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I just don't see it as good atmosphere in general for football. Nice fans, yes. But not really a football town at all. When I think football towns, Vandy is the last that comes to mind and it has nothing to do with the size of their stadium. I would suggest you visit others around the SEC before claiming them #1, especially with Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Oxford, Athens, Lexington and USC left for you to visit.
In your opinion, what makes Vandy so great for a game compared to others and what other SEC stadiums have you been too?
Yeah if you’re just going on a trip but not for a game/tailgating
Yeah.. it’s only power 5 games. Helps to read.
“Most fun road trip in the SEC by a mile” ^ this. This is why Missouri should be in the Big 12
Good for him and not jumping ship and entering the portal again
Exactly. Any SEC game IMO is worth watching.
So a two quarterback system means pirouetting fullbacks? All I’m saying is i think Nix plays 70-80 percent of the time and Gatewood is used in short yardage and red zone.
So a two quarterback system means pirouetting fullbacks? All I’m saying is i think Nix plays 70-80 percent of the time and Gatewood is used in short yardage and red zone.
I'm just saying average 9 wins and consistently be in the hunt.. With LSU, UGA, A&M and Alabama all on the schedule every year 9 wins is good and occasionally get to 11 wins. The inconsistency is what drives me crazy. No reason to lose to MSU, TN, etc..
Honestly if a coach at auburn could average 9 wins a year, win their bowl game and always be in the playoff hunt that would be fine with us.
Way to early on the eastern side of the USA to be that drunk..
I know it is a different class but you flipped Pickens lol
Might be out first game but won't know till week of. He'll be back before A&M for sure though
How is that “gussing” up the QB rotation if that is what he chooses to do?
I didn’t say he was. Just saying he got the job done and was in the box making plays at less than 210.
Troy Polamalu’s playing weight was less than 210 and he stayed in the backfield helping run support.
This^ There have been countless great QBs in college that never made an NFL roster
I honestly think the more this drags out that it will be a two qb system. Both have their strengths. I think Bo plays the majority of the snaps and Gatewood comes in for situational type stuff. Gatewood wasn’t even the starter in HS his senior year and split time with Riley Smith who signed with Boise State the same year so he is used to this
All 5 starters back and started to gel late last season. Very thin beyond that.
I don’t see them overlooking Notre Dame at home with a bye week the following week
This whole list just baffles me.. Nix/Gatewood and Corral should be lower as none have played a significant snap Hicks/Starkel should be MUCH higher than 102.. Would have Mond higher and Guarantano lower
All great points.. but to say a rival game on the road is going to be easier than a home game is crazy. Unless you don't think Athens is a great home atmosphere. Ask your fellow UGA fans above.. seems like they agree with my statement.
Fall break and 11 am kickoff coming off a loss.. not the best recipe for a great/loud crowd
Well Vandy doesn’t have a home field environment so that doesn’t compare. Not only did the aggies lose to auburn last year but they also lost 6 of the starting front 7, top running back and top receiver. They might be a better team, who knows but playing on the road in a tough environment is most of the time tougher than playing at home.