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I think auburn is like 7 or 8 spots too high. Until I see our new an play in a game that matters I ain't jumping on the hype yet. Still sore over our last "heisman contender"
Dang, I was coming here to write that.
Tell that to thUGA fans whenever someone from Auburn gets in trouble.
I would he moderately confident about lsu, but since it's in red stick I think we lose. Until the curse of the cigar game is broken I have no confidence about going to death Valley
That's for on the field performance, not because it looks like cte.
Saban is the type of guy to drink unicorn blood. Also, another could be created considering it's been done before. Hermione isn't the type of person to do it, but I'm willing to bet if she put her mind to it she could.
I like this idea, but I think Auburn should get state rather than Ole Miss. The only reason being that the only team Auburn has played more than state is UGA. Idk if I would call it a rivalry, but man do I hate state.
Having state as the permanent rival makes more sense. We've played them the second most of any team. I know Florida would make for "more exciting" games, but they make more sense with east rivals or LSU being permanent.
I'm pretty sure it goes to the highest ranked SEC team, not including playoff teams. Barring UF upsetting Bama will likely be Auburn.
Auburn is way more likely to get the Sugar bowl. UT will be lucky to do better than the music city bowl.
You got I back words. I was born American and moved to Germany, not the other way around. Plus why the hell would I burn them after a win? Lol
My bad, I should have noticed that. Thanks for clearing it up.
Missing a few teams aren't we? I count 4 missing at first glance.
Pettway won't play this week or next week. Lashlee wouldn't have said anything about him practicing if there were any chance of him playing. Hopefully KJ can step up big returning as the starter.
Doubt we'll hear anything until game time. Gus doesn't talk about injuries ever really, heck no one even knew Sean was injured until kickoff last week.
Better then barely beating app state. How long has it end since UT beat a team from the west?
As much as I would love for Auburn to dominate the east every year, that wouldn't make sense. The Bama rivalry is too big for both Auburn and UT. Also it puts 4 of the "traditional" powers in the east, rather than 3 and 3.
Why, our RB leads the conference even though he sat two games, and we don't use a TE really. He would fit in at UGA better. He doesn't need to change his current production levels, and he is already use to losing to Florida.
Let's slow down on the Ole Miss and Arky hype. Ole Miss has never played in the championship game, and Arky was only really competitive under Petrino. A&M has been competitive since they joined, but mizzou has also been competitive (until the on campus implosion). UGA has been good until this season, and UF is a decent team. I'll be honest UT is a dumpster fire right now so you have a point there. I think in the long run you can't expect that moving Auburn and Bama to the east will fix things. Sure the championship game will be closer, but the majority of the games will be the exact same.
All you want is for the west to be easy for LSU.
I appreciate the optimism, but we won't get close to top 4 unless we beat an undefeated Bama and a 1 loss UF.
My bias is showing, but I think Auburn should be in the top 10. I guess that's why they don't ask me.
I think Auburn wins but 25 points seems a bit excessive.
It's all good as long as Toomer's doesn't get poisoned / set on fire again.
Rip. I went to high school with a cousin of his, never met him personally, but he seemed like a good guy from all the family stories.
As an Auburn fan, my condolences to the LSU family. We lost Tiger (War Eagle VI) a few years ago, so I understand how tough it is for the fans. I wish yall the best of luck finding a new Mike.
Those games exist to keep 4 of the big 6 happy. The LSU/UF game is fake but AU/UGA and UT/UA games mean a lot to the conference. There is probably a much better way to solve the issue, but for now it's what we have.
1) Auburn beats state by 15 2) UT gets exposed, and loses by 21 3) The Kirby honeymoon is officially over,after USA beats a terrible USCe by 3 4) The loser of the vandy/UK game should forfeit the season.
At worst Auburn is the 3rd worst team in the west considering we just beat LSU, who you just mentioned struggled to beat the worst team in the west. Hell we may even be the 4th worst team, based on mutual opponents between our two teams.
Well considering Auburn is older than LSU, and Mizzou has been in the conference less than 10 years, I think it's clear we should be the tigers of the SEC