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As an Auburn fan: 1. 2019 final four run 2. 2010 SECCG and NC game 3. 2004 Auburn football As a fan of sports SEC: 1. Clemson vs Alabama 2016 2. Auburn final four run 3. Jalen Hurts 2018 SECCG
I like the idea but to me the Heisman has lost some weight.. Yes it's still the biggest award for an individual but it just doesn't have the same feel as it once did. I think it if moved till after the NC game it would have more appeal.
I said starting 5 not top 6 scorers. Also losing 3 nba/g league players from last year is more tough to overcome than 1 nba player. Never said we were kentucky or duke or UNC so don’t know where that came from. Bruce continues to prove people wrong with what he has and this upcoming year will be no different. All those players from this years squad were role players for the most part during the final four and ended up with a better record.. the role players from this years team will be starters and their won’t be much of any drop off especially with the recruiting class. You don’t win the sec two years in row and finish number 2 this last year and just fall out of the top 25.
If auburn lands both green and brown then no question they should be top 10. If they just land one it should put them in the top 15. They should already be in top 25.
He also has Kinlaw in front of him which is laughable. This draft has some really good OL and a top heavy QB class but a player like Brown shouldn’t drop below 10.
Auburn lost their starting 5 from the final four team.. seemed to not be much drop off. Bruce Pearl has proven to get the most out of his team year in and year out.
Auburn not inside the top 25 but Tennessee, Arkansas and LSU are.
Only 1 sec coaching duo has been to a final four and a national championship. Only 1 sec coaching duo has won the sec in football and the sec basketball tournament. That’s Bruce and Gus. Not saying they should be 1 but they should be top 5.
Would rather have two local teams like GT and Clemson or a Florida team. Missouri and A&M already don’t make sense, especially Missouri’s division.
I believe if it’s fumbled forward and rolls out of bounds it’s spotted where the fumbled occurred but when it’s recovered in bounds or in the end zone it’s spotted where it’s recovered. The fumbling in the back of the end zone shouldn’t allow the defense to just have the ball with no recovery IMO. All fumbles should be placed where they happen unless it is recovered in bounds by the non fumbling team.
I believe if the ball is fumbled forward the ball is spotted where the fumbled occurred.
I believe if the ball is fumbled forward the ball is spotted where the fumbled occurred.
Safe to say O'Gara is not expecting a big year from Auburn. Auburn is a question mark on offense? Returns 7 starters and all their skills positions. LSU coming in in November will be tough so wouldn't say LSU should win, they will be good but they also have a ton of question marks on both sides of the ball. I expect UGA to be favored by about 5-6 when Auburn comes to town. As far as the A&M game, I'll believe it when I see it when Jimbo beats Gus in the SEC. Right now, Bama will beat Auburn by a touchdown IMO. Bama should be much better. Let's just get this virus out and hope we can watch in 2020.
He is the better back. Neither of those guys managed to get Tannehill paid, that was the titans decision.
"I don’t care about academic standing or discipline issues. If the new school will take them, then they will have to answer for the issues and any public backlash." This is what I was referring too. I thought you were insinuating that they should be eligible if not academically eligible at previous school.
I'm talking being eligible.. you shouldn't be able to transfer and be eligible if aren't academically ineligible when you transfer. That's what I was asking. I'm okay with teams not being at full 85 but just wanted your opinion. You can only travel to away games with so many too
Didn’t see Sanders name on it. Thought you were referring to both being off the list
If a student athlete is failing, he shouldn't be able to just transfer and automatically be eligible.. that doesn't help the kid in any way. If LSU has 9 transfers after signing day then they'll have 76 players in the fall if no one transfers in.. you're okay with that?
Most of the time you can't enroll an another school if you're on academic probation or something like it. Not caring about that takes the student part out of student-athlete. Also to your point of LSU losing 9 to the draft, what if LSU lost 9 to transfers too? Still can only sign 25 and make it up through the portal?
Probably because its basically turned into a QB award, especially with the type of offenses we see now.
Wouldn’t be bad if the networks didn’t zoom in on them and follow them to the tunnel