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Yesterday is was an Arky fan posting an anonymous edit to a Wiki page, today it's a random call into the Jerry Springer Show. Having a tough time finding something to write about?
Dabo would rather be homeless than coach at Auburn. I personally think Auburn should have parted with Gus for the 75% of his buyout and found a good up and coming coach for 25% of his pay.
I believe having a loaded gun during the commission of a crime is an automatic felony in most states. I'm not sure about Arkansas, but it could also be a crime depending on where he was. In most states you cannot have a loaded gun in a car without a carry permit. So depends on where he was, where the gun was, and what Arkansas law states.
There has never been a true national champion. Bama shares last year with UCF whether you want to believe it or not. It's in the NCAA books. FBS football is the only sport that doesn't have a real champion. I guess the NFL should just stop at the end of the regular season and hand the Super Bowl trophy over to the Patriots every year. How exciting.
Nonsense. You will never squash the bias talk unless you can have tangible criteria for qualifying. The eye test is archaic and stupid.
Unless everyone can play everyone that is the ONLY way to do it. Works for the NFL.
It needs to go to 8. Automatic bids for each P5 Champ and 3 at large. Kill the committee and go with the top 3 teams in the AP poll that don't get the automatic bid.
Kelly and Sheffield will be playing in the secondary. It's amazing if Auburn finishes with the guys they have and add some more to finish in the top 10. Solid class with the exception of OT and RB...the biggest holes in the current roster.
Really excited to see what the next coaching staff can do with Nix.
There were some that objected but they did not prevent Gus from hiring Freeze...at least on paper. What they did do was prevent him from having the money it was going to take to give him a multi-year deal. Freeze could have chosen a 1 year deal at Auburn, but decided to make a more long-term decision. Can't fault him for that.
Out of all the people that have left early, he is the most puzzling. Good luck wherever you land young man.
Um, the Vols haven't played Marquette and lost to Kansas. So your best win was over a non-ranked Louisville while Auburn played a very similar SOS but has a win over a top25 Washington. Congrats on the Ganzaga win, but before then Auburn had a better resume despite still being ranked lower in the AP.
It also depends on the position. It's less likely a WR or QB will get injured versus a RB, DB, or LB.
So someone is skeptical of a racist claim and therefore is racist. That's about par for the course in this day and age. How about not making a judgement at all until there is real evidence. I'm not agreeing with oskie's logic, but that doesn't make him a racist.
I understand it's a business, but the way Mike Zimmer cut him was unprofessional. I'm glad the Vikings are struggling and wish their GM would treat him the same way after last night's embarrassing performance.
Gus believes in himself and won't do anything out of malice. He's genuinely a good guy and most Auburn people have wanted him to turn the corner. Unfortunately, it's his trust issues with people that holds him back. Yes, he played a lot of freshman this year...but that's entirely different than handing the keys over to a freshman QB. If Bo plays, then he's won the confidence of Gus and that would be truly amazing.
Sadly, I don't see Gus starting a true freshman no matter how talented.
Pretty sure Sheffield was recruited as a DB. While Fromm may be a good catching TE, the Deal kid has more size for blocking...which is something Gus's offense desperately needs. Pickens could be the best WR in this class...if he can qualify. If he makes it, there's zero chance he doesn't make an impact.
This was the only hire that could possibly work for Malzahn. No real OC is going to work for him under his control. Rhett left because he was given a shot at OC and Gus quickly ripped it away from him like a child. Win or lose next year, it's all on Gus...which is the only person he trusts.
Yep. Hugh Freeze was the only OC candidate that Gus would have let run the offense. That's why everyone else turned him down. Dillingham will be doing the same job he did at Memphis for more pay. Assist the OC/HC with play calling and QB development.
Herbie got chased out of Columbus after his stance on Tressel.
Taulia is probably the 4th best QB in Alabama. He's reaping the rewards of his brother's success. Paul Tyson is probably the future starter for Bama.
His one trick still works when he has the personnel required to run it. The problem is when he doesn't have the personnel, he's clueless how to fix it and doesn't trust anyone else enough to hand things over. He's paranoid and a control freak.
The SEC Championship has run it's course. Sankey doesn't want to let the money go, but I would rather watch Auburn in a playoff game than in ATL. Time to do away with divisions and play 9 conference games.
Can't believe they left out Jamien Sherwood. He graded out as the best Freshman safety in the country.
There are a lot of factors to consider other than points. Offensive production, time on the field, field position... A bad offense and/or special teams can make a huge difference. Aranda earns every penny.