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Shockley should be ahead of Murray and Stafford. He accomplished more in 1 season, than either of them could over 3-4 years. An SEC Championship. That's all that matters. And he didn't leave Knowshon or AJ Green either. Just saying.
The fact we never attempt screen passes, when the line is being dominated, and with 4 proven pass catchers out of the backfield, makes absolutely zero sense. Chaney is incompetent and needs to be let go if he can't figure that out.
I was honestly gonna rip on you for saying "fake news", because I hate that term. Just like "snowflake". But I saw your handle is Pootietang, and therefore, you definitely have my utmost respect sir. And I definitely agree, gotta be pretty sick to make up stories about death threats. It's kind of hard to imagine a coach that's taken his team to multiple SEC ships getting death threats though. Sounds "Fishy". Lol.