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Sad is talking smack from the bench while your team is getting their arse kicked.
I agree. If they are going to count for 2 years then the player should be eligible for 2 years. Go ahead and make it a mandatory 2 year scholarship, but at least let the player play.
Not exactly what they wanted, but it's still a nice consolation prize for the guys that are leaving early.
I can't believe people are willing to cut the heads off of their mascots just so this sicko can dance around in it. Oh the horror...
Alcohol is already allowed in most if not all stadiums...if you're willing to spend the $$$ for box seats. Just follow most professional venues and make the prices so high people can enjoy a brew, but can't afford to get out of control. $10 beers usually does the trick.
Calm down Francis and go back to your inbred side. No one cares about your team or opinion.
Barry Alvarez has also run off a lot of good coaches because of his micro-managing. This all depends on how well Pruitt likes being a "Head Coach in Training". He doesn't appear to be the type that will want to take a backseat to Fulmer. Time will tell...
Onside kickoffs are extremely violent. That's why the new spring league is doing away with them as well. College football might as well make the change since the new rules basically make kickoffs pointless.
This is getting ridiculous. Just do away with the kickoff...it's where this is headed.
What a joke. Near the bottom in public education but they can afford to waste money on football.
All depends on the OL progression. They have the talent, but need experience and the ability to stay healthy.
The word was, he was juco bound too. He shouldn't have qualified anywhere.
Auburn didn't pass on him. They did kick him off campus after he tried to recruit some other visitors to Bama during the middle of his visit. I'm glad he never went to Auburn. Don't think he could have stayed out of trouble like he did in Tuscaloosa.
He was a true freshman playing behind Holland. He's more talented than Holland and he's in the ideal position for getting sacks at the Buck. The rest of the Auburn DL will be eating up the OL.
Auburn has never claimed 1993. That would be embarrassing...kind of like 1/2 the titles claimed by your joke of a school.
Some players have no interest in getting a degree. Their only goal is to play in the NBA, and they leave when they feel it no longer benefits them. Heron at Auburn is the same type of player. He won't get drafted, but his sole purpose is to make the league and he will probably get just as much development overseas or in the G league. These top recruits never expect to be around for 4 years.
People that want to drink in the stadiums are going to do so regardless. Might as well make some money off of it.
Thanks, I will. If people only celebrated national titles then they would have a miserable existence.
What about it? They were the better team and undefeated. Something even Bama couldn't say.
I wish he could have stuck around for depth, but I guess he wants to start for his last year.
Well not everyone is allowed to back into national title games like Bama. 6-4 in the most dominant era of Bama football? I'll take that.
Glad he hasn't hired an agent. Come on back for another year!