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Surprised to see Auburn favored. Although 1.5 is pretty much a pickem.
Nike shoes have been trash for a long time. You got to think if he's not seriously hurt, they will throw the bank at him for his first endorsement. They can't afford to have him popping up in an Adidas or Puma add.
No Lawrence? With their schedule, Clemson most likely finishes the regular season undefeated and he should put up some gaudy numbers.
It's still a big IF Auburn makes the dance. I have little to no expectations for the post season though. They have yet to win a true road game against a quality opponent, and haven't improved over the course of the year.
Typical Dawg fan. Always complaining and whining about the conference office. The SEC is out to get them waaaah. A lot of noise from a team that always chokes on the big stage and then gets blown out by a bad Texas team. Auburn never wanted to screw with the original schedule. Quit blaming Auburn.
He's lucky there aren't a lot of good QBs in this years draft. He might be a steal, or might be an expensive clipboard holder. Really tough to tell.
Agree. The combination of no stellar RB and a bad OL was disastrous last year. Still think the most improvement needs to be made on the OL.
So switching jobs is a stability move? He's a Baton Rouge native and had a chance to reunite with Les Miles. Stupid mutt.
It wasn't a rough screen, but you don't normally see that in a pickup game. Dude setting the screen was either trying to provoke him or one of those try-hards that usually get someone hurt. His reaction was a little overboard, but I probably would have been a little ticked to.
Unless something changes, Auburn isn't making the tourny this year. This team just isn't playing well.
Stalker alert! Hey dip$hit...it was a joke about a fake recruit. Lighten up Francis.
Bama did, but then pulled his offer on signing day. He's now in the transfer portal and visiting multiple SEC schools.
It's funny that the NCAA granted the waiver without Fields or his lawyer having to appear and argue. Mars is a POS, but he know's how the NCAA works. They wanted this to go away without getting any more press.
Who's surprised by this? Terry has admitted that where a kid commits affects his rating, so he can't take that shot at Rivals. 247 personally rates only about 1/2 of the 3* and up recruits...so it will be interesting if they really change their policy.
So they're going back to the ghetto...how lovely.
I think Prince Tega could be all SEC by the end of the year. He was new to football and started to turn the corner last year under Grimes. He's got ideal size and athleticism and I expect him to have a better NFL career than college.
With all 5 starters departing after this year, Ashley transferring, and the fact that they signed 0 OTs this past cycle...better than average chance he will be a starter.
Not arguing it would be tough. Auburn has just historically turned promising seasons into disaster and low expectations into magical runs. It's nothing to do with stats, returning talent, or schedule. Just a hunch.
I had no idea the games were being played until I saw it on TV at a bar. I don't watch a lot of TV period, so I don't know how it's been advertised. I think the season could stretch until the end of May without affecting the NFL or other sports. I like how they build teams in cities with players from those areas. Gives familiarity right off the bat. B'ham is a good choice for one of the cities, but they need to find something better than Legion Field. No one wants to go there for a game.
And how many passes has Mac Jones attempted over the last two years?
Name one other than Gatewood. The fact is, he has settled for his #3 or #4 QB in every recruiting cycle. That's the biggest reason he's had to look for transfers.
The sleeper is Auburn. If one thing is consistent about Auburn, it's their inconsistency. Gus is coaching for his job and will be especially focused having taken over the offensive reigns. No expectations are exactly what the team needs.
What highly rated QB has Gus ever signed that hasn't worked out? Gatewood was always going to be a project and may still work out. Johnson was a low 4*. He might or might not ever be able to develop a QB, but it's not like he's ever had a kid as talented as Nix to start with.
Auburn has to get more size and better play from the bench. Relying on 3 pt shots on the road is never going to end well.