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He has 53 offers so I’d say he’s doing something right
A quick peak shows McClain had 113 and Morgan had 110 but go off..
Are you an idiot? Red and black is asking if this is the last one with the current 14 not about this year..
Not sure either.. I'm not trying to say UGA's defense wasn't good or great because we all know they were. I am simply saying the offenses they faced weren't remotely good and that was the biggest factor in why it was only 20 ppg.
I said I agree to the averages part.. If UGA played Utah St, Kansas, La Monroe, Navy, Akron, UNLV, Syracuse, Bama and UF, UGA would have given up 202 points on the season using each teams offensive averages. UGA gave 200 points on the actual season.. Would the 20 ppg be because of UF and Bama or would it be because of the terrible offenses UGA faced?
JTF: exactly. 70% of the offenses UGA faced were not good and well below average, hence the 20 ppg. Not because of Bama and UF. Boxster: Agree to that but my point is the offenses that UGA faced. 70% were well below average offenses. The 20 ppg were not a product of the UF and Bama as Mountain Dog stated. It was a product of facing terrible offenses.
Yeah they are funny.. But let's look at it this way: When UGA played a top 20 offense they gave up 35 ppg When UGA played a an offense ranked 78th or worse they gave up 13 ppg. So.. when UGA played a good offense they looked pedestrian. When they played a pedestrian offense they looked great. The pitiful offenses were largely responsible for the 20ppg as they make up 70% of the schedule.
No, the pitiful offenses were largely responsible for the 20 ppg.
UGA's 20 PPG allowed in 2020 was the product of facing 8 offenses ranked 78th or worst on a 10 game schedule.
Yeah.. meant 8-3 not 9-3. With another loss coming to Missouri which would be 8-4
I am not a Mizzou fan but if I were I would expect to go 3-0 vs Tenn, Arky and UK.
I think the #2 spot is up for grabs as well, assuming UGA doesn't take a dive. I believe that UF schedule is tougher than Missouri's and if Missouri can take advantage of it they could get to 10 wins and second place in the east. Right now I see UF being 9-3, with losses to UGA, Bama and at LSU. With another potential loss to Missouri in CoMo. I see Missouri at 10-2 with losses to UGA and A&M.
Yes. Tank, shivers and Hunter. A good 1-2 punch but if one goes down it’ll be tough sledding
Harsin is destined to fail because the boosters didn't have as much influence? The only reason Harsin will fail is if he doesn't produce wins. It won't be because of the boosters or Greene
What pressure has Finley faced? He crumbled against auburn, A&M and Bama.
JJ wasn’t a dual threat either.. took him 15 yards to get going.
JJ didn’t have deer in the headlights against Arky in 2014..
JJ could’ve had 5 of the best quarterback coaches ever and it still wouldn’t have mattered
Was definitely being sarcastic. Gatewood isn’t good
Was meant as joke so glad you laughed but backup QBs don't play meaningful snaps unless there is an injury. However, I think backups should get a chance at the whole playbook and not just hand the ball off, which Gus did.
Allen Greene called this shot. Boosters weren't involved as much as they wish they would have been
Gatewood has been stellar at UK and Willis is playing backyard football at Liberty.. *eye rolls*
*Game tied 24-24 with 5 min left in 4th. Harsin: "2nd team offense in!" waegl44: "Finally, a coach who puts backups in meaningful situations and not just mop up duty!"