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UGA has been busy burning mountains of cash for recruits, but still doesn't have anything to show for it. Talk about futility.
I wouldn't mind stealing that caboose. Looks like it could be fun for tailgating.
Gus is available and can get those 6 or 7 wins. Steele might not be too thrilled though.
He helped win a national title at Auburn coaching the DL. Must be something crappy about South Carolina.
Rocker is the better developer, Garner is the better recruiter. I think we will just switch these two guys out every 10 years.
Amazing how different a team can play when they have an actual PG. Can't wait for Powell to return. No one is going to want to play Auburn down the stretch this year.
Funny he used the term "ALL IN". I believe Dabo was the first one to use that as a catch phrase, and Auburn used it in 2010...when they won the Natty with Rocker as a defensive line coach.
Correction to the "SDS Staff"...Morris's final two on signing day were Auburn and Tennessee. FSU and LSU were not in his final three. Come on down to Auburn and play with Pappoe!
lol...look at the pups trying talk about paying players
...and UGA was rumored to be tampering with Tank. There are a million ways around that rule, and your coach knows them all.
It was one year. It was also under a HC that was notorious for interfering with the offensive side of the ball.
Disappointment is knowing your going to lose 4 games before the season ever starts. Knowing that you have a bench full of talented players that will likely transfer before November. That was becoming the norm. Regardless of the results, at least it will be different.
I don't think any team moves strictly to a single set any longer. Moultry gained weight and lost his speed. He needs to move back to his natural position if he wants any future.
The NCAA has been rendered powerless. In decades past, you would see new rules and regulations to even the playing field. But now that college football has been deemed a "business", there's nothing they can do. The only solution is to implement a salary cap like professional sports.
For MOST people in this country, the flag represents the sacrifice that people like you and others have made in order for those kids to protest. Why can't people be offended by them not recognizing how others view it? They have the right to protest how they want, and others have the right to criticize them for how they protest. By your own definition, those kids are whining.
What he said ^^. Plus, there's a lot of smoke about another defensive starter that might transfer if a certain assistant isn't retained. Whether it's poaching of players or players having more allegiance to the coaches than school...the timing looks bad. All coaches do it though. I'm sure Friend and Bobo will be calling some guys they would like to have transfer as well.
They changed the rules a year or two ago, where a player could hire an agent and still return to college if they drop out of the draft. They're just not allowed to accept any benefits from the agent (advances on future contracts/bonuses).
This is Steele getting his HC opportunity. The Vols can probably expect to get Garner and maybe another former Auburn assistant along with some transfers. Steele wouldn't be joining that train wreck unless he knew he would be taking over.
The rumors were that he and Garner were going directly to the boosters to get Gus canned. It sounds a little far-fetched...but no one will really say what happened.
This is all about Steele taking over for Pruitt. Garner and some other assistants will likely be joining soon. Why do you think these defensive guys are transferring? Steele has already been poaching. Good luck with the Titanic in Knoxville.
People were saying he was going to be on the sidelines as soon as he took over the AD job. It was just prophetic when he actually got in trouble for it. The reason it looks so bad from the outside is because of his history. He pushed out Majors and Currie. Why would Pruitt be any different?
I selfishly want him to stick around for next year. Probably not going to happen though. Kid is as good as advertised.
I think he's viewed as the biggest problem from most of us on the outside. No one will be surprised if he promotes himself to head coach and is roaming the sidelines next year like Barry Alvarez.
How do you know Auburn didn't get the guy they intended to hire all along? Almost everything reported was pure rumor, speculation, and intentional lies spread by rival media. Go read Gogue's email again (or for the first time). There were only three candidates...ever. Harsin, Venables, and most likely Napier. Harsin being the only one to receive an actual offer. From the outside, it looked bad because of all the fake news. I give a lot of props to Greene and Gogue for hiring their guy and then having the marbles to call out the fake media.
There's nothing over the top about that. Just keeping up with the Joneses. I was hoping to see an indoor Kart track or Lasertag course.
Not having a PG will lead to some lopsided losses. Auburn doesn't have a guy that can bring the ball down the court and run the offense. Hopefully, they can get Powell back soon. I have little hope of the corrupt NCAA doing anything decent with respect to Sharife.
He ain't wrong though. A lot of people were saying when he overthrew the AD that he would end up on the sidelines again.