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Where are the riots for police brutality? I bet her kid is super proud.
I'm sure the California schools will be well oiled machines since they can't practice with more than 12 players at a time on the field.
I don't see the SEC as being petty. This year doesn't count towards eligibility if they play, but playing this year does count. Besides, he didn't know about the NCAA decision on eligibility when he transferred. He could have transferred outside of the SEC and this wouldn't be a discussion.
They went from atrocious to terrible.
True, but they only gave Morris 2 years despite having the same rebuilding job. There won't be any OOC games, so going winless is very possible. Though, I don't think any first year coach is going to get fired for what happens on the field.
My theory about gambling is like George Costanza. Do the exact opposite of what your instinct is telling you. My gut tells me casinos make a lot of money off of gambling, so go against where the money is being placed. Which means, follow the money. But then again, I don't gamble for a reason.
The rule might not be fair, but it is still a rule that was established and agreed upon by UT along with the other SEC members. They might change it next spring, they might not. The original reason for it was to prevent coaches from poaching players when they jumped ship. At least this year doesn't count against their eligibility if they have to sit.
I was hoping Gatewood would get to play, but can appreciate the black and white response from Sankey. No subjectivity, just apply the rules voted on by the member schools. If the NCAA would apply the same logic, we wouldn't be in this mess.
He might not win POY because teams will avoid him this year. Stats aren't the only thing, but they are important.
...and don't be surprised if Auburn pulls their starters in the 4th because they have such a big lead.
Seeing as how all the talking heads are picking UK...there's plenty of bulletin board material for Auburn to be focused.
I will amend my comment to say that they should only be losing their scholarship instead of having to withdraw.
I don't quite understand him entering the transfer portal when he says he's graduating in December. They should require kids to withdraw from school if they enter the portal (if they are on scholarship). He's not helping the team, so he shouldn't be getting his free ride.
Colby is 280 and Hardy is 299 now. They are going to be a good fit for that Marlon Davidson role with the ability to line up inside or out.
"This leaves three different players battling for the job, in Daniels, Stetson Bennett, Carson Beck, and D’Wan Mathis." Math is hard.
People would be less skeptical if the CDC weren't consistently contradicting itself and doing 180s all the time.
Couple of really bad blocks (or whifs) prevented a prototypical Cam Comeback.
That was the worse loss of Gus's tenure. If it happens again, people will be at his door with pitch forks and torches.
There are several LBs in the SEC that can run like safeties and cover a lot of ground. I think he's going to be in for a shock.
Florida ranked behind Auburn in offense last year, and Auburn's offense struggled with a bad OL and a freshman QB. I wouldn't exactly call that potent.
Good luck to Neon, but I'm not expecting too much. Maybe some NCAA sanctions...if those still exist.
How would you know if Pittman is very good at scheming? He's never been a HC or even an OC. I'm pretty sure he's going to let Briles devise the game plan.
Yeah, that was bad defense. DE got manhandled by a TE, the DT got pushed 5 yds back, the LBs were getting double teams by OL and the safety (only one not blocked) whiffed with his head down.
I was surprised Hill won the job. I think that speaks to the offense focusing more on not turning the ball over. Hilinski has a ton of talent, but seems to have too much gun slinger in him for Muschamp (or even Bobo's) taste. Muschamp has always seemed to want to rely on the defense to win and the offense to just not screw things up. Sounds a bit like Saban.
I wouldn't call his prediction for Auburn as optimistic. He's betting they tank and fire Gus.
I also give Kudos to SDS for allowing comments on this article.
Anything not the extreme far left is "extreme right wing" to you. You need to stop believing everything you see on social media and in the news, which is tailored to spark emotion.