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If we lose to Bama and LSU wins out, we actually finish behind them in the SEC West standings because of the head-to-head tie break. Let's not dog them just yet.
^That time, you wanted so badly for SDS to have a "delete comment" button...
Completely disagree. OU is the overrated team in this matchup. Inflated offensive numbers against terrible Big12 defenses. They've only twice faced a top 50 defense this season and both were OU losses. A completely healthy Auburn should win by a couple TDs.
On the flip side of that, OU has only twice faced a top 50 defense this entire season. Those two games? Losses to Ohio State and Houston.
Auburn has been the 2nd highest ranked SEC for 4 weeks now. Well before TN/Vandy.
I've seen a lot of Tennessee fans saying that. Auburn and Florida were both ranked higher than Tennessee before they lost to Vandy. Even with losses that weekend, Auburn dropped 1 spot and Florida didn't move. It's reasonable to believe that either of those teams could've gone over Tennessee even with a win over Vandy.
Also according to that website you linked, Muschamp is still at Florida, Richt is still at UGA, and Pinkel is still at Mizzou.
There hasn't been a "BCS" bowl in three years. I believe you mean NY6 Bowl.
Really can go either way. A fully healthy Auburn has the distinct advantage as OU's defense is pretty abysmal and our, again fully healthy, offense should run over them. Our defense is good this year but Mayfield to Westbrook is something to be concerned about as one of the top QB/WR combos in college football. Should be a good game.
Hahaha but look at all the aftermath of bringing it up!
Just a guess but I would imagine 1 to school, 1 to AD and 1 to Les (HC).
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Democrat and friend of Hillary Clinton was also predicting a Hillary victory a few weeks ago...I'm just saying...
I'm very well aware. My comment was sarcastic in response to TIDEPIT saying that Auburn "should be going to the chick fil a bowl at best!" He clearly doesn't know what he's talking about since the Chick-fil-A Bowl IS the Peach Bowl. It's the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl.
This. This is one of the best analysis articles written on SDS. It's solid, not overly opinionated and you admit times you were wrong. John Crist could use some pointers from you.
In your analysis, I'm glad you're using logic other than just season record (which is virtually identical between the two teams anyway) like strength of schedule, common opponents, offensive and defensive stats, etc... to form your opinion instead of just blatant bias against Auburn (it seems you struggle with spelling so I decided to help you). Also, I'd be more than happy to see Auburn going to the Chick-fil-A (Peach) bowl. What was that about someone being a "barntard" again?
Lol at the people seriously getting upset about this.
And I don't know if there is a "+" option for getting an "A" but if there is (like there is for the others), give to Saban and then give him a gold star for time he chewed out Lane Kiffin for trying to be cute with play calling or all the times he let loose on journalists for asking stupid questions. I don't have to like Saban to respect him as a seriously great football coach.
Auburn got "crushed" by good competition? The only team that really handily beat us was Alabama. Clemson won because of the QB carousel and it was a close finish, A&M ran away a little bit and won in the fourth quarter after our defense was exhausted, and Georgia won because Auburn was battered. All three of the those teams definitely beat Auburn, I don't want to take that away from them but Auburn getting "crushed" is certainly not what happened other than the Iron Bowl.
There is so much chatter about Lane Kiffin between Alabama or LSU and it's basically all about one season, tops. If he doesn't get a head coach offer that he wants this season, he'll stay at Alabama or go to LSU for one season and then probably get the HC offer he wants.
Stidham vs. Barrett vs. JF3 would make quite an interesting QB race for next season.
Didn't say I wasn't happy! Auburn is 3-0 against him!
It should also be noted that Auburn has scored 44 TD's this season while LSU has scored 41...
A completely healthy Auburn is every bit as good if not better than LSU right now, just like we were in September.
LSU fired a 114-34 coach, including 7-4 in bowl games, who won them two SEC Championships, a National Championship, and took them to another so they could hire their 3rd choice coach who is 10-25 with his own program and players. I'm not saying they shouldn't have fired Les but I can't believe they replaced him with Orgeron.
Put Williams or Webb behind Auburn or LSU's O-line and I think you could see freaky numbers from either one. I love Pettway and Guice is good but Williams and Webb have my vote.
This would have been a better article for the last two years than this year. I agree there is disparity between the leagues, that has been the case for several years now as you mentioned but, this year specifically, I would say the league from #2 (whoever that is) to #14 (whoever that is) is the closest it's been in some time, maybe ever. A 5-9 record against the West is a step up from 2-13 last year. Granted that will change to 5-10 this weekend but that has nothing to do with East vs. West and everything to do with Alabama being the only SEC (maybe FBS) team playing solid college football right now. Add the fact that 6 East teams are automatically Bowl eligible compared to 5 West teams, a stark shift from the 7 West teams and only 3 East teams eligible last year, and a case is made that the disparity collapsing has already begun.
It would seem they're suggesting OSU falls to #4 which would make sense considering OSU can not win their conference and assuming Clemson and Washington win their own conferences. On that note, it's a bit absurd Ohio State would get to be in it at all if Penn State wins the Big10 next weekend.
What an odd year that the SEC Sugar Bowl representative, whether Auburn, Florida (barring some crazy mishap), or Tennessee, will be an 8-win ball team. None of the teams have certainly done anything to even deserve the trip to New Orleans.
Not worth arguing, the AP ended up doing it the way they should have; LSU moving up and Auburn and Florida dropping down but without them crossing one another.
You're right that none deserve the Sugar Bowl but someone has to go and it should certainly be Florida or Auburn (respectively in my opinion) more than LSU.