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Not saying it will happen, but IF Auburn can pull the upset in College Station then Fisher will be sitting on a pile of Napalm. This is probably his biggest game of the year to quiet the critics. I don't think Pittman gets canned this year, but his seat is definitely getting warm. He seems to have hit a ceiling.
Brutal facts: 1) You have no idea what or if Auburn offered Kiffin. 2) Black bear rebel sharks are paying top 5 pay for an average coach. 3) Ole Miss will always be irrelevant in the SEC.
If Ole Miss wins, the wheels will come off for Bama. The HireDeion website will popup and Finebaum will make a fortune.
Only way Auburn has a chance against A&M is if they get everyone back healthy (not likely). They are really banged up in the secondary and on the OL. As many as 6-7 starters could be missing.
I used to believe you never booed the players. That was when they were just students trying to make their way through college like the rest of us. Now they are paid, professional players. If fans aren't getting their money's worth, all is fair. Boo the coaches, boo the players...it doesn't matter now.
Clemson is definitely on the slide. They still have a lot of talent, but the coaching seems to be very poor. Poor decisions in the redzone and a bunch of turnovers. They could very well go 7-5 this year. The portal and NLI has allowed a lot of teams on their schedule to catch up in a hurry.
You must not be earning a paycheck yet if you think it's free money. It was also the millenials that started s hooting things up. Every generation does have it's unique issues, but I have to agree about these last one being extremely soft. I blame that on GenX for how they raised them.
If you are referring to Deion, check back in 5 years and see where Auburn and Colorado are...fool.
A couple of more years not making it to ATL and it won't be his choice.
I actually think UF wins this because they are playing at home. Maybe a bad hunch, but something tells me this is a weird year in the SEC and there will be plenty of upsets.
"First, no one is paying $76 million to fire a coach..." No one thought a team would pay a coach $100 million guaranteed either (especially Jimbo).
They won't do anything and probably shouldn't unless there is a complete meltdown. Going 5-7 again would qualify. It's year 6 and he's accumulated more talent than anyone in the SEC outside of Bama and UGA, and he's probably on par with them. Anything less than a trip to ATL this year should be considered another failure. If money weren't an issue, would you still keep a coach with his record?
I hate the rotating QBs, especially in the same series. Not going to read too much into that terrible game though, everyone on offense looked like they were jet lagged. Thank you DEFENSE!
So being mad about the preseason disrespect didn't work. Maybe they are REALLY mad this time.
He just got a raise and contract extension. I don't think he's going anywhere with his buyout.
A&M was never a national title contender, regardless of how much talent they have. LSU won the West last year with 3 losses. I don't see how this year is any different. Yes, UGA is the only SEC contender for the playoffs...just like last year. I wouldn't be shocked if no SEC teams made the playoffs this year. Not sure UGA can afford to lose a single game with how weak the conference has looked.
Jimbo is an OC, end of conversation. No one has ever done less with so much talent.
Agree. Barring some miraculous development, UGA is the only hope for the playoffs. Terrible year for the SEC.
I agree. Ole Miss ðoesn't win if Pratt is playing.
I agree mostly. If Colorado lets his eventual exit destroy their program for decades, that's on them. I also agree that his next stop is likely the NFL. He wants to win at the highest level of football.
I haven't heard about William's dad's comments, but I still think it's a no brainer. I know parents want that degree, but he can do that during the offseason. An injury in college could cost him tens of millions.
He was staying at Jackson State and wasn't concerned with money...until he was. Not for himself, but for facilities and the players. It might not be next year, but someone will wave a gravy train in front of him. The highly talented players that just arrived will follow him. He comes with his own luggage.
Prime corrected a reporter not too long ago on that. He graduated from Talladega College, not FSU.
How is Williams entering the draft even a question? He should have gone last year if he was eligible. Bama is beating Texas, who is really missing Bijan Robinson. Already sick of all the Colorado coverage. Can't wait until Prime bolts next year for a bigger paycheck and takes half the team with him, leaving Colorado in a dumpster fire.