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Emmert is elected by the NCAA members. If they don't like it, they could have easily changed leadership a couple of years ago.
Building up a case to get out of that contract. This year is getting more and more important for Jimbo.
Right? The OL will definitely be more talented this year. It all depends on how good the new OL coach is and how quickly they can gel.
"...we have zero positive tests with the guys we’ve tested". So did they test everyone?
There are some pretty bad takes on your part Connor. Auburn's OL was terrible last year and had a lot of injuries (only 1 was a 4 star recruit and the starting RT was a 2* transfer). If you had actually watched an Auburn game last year, and it appears you didn't, you would know that Auburn had no running game and Nix was a magician in the pocket. His bad completion percentage was in large part due to having to throw the ball away while he was running for his life. Fromm had All American RBs and OL at his disposal. Nix was also missing two of his top 3 receivers for most of the year (Stove and Schwartz). Combine that with only having a walk-on TE at his disposal, and he really didn't have many targets outside of Seth. I haven't seen any Auburn fan claim that he will be an All American or Heisman contender this year. But the kid has ice in his veins and wins.
Auburn would be in the top 5 on this list if they played in either the ACC or PAC.
I would consider Gus more of a scallop. He's either going to be really good or really bad and difficult to predict. Wrap some bacon (Kevin Steele) around him though, and you can always plan on a good meal (regular season) that doesn't age well (bowl season).
I think I would have to go with Bo's Over the Top jersey from 1982. The play that signified Auburn's turnaround in football.
The numbers are impressive for a Freshman, but I have no clue what kind of competition he's been playing against. I can recall quite a few QBs that put up huge numbers at lower class schools and never could win a starting job in college.
I love KJ, but I would still want Derrick Brown back for another season. Auburn has a lot of talent at RB, but the OL has been pretty bad for the past couple of years. Which makes it a close call with Braden Smith or Greg Robinson. Auburn is missing that road grader.
The flag is a much more sensitive issue than most want to believe. To people that have lived outside of the South, it's common sense to let it go. For many of those that have only grown up in the DEEP South though, the flag was always about pride in being Southern. It's not about slavery to them. It's telling people that something they hold dear as a source of heritage and a symbol of their lifestyle is evil and can no longer be displayed. Yes, I think the flag needs to be retired and moved to a museum. But that doesn't mean it's a simple matter and that everyone upset is a racist.
The local hospital system here reported that everyone that has died had underlying medical issues. Either heart disease, diabetes, or were undergoing cancer treatment. It is a deadly issue for many, but it doesn't seem realistic to try and prevent everyone from getting it. I am not self isolating, but I also haven't seen my parents (who are at risk) since this all started. People just need to use common sense.
There are racist in every state. The most racist people I've come across are from Connecticut and Massachusetts.
I've got friends that are PSU grads and we all plan to go to that game. They say it's not going to be a white-out though. We'll see.
Most, if not all, tested positive when they arrived. Which means they were either hanging out together before they got back on campus, or the infection rate is much higher than the current numbers being reported.
It's a lot easier to cover it up when you're a private institution. They turned a blind eye as long as Franklin was winning.
Finebaum might as well be an Alabama Alum. He's definitely got Bear and Saban tattoos. Chizik isn't an Auburn Alum, and really isn't much of a cheerleader for Auburn. I do appreciate his unbiased analysis though. Fishback is really the only Auburn rep on the SEC network.
You forget that it takes two parties to make a schedule. OSU will do a home and home with a top 10 program, because there's everything to gain and not much to lose. Auburn has been trying to schedule several blue bloods for years with no success. OSU and Notre Dame don't want to travel to Auburn, AL because it's high risk, low reward.
Yeah, that's truly a fantasy. Nashville is no longer Nashville. It's the San Francisco of the South. I lived there a long time and loved the city. But I could see the writing on the wall...
Same here. I find no humor or entertainment in this entire thing...which means I'm officially my dad now.
My first thought was Ronnie Brown, but Takeo would be very entertaining. Ryan Clark is good, but I'm tired of all the LSU, Bama, and Florida alumni on the SEC network. We need more variety.
Pour one out for the Gator Bait. It’s not the first and won’t be the last casualty.
I think Moore is top 5 when he's healthy. He missed most of the season with that injury, and who knows if he'll be the same.