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Kirk lives in South Nashville in Franklin or Brentwood! Yea that area is one of the most expensive places to live in the southeast! It's also where other celebrities like Keith Urban n Nicole! Drove there once n immediately felt the stares at my Honda Accord n guess it did look a little out of place!
Underdog? you got to be kidding me??? First of all Clemson has been in the playoffs every year right except for one and have won two national championships and played for 3? and obviously the game location was decided years ago when nobody knew LSU would be here anyway!! So I got to inform you the underdog card won't work anymore and Dabo knows that! Wow
True but Gus's job as HC is to put players in the best possible position for better of the team honestly w/o Marshall at QB Auburn wouldn't have had the success they did obviously running the ball n definitely wouldn't have made it to the title game? His speed at QB made Auburn #1 rushing attack that year? Honestly that's by far the best single BEST thing Gus has done since hc? He saw his speed n knew he could improve little at throwing! That 50 yd run he had n iron bowl to me was the play that allowed us to be able to keep Saban on his heels guessing ! And get was average passer n even got a little better 2014 at it which again to Gus's credit! But good for him though I'm glad he still gets to play football n I think he should try coaching in the future,?
That was a great Heisman speech and I love watching that ceremony just for that simple reason? It's so pure and real. Cuz everybody can I'm sure imagine how emotional it must be to receive an award that only a select few will receive n it's for life? All the hard work and dedication builds up to that moment? I'm not going to lie when he got on Coach O I struggled a little but I'm sure it was the pollen in my room??? When your genuine people can see that and that moment last night with him and Coach O was just awesome because it was very sincere n how could any man or woman not year up a little knowing how much a stranger 2 years ago to now like a father figure that has had such a positive effect on the rest of a 22 year olds life? That's good stuff right there I don't care who you are you had to feel that moment n again that's why I tune in not all the other hype!
To everybody complaining about players playing in a bowl game, stop for a second and actually think about this? You think most Alabama fans really care about playing in the citrus Bowl? I'm an Auburn fan and I'm going to watch the Outback but it's not emotional like season play! But more important we're talking about these kids futures and careers? How selfish is it for us as fans to critique a player for bettering himself maybe for his family? and you can't say they're probably not going to get hurt cuz we've seen it several times and can you imagine the devastation it causes a young individual? Maybe his family is depending on his possible professional career for support but these players owe us absolutely nothing? And I know we're all crazy emotional fans but it's kind of selfish on our part to criticize a player for sitting out an Outback Bowl? yes you can say can hurt the team or whatever but unless you're playing in the national championship game I really don't think it's gonna hurt the team and maybe get up in front of the team and tell them your decision and why? That to me would mean more? If a kid is projected in the first round and gets hurt imagine what could come from that mentally? My opinion only but just think it's so selfish for us to expect that after all they have given to us as we sit in the stands eating popcorn!
We as fans can get a little crazy bout our team's success in an Auburn fan so I know all about not being satisfied! I'll take Kirby's record over Gus's anyday and the offensive philosophy now a days has to adapt to what you can recruit n now it's all about a mobile QB forodt part n I think every team should have 1 at least on the roster ?
Definitely Brady has a huge influence on this success but what borough is doing in some of these games it's not something you coach? Look at Georgia game he avoided a sack threw it across his body for a 71-yard completion? That's not coaching that's all Joe burrow? And the success he's having running the ball is not Brady either? Point is yes the designed passes that get the WR open is Brady but that's only a part of his success, the other is just Joe's ability to make a play when needed in which you can not coach
Alabama called a timeout? It was finally confirmed n u can go to bama website n u will see under analytics for the Iron Bowl game! Somehow it just wasn't figured out by announcers in the game! Doesn't matter now bama kicker missed another field goal? How does that keep happening n why players getting hurt is what I would b worried bout? Just saying excuses lead nowhere! Auburn finds a way to beat Bama when they can but at least Saban doesn't lose games cuz of stupid play-calling like Gus can?Y'all need to be grateful instead of crying as we all do I agree,we are just crazy bout our football in Alabama
Yes and everybody has injuries n we had freshman QB too so? Gotta stop with injuries but I'll ets sat
No see that can be very very misleading? And the SEC got to run the ball up the middle against good teams ? Think bout auburns last good teams we could do that not outside stuff which speed will get every time? That's what he was saying is couldn't run n middle cuz we got stuffed at least 8 or so plays with - yards or maybe 1!
Well it's either going to be borrow continues his amazing performances or he's going to be shell shocked what's Florida's lockdown cover corners n front 7? we've seen it happen so I wouldn't be surprised to Florida makes it a close game or even my win? LSU favored by double digits I think which is crazy to think a top-10 team is by that margin Grant it LSU night game with a back up QB! Should b close!
He's supposed to say that so I understand but kinda dumb to say something like that and a huge rivalry game! I hope his coach jumped down his throat!In Texas there is a good physicality traditionally with their high school FB for sure so he's kinda right but Texas needs to play a Bama year in year out n then let's see what he thinks ? Also he's a cornerback? You know the same there's no more physical position in any sport then a cornerback?