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It's Thompson, of course he's going to pick Bama. It's their IMG farm team.
The last 4 on the list should have returned for another year in college. All could have greatly improved their stock.
The Hogs cheated...paid the sun and then modified all the balls to carry to left field. Congrats Piggies!
I'll take the Bad News Bears in 3 over A&M. WDE!
They may have only had 3 hits, but they also only had 1 strikout until the 8th inning. OSU's grounders were finding the gaps and Auburns weren't. It was like they were snakebit. The announcers also nailed the hitting woes they predicted would start in the 8th. That shadow on the infield really messed with batters for both teams.
I bet Hjerpe will come off the bench tonight. Just like he did against Vandy.
Nah...UT brought this on themselves. It all starts with the coach. The disrespect to other teams, fans, and umps...all leads to this. If you don't win it all, get ready for the barage.
I really want to pull for all SEC teams, but dang...UT made it easy to cheer against them. Great season for tbe Vols...but not sorry to see it end early. Hoping someone in the SEC can win it all.
Arch's numbers from high school are actually quite pedestrian and got worse every year. If it wasn't for his name he wouldn't be a 5*. I doubt he would be in the 247.
Slayton was tearing it up a couple of seasons ago. Maybe he just needs a team with a QB?
He never beat Auburn, but it's still not a debate. He's a slam dunk for first ballot.
I’m not sure what the true intention of this article was, but it’s pretty obvious that most people stopped reading after Haye’s mentioned who he thinks the blue bloods of the SEC are. Spiteful? Ignorant? Just trying to stir the pot? I’ll go with the latter by counting the number of comments.
If Auburn claimed titles like some other schools...Bama...cough, cough....then he's correct. Auburn could claim as many as 9 titles.
At least Auburn got investigated. How many times has Bama been investigated? Oh that's right...they get to investigate themselves. Nothing to see here folks.
It's all about the law of averages. Not every blue chip will pan out, that's been true for Bama as well. The more you sign, the more you can miss on though. Buying recruits is not about a single guy's worth...it's about building the depth required to compete at the top. If Fisher can't cash in soon enough, he will get canned for someone that can.
How do you think Saban got to where he is? It's always been about money.
Just like I thought would happen. That weather cancelled game cost Auburn a bye.
The NCAA got neutered by the courts. There really is no reason for them to continue as a regulatory institution.
Fisher is using loop holes and lack of NCAA control to manipulate the system. Just like Saban did by relocating families, getting family member's jobs (like house sitting mansions), renovating high school lockers, arranging memorabilia signing sessions, and "accidentally" bumping into recruits during dead periods. There is no difference, only the scale.
True. I remember when the HUNH was dangerous and going to ruin college football. Until he found an OC that could run it...
Not sure about Ricks, but Fournette's ESPN story about him living under a bridge after Katrina was taped with him in front of his brand new Q5.
You do realize that Bama elite blue chips have been moving into mansions and driving expensive cars for well over a decade now...right? I guess you don't consider relocating families, handing out jobs and giving out dollar leases as pay for play.
Well, a 3 bedroom house is well over a mill in a lot of places now.
That cancelled game sucks. Especially when Auburn had the bases loaded with one out and their hottest batter at the plate. Hope it doesn't come back to bite them in post season seeding.
When I was a public employee, my earnings were capped. I was legally not allowed to earn money outside of my job without consent from the government. Which was never given.
They would have an option. Take the hundreds (if not millions) of dollars being spent on a scholarship, or don't. No one is limiting their earning potential. Are you suggesting we treat players like true employees? Then fine...tax them on every penny they earn (scholarship, tuition, R&B, stipends, etc...) and yank the non-profit status from the Universities. It's the "fair" thing to do.
Makes perfect sense. I'm past ready to drop the nuclear option. Go back to intramural sports only and end the charade of the "student athlete".