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Cam was deemed eligble because there was nothing in the bylaws against his dad seeking $$ without his knowledge. And everyone knows his dad was approached by MS boosters with an offer, not the other way around.
Realignment doesn't really bother me. The NCAA going away and there basically being no rules regarding recruiting is what bothers me. Rules for the purpose of making college football more competitive and balanced is what made the sport grow. We're about to see what would happen in the NFL if no salary caps or roster limits were in place.
I wonder how much incoming Auburn freshman Suni Lee will be getting after winning gold. It will probably dwarf what any football player will be receiving.
Even if he doesn't pan out, he's bringing in a lot of talent with him because of his reputation. These NIL deals are not just about getting the biggest fish. It's all about appearances. The biggest fish bring in a lot of other big fish with them. Most will pan out.
I see that now. But that is true for any gesture.
Tennessee has been pulling in the same direction for the last 13 years. Down
It will depend on the timing and direction. If it happens after a play or if a player directs it at a Texas player on the field...yeah. But, I'm sure you will see plenty of players giving the horns down to their own fans and while they are exiting the stadium. Tough to call that taunting.
I think most people have seen the Big12 as hanging on by a thread ever since 2010. When A&M bolted the next year, they said it was because of the instability and the fact that one school was responsible for the direction of the entire conference. After that, they never added new teams and didn't seem to mind that it was really just a two school conference in the biggest sport.
There was a lot of desire by fans to go after him in 2003 when Tubs was on the hot seat. Dumb boosters had Petrino on the mind though. I still wanted them to poach the HBC when they fired Tubs in 2008. But by then, he was firmly entrenched at SC.
How will Gawja fans feel when Kirby collects the most talent of any program over the next ten years, but still can't win a title?
Dude needs to get over it. It seems most people don't like this move, but tax dollars shouldn't be spent on something so irrelevant as far as the public is concerned.
I get the need to put a Mizzou player on the list, but you don't really think he's better than Trelon Smith do you?
I haven't seen any updates about his 3pt shooting, and find it hard to believe they've been "fixed" without seeing it in an actual game. I don't think he'll be a lottery pick, but hope I'm wrong.
0% chance that happens. I could see a new rotating schedule with the SEC championship game visiting different cities. But the LH Network is dead.
If the Big10 were actively reaching out to schools or vise versa, do you think anyone would have a clue? Do you think they would admit it? Nobody knew about UT and OU with the SEC until they wanted you to know.
This article and those tweets take what he said totally out of context. He was calling Saban and Bama out for using NIL to recruit kids...which is supposed to be against the rules. He wasn't suggesting kids are worth more by going to Bama, but that Bama was using NIL as an excuse to pay recruits. Without an NCAA anything is legal now.
Definitely. They have the means to walk whenever they want, regardless of financial consequences. But, I don't see the SEC's future continuing like it is. I wouldn't be shocked to see conference affiliations go away all together.
I'm sure there will be steep penalties for all schools in the next TV deal. Which will make all current deals seem miniscule.
Yes, and it will benefit all. All schools will get more money out of the next TV deal and ESPN will get out of a bad business decision.
...and I don't really think Saban is worried about getting outbid by Texas. They may have more money, but they don't have as rabid of a fan base.
Everyone with deep pockets is already buying them. Nothing is changing for my Tigers.
The SEC is over. Maybe the new conference will be better, maybe it won't. I think the core 6 teams will always stick together regardless of what happens. This realignment stuff doesn't bother me near as much as being able to legally pay players now. That's a bigger change to me as far as college football goes.
By keeping the schedule at 12, each team would have the opportunity for 6 home games. I think 7 is the most any team has now. By expanding the playoffs to 12 teams, your still going to get the best OOC games. They'll just be at the end of the year. Yes, it will hurt the small FCS teams. That is truly the only negative to my suggestion. I would be all in favor of having pre-season scrimmages, like the NFL, against FCS teams to assist with that.
Last year might have been tough for some schools, but I liked the SEC only schedule. If they do add OU and Texas, I'm all for going to a 10 game SEC schedule every year with two bye weeks and one OOC game. That will probably be the end of big OOC match ups...but who cares when there's 14 or 16 teams in a single conference?
Exactly. McClain and Pappoe are studs and this was a lazy list.
If true, that's a pretty big slap in the face to A&M. They would never engage talks with FSU or Miami behind Florida's back. At least they wouldn't have in the past.
At least no one got stabbed or shot. That hotel/mall is a dump and they keep the police tape handy.