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Barrett is a good player, but I don't think he'll see the field that much. Ryan Davis, Kam Martin, Darius Slayton, and Nate Craig Myers would have been a better selection.
You've got to love these lists. Not a single DE or LB from Auburn...yet half of the ones on this list would be backups in the SEC.
Most players that transfer already have a destination when they let their current coaches know. It's easy to bypass the rules and extremely difficult to prove a coaching staff is tampering.
It was like the 247 composite recruiting rankings. No single computer or group of people made the decision of who was worthy for a playoff/championship. It combined multiple sources to find the least biased results.
I agree. Playing the PAC-12 and a trip to Vegas? Count me in! Who the hell wants to go to Birmingham, Shreveport, Charlotte, ATL, et...
Nice home schedule for Auburn. Not having to go to Gainesville, Knoxville, or Fayetville should make things a little easier.
True, Cadillac and Brown are not the unanimous best RB duo even within the Auburn faithful.
Don't forget Brandon Jacobs was also in the backfield with Cadillac and Brown. He left because he wasn't getting the touches.
A stupid comment requires a stupid response. HOMatt is off his rocker. It's a close comparison in reality..but that's not where he lives.
I sense a butt hurt dog. Chubb and Michel couldn't hold their jock strap. Go back to your dog house.
I always thought it was stupid that they couldn't wait a few more weeks until after the CWS. I guess MLB just don't give a rats arse.
The stadium alone will keep people from going to the games. I hope the players are up to date on their tetanus shot.
Seeing how Auburn was the highest rated team to not get to host a regional, they kind of got screwed by having to face the overall #1 seed in the super. Oh well, I think it will be a good series. Time for some payback.
I think letting teams with .500 or worse seasons play in bowls is what took away from them being a reward.
SEC needs to follow suit. Going to a bowl with a 5-7 record is embarrassing.
This is really looking for something to report on. Maybe it's newsworthy because he wasn't tazed or shot?
WDE Mize! Wish it could have been closer to home...good luck!
He would be a fool to not take the money and make a career out of baseball. If it doesn't work out, he can always return to football with his tuition paid for. A bad injury playing football could end any possibility of a career in the MLB.
Someone is butt hurt that Cam couldn't stay out of trouble while in the Gainesville State Correctional Facility. You can't blame a kid for making a mistake in that slum filled with convicts and murderers.
Yeah, this was as much of an epic failure by Bratton as the recruit. Facepalm!
He served his time...which was a pretty rough sentence. If he passes a test now, I would have no problem voting for him. Kids make mistakes, as long as they learn from them.
I bet he has Auburn going 3-8. The putz can't hide his hatred.
Just because you don't have any real tradition doesn't mean everyone else should abandon theirs. Go copy something else now...