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Geez, how much adderall are you on? It took me 3 scrolls of my mouse to get past your wall of text. Relax and just enjoy the season. Your team is destined to win this year. The are clearly the best team thus far and its not really close. Finish the deal.
So just like Mike Bianco is our head baseball coach? Glenn reported it was a done deal over and over and over, and it was not even an option. If i were to bet, Woody isnt even talking to none of these 3. Glenn is just running with the smokescreen that Woody probably fed him. It's Riley. I would love Aranda too, but the fact that he didnt even mention LC is all i need to know. He dont know anything.
Hopefully he has learned the mental aspect of the game from Joe. The leadership, the preparation, etc. He's got all the athletic ability as Joe, if not better arm talent. I love his loyalty to BR, just praying he made smart decisions and picked Joe's brain apart the past 2 years.
@LeghumperU This cant be understated. the past several years, Bama had 5* after 5* waiting on the bench and they'd just go next man up and not skip a beat. I think other schools getting in on those guys that Bama tends to get has a LOT to do with the quality of replacement Bama has now.
Everyone knows it's going to be Myles Brennan.
Well said, Father Time will continue to tell this story.
What I was getting at, is he has been a starter for the past 2 years. And injuries ALWAYS happen on the Oline throughout the year. I completely agree that it is next man up bc we always have talented lineman, but depth is a big deal. Hopefully youre right and it will be an easy replacement though.
Not a major loss? Easily replaced?? This guy would be lock at being an NFL guard... And obviously you don't know about LSU's O-Line depth chart... there arent many guys to begin with in that unit bc of transfers, we need every single body available. This isnt just "oh well, next guy up" type stuff. This is a big reason for concern.
So let me get this straight, just because no one, and I mean NO ONE can stop fournette, that means LSU has no other offense? Youve lsot your mind. If any coach in the country had #7 and didn't keep giving him the ball when he cant be stopped, theyd be out of a job. If it aint broke don't fix it. LSU's passing game, don't get me wrong, if not some shootout passing game, but they definitely got one and its improving each week.
Exactly, Fournette could have at least 160+ more yards if McNeese game wasn't cancelled. That's the scary part.
I think majority of use are starting to believe yall are smoking some high quality dope over there at Auburn....
Yes indeed! Very pleased with what I saw. Hopefully they let Harris sling it more, but Les figured out what would win the game and stuck with that plan. Typical Les. But if QB was our on ? mark, I think we're in damn good shape.
Kind of reminds me of last years game. MSU fans saying they had their defense giving LSU space and took their foot off the pedal to allow LSU to come back. LSU DB's let every receiver get short passes that just ate away yards. And LSU took their foot off the pedal by strictly going to the ground game from the middle of the 2nd quarter til the end of the game. When clearly, Harris looked nearly perfect in his passing opportunities. 2 touchdowns called back bc of 2 penalties, this game could've and should've been a blowout. Like last year, it wasnt as close as the final score showed. LSU dominated this game on offense and defense.
Damn for real? I don't remember posting it. You've got a wonderful memory.
Without a doubt. I kept up with him in HS and kids got some incredible ability. Last year I think he came into the season thinking it would be like high school and he could dominate opponents and didn't put the work in. It clearly shows he's put 100% of his time into the team. Gained size, learned the playbook, won the starting job before week 1 and all of his teammates have his back. I'm excited to have him leading our offense this season.
Could be a very accurate prediction for LSU. #DBU #RBU
The Harris Era begins tomorrow night. Kid has a unbelievable skill set, with a great head on his shoulders. He will be successful.
And Bama has the record for most bandwagon fans like yourself.
LSU will win by a couple TD's Saturday.. Dak had a huge game last year bc Beckwith was not a starter at the time and Dak had his way with LSU's linebacker (Welter) up the middle. That wont happen again. The Tigers Defense is stacked. Harris wont need the "real game reps" quite yet bc State will just get a full dose of Fournette and Williams. And to make it worse, they'll also get Guice, Brossette and Jackson (4.25 speed). Fresh legs every drive will put LSU on top.
Yes that's what im saying too. They had all those games within this video, but not all those games ended well for State. Pretty legit video tho.