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You just can't handle it can you? Ha ha...stupid bammer. Can't admit that Saban gives passes to thugs and criminals that are starters. Screw the walk-ons.
What happened to waiting for all the facts to come out before rushing to judgement. You know, let the Bama judge drop charges before acting. Or, handling this internally. I guess Lee was working in the AC while the rest of the team was outside.
Well if your Auburn prediction comes to fruition, they'll at least have a jump start on the coaching search. Any coaching specials for Black Friday this year?
Bold is putting it mildly. I've seen nothing out of Gus that tells me he can win either UGA or Bama. If for some miracle he were to save his job, I wouldn't expect any change in the staff. If Stidham doesn't pass for more than 15 TDs, then Gus hasn't learned his lesson and will therefore lose to UGA and Bama.
What? No ride along for the walk-on?
Yep, it is a tall order and I don't expect him to pull it off. In the past 3 and 1/2 years, he's only beaten two SEC teams with a winning conference record. Ole Miss in 2015 and LSU last year.
Great, Gus has turned Auburn into a strip club. Get our hopes up and leave us broke with no happy ending.
Dude was out cold. Just wait until the school, coach, and doctors get sued by his family 40 years from now.
I can't possibly see that working out. He didn't just burn that bridge, he nuked it.
There's no way Gus survives 8-4 with zero wins over a ranked team. His only chance to save his arse is to finish 9-3 with a win over either UGA or Bama. He can't afford to lose to both.
So who then? Please don't say Gruden...that would be an epic disaster.
Just quit asking him questions. Seriously. 3 plays didn't lose that game. The HC/OC quit at half-time and hoped his defense, who was missing it's top two QBs, could hold. Those 3 plays wouldn't have mattered if Gus hadn't of gone Simple Jack.
He has all the freedom, except the decision to get out of a bad play. Because, that's not important.
I'm surprised The Mullet has been left off of this list. He might not leave, but I'm sure some SEC schools would try to get him. I would love to see that hair on Auburn's sideline.
That big play against Auburn was on Ruffin the backup safety. He missed his assignment. He's still looking in the backfield when Gage is already by him. Steele had a good plan to stop it, just one player screwed up one time.
Yeah, don't try to put that off on the school. He's had a problem for a while and they've been trying to help him. He obviously needs to get his priorities right in life before worrying about football.
I was pissed on Saturday after half-time with his comments. Playing not to lose will get you beat every time. There's a reason that's a cliche. Idiot...
Yep, and it's pathetic of the coaches to continually place blame on the players for execution. Only an idiot coach would continue to run it up the middle against 9 and 10 man fronts. It doesn't matter if everyone executes...it won't work unless you're playing Mother Mary's Sister School for the Poor.
If he drops Arky, you are absolutely correct. I don't think Gus could survive that. Before that LSU debacle, I would say there's no way of him screwing up that bad. But now....who knows?
His seat is melting right now. The AP definitely doesn't have their finger on the pulse of the alumni and boosters. As odd as it seems, it's not the 0-3 mark against Bama that will cost him his job. It's the lack of progression in Gus's HC skills. Consistently sabotaging his own team against UGA, LSU, and Clemson. Laying eggs in bowl games. The teams are just too talented to go 8-5 every year.
You're absolutely correct. It all depends on who that 2nd team is. Bama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, FSU, and USC are a few of the darlings that will always get that extra benefit.
Statistically, he could end up with similar numbers as Eric Crouch...so he could win if the rest of the field is horrible. But there are going to be QBs with nearly twice the yards and TDs to compare him with. It's going to be a tough sell.
I think they left a coach off the list that just might be the first to get canned. If Gus drops A&M and UGA, I don't think he'll even be allowed to coach the Iron Bowl. He might even get canned just for dropping UGA.
It would be amazing to see what Kerryon could do if Gus would spread the freaking ball around more. Don't blame Chip...Gus is definitely calling the plays. LSU stacked the line in the second half and Gus refused to change his plan. Also, the second best back on the team (Barrett), got to touch the ball 1 time. He's going to run KJ into the ground.
*Gus can't beat UGA, and that's why he's going to be gone. Good luck copying Bama. It will probably work until your HC gets to ATL and pisses himself when faced with his master.
Not surprised. KD has some things going on outside of football. Not that it matters, Gus will only throw the ball in the 1st quarter.
I think Stidham is a better QB than what they are letting him be. He does get happy feet under pressure. But, at the same time they aren't giving him any check downs or intermediate routes to look at. It's either KJ up the middle or a 40 yd deep route. It's too predictable to even beat a bad LSU defense.I agree on Gus. If he has an extremely mobile QB he can figure out a way to run the ball and sit on a lead. He's hard headed and won't change regardless of who's under center. I still don't get trying to do a zone read with Stidham. He did the same thing with White. It's a wasted, throw away play. No one cares if he keeps the ball because he's not going to burn you for 20 yds.
Has everything they need to compete with anyone, except on the sideline. Gus played not to lose after the first half and it was obvious. He did the same thing against Ole Miss, but that was at home and he had a much larger lead. What really POs most Auburn fans is that he keeps making the same dumb mistake time and again...and refuses to acknowledge it as a mistake. He brought Lindsey in to help revive the passing game, but Gus is obviously still calling the plays from the sideline. He won't let Stidham even audible out of a bad play. The last time he did, he threw a 40 yd TD...then got reamed on the sideline by Gus. Gus needs to GO!
Is it bad that I'm hoping Auburn drops A&M and UGA? That way this clown show can end. If that happens, I predict Gus gets fire the day after the loss to UGA and JJ resigns at the end of the season.