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What else is going to happen for Jay Jacobs to get fired?? They need to clean house. Now.
Completely agree. Just because we beat an awful Mizzou team doesn’t mean we are any good. We’ll probably have a good run for the next few games, then get embarrassed by GA and AL just like last year.
I know Mizzou is down, but I don't see Auburn beating them by that much. We didn't even beat Mercer by that much.
You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Samford is not a "dinky little school" and they put up at least 40 on MSU last year.
From what I've heard... Davis missed spring practice. Pettway got into a fight in Georgia. White failed a drug test.
While I agree the georgia loss was embarrassing, how would Auburn be in a much better bowl if they had won? They still would've lost to Alabama making them still 2nd in the SEC and going to the Sugar Bowl...
Because Auburn is 5-3 in the conference and aTm is 4-4. LSU is also 5-3 but Auburn has the head to head win over them. aTm is ranked 4th in the west.
JF3 hasn't proven he can pass effectively because he has never been given the chance. I mean the pass to Eli Stove looked pretty effective in the Iron Bowl to me. Especially considering Jeremy Johnson can't do anything but hold the ball when he needs to get rid of it and get rid of it too quickly when he has time to throw down field.
Exactly. Let him do it, and let him throw the ball. JJ has never been, nor will he ever be, the answer for Auburn. I have never been so happy to see someone graduate. For some reason Gus cannot get it through his thick skull that Jeremy just isn't as good as he thought he would be.
Please. Don't. Do. This. MAYBE last week but honestly with Pettway hurt I still say no. Please. We only have 2 games + a bowl left, with no chance at any sort of championship. Accept that this will be an average season and move on.
Watch your mouth! Our guys got to go to the McWane Science Center last year.
Same. And people saying blowout just makes me more nervous. I'm not sure why anyone thinks it won't be a close game with our qb banged up and our star rb injured. Kerryon isn't 100% either. If we were healthy, I'd feel pretty good about it.
Auburn could beat the 49ers and Bama fans would find a way to discredit the win.
I'm genuinely curious about why LSU is ranked above Auburn. They have an equal number of losses, one less win, and they lost to Auburn. They both lost to a top 10 team (both of Auburn's losses are to top 10 teams) and beat an unranked SEC team. The difference is that Auburn beat LSU. I know it doesn't even matter at this point, but the logic there doesn't make sense to me.
Both comments made me laugh out loud. If only it was out of the realm of possibilities.
and I'm positive you're salty as hell about the kick 6. alabama fans cannot stand that it was one of the greatest college football moments ever.
There's no sense in arguing with a child, unless you stoop to their level. He looks at most 15 by his picture.
Thought the same thing.
Can't believe that one isn't on here.
We are no longer welcome in Oxford? That's funny. I went to both Starkville and Oxford this year. I never felt welcomed in Oxford to begin with. I was fortunate enough to have some nice conversations with some State fans. Almost every one I came in contact with told me "welcome to Starkville" or offered to help with directions. Oxford was a completely different atmosphere. We didn't have a single person welcome us or offer good luck or anything that we normally do as season ticket holders in Auburn. One "gentleman" walking toward us started yelling from 20 feet away "Yall ready to get y'all's a** beat??". We even had people screaming "roll m***** f***** tide" at us. I was scared to walk to the car after the game because of how y'all "good people" were acting. Hospitality isn't y'all's area of expertise. Now I am going to be a level-headed person and say that I know that all Ole Miss fans are not like this, and next year I will be waiting in Jordan-Hare to welcome any OM fans I see, and offer them good luck and any help I can. I pray that Treadwell makes a speedy recovery (just as I did in the stadium with the group of auburn fans and a few OM fans around us).