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Someone finally had the stones to put Vaughn on a first team list. I'm not biased at all, but I think Auburn's running game will be the most improved unit in the league. Failing to have a 1K yard rusher last year for the first time in a decade has been eating at Gus.
So basically bump everyone up about 6 spots to take out the programs that don't compete at the highest level.
All signs of a coach learning on the job. It's time he either proves he belongs at this level or gets off the pot.
Nobody really expected this piece of trash to pay back anything. They should have just kept him in jail until the new trees reached maturity.
Auburn is finally getting back to having a stable full of guys that can tote the rock. Having Shivers, Joiner, Williams, Richards and Martin behind him is finally quality depth.
T-Will getting it done. This could be the most talented LB core I've ever seen at Auburn over the next 3-4 years.
I don't get the student sections not being full every game. I went to every game I could. If I couldn't go for some reason, someone that could and would got my ticket. Although, I believe Auburn screwed up the student tickets since then.
UK vs USC should be an important game.
...and congrats on your recruiting titles.
They've both have 1 SEC title, 2 division titles, and a loss in the national title game. If you want to claim a single playoff game as an accomplishment, that's pretty sad.
Recruiting budget is important, but there are a lot of schools that spend that kind of money. Up until this year, Clemson hasn't really been one of the elite recruiting schools. I think the bigger factor is the consistency with their coaching staff.
One of the reasons he was drafted so high is because of his versatility. He played all over the field for Bama. It's just a little tougher to provide run support in the NFL vs college. Time to eat some biscuits and gravy.
Kirby hasn't accomplished anything that Gus hasn't. He's been more consistent, but he also has a huge recruiting and scheduling advantage. He also didn't inherit a 3-8 team.
I think he's a good offensive coach, but definitely overpaid. I probably wouldn't have any issues with the results if he were getting paid $3 million per year. His contract is one of the reasons Auburn is searching for a new President. This year will determine whether or not he's learned to adapt his offense to be successful. He's been learning on the job for the past 5 years, and it's time to prove he's worth it.
Probably a combination of track results, timed 40s, and wow plays during games. Schwartz could probably qualify for the Olympic team if he concentrated on track. Javaris Davis was clocked using Zybek timing at 4.24. Ruggs and Waddle jump out on film by consistently outrunning DBs.
I can definitely see Gus using Gatewood inside the redzone when his running advantage could really be utilized.
Sounds more and more like it's going to be Bo, even though both will play a lot against Oregon. They desperately need to get their top 4 WRs back.
Vandy will be the only school where wine will outsell beer.
Such a waste of talent. Good luck to the kid wherever he lands.
I'm just not that excited about this game. The Gus roller coaster has me expecting the worse. Even with a win, I won't have my hopes up. Washington meant nothing last year.
...and I would have Rolling Toomer's Corner, the eagle flight around the stadium, and Tiger Walk above everything else on this list.
Interesting take. The author sees malls for shopping as a big plus...I think that's about all I need to know about that person and their list.
Don't blame the owners for the crappy rookie contracts. The NFLPA were the ones that didn't like seeing rookies making more money than them.
I think LSU and UGA's non-conf schedule is tougher than Florida's. FSU and Miami will be .500 teams. Utah State will be a tougher out than both.
Looks like you guys forgot to disable the comment section on this advertisement.
Depends on the guaranteed money offered. Several NFL QBs are bringing that kind of money, but who knows what the details are?
Whether he was dismissed or not has no bearing on his eligibility. I would actually be surprised if the NCAA denies his waiver. Only because there is no rational reason for them to approve it.
I would say he could walk over to FAU's campus and try, but he couldn't beat out Francois.