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The CFP has nothing to do with conference championships.. we’ve learned that. In regards to SEC standings Auburn was 2nd ahead of Alabama and uga was 1st
Auburn beat Alabama and UGA. Auburn was 1st in the west. Uga was 1st in the east. They played. Uga won. Uga finished first in conference. Auburn finished 2nd.
If get a ring it means you win a championship which means you were first in something... but you do you 1980
That's funny.. Walloped.. lol it was 13-7 going into the 4th quarter and a pretty evenly matched game till that point despite our best player being hurt. Maryland was 5-7 and they beat Texas. It's a championship. You are supposed to celebrate it.
Oh.. so winning the toughest division in football doesn't do that for Auburn? Pretty sure it brought attention to the program and allowed us to play (although players didn't want too) in a NY6 bowl.
Who won a social media championship? And It is now yes but if you don't win it then it is all for nothing..
Shouldn't you celebrate if you are a champion? Is making the playoff the goal or winning the championship?
So you all got rings for 2nd place? I wonder how those compare to modern national championship rings
Since 2010, Auburn has appeared in a national championship and lost in the last seconds and was in the hunt in 2017. Don’t get me wrong, that’s nothing to brag about but that’s not lightning in a bottle like you mentioned.
Kirby give Wikipedia credit next time you use them as a source. As far as the academic dishonesty thing.. don’t trust Thayer Evans on any reporting. Boxster - uga caught lightning in a bottle in 1980 and hasn’t since then
Winning the west is not average. 10-4 is not average. But besides those two years (13 and 17) he’s been average. 16 could’ve been a whole lot better had White not gone down with a shoulder injury. As far as recruiting goes yes he’s been 9th overall but Alabama, uga and LSU have all averaged top 6 or better classes in the same time period. He is 2-4 against those 3 teams in the regular season since he’s been there. They’ve all averaged better recruiting classes and he’s held his own for the most part. If he goes 0-3 against them this year he’s out. But being 2-4 against Saban is not terrible, in fact it’s pretty good to be honest. Uga and LSU he should be 3-3 at least but it’s football. Lose some and win some. Had Gus been fired after this past year we wouldn’t be close to .500 overall IMO for 19. And for the record I believe he should’ve gotten a contact extension and I’m okay with the years and the money per year. The only thing I disagreed with is the buyout number.. but that is what Jimmy Sexton, his agent, does best.
Might’ve been knee jerk might’ve not been. Regardless he earned it. Arkansas could’ve had him but he chose to stay in auburn and sign an extension. Had auburn just let him walk we would be in a worse spot than we are now.. of course you earn the contract from whole season and when he signed the contract he was 10-2 with one of hardest schedules in the country. I already said he hasn’t lived up to he contract since he signed it.
Don't forget it was Miss St that was offering money to Cam's father. It's almost as if you all don't care about facts
That is why I said look it up but I guess I'll have to do it for you.. When Malzahn was at Tulsa he was 3rd in the country in passing yards 42nd in rushing in his first year. His second year he was 9th in passing and 5th in rushing. His quarterbacks at Tulsa had 107 yards and 186 yards respectively in two seasons. In 2006 at Arkansas, they were 108th in passing and 4th in rushing. Darren Mcfadden and Felix Jones were his running backs.. you might've heard of them. His quarterbacks that year had negative yardage rushing.. In 2012 as HC at Ark State they were 43rd in passing and 24th in rushing. His quarterback that year 438 yards. So no, his quarterbacks do not have to run for his offense to be successful. The keys for his offense to be successful is great line play and playing fast. It is no question he wants to run the ball but its been through solid line play and a capable back.
Oh yeah you got me man. Big time liberal here newbie.. lol Never said he was guilty.. said everything will come out later this month.
He lied to the NCAA about a BBQ.. that was it and the reason he was given a show cause. People and other fans act like he killed someone.
Wrong again. Please go look at Malzahn as an OC and his stats. Everyone wants to point to the Cam and Marshall years. He has had success when his QB hasn't had to run. 2016 Auburn ranked #9 going into UGA game and white got hurt and couldn't throw due to his shoulder. Would have finished the year in top 10 if that doesn't; happen. White was not a running QB.. I really encourage you to study up on his past. He builds his strengths around his QB. It doesn't have to be the read option
Please explain to me what pearl did? Any facts other than lying about a bbq?
Agree. Had Wade not ever been suspended and just cooperated you all could be looking at a couple of banners
Dawgs will be postseason bound next year in basketball. Crean will turn it around. Gotta have faith Kirby. After Smart's first year in Athens he was 8-5 with a loss to vandy. Some were questioning if he had it in him.. turns out he does. Crean will have it turned around..
The extension was before the UCF game and before two of those losses.. at the time he signed the contract he had earned it. So far he is not lived up to that contract.
FBI and NCAA are two different things in this.. FBI trial is later this month so it will all come out then one way or another
Exactly. It will all come out later this month but legally they can't do anything but Wade met with them.