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If he was so concerned about injuries he wouldn't have his already injured quarterback going out for passes or running the ball late in the 4th.
Where does he compare him to Fromm?
Go back and look at some of Gus's earlier offenses as a coordinator. 2007 Tulsa - Qb threw for over 5000 yards and ran for less than 150 2008 Tulsa- Qb threw for over 4000 yards and ran for less than 200 1st in yards in 2007 and 2008 without a running quarterback.
Yes but all those are either criminal or investigated.. What Mullen said is neither of those. I asked for a coach that calls out an opposing player for being dirty.
Exactly.. the 22 yard run around sack is a good example and 2 of the 3 picks he stared down last weekend.
It has been reported from people really close to the team that out of fall camp said the race between Nix and Gatewood wasn't even close and that Nix was the most accurate between the two. To me it's not about accuracy, it is about decision making.
When you tackle with your shoulder you miss.. When you tackle with your head up and wrap you don’t. Yeah that’s what you were taught. Is there any way Britt could have gotten to the sternum of the running back? No, so he leveled him up and tackle him. It’s unfortunate he got knocked out but that’s the game. Please go back and watch that play.. the running back was 4 yards from where the ball hit. It was a screen and no where near an intentional grounding. You were certain that Mullen never said maybe too.
I would kinda agree with that. I think any reasonable Auburn knows what type of schedule we have to go through to get to the top. Michigan and ND fans are never reasonable.
If it was clear it would have been called.. It was a textbook tackle.. anytime you hit someone the right way the face mask/helmet should hit first. Also the running backs head down and if he hit in the legs and hurt his knee y’all would be complaining about that.
It was 27-10 at half.. they struggled their first couple of drives but did far better in the first half of that game than UGA did in the first half of ND, which is who dawgs36 was comparing.
I know the TN/UGA game was on at the same time but did you watch the OSU/MSU game? That was far from struggling..
Are you Mullen's boyfriend? Geez.. AFTER he watched the play and reviewed film, he still couldn't offer some kind of apology. His character has always been questioned and will continue with crap like that..
Regardless of his perspective.. a HC should never call out an opposing player
You are blind.. he was held and dragged into it. There was no way a 300 pound lineman could avoid that..
Too horrible examples.. Hayes was fired the next day. The other was between two grown ups, not a HC vs an opposing player.
Gatewood is the backup.. that's like saying questioning why Brennan at LSU isn't playing more or Mac Jones at Bama. They are the back up for a reason..
It wasn’t targeting. The only people that think it’s targeting are gator fans. Why would this hit be called? It was dirty not illegal. If anything, holding should’ve called.
Do you have an example coaches slugging opposing players? Also that’s the problem. Mullen’s reaction at halftime was a terrible look. You just don’t do that. That’s not good sportsmanship, but it’s mullen so I’m not surprised.
Give a look in short yardage and maybe a few other packages but not a full time starter.
Don’t think any reasonable auburn fan expected an SECCG appearance or a playoff run with a freshman quarterback and not a proven o line. 9 regular season wins would exceed expectations this year
It's safe to say that you haven't watched Auburn football all year What several games to start the season? Also he threw it 37 times against Tulane.. Up until the Florida game it was 65-35 run/pass.
Not even close to what I said but thanks for your comment.
That Schwartz comment is just dumb.. But anyways, find me a coach where he calls out a player on the opposing team for being dirty