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It would be hard for Willis to win considering he announced he was transferring a couple months ago. Gus already came out and said it was Nix or Gatewood
If he gets 7 he’s out. 8 or more and he’s probably safe. And if it is 8-4 those losses better not be blowouts. And no losses to teams like TN or Ole Miss, etc
The only position that truly lacks depth is Oline. Our depth is the best it’s been in a while to be honest.
Although I agree with you about there always being hype with Michigan, I think this year it warrants it more than ever before. No Urban Meyer to deal with. Have the 3 toughest games at home. A lot of returning starters on O and D plus the addition of Gattis will be huge IMO. I think 11-1 is likely with that schedule. That 3rd and 4th playoff spot is going to come down to the Big 12 champ, SEC champ game loser and the Big 10 champ with Bama and Clemson most likely locks.
was* a major part. He will be prison soon. The FBI has already came and left and cleared Pearl and the program. 2 players sat out the 2017-2018 season and part of this past season because of it. Nothing will be done at Auburn. Keep dreaming.
Auburn and LSUs situations are entirely different from each other.. Auburn’s was Chuck Persons acted alone and was steering players to sign with agents and advisors for when they left Auburn. He was actually working against Auburn. LSUs seems to be pay for play.
That why I said he might not even be day 1 starter..
Bentley had better stats than Franks last year except interceptions
That might be the 3:30 game that week. ND/UGA will be night time CBS.
Well considering the other games are: WKU/Ark Vandy/UF Missouri/UGA Tenn/UK NMSU/OM App State/USC I would have to guess LSU/Bama is just about a near lock..
Looks like the LSU/Bama game will be at 2:30.
Both are great rivalries but UGA/Auburn historically has been the better rivalry and also closer.
Might not can point it out on a map but any college football fan would know who Auburn is.
It’s a public site so I’ll step wherever I would like but thanks for your concern.
Mr. Internet Tough Guy.. gotta love those people. If you read the article, you would see that 90% of the players listed were the workhorse of their team. Perine has yet to be that guy. Until he proves it he is not a top 25 back. Being a top 25 back is not all about ypc either. Have a good night ma'am.
Clearly you are uninformed as most of these backs on this list were the featured back at their schools and the ones that weren’t are better. Perine is a good back but he’ll have to prove that now that he’s the #1 back. Don’t let you gator bias show as much next time..
No one said winning the west was the aspiration.. you said it was Auburn “failed to take advantage of it” and that’s clearly not the case.
I would have Swift 1b. Him and Taylor are the best backs in the country..
Just saw the NFL schedule. Looks like wild card weekend is the 4th/5th. I guess that’s the reason.
Very long imo. I would’ve like to see them play on the 4th and then the 13th. There’s a lot that goes into it so I’m sure they weighed out all the options
BT.. what are you talking about? I've admitted on this site when I was wrong before including to LSUSMC.
And there was still 8-9 other examples that you ignored.. Rutgers is P5 correct but again Wyoming, USF, and others are a better program than the scarlet knights. They have won 7 games the past 3 years.. That's strong!
You said it’s rare for sec teams to play on the road at non P5 schools. I gave you plenty of examples and you’re still stuck on the Wyoming thing. Of course Wyoming and USF aren’t the same but they are both non P5 schools.
Still a road game. You can turn it however you want by naming recruiting, it’s not Wyoming, etc. but the fact is it’s a road game.