Former Iraq War Vet but always a Marine. Ooh Rah KILL!!!

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Go play in a crap bowl and embarrass the SEC just like South Carolina
I've always said they should be named Arkansucks.
I swear Daniel Carelson the AllAmerican wins it for AU!!!!!!
Bamer will see Hurts choke but stomp the Gaytards down in ATL. I can see it now All American kicker Daniel Carelson boots one from 54 to take a 2 point lead with 1:12 to go n Mr Hurts gets pressured from Montravious, Brown and Lawson and throws the game ending pick. WDE
Defense is going to pressure freshly Hurts into taking sacks or throwing 2 ints that cost bamer the game by 2 Carelson fgs n AU wins by 6. Always win inTuscalooser!! D line is going to have a field day. Petteway runs for 128 n 2 scores on the way to an AU victory. Fight on you orange and blue! I said it's great to be an Auburn Tiger. Win that title bamer but you will always have that AU blemish on that reord. War Damn Eagle.
Bamer rolls to another easy natl champ with a loss to AU and AU will stomp out either Wisky or have a hell of a game against Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl after they lose to UM. Daniel Carelson will kick game winning 56 yard fg against bamer cause we have kickers, right bamer?lol He will also win the Ray Guy award. War Fu@n Eagle per Spikes!
It's gona not be a shock to AU fans cause we don't lose in Tuscalooser we will win by 2 Carelson fgs cause AU has kickers as always lol right Beamer? gamer will go on to win a natl championship with the loss to AU n we will never let me forget it. AU goes undefeated when we do things. Hurts will be hurt in 2nd qtr by dominant AU D line and Bateman chokes. Lol congrats on the natl champ though bamer
Yeah he is just as shi&$y as Zook lol Hire a while man the Texas people want!
Were going to hurt Jaleeeeen Hurts by our superior D line n Bateman will choke n Carelson wil continue to prove AU has the best fg kickers and win again in our 2nd stadium. Y'all will go on to win a natl championship but will always remember we beat y'all. When we win s)$t we go undefeated. WDE
Damn straight it don't but Sir Charles is right. He never picks AU n he knows that our D line is going to screw up that fresher and either make him choke or hurt him. Carelson will make yalls fg kicking game still look like a joke and we win by 4 like we always do in Tuscalooser. We don't lose at Jordan Haire West. We will run for 200 on that D cause Frankln will show y'all. War Damn Eagle
You forgetting about all the AU talent son. We have NFL talent also youhoo.
AU D line is better and y'all know it. We are going to send Lawson and Brown along with big ass #1 n y'all know who he is and Hurts is going to be just that hurt in the 2nd qtr and Coper will lose the game along with y'all pathetic fg kicking game that Carelson makes look like a freaking peewee fg unit. After Jaleeeeen goes down y'all wil choke in Tuscalooser like y'all always do and we win by 4. WAR F@&:$!? EAGLE.