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Bad slump for my Tigers. Better now than in March.
The Aussie made a good decision. He's 27 and never would have gotten drafted anyways. Time for him to try and achieve his dream. Coe was done with school. He should have returned, but some people just aren't cut out for college. Iggy is the only one that probably made a poor choice. The talent is there and he could be a 2nd or 3rd rounder with another year of experience.
RB should be a strength, but could definitely see a transfer before the end of fall camp. Tank and Richards might be too talented to keep off the field.
Another year of top 10 hype for A&M. Jimbo gets fired in two more years.
They're both going dancing and above average for the SEC. I'm referring to all of BB though. Even the normal powers are getting beat by average teams. Oregon is probably the most impressive and still lost to an unranked Washington.
This draft class won't be judged until about 4 years from now.
It's definitely frustrating at times, but you can't argue against all the records he's set at Auburn.
There are zero dominant teams this year. That's going to make filling out brackets tough.
There were more than a couple of seasons that Auburn SHOULD have had 10 wins. The biggest reason why so many fans are frustrated with Gus.
You've got to love these lists. When Auburn fans complain about Gus, they're being unreasonable because he's 3-4 vs Saban, recruits well, took a 3-8 team to a national title, won the SEC, and won the West twice. Then he gets ranked as the 8th best coach in the league. Which is it?
Auburn will drop more than a couple in SEC play. They just don't shoot good enough from the charity stripe or beyond the arc.
OBJ will likely get a letter telling him to stay away from LSU for the next couple of years. Everyone that received cash that isn't going pro will have to make a donation to charity...which doesn't look like anyone.
I didn't realize he was even eligible. Might as well go out on a high note and get those paychecks instead of the OBJ bucks.
This isn't a good shooting Auburn team, and Pearl has said as much. The difference was 21 turnovers and something like 32 missed dunks and layups. Sloppy game.
Wow, what a surprise. After all the crap that Ped U went through, they still hired a guy that covered up a rape.
I agree. 20-11 doesn't make the tourney this year.
It's the biggest piece of garbage ESPN has ever put out. They can't even explain or rationalize it. Then they, along with the playoff committee, use it as part of the analysis for the playoffs. It's a predictive model that ignores every stat and result on the field.
I've always been told not to argue with stupid people. They'll just bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.
Oh look, it's BamaTard! If everyone counted national titles like Bama, then Auburn would have 9 and Notre Dame would have 21. Have you asked Alexa how many titles Bama has?
Offended? No. Was it stupid? Absolutely. I made fun of it every time it came on TV...which was about every 15 minutes.
At the same time, Clemson has to run the table to get to the dance. Bama has won two national titles without even playing in the conference championship.
Browns: "We gambled by hiring a guy that was only an OC for 6 months and had never been a HC before, and it blew up in our face. We must find someone with HC experience that knows how to manage a team." Browns: "After an exhaustive search, we've hired a guy that has only been an OC for a year and has never been a HC before." Just Browns being Browns.
More likely Gus beats him the next two years and he gets carried away in a paddy wagon to nut farm.
If you're going to include women's basketball, then you shouldn't have left out swimming and diving. Auburn with 8 national titles in 12 years is definitely a dynasty.
Auburn isn't going to go undefeated in conference play. No one will. However, they keep finding different ways to win despite not being a great shooting % team.
I kind of disagree on the talent part. If you look at the starting 5 this past year: 4*, 3*, 3*, 3*, 2* Good players, but not elite enough to be in the top of the SEC.