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Jamel Dean will surely go before some of the DBs on his list.
I would rather extend the regular season to 14 games, expand the playoff and eliminate bowls all together. You don't even really need to extend the regular season, just eliminate the cream puffs.
I didn't realize he had 17 sacks. You're absolutely correct about his exposure because of where he plays. Had he been at Bama or Ohio State there would be ESPN specials on him leading up to the draft and he would be slam dunk #1. You could make the same argument about Sweat. Not as productive numbers, but outrageous combine.
Good thing Mizzou isn't allowing a consultant or analyst to assist with players on the field. That would be against NCAA rules...wink wink.
Nice! Favorite was the Chargers...wtf with the Raiders? Some reference to them moving to Vegas?
I keep hearing about all the terrible things he did that no one will talk about. They make him out like he drives around Baton Rouge in a white panel van with puppies and candy.
Prince Tega's light started to finally turn on late last year. He could work his way into the first two rounds with a solid year.
I think O'Gara is the only person that came away from spring thinking Willis is #1 on the depth chart. No way should he be above Bentley. We saw flashes from Willis last spring. Unfortunately, when things go live he's shown a tendency to make poor decisions. That's why Gatewood and Nix are splitting reps with the 1s.
Hey numb nutts, I'm sure Georgia did hand out East Division Champion rings....just like in 2012. Just like every divisional champ. And for an accurate comparison, it would have to have a tweet with the scores over Florida and Kentucky depicting how the East was won. Or, maybe just a pic of some Charmin toilet paper would be sufficient.
That would be an accurate assumption. Seeing how Gatewood and Nix were playing with the 1s and Sandberg and Willis were playing with the 2s. There's obvious separation from everyone that's seen an Auburn scrimmage this year.
If they can him now, they're facing a long and expensive legal battle over his buyout. LSU has to rely on the NCAA findings or his admission of guilt. Petino survived after multiple sickening scandals. He wasn't fired until the FBI stuff happened and is still suing Louisville for $37 million.
The one encouraging thing about Auburn's spring game was the fact that the offense didn't look confused. They looked slow and lost at times the last couple of years. Everyone looked much more prepared.
He did make some nice catches during the spring game. Hope it translates to the field this fall.
I don't think any unbiased observer believes nothing dirty happened. I believe there is hesitation to say the NCAA will actually do anything. Look at UNC...what a joke. If LSU defends Wade and no one truly cooperates, the NCAA will likely climb back into their embarrassing hole. Serve them up something easy like Mizzou and watch them flex their fake muscle.
The anger over the game only lasted about 24 hours for me. After that, it was mostly pride with how the team handled it (better than most fans) and appreciation for an amazing run. Then a bit of sadness for knowing we'll never see the same group of kids on the court together. They were a great team that every Auburn fan will remember.
I would rather spend my time with friends and family at such an important time. Who cares about a short trip full of playing dress-up and being pretentious. You apparently.
I actually preferred Auburn when the student population made up 2/3 of the city.
Well, at least you spelled Auburn correctly.
Unless you were already working with a team on a contract, no way I would attend. The most embarrassing thing is to still be sitting there on day two...waiting. Even the guys that go near the end of the 1st round look miserable and mad as guys go ahead of them.
There's definitely more to the story than them not having room. No one stops recruiting for a position until the kids have signed. Especially this far away from signing day. Who knows whose going to flip or get injured.
Most people expected this. There's not much more he can do at Auburn to improve his draft stock. Best of luck Jared and thanks for the most memorable season in Auburn basketball history.
Not hard to find, he's said it more than once. This was from a video interview reported by SB Nation.
"“A lot of guys, man, they got it in their mind that they’re gonna go out for the draft no matter what, and I think you all know my philosophy on that: If you’re a first-round draft pick, you should go. If you’re not, you should stay in school and try to graduate. I think it’s getting tougher and tougher, and more and more guys are making the decision to go out early..." Saban, January 2018
Also consider rookies are locked into contracts for 4 yrs. In 3 years Harrison will be able to renegotiate a mega contract worth 3 times that of a first rounder. He'll get it a year sooner and a year younger with less risk of injury. Think of the compound interest of an additional 15 million for one year.
Lane Kiffin is the correct one. Most reasonable coaches tell kids to take the money if they can get at least a second round grade. He's the only one I know of that says a player should wait unless he gets a first round grade. The numbers don't support his argument.
In real time, I didn't notice the double dribble like most. I don't think I've heard anyone complain about the foul on Harper though. I immediately thought that should have been an intentional foul. The NCAA needs to adopt the NBA rule on that situation so it's not a judgement call.
The number of players that would actually improve their draft stock is minuscule. I don't blame any kid that makes a decision to chase their dream, and coaches shouldn't either. How many of these Bama players say they go to Bama as a "Business Decision". The odds say they won't improve their draft stock. Chances are, there are younger studs that will push you even farther down the board.
He knows how refs can unfairly affect the outcome. Classy post.