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You just love to hear yourself talk don’t you? Good lord.I was focusing on the question aspect of his post. Get lost troll.
Don’t worry, I’m sure Saban will have a list to complain to the SEC office about on Monday morning.
Did Bama win the conference in 2011? No. Did they get in NC game in 2011? Yes. Did DieselNova ask “Why should a team that didn’t win its conference get in?” Yes. That’s what I’m referring too. This isn’t hard.
I guess you could say that. He definitely didn't have a UF 2019 game or USC 2020 game that's for sure. The moment, at times, looked too big, but he stayed the course and did what he had to do.
Or Jones was pressured into throwing a bad pass and it was behind the defender. Great play imo.
I don't think it was best game by any stretch.. he didn't turn it over but he didn't light it up either.
I know what he was talking about. I was referring to Alabama not winning the conference in 2011 and 2017 and still getting a shot at the NC.
Pack it up boys. No need to travel to Tuscaloosa. Our only shot was with a healthy Britt and Tank. Maybe next year..
They didn't get into the NC game? Guess I am making it up then
The Cooper situation and the self imposed tournament ban are two completely different things. Cooper also isn't considering going overseas unless he absolutely has to. No Auburn reporter has reported that either. It is just a wait and see game with his dads situation.
You as well. All those top recruiting classes and nothing to show for it. What a shame.
Has also only finished better than his initial poll position one time.. but congrats on all the top ten finishes. Should sit pretty next to that 40 year old trophy of yalls.
What has Kirby done in his first 5 seasons that Malzahn didn’t do?
Both have those accomplishments the first five years. But I thought we sucked? So you’re bragging about beating a team that sucks? Do you brag about beating Vandy too?
Kirby - NC loss, 1-2 SECCG record. Gus - NC loss, 1-1 SECCG record. And the West is definitely tougher than the East. All facts.
So we suck and your bragging about beating us? Congrats again. Kirby is Richt 2.0 and has the same accomplishments as Malzahn in a less talented division but go off..
Also love the fact that you’re bragging about beating auburn so much after calling them mediocre.. lol
Wth are you talking about? Lol. I didn’t deny anything. I said “see Bama 2011 and 2017..”
Lol did Bama not get in without winning their conference or did I make that up?
*post facts* *doesn’t like facts posted and goes on off topic rant* Typical..
A whole 2 min.. it was very hard. I can imagine why he wouldn’t want to do it. Lots of effort..
In the last 5 years Auburn has finished higher than their initial ranking in 2019, 2017 and 2016. 2015 and 2018 they finished worse. In their last 5 years UGA has finished higher than their initial ranking in only 2017. 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 they finished worse.
Clearly recruiting rankings down mean anything when it comes to the polls. All those top 3 recruiting classes and nothing to show for it..
Rather read with auburn colored glasses than not be able to read at all, which it looks like you can’t so good luck with that.
He’s had one instance and that was at Tennessee for a BBQ for recruits. That’s it. That’s his list of “cheating”. If you’re upset by that then I’m sorry. His show cause penalty wasn’t for “cheating” either. It was for lying about said BBQ to the NCAA and Tennessee. Never had any problems at Stanford, Southern Indiana or Milwaukee. He’s incident at Iowa was him turning in an Illinois coach that had cheated. The things at Auburn weren’t on him either. Person acted alone and was actually hurting Auburn. Why would Pearl actively persuade guys he’s been recruiting and on the team to go pro early and sign with certain financial advisors when they leave? That would be hurting his own program..