florida Luke- Arkansas (4 straight losses) Fisher- LSU (A&M hasn't beaten the Tigers since joining the SEC)
Well UCF is the only one claiming that they are national champions... either way they are both losses.
I believe that Courtney Smiths mother is the one that said it, as well as Zach Smiths mother. They both said that Courtney was out to get Zach and Urban..
48 was not about Auburn.. I guess it was a trick question
That’s how I was thinking about it. Just different verbiage
I just think it's fair to put everything into context but as far as 2018 I am looking forward to it as should you and your team. Could be a 10 win team for the bulldogs but we know how the west is and nothing is ever given to you.
I took the average of the four ranked teams because typically ranked teams have better players. It doesn't skew the numbers. Yes, two of the games were blowout losses (UGA and Auburn) which proves my point. The defensive line could not perform against top competition. Bama had over 200 rushing and passing yards.. I included LSU because they were ranked at the time. As far as Guice is concerned, why him? He was held to 76 yards or under in 5 of the 12 games he played.
You're right it doesn't take just 2 good players to make that kind of jump but let's look at something real quick. In the games where Mississippi State played against a ranked team (LSU, UGA, Auburn and Alabama)they gave up an average of 202 ypg rushing and 205 ypg passing. Record: 1-3 In all other 9 games they gave only 158 ypg passing and only 103 ypg rushing. Record: 8-1 That is quite a difference when playing against the top teams in the league. Of course they would look dominate against teams like Charleston Southern and BYU. This so called "best d line in the SEC" did not perform well when playing against top competition.
I get the point about 2013 and Gus but what have we done since then besides last year? People started to catch on more and how to defend.. 2013 was just the perfect (lucky too) season and it took everyone off guard with Marshall and Mason.
Dan Mullen had 1 ten win season at Mississippi State so it’s hard believe that a new coaching staff would be able to come in and win 10 games.. with that being said I do think this team is capable of getting to 10 but 8 is more likely with losses to K-State (11 am kickoff in the road), Auburn, Alabama and LSU. Mississippi State doesn’t have a Barkley type of running back that Moorhead had at Penn State and Fitzgerald is not the most accurate passer..
Guess we will but nobody outside of oxford is expecting him to be a top QB in the conference
I get what you’re saying. I was using toss up and winnable interchangeably.
Also 4 ints in 5 games is not "rarely turning it over"
Not trashing him at all. Just think it needed to be put into context. He is a good player and does some things well. However he is not the top SEC QB this year.. he's about middle of the pack in the conference.
In his 5 starts, 4 out of the 5 teams ranked 85th or worse in pass defense.. Mississippi St being the exception. He was less than 50% in that game and the team was kind of deflated after Fitzgerald went down.. Let's not get too excited about this