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We’ll know before the season starts when the night doubleheader weekend is
It could be but I think they learned from their mistake of not putting last years game on there so they’ll put it on there. Guess we’ll know soon enough.
Worked pretty good for Tajh Boyd and Watson.. Starkel couldn’t beat Mond out so I wouldn’t put all that on Morris..
If I’m not mistaken I believe he learned it at powerhouse Samford first and fine tuned it at AU. Obviously still needs some fine tuning.
LSU's D was hurt most of the year and when they finally all got healthy they were easily a top 10 defense..
If the 2020 LSU offense is better than 2019 then go ahead and claim back to back titles. Of course there will be a drop off but by how much is the question? I would they have a tougher schedule than last year but not by much. It all depends on Brennan and the load/pressure he can handle.
Poor Ole Jimbo just can’t seem to get it right.. you hate to see it.
I've seen some dumb posts on this site but this one right here tops them all.. congrats.
He has a chance to become a top 5, probably top 3, SEC QB but with his injuries and then coming into the SEC with no spring ball then I can't have him in the top 5 heading into the season.
To be fair the offense returned 5 new starters last year on the OL which was supposed to be a strength and it was by far the worst group on the team..
9-4, my bad. But thanks for your irrelevant opinion on Nix. Just finishing Bayou's thought.. carry on.
Tua was the better qb but he didn’t start. Trask may or may not have been the better qb and didn’t start. Trask was still the backup heading into the season which was my point. Same goal post the whole time.
Was he in that much of a better position? 10-3 and 11-2. Nearly identical records. The point is, Trask was a backup and lacked experience heading into the 2019 season. Tua was the better QB compared to Hurts but Hurts started every game in 2017.
Of course it’s relevant as that was my entire point. He was a backup when the season started and inexperienced too.
Nash - when UF opened the season against Miami was Trask the backup QB? Yes or no?
And goes 9-3 and produces the SEC Freshman of the Year. Nix is malzahns only 5 star qb as a head coach.
Brennan and Costello very well could be top 5 sec guys at the end of the year but because of no spring ball and limited experience in the conference they are just on the outside
He may or may not be better but he was still the backup when the season started and inexperienced, which again, has been my point.
Again, W/L are a team thing not solely one side of the ball. Of course I am putting a lot of emphasis on the most important position in football.. Technically they were backups to begin the season which I have stated more than once.. no one beat out the starter. Trask would have never played against UGA had Franks not gotten hurt.
"...but I’d rather have Kyle Trask working with Dan Mullen and that experienced offensive line after what we saw during Florida’s 11-win season in 2019." Well heck, I would imagine most would like to have a better OL than Auburn's. That isn't Nix's fault. He played about as good as you can with that OL, running for his life. I would say Trask wouldn't be as good as Nix if they switched OL's but that is not how the game is played. I promise you Whitlow and his fumbles will not be missed. DJ Williams was playing more and more and even starting late in the season. "And as raw as he is as a passer, I’m more optimistic about John Rhys Plumlee in Lane Kiffin’s system after we saw the true freshman rush for over 1,000 yards..." using rushing yards to justify someones passing ability is laughable. I get the criticism of Morris but you can't just throw out what he did at Clemson and only focus on SMU and Arkansas. Speaking of SMU, he took a 1-11 team into a bowl team by year 3. Also, his offense? Improved every year. Went from 382 to 427 to 478 in total yards and went from 72nd in PPG to 12th in PPG. Arkansas was a mess and it just didn't work out. Same with Kevin Steele at Baylor. Finally on Nix: he improved as the year went on and continued to progress. Finished the last five games with 0 INT compared to the first 8 games with 6 INTs. Sometimes the stage looked to big for him and other times he looked like the real deal. I believe he is a top 5 SEC QB now (along with Trask, Mond, Jones and Hilinski). Sorry Newman, your 6 right now but probably have the ability to move the most. Need to see games against SEC schedule.
It's ole miss not Kiffin. No SEC should be playing a home and home with a non P5 school unless it is a rival (memphis vs ole miss) or a strong G5 school (boise st)
They were backups when the season started and none of them beat out the starter. They were inexperienced which was my point to begin with and part of the reason uga’s stats were so good
Usually I can tell if you are being serious or not humper but this time I can't lol But I'll take all three teams common opponent, LSU: Points allowed: AU - 23, UGA - 37 and UF - 42 Yards allowed: AU - 508, UGA - 481 and UF - 511 Turnovers: AU - 2, UGA - 0 and UF - 0 3rd down percentage: AU - 47% , UGA - 56% and UF - 25% (4 attempts) On the road: AU - yes, UGA - kinda, UF - yes Successful 3-1-7: AU - yes, UGA - no and UF - no. I would look at the other games but most of the games UGA played against were against backups lol
That’s because you’re arguing against facts.. show me where Bentley was healthy, show me where Trask beat out Franks before the injury, show me where Bowden was an inexperienced quarterback. You can’t. Never said Lanning was a terrible DC, just that he benefited from facing weaker opposing quarterbacks, which he did.
Leghumper - head to head is team, not just one side of the ball. Double- You do realize that Bowden not even being listed as a QB helps my argument? Backup or WR/RB he still was inexperienced and wasn’t a threat.. Franks was the starter whether he sucked or not. Mullen named him the starter. He would have remained the starter had he not gotten hurt. Bentley was not healthy enough to play. He had surgery in September. UGA played USC in October.