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It was posted by Cochran, representing UGA and the football program. If you think that was created outside of the UGA social media department then you are sadly mistaken. Why would Cochran seek out someone to do that when all he has to do is send an email to someone in the same building or even call them?
It's only different if you look at it through red and black goggles. To every other fan, it is the same.
There's no difference in the two except the amount of coaches on the graphic. Auburn didn't put it out and say "look what we have done here". They put it out to show the accomplishments of the coaching staff throughout their careers, same as Cochran. At least these guys were actual coaches. Cochran wasn't even an on the field coach at Bama.
What we have now is 30 years out of date.. so I’ll take it
Cochran did it representing uga. Not much different other than it’s one person doing it vs 11.
Coached them more than Saban did.. laughable. That's a good joke right there.
No different than the injury maker Scott Cochran making a graphic for UGA using all of "his" players.
I didn't say it wouldn't happen. I would worry more about another preseason national championship..
Wouldn't have played a down ever unless every QB was out..
Harsin and Co are saying either you are in or you are out. Some don't like it and are leaving. Glad Pegues moved over there now to help out.
He's talking Devonta Smith. Diesel is an eagles fan.
Roger McCreary could sneak in the first round. Decided to come back for a senior year to do that. He was projected a round 2 draft pick this year.
No, that’s not how it works. It shows on their record as a starting qb but they don’t always get the credit for wins and losses.
This an excellent post about nothing. Good effort. Didn’t realize my post translated to saying Auburn will be “lights out”.
More to it than just stats although he did improve in every aspect. Tidefan8x5 - because all losses are on the QB, right? There’s no other players on team I guess..
Nick Marshall definitely improved from 2013 to 2014
Would put South Alabama at Tenn and Georgia Southern vs Arkansas before Georgia State at Auburn..
Yep.. it's on the internet so it must be true!
Yeah it's just a joke. There is nothing better than spring football hype and the fan base has embraced that but also realizing that the "joke" will not be reality.
Haven’t looked it up but I would imagine the bulk of those are defensive players. Gus was also there for 11 of those years. His offense isn’t an offense that produces very many pro players. It’s an unconventional offense that no one else runs. They were developed to run his offense but it didn’t translate to the NFL. Auburn averages about the ~5th best recruiting class in the conference and they’re about ~5th in the conference in producing NFL talent.
"Strong A$$ offer" and "making more than the rookie minimum" is pretty strong evidence. Again, the NCAA hasn't ruled either way on anyone yet. They are still gathering everything and eventually it will all come out. You LSU fans just sit back and act like nothing is wrong when in reality, you have a coach who mishandled a sexual assault and didn't bother punishing Guice and another coach caught on FBI wiretap discussing money for a player. But everything is fine and LSU shouldn't have anything to worry about..
You realize the NCAA hasn't done anything regarding the fbi basketball scandal? They are still gathering information and doing their due diligence. It took 3.5 years to resolve the Reggie bush case.
Other than LSU fans, I think everyone knows what "strong A$$ offer" means. It's not rocket science. I can't convict anyone and wouldn't pretend too but the evidence is pretty strong against Wade.
If you or anyone else thinks his "strong A$$ offer" was a starting position then I have some beachfront property in Kansas to sell you. He also only started 18 games so I don't think that is what it is.. Wade also said it would be more than the rookie minimum. You still think he wasn't talking about money though?
LSUSMC - the specifics of money was not mentioned but do you think "strong A$$ offer" meant a lifetime of Canes chicken and jumbo?