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There's "hot take" and there's this take. UK doesn't belong in the Top 25. Not sure why they had received so much hype this year to start with. Having said that, they'll probably go 0-3 into Knoxville and win, because that's how it works.
The two divisions, like any, will cycle between being up and down. The entire east was a complete dumpster fire less than 10 years ago and now several schools are rebuilding. I think it's too early in the year to say that one is better than the other, but Auburn doesn't even pass the eye test and they're 2nd in the West.
There is solid depth behind the 5. Keep in mind, nearly everyone behind the starters now, has started on the line at some point in the last year. This is the first time in 10-15 years that we've had a great and deep offensive line. Definitely the best part of the team right now.
I think you should consult a physician to get on some meds.
They're so insufferable and have vandalized my vehicle once at a neutral site game... that didn't even include them. At games, you can't even make small talk with them. They just act like the world is only fit for themselves.
Personally, my most 2 truly hated fanbases are USCjr & Vandy. But I also hate Bama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Miss State, Missouri, and Arkansas... So basically nearly everyone. But I don't hate hate them. Only USCjr and Vandy.