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Didn’t play for Malzahn while he was at auburn so let’s follow him to UCF.. weird logic but good luck to him.
To be fair it says “the new DBU”. Just using it as a recruiting tool I guess
What about a 67 year old grown adult showing his @ss on live tv with a female reporter? We know your feelings on Cam. Time to move on.. he didn’t show his @ss after the super bowl and he apologized. Of course you don’t think he acted like an adult. You’re a cam hater all the way. Your posts have proven that.
It’s always a debate whether bow games matter or not unless it’s a New Years 6 or playoffs but I think they do because it sets the tone for next year. If Gus had won all his bowl games (4 more wins) except the NCG vs FSU then his perception and record would be different imo. He would’ve been 72-31. 9-3/4 average.
Auburn is probably 11-12 in facilities in sec and bottom half nationally.
2012 was also during the BCS and undefeated OSU was ineligible for postseason and conference championship.
But there is a set criteria in the NFL. Everyone knows if you when your division, you’re in. No one knows if you’re in if you win your conference in college football. How do reward someone of getting in the playoff if they can’t even win their own division, much less conference? (Bama and OSU). It’s also possible that all P5 conference champions are undefeated. Who gets in then? It’s an unlikely scenario, just as yours is. There is not a set criteria that the committee goes by. There’s no requirements for the CFB “playoff”. That’s the issue with it.
As usual, like the first game didn’t happen? Lol.
Another topic change lol It’s like debating a high schooler.. changing minds left and right because your argument suck. Went from: the usc topic, to Cam, to grammar, to cams leadership and now basketball. What’s next on the topic of bs tonight?
Again changing the topic to something else.. ironic lol
Yet.. he was named captain this past year by his teammates. How ironic.
How can you tell them what is necessary to do if they don’t know what to do? Cincy, UCF, Baylor, TCU all had cases but weren’t “chosen”. That’s not a true playoff. A playoff has set criteria on how to get into it.
Because that’s just do awful isn’t it? Lol. He’s been doing that since HS..
The meaning was clear in aubforlife’s and SenoiaDawg posts too but you chose to be a defensive troll instead..
How are Deandre Baker and Isiah Wilson doing these days and the culture they bring into a clubhouse?
Changing the topic because you don’t have anything else.. classic move lol
“By the way, it should have written..” Don’t you mean, “By the way, it should have been written..” Lol classic. Take your L and move along pup. Also above, a fellow uga fan stated this: “You have lost to South Carolina and Tennessee in the last 2 years by the way.” Guess he’s one of those Alabama idiots too, huh? Hilarious.
No response to the USC topic? So I’m guessing your brain finally clicked and you sounded all the words out.. good job. Lol a less than 1 year - $2M deal was the worst decision he’s made? Again.. if you have proof. Show the ncaa and be a hero.
Yes, but he said “UGA has lost to South Carolina in the last two years.” That would in include 2019, which in fact, uga did lose to usc, 20-17. He didn’t say both years. But again, reading is hard. So you have proof of auburn buying cam? Show it and be a hero of all Cam haters. It was miss st who was offering money.. not auburn. Again, good try.
He said last two years but you know.. reading is hard I guess. If everyone knew, wouldn’t the ncaa know too? Keep trying
Speaking of ancient history.. 1980
That’s why you set a criteria like every other tournament in existence. Win your conference in the NFL, ncaa basketball, etc? You’re in.
The vast majority of semi final games have been blowouts. If they base it off that then go back to two teams. If it has no bearing then they need to expand.
Right now? No. If he continues the way he’s been playing he could jump up there. He could be a one and done still but don’t think he’ll jump into lottery range. I think he would be benefit from coming back tbh
One of those games against a top ten ranked team and another on the road.. top 15 is a stretch but context is key.
Justin Lee is a beat writer for auburn. Those are his words and his journalism. They are not quotes from any official representative from auburn football.
UGA has been sanctioned 4 times since 1978 for a total of 4 years probation. All recruiting violations. All major infractions. Were the penalties handed out different? Sure but that’s the NCAA for you. Unpredictable. But let’s not act like UGA is completely innocent here..
“Clearly” is a strong word considering you didn’t win the East this year.