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The Titans need a corner and receiver more than anything.
Maybe he's just setting himself up for a Nutrisystem contract.
They could have offered him a scholarship and pulled the offer in embarrassing fashion on signing day like some schools.
I'm assuming you're referring to Evans. I don't think any Auburn fans considered him a legacy since his dad was booted from Auburn. There's never been any loyalty or love towards Auburn from his family.
I would find it interesting if Saban could jump his height.
I think Dabo would take it in a heart beat. The first time he beat Auburn he basically yelled Roll Tide. Once a bammer...
I think Jamal Lewis is a good comparison to Fournette.
Most of those questionable throws were because Ole Miss had no running game and he was trying to do too much. Dak had the same problem his last year at MSU. If he lands on a team where he can be patient and not have to win games himself, he could be a very good NFL QB.
They are not mutually exclusive. Being such an accomplished wrestler just means he's physically far ahead of most kids his age.
I'm glad LSU at least hired someone that will be interesting to interview. Media days is getting to be a real bore.
You want to ask Evan if he's a pitcher or catcher? That's a little personal.
According to Tom Arnold, it's his wife that won't let him go back to the NFL. Otherwise, he'd be coaching the Giants this past year.
There goes his 2021 NFL combine invite.
Wrestlers are typically fast and flexible...something very important to DEs.
You're so stupid you didn't even realize that I actually paid Saban a compliment. But since you made some really stupid comments, Gus wasn't the one that showed up at birthday party grovelling and dancing the jig for Evans. And the last time I looked, Bama had more former high school coaches on their support staff than every other team in the SEC combined. Renovating locker rooms, giving the girlfriend of a recruit a scholarship, showing up at high schools in helicopters, relocating families to B'ham....you mouth breathers are really dense.
I can't wait to see what Nick Coe can do. 6'5" and 285lb state wrestling champ. Him and Davidson could make an awesome duo at end.
Pour one out for my homey....RIP Supper Club.
I was thinking the same thing. A chain tourist trap...terrible college bar.
He seems like a genuinely good guy. Good luck to him. One thing he doesn't understand from his perspective, is that Saban is the best at identifying how to recruit kids. While he handled Allen one way, he handles other players completely different (guaranteeing playing time, dancing at parties, hiring high school coach, etc...). Find the decision maker and identify what type of personality a kid has. Saban is without a doubt the best recruiter in the country.