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Depends on the defense. Haynes has a better pass rush at this point in their careers, but Davidson is huge against the run. He's big enough to slip inside and play DT. As far as Fitzpatrick, he wouldn't be my pick for a pro-style offense. Which is why they didn't choose Hurts either.
I think the most shocking pick is they think Strong can get USF into a New Year's Six bowl.
Seeing how college football refuses to let the bowls die off, it will take another 100 years for this kind of change. I for one enjoy watching college football at any level. Not just SEC, but ACC, PAC, BIG, even FCS teams. It's just more entertaining to me than watching millionaires going half speed because they already signed their big contract. Cable companies will adapt, not die off. You've already seen this with ATT purchasing DirectTV and starting DirectTV Now. They are offering ESPN on a streaming basis for cheap at a loss. 3 to 5 years from now, they will jack the prices back up to cable levels. Sling, Hulu, etc... will all be purchased and cable companies will thrive again under a new banner. They were just slow to accept the changing landscape.
I'm with McElwain on this one. He may be an absolute stud, but nothing can destroy a team faster than an A-hole in the locker room. Not saying he is, but him bolting because his starting position wasn't being guaranteed is not a good sign.
That has more to do with the head coach at each respective program. When Saban was at LSU, he locked the state down. Kirby is trying to do the same with UGA. It's still much easier for LSU to pull in-state recruits than it is for Bama. If it wasn't for Saban being at LSU before, he wouldn't have the connections and success he does today.
I would probably have LSU #1, UGA #2 from a pure recruiting perspective. Both are in hotbeds and no other major in-state program to compete with.
True, it's hard for them to include him on the list when there are Heisman winners that didn't make the cut. He was definitely one of the greatest RBs in college football, but who would you take off the list?
I'm too young to have seen most of the guys on this list. In my lifetime, I would have to put Tebow #1.
"Because I don't agree with the rules, I'll just ignore them. Regardless of how it affects my team." Great message. Sounds like he needs to find an individual sport or just focus on theater.
I seriously doubt the NCAA thinks this is shady regarding a kicker from UCF. The problem is that they can't pick and choose whom they apply the rules to. What if he were a phenom RB from Louisiana that had scholarship offers since middle school. What if his popularity on Youtube was because coaches and boosters from SEC schools have been following and lining his pockets for 6 years. Where do you draw the line?
The problem with that theory is that players are getting recruited in the 6th grade now. There is virtually no time before college where you could say a player was making money before football.
While Stidham hasn't faced an "SEC" defense, his limited action was impressive. Combine that with White, who was one of the better passers in the SEC when healthy, and you can't argue that anyone else has a better combination. This is about depth, not which QB will be the best starter. Now, I will agree that Auburn doesn't have a proven QB that can last a full season. From that perspective, you might have an argument that Auburn needs another legit QB to have actual depth.
People want to blame the NCAA, but these rules wouldn't be in place if schools and players didn't cheat in the past. It sounds petty and stupid, but so are some of the stories you hear about players getting paid under the table.
I think he's trying to say that he doesn't haven't to accept a scholarship to play football. He can choose. These rules are in place for a reason, mainly because boosters/athletes/programs have used businesses in the past to pay players...thus cheating. YouTube falls under this umbrella. If he were to form a non-profit company or donate any proceeds to a charity, he could probably still do it.
PP Louis! Congrats! Way to stick it out and earn that degree! It was a shame injuries kept you off the field.
He might now have the most yards in the conference, but I would bet a fair wager he will have more yards than Chubb or Fitzgerald.
Chubb is a 1st rounder when healthy. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of RBs over the years with the same M.O. that didn't last too long in the NFL. Pettway is not the typical RB for the NFL. He could still have a great career if he finds the right offense.
I completely disagree. It's called Darwinism. Let the morons die off naturally.
Like I said, you'll never get it. It's OK to not comprehend...it's what makes the fan bases different. Thank God for that.
I don't see anything controversial about what he said. I could care less about their mythical titles. Auburn people love Auburn, Bama people love Bama football. If you don't get it, you never will.
He was 6-6 against them. Pat may be a crazy old coot now, but he did resuscitate a pretty much dead program.
I think he answered his own question. They blocked schools that recruited you out of high school. Coaches poach players...this is an attempt to curtail that. He can still go, just has to pay his own way for year. I think it's pretty obvious why he washed out. Primadonna.
The allegations would cause the store to be disassociated with the program. That means no contact with players, coaches, or the University. It's quite a hit for advertising. That is of course unless you're a disassociated Bama booster...then you can ignore all the NCAA laws you want with no ramifications.
While it shouldn't be a law, anyone with a will to live should always buckle up. Nice truck by the way...
Congrats King! That's a heck of a career in the NFL.
If UT finishes 4th, tied with SC, you can kiss Butch bye bye.