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That was a legal block. Jones stopped on the play and Cox didn't. Unfortunate that Jones got hurt but it was legal..
Do some research before posting this BS.. this video displayed before every home game. Not a hype video for TN game.
AU Alum 91.. big mouth considering where we are as a program right now. I would take Chad Morris in a heart beat. Take his coaching with our players and I would bet we would be 6-0 right now.
As an Auburn fan that is the best example. It sums up his year so far. Inaccurate. Pressure or no pressure he has been inconsistent.
Kirby, if you watched the game or any other Auburn game then you would know that this is a problem Stidham has. He overthrows way to many receivers. It's almost as if they didn't throw in the offseason.. He has definitely digressed from last year. That throw should not have a lick of velocity behind it. No height on the ball and just completely overshot him. Different ball game if that is completed..
"I also hope Clemson has improved recruiting criteria.." That is a direct quote by you.. It is a shame you are linking Clemson's recruiting efforts to the death of a young man. Yes he was being charged with armed robbery as well as another Clemson player and a Duke player but that has nothing to do with the team, coaching staff, recruiting, etc.. If we judge teams, their recruiting efforts, institutions, etc about what FORMER players do then we are in trouble. Disgraceful!
During that touchdown drive at the beginning of the second half I thought we were done.. Gashed us the whole way. Then Daboll really never went back to it for some reason. Auburn's defense is forreal. If the O can pick up a little and just average about 24 points a game then I think the D can hold. If the offense continues to play like it has the D will not be able to hold up and will fold eventually.. Everyone knows Alabama's offense has been playing at a different level.. no one is disputing that. As for Tua coming in the second half.. we will never know.
I think they would like to avoid it if they can but sometimes you just can't, like last year. I just think it is going to be hard this year for 2 SEC teams to get in. I have a hard time believing they will do it back to back years. Could be wrong.. but there will be an upset in the coming weeks that will shake it all up. Happens every year. You just don't want it to be your team!
And Auburn's defense is significantly better than any defense they have had in the last 15 years.. like I said it will be a big test for both
What are you implying here? This is a tragic death but this does not have anything to do with Clemson's recruiting efforts nor the NCAA.. You honestly should be ashamed for bringing recruiting and the NCAA into this.
As I recall Persons did not get away with anything nor did Auburn. Had two players suspended throughout the season and one is suspended for part of this season..
Please stick to the topic.. no one is talking about a 1 score game going into the 4th. You are saying a four point game at halftime is over. What about 2010 when Auburn was down 17 at half? Or 2016 when ole miss was up 7 at half on bama? Were those games over at half?
Exactly. If games ended at half YOU would have a point.. they don't. I already said the game in 16 got out of hand in the second half but the reality is the game was a 1 possession game heading into halftime. Now you change the argument to "going into the 4th quarter". The game wasn't out of reach for Auburn at half in 16 just as much it wasn't out of reach for bama in 17 after 3.
Yep second half was when it got out of hand but despite how awful the offense was that game was still up in the air at half. Using your logic the 2017 iron bowl was never in doubt because auburn was up 10-7 at half. Stidham had just as many rush yards has your leading running back.
I'm all for playing all power 5 teams. Don't have a problem with the Duke or Louisville game but they aren't seen as "good" teams. That is why people criticize them..
You are as brilliant as they come Legend. He played and started the 2016 iron bowl. Stick to your own team bud.
That despite how bad Auburn’s offense is now it is still better than what was on the field that day in 2016 when they scored 12.. I highly doubt it will be a blow out. Auburn’s D is forreal and I know Alabama’s O is forreal but it will be a big test for both. Also the game is always still in question when it’s a one possession game like it was at halftime.
What are you even talking about Legend? Auburn didn’t score a td in 2016 against bama.. 12 points was a lot against a team that only gave up 15 a game and your starting qb was out..
Auburn couldn't run the football in 16 either. JF3/Jeremy Johnson still managed to get 12 points. Rival game and Gus has been known to give Saban fits. The offense could be rolling by then.. who knows.
That's a bold statement. I think both LSU and Auburn will do it. I also think Missouri will be a tougher test than A&M and Ole Miss were.. but still a pretty convincing win. Probably somewhere around 45-28
Even if it is a close loss to bama and they finish 11-1 they still might not get in. If OSU, OU and Clemson all go undefeated then that probably leaves LSU out. And it all depends on how those teams finish. Right now auburn is looking like a 4 loss team, UF probably will have at least 3 and A&M might have 6. Gonna be a tough road but LSU is sitting in the drivers seat right now and is in if they win out no question
What does that have to do with anything? I just said FSU was going through a rough patch. I'm not blaming bama for scheduling FSU but Bama should never schedule Louisville..
Oh I know but scheduling Louisville versus FSU is completely different. One is a blueblood going through a rough patch and the other was barely a power 5 team..
They scheduled Louisville before Lamar became Lamar.. Louisville hasn't won 10 games since joining the ACC. Virginia Tech would have been a better option in my opinion.
Context is everything my friend.. Since 2010 (8 football seasons) Louisville has finished NON-Ranked in 4 of those years. They did finish #13 in 2012 when they were in the Big East and #15 in 2013 when they were in the American Athletic Conference.. neither one of those are power 5 conferences and Louisville has not been a great program.
Louisville was NOT very good back when they scheduled alabama..
If you have seen the way we have played you would be licking your chops.. our D will keep us in it for about a half but right now it is looking like a 27-6 victory for the bulldogs
I think CBS gets first pick and there are absolutely no other good games that week in the SEC. Gameday will be there unless someone slips up the week before.