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Top 10 in recruiting that is...as you bamers...come on now, Bama’s DB’s NEVER get called for pass interferences and they just absolutely rape receivers most of the time!
From a real Auburn fan, I actually wished Arkansas an Ole Miss had got both calls and Auburn lose both games....BECAUSE IM SICK OF GUS and High School coaching buddy’s, he’s a joke and so are they!!!! Fire Gus!!! I don’t even know who I’d like to see as coach but about anyone is better than this guy and for what it’s worth, I wanted him gone after the 17 season! Auburn has been in the top 10 or close to it, since he’s been there and they just cannot develope players....plan and simple!!!
cry me a River poor Georgia You need a pacifier, poor babies get treated all the time, bless it
The SEC or any other conference have always worded statements like this. But if you passed reading comprehension in the 3rd you can plainly understand it was an omission that that refs made a mistake by blowing the play dead. There’s what 6 refs and 22 player on the field and every single one of them ignored the ball but 1 Arkansas player and 1 Auburn player.
OMG you freak’n people kill me! There is NOT one single person on here that’s written a comment that IF you were a ref in that game, that would have NOT blown your whistle...NOT ONE! Nobody has ever seen anything like that. It was a national reaction. Yes by rule they messed up but we’re all human, well with the exception of you that are calling these refs stupid, blind and they blew the call! Your just a bunch of jealous idiots that couldn’t even make it as a Pop Warner league referee‍♂️ Omg what a bunch of dumbasses!