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You think Auburn fans wish Bo had the season Sam did? Are you nuts? The stats had everything to do with the opponents. Look at UNC's schedule and results. Sam is a good QB, but only a fool would think he could have put up those numbers with Auburn's schedule.
It wasn't too long ago when players showed up to two-a-days fat and rested. There will be some drop-off with conditioning, but it should still make for a good football season.
I would have loved to see him Chicago and think it could have been a good fit. He probably needs to take a huge pay cut and try to win a job.
I hope he does well. He was always great in practice...just hope he has the OL to keep him vertical in NE.
The last thing anyone should do is try to analyze any results from Gus's A-Day games. He only uses it to gauge backups and to entertain the fans. In fact, I don't think any spring game MVP has ever started in the fall. Most never see the field.
I guess we'll see if he can do something at UK.
I remember when Mason scored that last touchdown for Auburn I was screaming..."NOOOOOO!" I always thought he should have gone down at the one on purpose to let them run out the clock more. They couldn't stop the run, and we were down 3 starters in the secondary by then.
It may be an ugly season with little to no practice at all, but I think they will still play it. Maybe even a shortened season.
I think he's wrong. At some point, the country has to start getting back to normal. At this rate, homelessness and depression will claim more lives than the virus ever would have.
Only if it were called the Susan Lucci Award. Maybe we should just give everyone an award?
Glad Barber is living his dream and getting paid. WDE!
I was kind of surprised Chris Porter isn't on the bracket. All American, SEC Player of the Year, and was on the cover of SI. Yeah, his senior year was a catastrophe, but he was the best in the league the previous two years.
People keep disrespecting Auburn and Pearl. That's fine, it works for them. They'll just take a bunch of guys you've never heard of or recruited and win the SEC again. Should he happen to land the two big fish remaining, Bruce will have his most talented team ever (AU or UT). Regardless, he returns a ton of guys that played a lot of minutes as true freshmen and a solid class coming in.
It's difficult to pick my favorite. I loved watching Takeo Spikes, Travis Williams, Cam Newton, and Cadillac Williams play. From the way they handled adversity, it's got to be Jason Campbell. Kid was booed off the field early in his career (not proud of that). He stuck with it and helped Auburn go undefeated and become a 1st round draft pick. Class act all the way.
I just don't get the love for Cassius Winston. Yes, he made some big plays. But, his team way under performed the entire season and he doesn't rank in the top of any statistical category. If you look at his Assist/Turnover ratio and steels...he's well below average. He's a good player, but doesn't deserve to be on any All American Team.
My condolences. Sports will always be something that bridges generations and sparks memories.
I would like to keep the lock games, but do away with divisions. Everyone gets two permanent opponents, rotate the rest on an annual basis. Top two teams meet in ATL.
I think athletic budgets in general need to be capped for public universities. I know some make a lot of money, that's not the case for most. People getting rich off of public funds should stop.
I'm OK with changing the rule to where the offense keeps the ball, but there definitely should be a penalty. Call it a 15 yard delay of game or whatever.
The only change I would make would be the selling of the tickets. They should all be released at the same time, after the two teams locked in are finalized. Yeah, that doesn't really allow much time to plan...but it's hardly a fair environment when UGA locks up their spot 4 weeks before the team from the West. It's a given home field advantage.
Auburn is going to have significant issues on defense? Auburn returns plenty of starters, a great defensive staff, and has recruited lights out on that side of the ball. Yeah, Brown is gone...but the cupboard is hardly bare. I like Auburn at home against the Aggies by two scores.
They should have just stood up the Ocho as a real channel. Most of these stupid sports are more entertaining than half of the talking garbage they put on ESPN.
I'm actually just as big of a fan of Indiana Jones, Patton, Band of Brothers, and Platoon. Majors in History and CS...so I enjoy those along with SciFi.
That 2003 Auburn team was all Marquis Daniels. What he did in the tournament was phenomenal, and only outdone by a single other individual. Carmelo Anthony out-dueled him in the sweet 16 by one point, and eventually won the whole thing. So close.
I have released the nerd. Star Trek Discovery, Picard, His Dark Materials, etc... All very good and different.
It will be interesting to see if it was more Brady or Belichick.
I like your parrot so much better. Much more intelligent conversations.
I was talking about a Bammer writer putting out articles on SDS...moron
I think if the schools could get that TV money by expanding the playoffs and having games on campus then the bowls could die. No one travels to most of them as it is.