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This is silly. wouldnt be the first or last time a bama fan said F auburn... just let them play the song. pretty cool with a stadium singing anything in unison.. even if its incredibly vulgar
i get the feeling that everybody has forgotten that jordan-hare can be a pretty hostile place to play. we havent had a night game in a year or two
lol salty much? You are literally "sick" hahaha
dude, tj neal wont even start lol.
agree. sean white, when healthy, is a serious gamer.
lol we fell for the "best QB in the country" hype last year.
ill give cam the benefit of the doubt on this one. the guy literally is the one quarterback who seeks contact. It is fishy looking though.
from what ive seen hes lost a big step. needs to go back to his foundations and repair the damage. he was electric in 2013. hope to see it again soon.
ricardo louis and Ray leaving is the best thing to happen to auburn. two skill guys who absolutely suck at catching the ball and running routes.
look im as biased as you but you know damn well georgias backs have been better over the years.
you can say that about any system lol. "bamas rbs are only good because of the offensive line". they all play the same game man. i would put georgia at the top of the rb list. but i would make bama/au 1a and 1b
apparently, playing Madden 2016 on the jumbo tron was a huge hit.
kinda wondering how Skybar in auburn didnt make this list.
it might be the highest acceptance rate but i guess the people applying are smart... the avg ACT score for this incoming freshman class is 27-28.
best burger in auburn is easily niffers or the hound. cheeburger cheeburger might fall in with a whopper level
pretty sure that the series is even. and you are coming to Auburn this season. talk the trash while you still can!
me either. I only think we win 9-10 games this year. next year is a different story as we will be absolutely loaded.
we didnt forget anything. the man has played in 13 games in nick marshalls offense. he excelled in all of them.
ummmmmmm... everyone in auburn at least knows that thats where you get food poisoning.. not sure how its still open.
very well could have won a few of those 5 losses Btucker... obviously not georgia but we were very much in the other games. and yes, muschamp is a miracle worker. his track record alone in the first season is pretty phenomenal.
Michael Irvin's nephew plays for auburn now. Saw Michael at our A-Day.
great work, Murf. For our sake on the plains, I hope they aren't what you say they could be.
im sorry that was funny as hell... "best trio of backs in the league".... ill say boom is good but thats all
and if you are only going off A-Day then you need to open your eyes a little wider. We all thought Barrett Trotter might be the starter when Cam Newton played in A-day.
IMO you have no idea jovon robinson is. you have never seen him play. I have. the man is a monster (235lbs), runs a 4.5, and is incredibly smart with running behind blockers. I love Roc thomas just as much as you, but dont write off a guy that you havent even see play.