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Cowart transferred because he couldn't beat out the guys that have been dominating on the DL this year. I didn't say there wasn't a reason for the guy to be on the bench...but that doesn't mean Bama (or Auburn) are playing Freshmen because they're the only dudes left.
Nobody is going to give Bama a break over starting a Freshman when they've got a 5* Senior riding the bench. Everyone has injuries and early departures that are critical.
Fortunately, Pawl is in the minority. If narrow minds like his were to prevail, we would be stuck with the old 80s AP poll to determine the champion.
The Citrus would rather have a Bama vs Michigan game. Unfortunately, that would leave Auburn vs Whisky in the Outback. I can see them bringing Barry back for one more game already....ugh.
That's what they get for having a Charmin schedule. Best win was A&M. They would have gone 8-4 with Auburn's schedule.
Look, they called it correctly. Will they change the rules? Probably. But they didn't make a mistake. Just like LSU was able to run the clock out because of an offensive penalty against Auburn this year (false start with a running clock let them run an additional 35 seconds off instead of having to punt). It sucks, but that's the rules.
The offense was set for several seconds before the ball was set. If you say that doesn't count, then no team could ever snap the ball with 1 second on the clock whether after a timeout or any stoppage of play.
Auburn didn't sub twice. They were set. The flag wasn't thrown until the Auburn punter went into motion.
The ball was snapped nearly 2 seconds after the clock hit zero. The offense was not set and should have been blown dead for false start or illegal motion.
There were so many issues with that play. Offense not set, illegal formation, etc...
The refs didn't throw the flag until an offensive player went in motion with 8 seconds left on the play clock. If you watch the replay, the Bama staff didn't know they had 12 guys on until the flag was thrown.
Please NO! Give me PSU in the Citrus...anyone but Whisky.
Houston Nutt would like to throw his hat in the ring one more time.
Must be a sad life to be a Bammer. Never knowing the joy of an exhilarating win. I guess you guys just leave in the 3rd quarter no matter how the game is going.
2013 was definitely worth it. 2017 and this year? Meh? Great wins, but not exactly massive upsets and worthy of a field storming.
The only thing I got from this is that Connor prefers The Notebook over Star Wars.
I would love to see his picture hanging on the outside of the stadium in the future. Great player, great young man. I hope he can bring an award home.
Why in the world did the schools extend Emmert's contract. Him and his cronies have made the NCAA a joke.
Yep, it will be another year of Stultz crying and writing crappy hit pieces. He's exactly why Auburn fans have the reputation they do. Just another Auburn grad trying to tear down their Alma mater.
Auburn only hit 12 of 38 threes. They definitely weren't falling early. The Lobos didn't defend the three, which is why they took so many shots. Auburn won with defense, forcing 24 turnovers.
Hayes is either really ignorant or just being hopeful. Gus isn't getting fired regardless of what happens in the Iron Bowl. The AD is Green(e), and the interim President probably doesn't even know there's a game this week. The BOT is split on Gus, but there's no obvious replacement or upgrade. Gus will get a second year with Bo Nix.
The SEC officials protect the interest of the SEC. It would only damage the SEC if UGA took a loss before the title game. Do I think Auburn will get a fair shake this weekend? Hell no. It would eliminate an SEC team from the playoffs. Oh well...sometimes you have to beat the refs and the opponent.
You're such a lying POS. He got tossed from his kid's game for criticizing the ref. He didn't threaten anyone, didn't curse, and definitely wasn't hand cuffed. He walk to the lobby of his own free will and watched the remainder of the game on a monitor. BRRRUUUUUUCE!
I've got to have Labor Day up there above New Year's Eve. It's the beginning to the best season of the year...football.
He runs a clean program and recruits well. I agree, he doesn't get enough credit for the defense. He assembled a great defensive staff and gets out of the way. His shortcoming is his inability to hand over the offense. He tried, he failed. His solution was to take it back over. Which is fine as long as he's the right OC for the job. I'm not convinced that he can adapt the offense to his player's strengths or to what defenses are doing. As long as he's the HC, the offense will struggle most of the time. The defense will have to keep bailing this team out.
LOL..the comments are so much better than the creepy stalking from Al. I wonder if job, home, and money were worth the stalking his family has to deal with?
Even at 9-3, Auburn isn't going to a NY6 bowl. Don't get me wrong. Finishing 10-3 would be a good year...but you won't find many fans that are expecting that. It would be a pleasant surprise.