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I never said there was anything wrong with not being a dog person. I'm not a kid person. Nothing wrong with that either.
I think you've proven my point. If you compare a car to a dog, we'll never speak the same language.
I love how Duke and Coach K have skirted all of the mud slinging throughout this entire thing. It's Zion that has repeatedly popped up in multiple wire taps and with multiple schools as being shopped around.
Just another click bait article by SDS. Just regurgitating an opinion piece from Thamel with no new information or actual knowledge of anything involved. If you follow the links to the source of the opinion, the actual statement by multiple experts states that they don't believe any major program or coach will be affected.
There's people that like dogs, and then there's dog people. If you are willing to sell your dog for any amount, you're not a dog person. To me, it sounds just as absurd as having a price to sell a child.
Baseball is treated different than basketball and football by the NCAA for some reason. You can be on scholarship for something other than baseball and still play it. Frank Thomas was on a football scholarship when he played at Auburn because he originally played both sports. He couldn't be on a baseball scholarship and play football though. Dye was generous enough to let him stay on a football scholarship even when he stopped playing and focused entirely on baseball. Schools can still do that today...but it rarely happens.
Yep, they are allowed to use endowments for academic and merit scholarships.
Oh he's definitely a big part of it. I have no doubt he would be successful at any school. But it's tough to say he could be AS successful as he's been without such a major advantage. Imagine what LSU, Florida, Miss State, or S Carolina could have done playing with the same resources.
I don't know if I would call a 3 year assistant a major part of the program. He also wasn't Pearl's choice. Nothing he did was about recruiting or an advantage for Auburn. The NCAA has already looked into it and punishments have already been dealt to those involved. You're just a sad little person that's hoping for something bad to happen.
Tim Corbin is a great coach, but I'm a little surprised you didn't mention their built-in advantage when it comes to baseball. Because Vandy is a private school, they have a blank check for scholarships. It's a lot easier to recruit guys like Price and Alvarez when you can give them a full ride at Vandy vs a 50% ride at a public university. While public universities have about 12 scholarships to spread out, I've heard Vandy has as many as 30 kids on full ride. Quite an advantage.
This team is definitely more talented than that 2013 team, except for one major position group. That 2013 OL was full of road graders and extremely deep. This year's OL will be better than last year, but probably not up to that 2013 level.
He's enrolling as a Grad assistant, so he's allowed to be on the sideline...unlike Butch Jones.
Why do they have to elaborate on what type of derogatory statements will result in a technical foul? Is it still OK if you make racist or homophobic statements about a player's mother?
I'm kind of looking forward to Mack Brown's return to coaching. He's got the recruiting rolling already. How long before it fizzles out? South Carolina should handle them, but it's tough to prepare for an opponent with a completely new staff.
You haven't been allowed to bring in any liquids into Jordan Hare for years. But if you come in through the normal gates, security doesn't really look for stuff. You could walk through with a pint in your pocket and they wouldn't notice. The student gates however, that's where they pat you down and smash baggies for fun.
The truth is that people binge drink more than they should before games because they don't have access to it inside the stadium. That won't change with the students, but I expect you will see a steep decline in miniature bottles being left in the stalls and adults getting drunk before they enter the gates. I've been to countless NFL and NHL games where you pay $8-$10 per beer. It's too expensive to get drunk and the convenience means you don't have to chug as many beers as possible before the game.
One of the GTech pitchers was much more critical than that and the ump just took it. That was horrible decision to toss him.
I would be pleasantly surprised if Auburn makes it out of the regional. They just don't have enough healthy pitchers with the lack of offense this year.
If they went to a 9 game conference, they should still keep the strong OOC scheduling. No Auburn doesn't play a P5 opponent like Clemson every year, but they do schedule at least one tough opponent (or try to). Nothing should change in that respect.
How about no waivers for having to sit out a year. If you have an emergency and need to transfer for legit reasons, maybe not playing for a year is exactly what you need. Time to get crap together. Even better, just give all players 5 years of eligibility. No red shirt rules. That way they can sit out a year and still play 4 years or stay where they're at and play 5.
When it comes to DL recruiting, no one is doing it better than Auburn over the last few years. Garner is doing his bit.
Sounds like they hired Jay Jacobs as a consultant. Big video board and gifting prime tailgating areas to an expensive firm.
For me, 2013 was a much better year than 2010 despite the outcomes. 2010 was epic, but it was irritating being dragged through the mud the entire season because of the Cam investigation. The best thing about 2013 was watching a bunch of kids that went 3-8 the previous season turn things around the way they did. No stars, just a bunch of kids fighting tooth and nail to redeem themselves. They were rewarded with two of the best finishes in college football history and only 13 seconds from winning it all.
There definitely needs to be some tweeks to the transfer portal. Players are putting their name in it whenever they mad at practice or their girlfriend breaks up with them. They should require a withdrawal from school before entering. It would greatly decrease the number of kids just shopping themselves around.
Common sense says the NCAA could bring the hammer down with minimal effort tomorrow, as the FBI has already done 99% of the investigation. However, we're talking about today's NCAA. The same people that hammered Missouri for small fries and gave UNC a free pass for obvious academic fraud. The same group that will approve transfer waivers because of playing time and deny waivers for family medical issues.
I think Peterson is a hell of a coach, but he's going to need some help to make the playoffs. "Help" as in, the other conferences are going to have to drop off or the PAC12 is going to have to get a lot better. Then there's Oregon. Who is lapping everyone else in the PAC12 in recruiting. I think he missed his window last year.
I don't mind watching Auburn baseball when it comes to tourny time. It is more interesting than MLB, but baseball as a whole is one of the worst sports to watch on TV. I enjoy going to games because of the social aspects. The sport itself is slow and boring and there are too many regular season games to make any win/loss significant.