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I could care less what bamas SOS is and you can tell me all about teamrankings but that doesn’t make it a credible site. No one uses it. If you honestly think bama had a tougher schedule that A&M than you are delusional..
I know it says #7 but it’s not a credible site for SOS. No one uses that site as a metric. Most people use Anderson & Hester, Billingsley Report, Colley Matrix, Jeff Sagarin or Massey Ratings to determine the SOS.
If you think Alabama has the #7 SOS in the country then I can’t help you..
What are talking about? I said they didn’t call a penalty.. Also the refs in both games reviewed the time. In the LSU game, LSU wasn’t lined up when ready for play. In the iron bowl, Auburn was lined up ready to snap it.
It is true. Go watch it. Receivers weren’t set. No penalty was called. The center still didn’t snap it in time. They reviewed it and determined that LSU didn’t get the snap off in time..
I know that.. I was responding to the bama fan above that said bama did use one but go off..
Auburn was lined up when the whistle started. LSU was running around with their heads cut off because Les Miles sucks at clock management.
Alabama’s average SOS is 58, which is behind everyone in the top 15 except Clemson and Utah. It’s also behind Cincinnati.
Yep. Was just correcting Jasond569’s “fact” of 15 penalties that bama supposedly had.
I would watch it then because 1. Bama had time to sub. 2. The offense was set for a solid 3-4 seconds.
Where do you think Roll D Tide came from? Couldn’t be from War D Eagle, could it? Bama would never copy AU, right?? Also it’s called mocking.. it’s a rivalry.
Bama had time to sub and actually did sub. Also the offense was set for more than 1 second.
TrophyKing80 - Pretty easy to refute. Alabama had 13 against Auburn and only 7 against LSU.
They are the same in that they reviewed it and seemed time should be put back on. It was the right call. You don’t need 3 seconds. You only need 1. The ref even said the clock will start on his whistle and it did and auburn got it off in time. Same thing happened in 2016 in the auburn vs LSU game.. except LSU didn’t snap it in time.
So wouldn’t every replay review be an extra timeout? It’s a reviewable play. Kinda like in 2013 Iron Bowl.
LED lights are great but that’s not what the light show is..
If uga wins out they are in. If they lose they are out unless it gets crazy. You would have to beat LSU and hope Clemson, Ohio State, Oregon and Oklahoma lose
Might be right.. who knows. Can’t make any money on it if there was a set criteria either.
It doesn’t fit your narrative but there won’t be a light show at auburn. This has nothing to do with a light show.
Coming from the fan of a team with the most arrests in the 5 years