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I think almost everyone loved Gus as a person. Unfortunately, he hit retirement mode after he got his big contract. He obviously stopped trying to outwork his opponents off the field.
Manning is a great kid, but he was no where near the best OL. He only started three games because of injury.
They should be getting better with a good recruiting class. They're not top 25 yet.
It opened in 2010. I think they made a wise decision. You also see Ole Miss did the same thing with their new arena.
The smallest I believe. Which is good and bad. They designed it to be like Cameron stadium so the crowd is right on top of the court and extremely loud. The downside is limited tickets when your team is good.
Newell can use whatever flawed method he wants to determine his voting, but he's not consistent. When he left a top-10 Auburn off his ballot a couple of years ago he said it was because of the SOS. Yet he's largely ignoring it now. Like he said, he "chooses" which data points to focus on based on how much he trusts them. Doesn't sound very scientific.
The throwback offense was the reason Bobo got canned after one year. Your assumption that Harsin is OK with it is severely flawed.
Auburn played Baylor and Gonzaga out of conference last year. You're an idiot.
McCreary might have had the best year on Auburn's decense, but Zakoby McClain was the MVP and leader.
There's not a bigger d-bag in hollyweird.
Unnecessary risk is the difference. Players have to take risks to get to where they want to go. At some point, these kids have their goal in sight and the risk becomes greater than the reward. There are examples nearly every year. It's not just first rounders. Kids that are predicted to go mid round get injured and end up not getting drafted all together. That's' life altering.
If a team is out of the playoffs, then most bowls are meaningless. I get players might want to win a NY6 bowl or play if it's a rarity. That's up to them if they want to play. I surely won't disparage a young man if he decides to skip because he's a few months away from realizing his dream and earning millions.
A 4 seed has one the championship twice. Your argument about only 2-3 teams having a realistic shot is the same tired argument people used to defend the BCS.
My bad...missed those two losses to Belmont and UAB. Still, they're a decent team and will be playing at home.
Auburn at St Louis is going to be a sneaky good game. The Billiken's only loss is on the road to Memphis.
That's ridiculous. None of them gain anything and risk a lot by playing in such a meaningless bowl.
If I can play football and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition, room and board, best medical and nutrition support in the world, and career opportunities usually reserved for the rich...you can sign me up for being an indentured servant.
QB coach really. Harsin is calling the plays.
I just hope Harsin doesn't flip flop on calling the plays every other year like Gus.
There's not a lot of difference between #15 and #6. Splitting hairs. Addressing needs is more important.
It's acceptable for a first real cycle for a new coach. Besides, the transfer portal has changed how important these rankings really are. Gus landed a lot of top talent, and wasted it. If Harsin can plug some important holes and build some depth, he should be able to outperform the past few years. The 2023 class is the real indicator of how Harsin will fare. I do appreciate all the UGA and Bama concern for Auburn's team though. It's really sincere.
Bama is one spot ahead of Auburn in the NET rankings. Whoopsie doo...
I'm not too concerned about Auburn's class right now. I think they end up in the 18-15 range. Which is acceptable if they fill some needs via the portal. I know for a fact they've been focusing on more 2023 recruits vs 2022 this year.