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I am not buying that Drinkwitz will do better than Barry when he was at Missouri.
Gus left with the #41 ranked class. You know nothing of Auburn’s Gus situation obviously. He had become
We will wait and sss how he does recruiting. Considering Harsi inherited the #41 ranked class with a little over a month in the recruiting cycle and finished #20 is an incredible achievement. Also, Missouri finished outside the top #25.
I was referring to your "other than once in the last 20 years your program is basically a 10 to 7 win program. Dumbass. You obviously don't look at stats before running your mouth. Stick to womens basketball..
Says the Miss State fan that's program had a rumor their coach leaving for Rutgers... Funny you call Auburn little brothers when we have won the West 3 times and 2 SEC championships this decade. Whats your best record over that span? Hush up little dog.
We don't need to pay him we got Bo Nix coming in this years class. Personally I don't want him. But enjoy your 39th ranked recruiting class... Might want to consider $$$$$
Joe Cox, Take my auburn bias out of this... you are a complete moron... Mizzou #8 no. Vandy ahead of Auburn... No. Congrats they beat Arkansa by 14.. a terrible Auburn offense beat them Arkansas by 31. That is how bad Arkansas is. You sir should not have a job
Georgia played really well this season... Shut up and enjoy the Liberty Bowl
I can't tell if you are a 13 year old little boy or a 55 year old worthless POS so for the sake of you actually are a little 13 year old boy stop trolling and writing stupid comments.
Did you not watch the iron bowl this year Wolfman? That proves to college athletics why it is the best rivalry in the country. It's not two thugs playing against each other, it is a game where two of the top teams in the SEC West give each other the best game of the year. It is important to college athletics because it shows the enthusiasm with the schools and as your comment that it is bad for the state. That just sounds unintelligent. The reason the iron bowl is such a big deal to our fan bases is because we do not have professional football and we take pride in what our colors are. Something I guess you do not understand. Also to take the AU vs UGA game out of the season would be a disappointment. It is the oldest rivalry in the South and normally is a hell of a game to watch (depending on the year). Obviously Alabama would like to keep UT on the schedule because lets face it, it's almost an automatic win every year recently. Hopefully UT can get it together and restore the rivalry but I do not see that based on their recruiting and progress over the years