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It's not about them caring. IF they were to ever allow kids to jump straight to the NFL out of high school, it's a low cost solution to convince kids they never have to worry about missing out on a free education. I don't see them changing the rules anytime soon though.
I was actually flip flopping back and forth between those two. I don't know if A&M is going to finish strong with the injuries and suspensions. When healthy, they are an easy pick to make it.
Hope they play better in the post season than the football team did.
The first FBI trial is slated to start in April 2019, and they won't hand over anything to the NCAA until they are done. This is going to drag out forever.
3 sophomores and 2 juniors is still incredibly young. But I will grant that Auburn is benefiting greatly from returning just about everyone from last year. They might all be around next year too.
You look at Auburn's team and you see talent that a team would pay for? Last I checked, the only two Auburn players implicated with the case have been held out the entire season and weren't involved in getting paid to play at Auburn. I don't think Auburn is too worried.
He's right. The baseball model is by far the best for college athletes. Even football should go to it. NFL and NBA teams should also start making it standard to pay for a kids future college tuition as part of the signing bonus...like baseball.
I think the SEC is going to get screwed with the NCAA tournament bids. I bet only 6 make the dance. AU, UT, UF, Mizz, Bama, Arky
His family, his church, and everyone involved submitted bank records and tax returns. I don't know what more you butt dragging mutts want. Is UGA going to be investigated for Field's new ride or for all the free transportation and housing for all of those 4 and 5 star recruits that landed at UGA this year?
When large amounts of money changes hands across state lines and it can't be reported on a tax return, you know something illegal can be found. The Adidas HQ was already raided and Nike has also been mentioned. The FBI doesn't care about NCAA violations, but they do care about companies bribing recruits to steer them to teams they have contracts with.
I wonder where Austin Wiley will fall. He was likely 1st round before having to sit out the year.
I think it's easier to be competitive in football, and therefore more is expected. With the money and resources that SEC coaches have, they're only real competition are the other Power 5 programs. In basketball, there are at least 200 programs that can put together an NCAA tournament team on any given year. The large playoff in BB is also a factor. Imagine how many BB coaches would get fired for not making a playoff in 5 years. That's what would happen if only 4 teams were playing in March.
Langham grew up an Auburn fan but didn't get an offer until late in the cycle. Mullen recruited him hard when he was at Miss St...which is why he landed at UF. He was a late bloomer that Auburn should have jumped on sooner, but they weren't going to take another DE until Holland unexpectedly jumped to the NFL.
There has to eventually be a down year with a new starting 5 every year.
It's not that I don't want a sick person to get better, it's whether he's really sick. He's earned the reputation for not being honest. So when he says that he's been diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder, I'm not willing to take it at face value. In time, he will either earn my respect or he won't. If he truly has a disorder, I hope he finds a way to live a happy life with or without football.
It just seems too soon and too public for a true rehab. I believe most people are extremely cynical and will wait a few years before deciding if he's being genuine.
You know they just use it to drop a deuce during the game.
I don't really care for AJ because of some of his whining, but they are definitely in the tournament barring a meltdown.
There's been a lot of rumors for the past year about why he wasn't playing. I kind of felt like after he got his shot in 2016 that he got a big head. He will get an opportunity to play, but I never really expected him to get drafted anyway. He should convert back to a FB. Similar to Mike Tolbert...which is not a bad thing.
I think this is going to be a big year for OSU. I know they always seem to choke against a bad team, but their QB play will be much better this year.
It was a down year in Alabama overall, but the top 6 guys can start for any team...even Bama.
If you click on the article, he breaks down his formula and shows where each team ranks in each category. Auburn has a lot of returning production and ranks high in recent history...#4 over the past 5 years.
True, he hasn't been convicted....yet. But this guy has had a bad rep since his days in high school. As many concussions as he's had, he's probably already suffering from CTE.
He's correct about recruiting sites rating guys based on who's recruiting them and where they commit to. Some of the player rankings are pretty laughable. While it's easy to say it doesn't matter and he should be doing his own evaluating, recruiting sites are used as recruiting tools themselves. Players recruit other players and like you've seen several times recently, the rankings are used to promote the momentum of a school or class.
Auburn doesn't need another QB. I doubt Mond leaves Ausbon, they're joined at the hip.