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There are most likely people who will be changed for the better because of this tragedy, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will translate to better traffic statistics.
Oh wait, read the article. Yeah, he says something else too :)
UGA fan's delusion that their program is somehow holier-than-others, and that Auburn's is somehow dramatically different from other SEC schools is....cute.
As a 35 year Auburn fan and alum, I can totally empathize. These things pass. And return. And pass again. SEC is better off with a strong Aggie program, so I wish your school a quick recovery.
"I can't get Auburn out of my freaking head"! Sound familiar?
Antisocial personality and schizophrenia would be my guess. Awful.
Barber is no surprise to AU fans. I thought he could've contributed a lot more last year. Unless JJ learned to read defenses this week, though, I don't see AU getting the job done today. War Eagle !!
Jay Jacobs will be retained ??? RiDICulous. How many coaches will refuse to even interview because of that Worm Tongued Fool. It cost us an interview with Muschamp. Unbelievable.