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Someone should remind Phil that ADs have to manage more than just football. If he's out on the recruiting trail and focusing on beating Nick, who's running the Athletic Dept?
0-7 when Auburn has a good team. Nick's only hope is that Auburn is having a down year.
There's a major flaw in your article. As we have been reminded all year long, the playoff is absolutely NOT about getting the 4 most deserving teams in the playoff. It's about getting the 4 best teams. Deserving can be more objective. You can use stats, schedules and records to back up one's argument. "Best" is all subjective and boils down to a popularity contest. Something that desperately needs to change.
Martin and Barrett are good runners, but both are lacking in the blocking dept. They just need another year or two in the weight room. Miller is a good pass blocker, but doesn't have the burst or moves of the others. Auburn seriously needs to sign some more talent at RB.
Yep, this doesn't look like it's going to end well. Fulmer will push Pruitt out like he did Majors and Currie.
They are way out of hand. But, as long as the Universities continue to run in the black very little will change.
I would imagine Kirby is going to see quite an increase as well.
UT rolled the dice because they had no other choice. Who knows if Pruitt will be a good hire. Nobody else went after Pruitt as a HC...so.
So...doesn't that make it awkward for Heupel? I get wanting to finish the season with your team, but you made the decision. Time to let it go.
Having seen Auburn play both, I would have gone with Smith. Both are great players though.
I'm a little surprised. It seems Pruitt's been a "screw you, I'm doing it my way" kind of guy that has butted heads with people at every stop. I'm curious if Fulmer can stay out of his biz and let him be a HC.
PFF is greatly affected by a school's schedule and a team's style of play. It's just part of the picture.
I looked at the stats, and KJ is better. More yards and TDs...and he played in fewer games.
I think they should remove the restrictions for when their HC gets fired. If the HC leaves on his own, you can't allow them to just poach the players. But, if a coach gets fired, I think that's enough reason to allow an automatic waiver for the players. That would also curb some of the negative recruiting that several schools use when a coach is on the hot seat.
Considering the circumstances, it was about the only thing they could do. No one else was going to take that job.
Depends on the state. I've been pulled over for having my fog lights on in FL. I guess it could be considered a distraction to other drivers.
If there's an award for being the Swiss Army Knife of college football, Golson should win it. I've never seen an OL switch around so much and still be so good at all positions.
Dabo is 100% going to Bama when Saban retires. He still wears his Bear pajamas.
Lamar Jackson is the best this year...again. Unfortunately, team records are a big factor.
It's early and the teams have different needs. A bit silly to be comparing. I'm sure Bama will end up with another top 3 class when all is said and done. As long as Auburn ends up in the top 10 and addresses it's needs, that should be good enough to keep them competitive for years to come.
I hope you guys don't pick Steele. I would love to keep Auburn's defensive staff in tact.
I can't stand Mayfield, but he's the obvious choice.
I think that has more to do with why Les couldn't get over the hump. As far as Richt, he did kind of trail off those last couple of years. But, he was already under fire for not winning it all. Both guys were averaging nearly 10 wins a year.
Ah...the excuse of the season. Bama's injuries...because every other team they played was completely healthy.
I'm a little surprised. He went through the trouble of hiring the guy after a disastrous year at UF. He must have believed in him.
There's some truth to that, but at the same time he's incorporated a lot of spread principles into his own offense. RPOs, zone reads, dual threat QB, hurry up offense...it's pretty funny if you think about how critical he's been of it in the past.