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Why even bother with academics at all? Just put the players on payroll and eliminate the class requirement.
Last one needs to turn off the lights.
Anyone that thinks a Gus coached bowl team was a good example of SEC competition is sorely deluded. The guy was an embarrassment in the post season and the players were just there for the swag bag (the ones that showed up anyways).
He had a pocket most of the time...which is also by design by the offense. He just doesn't utilize it. He makes the OL look worse than it is.
Bobo also abandoned the run too early against UGA.
Since you can't comment on the other article bashing Nix and the OL, I'll say it here. The OL played pretty good against UGA. Nix's problem is that he runs backwards instead of stepping up into the pocket when pressure comes from the outside. Like you referenced above though, it's not all on Nix. He would be in the top third of the conference in QBR and over 70% completion if not for all the drops. I would still take Nix over half those guys you have listed above him.
More fuel to the fire for this weekend. There's no way I'm going to see Auburn play in a nasty mayonnaise bowl. Come on Tigers!
I personally would have rushed the field in 2013 had I been there. That's the only game that deserves it in my opinion, but I won't disparage other people for celebrating a Bama loss.
As bad as Ohio State started out the year, this could be a replay of 2014 when they lost early to VT and everyone left them for dead. I clearly think they are the team to beat in the BIG10 now.
But coaches only get 3 timeouts per half. Players are faking injuries so that coaches don't have to burn a timeout. Change of possession or timeout would eliminate that.
Nearly all of the top OL were committed before he even got started. He's filling out with the best available at this point. 2023 is where he needs to land some bigger fish.
If Auburn's receivers knew how to catch the ball, that game would have been tied or a single score going into half-time at worst. Nix needs to take some mustard off of some of his passes, but the WRs, TEs, and RBs have got to make some plays too. It sure seems like LSU has packed it in. Maybe it was playing on the road, but there was no fight or desire. Reminded me of Auburn in 2012.
That looked like Coach O lost his team. There was no desire or effort.
Very winnable game. Auburn played really bad and it still should have been closer. I came away from that game a lot less impressed with UGA.
Those aren't Auburn fans in this article. He wasn't great, but he wasn't what cost Auburn the game. It was the receivers and depth on defense for the most part. Even the OL played pretty well.
No offense, but I don't think UK can score 35 points against anyone in the SEC outside of Missouri and Vandy. This game is probably going to be close and in the teens.
Not going to argue against that. Auburn doesn't have the receivers or the OL pass pro to threaten UGA deep. I just hope they play out of their minds on defense and keep it close going into the 4th.
Auburn had roughly the same yardage against them that Bama had against Mercer…they just didn’t capitalize on drives and the defense played like poo with both starting LBs out in the first half.
During my 4 years at Auburn, this was definitely the ugliest rivalry game. There were several fights in the student section (plenty of UGA fans that went to school at Auburn because it was close and Columbus residents didn't have to pay out of state tuition). Yes, my mother and aunts had "fluids" thrown on them and their car vandalized in Athens. I also witnessed UGA cars vandalized in Auburn, although they did park in front of a frat house for some dumb reason.
Because every other year, Auburn had no home games for recruiting leading up to the early signing period. Minus a usual meaningless cupcake, they had no home games in the month of November every other year.
I agree. I also give Ole Miss a slight edge this weekend with it being in Oxford.
With the way UGA recruits, no one is going to feel sorry for them.
Congrats Parkey! He also made the Pro-Bowl in 2014. Hell of a kicker with a couple of unfortunate, very visible, misses.