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Recent Comments
So they were traitors that switched sides once they saw how the war was going to end? Lovely...
Careful, if some people find out that your mascot is named after a pro-Confederate milita they will burn your mascot to the ground and force you to become the Black Bears...or Land Squids.
There has to be an expiration date on that cigar curse sometime. Even the Cubs finally won a World Series.
I would give Auburn a B. Yeah they played terrible and lost a game at home that they shouldn't have...but they also finally won a game in the MB stadium against a top 10 team. I think that makes it a wash.
The only transfer that wasn't beat out for a position by an underclassman was Tyler Carr, who left before the season started. Auburn's current freshman class is probably the best one under Gus. Unfortunately, the older guys that got beat out have an incentive to leave early in the year now.
I think you missed another side of fall weddings. If you're in a divided family, it's smart to schedule a wedding for one of your rival's big games. Say...an Auburn couple scheduling their wedding for an off-day, that just happens to be the 3rd Saturday in Oct. You only get the friends and family that aren't annoying, and perfect weather. It's a win win.
It definitely impacts a teams depth. Saban doesn't really have to worry about that. If one of these Freshman go down that took away a veteran's spot in the starting lineup, Auburn could be really hurting later in the season. I understand it from the player's standpoint...but I don't agree with it.
Disappointed he wasn't willing to stick around and help his team. He was obviously being overshadowed by a true freshman. Good luck to him and his brother. I wonder if other teams are going to start experiencing the exodus before the 5th game or if this is just an issue at Auburn?
depth? He was the only TE. This is just the start. With the new 4 game rule, look for a lot of transfers from upper classmen looking for more playing time.
What Urban did was legal. He's still as scumbag, but it was legal. If someone pushed, the AD could be fired and face criminal prosecution for purposely deleting public information.
Pretty accurate on the Auburn fan. I was looking for a ref to punch.
Don't eject the player, but make him wear a pink tutu for the rest of the game. Everyone is also required to call him Sally.
Stoked about finally getting to play UF again. I've got my jorts ready!
From has a MUCH better OL to play behind and hasn't faced a real defense yet.
So they're making a documentary about a mistake? Everyone going back to September knew Tua should have been the QB. I was glad he waited so long.
Makes me miss the good old days of tailgating at Auburn. Before they all but banned parking and tailgating on campus and started catering to the catering businesses. They used to have to cancel classes on big game weeks because you couldn't park or get to class. It's lost most of that charm now.
It seemed like it after they went up 21-10. But I think the offensive penalties and lack of execution on the line in general really killed the play calling in the 4th.
I actually think Noah is playing really well considering he's only been a DB for about 6 months. He has the speed and ability to stick with receivers, but he needs to work on playing the ball and being physical at the line. Depth at corner seems to be a big issue. I always thought Dean should be playing safety.
Stidham has played MUCH better defenses than those 9 guys in front of him.
8-4 is probable. They could still go 9-3 IF they can fix the OL. Gus can't ever seem to get his team figured out until October.
Auburn has a major OL issue and too many holes in the secondary. LSU has a very limited offense. I don't think either can hang with Bama or UGA, and probably OSU and Oklahoma right now. I think those are your 4 playoff teams right now. Anyone after them...yeah, they have a legitimate shot.
Is it possible to have a top 5 and then jump to #15? Honestly, there a few teams that seem to be head and shoulders above everyone else. I understand you have to put someone in the top 10, and I have no problem with leaving teams in there for now. But, I consider top 10 teams as ones that have a legitimate shot at the playoff come November.
Auburn needs a center, and neither them or LSU are top 10 teams. Good defenses, both teams have major issues on offense.
He's not going anywhere for another 4 years. Do I think he can win a national title? No. Do I think he can get us 9-10 wins a year...yes. Just curious who you think we could get that could do better right now?
...and the Dawgs are still 0-38 for national titles since 1980.
Apparently, that's enough to make the President racist though.
The average IQ at ESPN just went up to 60.
He really poured some salt on Tub's last game. Up 29-0 with a couple of minutes left in the game he was still airing it out. It was also the same game he got caught on the mike telling his players "Don't you know how much I hate those @ssholes!"
At least they're being consistent. They are picking against Auburn on the road and for them at home. They're just putting a lot of weight on how Auburn performed last year.
Anders Carlson is a redshirt Freshman.