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Yes, I'm referring to the play unions. Somehow, the NCAA gets all of the criticism but are not the ones preventing kids from going pro.
I'm interested to see if they throw it to a TE this year. Deal and Frazier have huge upsides...but were never used.
I can understand the parents defending him, I just think it's bad parenting. But then again...they keep letting him drive. I'm just old school. Kid probably should have immediately gotten youthful offender status 2 years ago and been sent off to a military school. I've seen a lot of spoiled brats get straightened out that way.
I actually hope the league doesn't change their rule. Most coaches are opposed to changing it as well. Free agency is bad enough with having to worry about other schools poaching. It's really time for players to start to push the pro leagues to change their eligibility requirements. Keep college sports amateur.
Leach is an odd fit for MSU. I think he would be much happier at a place like USF in Tampa. There's the potential there for a top 25 program and they have a pirate ship.
He never could win over the the alumni and deep pockets at Auburn. He's an extreme introvert and never tried. First and only coach at Auburn that refused to tour the different alumni branches around the South East to shake hands and kiss babies.
The kid is a real POS and so are his parents for defending him. Yes kids make mistakes, but he's been arrested since then doing the same thing. Smoking weed and driving into oncoming traffic at high speeds. At this rate, he's going to kill again.
20 years ago, the NCAA would have already have banned Wade for life and crippled the basketball program. They used to not rely on absolute evidence. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck... LSU is lucky the NCAA has been neutered.
If Cuomo gets canned it will be over his nursing home decisions and the coverup that followed.
...everywhere except in Alabama. It will probably take another 50 years to become legal there.
It seems like a natural fit for his ability. They really need another DT now with the injury to Wright. Hope it pays off both him and Auburn.
The situations are complete opposite...so far from hypercritical. Bama has more players and commits than they have scholarships for. Auburn is recruiting transfers because they've got open spots. Auburn wouldn't be hitting the transfer market if they didn't have some unexpected transfers. So who is uninformed?
Speaking of life issues...get triggered by message boards much or are you just 12 years old?
Bruce was never accused of anything. Auburn's case is most like Oklahoma State's, not the schools you mentioned. They've already taken scholarship reductions, Auburn self imposed recruiting restrictions, two players lost two years of eligibility, the person who committed the infractions was immediately fired, and the school imposed a post-season ban. They've done more than any other school (probably a poor decision).
Because Roy Williams forgot how to coach or quit trying...hence his retirement. When the writing was on the wall that he was transferring because of playing time, his minutes and productivity went way up. Too late though.
He won't be the last to get processed. It's a lot harder to fudge the numbers in basketball.
Well, Saban is only 64% in the rivalry...so his math is terrible. Beyond that, the only reason Gus lasted longer than 5 years was because of his record against Saban. It's surely not what got him fired. Ever to conquer, never to yield...
Being a politician shouldn't be a career. I would vote for him.
I understand that when a coach leaves or when one becomes incapacitated. I'm referring to switching two coaches rolls on a whim when they are both already on staff. From what I've read, the designated assistants have to be approved by athletic directors and reported to conference offices before the first pre-season practice. They can only be changed due to attrition.
So it's OK to swap coaches in and out of on field coaching rolls, as long as they aren't on the field at the same time? That sounds like another loop hole that is allowing him to have 38 on field coaches instead of the normal 19. I wonder if he's the only one doing this?
As much as I think the G League is a good option for a lot of the top HS players, I want them to selfishly stay away from Auburn's commits. ;-) They can swoop in at any time and steal a player with a fat check.
It will be interesting to see if players get a waiver for transferring in conference. The rumor was, that's the reason UK didn't take Powell. He might have to sit out next year.
They couldn't respond while they were in their pajamas during COVID.
There's also a lot of buzz about Scoot reclassifying. If he does and Auburn can land Gurley or Kessler, I think they are the favorite to win the conference.
Only a sick person would condone that type of behavior. I don't care if you hunt or hug trees...abusing any animal is a sign of your own inadequacies.
I have no ill will towards Davion, but F*** Scott Drew! Cheatin Bastage!
I've seen several rumors...but I doubt we'll ever hear the truth for certain.
The "We didn't want him anyway...or there's someone better coming in" is purely a Bama thing.