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A gator fan should understand this logic better than anyone. Spurrier used to absolutely cram bulletin board material down his opponents throats because he knew his teams could back it up and when they did it made the loss 10x more bitter . I like his brash approach. He'll never sustain success against OSU unless he lets recruits know, things are changing .
Can you imagine the personal investment it takes to keep a team performing at Alabama's level week after week , year after year ? It doesn't matter how many 5 stars he has or how much money he gets paid to do it. Eventually your mind and body gets fatigued. I bet he's fantasized about just taking a week off to go fishing and tell Bama fans and especially media to go #### themselves. He'll get it straightened out , if he has to fire /hire to do it, but I think his gasket just can't hold back the frustration and irritation of that kind of consistent pressure.
Now there's a demon that needs exorcised. The players were barely more than toddlers when that Peach Bowl blowout happened, but nevertheless, Clemson needs to be purified from our past. One of the most emphatic signs that dark days were ahead for UT football.
I have an extra Vols hat if you want it Corch. I think it's time you came out and stopped pretending you aren't a UT fan.
I agree with GFA . Georgia is extremely impressive in the way they take a couple shots , adjust , and shut you down. It's about time all those highly rated classes live up to their bill.
It's been a weird year. Glad we've both had some bright spots and both programs have some things to be optimistic about.
I think a lot of people, scoffing at praise given to UT, are forgetting how shockingly bad the Vols were last season. Yes it's silly to tout rankings like 60 and 75 in D and ST . The real point though, is a historically awful team lost most of it's " best players " and actually put a watchable team on the field this year. If it were Kentucky or say Ole Miss , I'd be impressed to see that kind of improvement in the facce of certain gloom. Nobody is going to be impressed with teams like Georgia, Alabama, or Florida being anything but top 10 in every stat line. The only traditionally successful programs that have struggled as much as Tennessee this decade still really really stink.
On one hand, let's not pretend this was last year's Alabama team . This year there's some clear warts that their best teams didn't have. But, on the other hand their roster is still disgustingly loaded and Tennessee nipped at their heels into the 4th qtr , so yeh, there's a lot to be excited about . We went from being easily one of the worst teams in college football to being a team you actually have to show up for or you're going to get beat. Much more fun being a Vol fan for sure.
Bama is mortal , but still Bama . UT is very very thin on depth and plays very well in spurts.
Yeh unfortunately someone already came and snatched that dragon's loot while it was snoozing and he's gonna be paying attention this time.
Yeh that's a lot of shoe to fill. Lucky for him he has a few people around him that know a little about high pressure and hype. If anyone can keep him grounded surely they can.
If you believe all the little stories from former players, ALL major universities are paying in some form. The thing is , only his staff in the 21st Century was stupid enough to leave a nice little trail . It's hard to imagine someone would make the mistakes his assistants did .
I have to rephrase this since I masked an obscenity. It wasn’t the team’s fault a large section of the stands went full re… nevermind, you get what I’m saying. The team had no control over that idiotic stuff. That’s what’s sad about the whole thing . The d--b a--es that made that scene will mostly drive home and go on about their business after they sleep it off, but the black eye will be mostly on the University as a whole. Recruiting , negative publicity etc.
Undeserved? It's not like UT wasn't down key players too. It sucked for both teams to have the injuries they did, but UT had more than their fair share of bad luck . Tiyon Evans alone changes the complexion of that game. Still OM was better top to bottom and won as expected, but had Milton tossed a TD at the end, it would have been a well earned win.
Hopefully nobody got hurt after the game . The were apparently a lot of people that had their first beers tonight.
No it wasn't at all. A lot of the other times were frustration over the ridiculous amount of times their players "cramped up" when UT was on offense. Cheering when the qb went down was ugly though. Stupid drunks.
It was a pretty sloppy game at times . The team that choked less won.
No doubt. Our social security system is a decade or so away from collapse, we have China's military built up on man made sandbars in the middle of the ocean, and people are stressed and upset that a man complemented a woman on her outfit. Nucking futs.
The outfit also has a problem with that statement. It identifies as chicken. Watch yourself
No, you are not supposed to be attracted to women anymore . At least publicly. Straight people are expected to stay in the closet where we belong now.
I have to see Georgia not be Georgia before I can believe that. I feel an epic choke coming for the pups.
Yep. They walked into a pre-built recurring title contender . I don't think they realized how much work it takes to maintain that . Now they do.
Tennessee is fun to watch again , absolutely. Against similar roster talent. I hope I look like a negative idiot Sunday morning , but I just don't think our team is ready to go toe to toe with a good offense like Mississippi. Maybe we come out focused and give them a game, but our thin depth is going to show up by the 2nd qtr most likely . They're going to spin us like a top, but I'm more than excited about our future.
Ok , I see. Not a reference I was too young to get, just too ignorant. My apologies.
If you meant following Meyer to Florida from Utah and keeping the same basic job , still.... that's not a lateral move. Not close.
Maybe the whole thing blew over my head. Were you not implying that moving from Miss St to Florida was a lateral move? If not , I apologize , and please enlighten me.
A lot of Tennessee fans feel like Texas came in later and therefore should recognize Tennessee as the "real UT" , myself included, however Texas was very strong early on in their football's toddler days , so really we should be respectful of each other's past and just agree UT-e and UT-w . Same story with Southern Cal and South Carolina. I guess then there would be nothing to argue over the internet about though.
That sounds like a reasonable take. I'm thinking like 31-24 or 24-17 kinda game , if , the vols play a clean game and don't self destruct. I refuse to believe we are capable of pulling a similar game against uSCe to last week until I see it. Just too many hyped games gone bad.