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Tough last 4 games, all winnable. All were led by AU at some point. The foundation is laid by Harsin, now we start to build on that. It’s not overnight and it’s not with 1 recruiting class. Returning 6 on defense, plus getting Wright back from injury and 5/6 on offense. Need a big developmental spring as well.
Final thoughts: blowout. Just don’t have the fire power to keep up and defense will eventually get worn down. 38-13 UA
My comment was sarcasm. That is not what he said in any shape or form.
That’s exactly what he said. He said it would make up for all the losses. Reading comprehension is hard.
This doesn’t make any sense.. The iron bowl is the last game of the year every year. The season is already “produced” before this game. This is the outlook for this years game, simply because what else is their to look forward to.
Not because of lanes the OL was opening. Tank is just good enough to improvise. Don’t let his success make you think it was because of the OL
I suggest you watch the replay because you obviously have no clue what happened. You thought he passed it. Again, classic BT. If he was in the “act of passing” his arm would be going forward. He tucked it away before he was sacked.
He learned a long time ago yet he still engages in conversations.. classic BT
Lol.. “I have never heard Saban blame an official.” That was your claim. I gave you an example that disputed that. Now you say I’m childish and ignorant. Hilarious. Also just because you’re the 101st penalized team doesn’t mean calls aren’t missed. That proves nothing other than a stat.
Please look at the rule book and show me where I altered it. Like it or not it’s straight from rule book.
Straight from the ncaa rule book: “Targeting” means that a player takes aim at an opponent for purposes of attacking with forcible contact that goes beyond making a legal tackle or a legal block or playing the ball. He didn’t take aim nor did he make forcible contact. He hit with his head up and with his facemask. Textbook tackle.
What in the world makes you think he transfers from the school he’s always wanted to play for?
There’s been plenty of games where AU got beat on the field. I encourage you to YouTube sabans press conference after the 2019 iron bowl
Gabriel RTR - targeting isn’t always with a defenseless player, genius. Tidefan8x5 - he started to raise his arms.. then brought them down when rogers tucked the ball and then tackled him. It was a bang bang play. You can’t just raise your arms and hope he passes, you have to make a tackle..
I disagree. He didn’t lead with helmet, make forcible contact to head/neck, didn’t launch, didn’t lower head, etc. Not sure where the “targeting” occurred. It was a textbook tackle. You can’t make a better tackle in that situation.
That’s what Lord Saban does and then cries to his buddy Mark Emmert to change the rules, I.e: spiking the ball with less than 3 seconds remaining, complaining about the punter being lined up at wide receiver.
O-Line hit each other in with their facemasks every play. That was not targeting. Just because you jump, doesn't mean you are launching. He jumped because Rodgers was fixing to throw. He tucked it and got tackled. It was a textbook tackle. If that is targeting, then might as well put on the tutus and flags.
"Give them some lanes" is the issue. There aren't any.
I find it hilarious that people are referencing last years official debacle vs Arkansas, when the past two weeks there have been some very questionable calls against Auburn. Targeting on Moultry vs MSU and the "touch" by Pritchett vs USCe. Every team is screwed by the SEC officials, more some than others but let's not pretend that Alabama doesn't get favorable calls in their games.
Plus he clearly wasn’t the same after his ankle injury.
Apologies.. overthought it. A&M would go as tiebreaker #1 they would be 2-0
If Ags win out and Bama loses one, presumably to AU, then it will be a 3 way tie between Bama, AU and A&M for SECW, as all will be 6-2 in conference.. Step 1 for tiebreaker is head to head record but that would be a wash because each school would 1-1 against each other. Step 2 is record against teams in division. A&M would be 4-2 Bama would be 4-2 AU would be 5-1. In that scenario AU would represent the West in the SECCG.
1.Deandre Hopkins has the most receiving yards for Cardinals. 2. AJ Green is not a lock for the HOF.. he is not top 50 in receiving yards as it stands and will have to get another 1000 yards before he is top 40, which he hasn't had since 2017. He had a great career early on but hasn't done much since then.