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There's nothing strange about it. No coach is going to comment one way or the other on a live TV show. Of course he would consider it. Coach O and Matt Luke are about the only coaches I could see not even picking up the phone for any job.
Gus's buyout is actually $28 million, but I doubt that happens this year. Even if he goes 8-4.
I agree with your assessment. I would also add that the traditional Vol's uniform is probably the most recognizable. I don't like it, but no one else wears that ugly creamsicle orange.
It's actually been implemented in several places, including on the front of the business building. It's also only been postponed, not cancelled. It will probably end up in more places eventually.
Even being an Auburn fan, I don't mind McElroy. He does a good job separating himself from the Bama playing days and provides quality incite.
It seems like whenever you hear Gus say that about a player, you'll never see him again.
I can't stand Stinchcomb. Time to put the TV on mute.
Miss State might want to waive the buyout if he's willing to walk. Nobody wants to do a coaching search after 2 years, but it sounds like JM might not be cutout for the SEC. Being a good coach is only part of the equation.
Ah, that makes sense. I was thinking 2nd string to 1st string would be the same since Bowden was likely the 3rd string regardless of current position. I guess that greatly restricts the possible candidates.
Isn't this the same moron that got pulled over for driving with his dog on top of his car?
But that is an age discrimination issue with the NFL. That restriction has nothing to do with the NCAA.
Tua is inline to make tens of millions next year. Where would he be without Bama doctors, receivers, training staff, publicity, coaches, resources, etc... Nowhere. He wouldn't be worth a dime. So who really owes who?
Best position change should be Trask at UF. He's been cool as a cucumber. Does anyone think Franks would have done so well against Auburn or LSU?
I thought tutors took the finals for the players? You need to spend some time reading Butch Jones' self help book. Football players can still be champions of life. The score doesn't matter.
The TP is active year round. A player can play in 4 games and still redshirt (if they haven't already). It doesn't have to be the first 4 games, but you've seen several players leave before that 5th game in order to preserve a year of eligibility.
Makes you wonder if Ramsey considered how much it was going to cost him to pay those Cal Taxes and now pitching in on a stadium.
I wasn't aware the Deserted Village was a football team. The mascot for Auburn is Aubie. Tigers is just a nickname. Who is the idiot?
Call it Coach of the 1st half of the season if it makes you feel better. The writer clearly states that he's only focusing on the games played up until this point. It's a ranking of how each coach has done. You really think Saban should get more credit for beating the schedule he's faced vs what Coach O and Mullen have done? You're just being a homer.
That's exactly what this article is about. It's a ranking of coaches based on their performance to this point in the year.
Schedule means everything when you're talking about coach of the year. Bama hasn't accomplished anything significant yet. They will have their opportunities.
I know you think Duke is a world beater, but Saban isn't getting nominated for coach of the year for beating them.
There's nothing he can do with the schedule they've played so far. The UCF comparison is very applicable. No one gets credit for beating teams that are completely over matched.
His name is Aubie, and there's only one. I know counting is hard for you.
Auburn's biggest weakness on defense is in the secondary. It's not bad, but they live and die on man-to-man coverage. It's not a scheme that confuses QBs and causes turnovers. I think they can limit the LSU run game, but I don't like how the DBs stack up to those WRs.
That's the issue with UGA this year. They don't have that big pass play threat. Stuff the run, and they will struggle. I give UF the edge.
Completely agree. Especially when you look at who everyone has played.
6-6 is still a realistic possibility. It will most likely come down to the Egg Bowl.