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Doesn't matter if the coach knocked up your mom, gave your spot to a walk-on , and told the whole team to sing you have a mangina . You don't badmouth your former team and coaches publicly. It's just plain stupid.
The heisman should be decided after bowl season and the NC game. If one or two big games can make or break a heisman invite, then they all should be played before given that award imo.
In our last meeting , we had a significant talent advantage and they thumped us . It felt like that game stuck a fork in our program and signaled our downward spiral . I pray we show up to play . It's our turn to return the favor.
Come on man, that's just weak. Tennessee gave you guys an easy free TD late in the game and answered your every shot. Regardless of how inept they looked against Georgia and South Carolina , they matched you for every swing and beat the gumps in regulation. Nothing more , nothing less. It's hard to admit when you're not king anymore, but reality is reality.
I don't know if Alabama deserves a spot more than OSU does , but I think they'd go toe to toe with anyone below Georgia right now. So why not?
I don't really know what was going on with our defense . It seemed more than just having an off day for sure. That being said , everyone blames the coaches when things don't go well. Most of the time , it's the players not doing what they're supposed to do or just stinking at it in general . Rattler was making throws on a rope last night. Dude was on another level.
Thank you for that , I mean just showing class in a world where it's becoming less and less frequent.
Over confidence doesn't really fit Heupel's personality. His team just tilted full re tad and left him standing there trying to put the pieces together on the fly. I will admit that it was his fault for not having his DC have another LB on defense capable of getting everyone lined up . All the talk of "next man up" early in the season and they obviously lost their minds without Jeremy Banks to hold their hands.
I actually loved the helmets. Can't blame a color combination for a team showing up drunk.
Point is, it's not a gimmick . Put the right players all over the field like the real top 2 or 3 teams have and Heupel's offense steamrolls.
I don't think the offense "scheme" is a gimmick at all. It absolute works if the players running it are comparable athletes to the one's defending it. Then you have Tennessee running it . When we were clicking, it gave people fits. But eventually, the talent disparity in some cases , or just really poor execution in others, made it look bad. Our Oline gets pushed around , our receivers start dropping easy catches , or the normally sharp qb starts overshooting his receivers by 6 feet . Tell me Tua's better teams running this offense wouldn't be scary. Imagine Alabama's better olines with Tua, Julio Jones, Amari Cooper , Derek Henry running it. They'd drop 70 per game against pretty much anyone . Put JJ or DH in space against anyone and it's probably 6 .
Very few people think this way. A lot of folks are sick of the lack of defense and preparation, but only a few hot heads are pulling the Butch comparisons. Heupel's earned a place at UT for the foreseeable future. The DC and DBs coach on the other hand , may want to rethink their strategy going forward.
Hopefully the underclassmen learned from this. Nothing is given to you in this league. You don't deserve anything you don't fight your tail off for. You don't take a week off to think ahead. You go in half -ssed expecting an easy win against a struggling team with a 5 star qb, and you're probably going to get lit up . Painful
Agreed . Seriously wish the mouthy talkers , fans and players , would jump off the wagon and go somewhere else.
I believe the team must have had that same mentality heading into this game. Someone must have forgotten to warn them that Rattler was a match buried In the hay. Eventually he was gonna get a spark and a gust of wind and Tennessee's defense was just what he needed . Hard lesson to learn in dramatic fashion. You earn your wins in the SEC.
Rattler will go have a highlight reel performance against us. Of course we'll still probably win comfortably.
Georgia will have the satisfaction of knowing they prevented Tennessee from having a heisman at the end of it all. Maybe the football gods will let karma reign and let UT deny them a national title .
If I remember right, Spurrier was p/o'd about Fulmer smoking them his first time at bat in 92 and after that Spurrier had no mercy.
I would say most people didn't like it. Did you see Heupel's face after the last TD? He wasn't gloating. When your job is to get your team competing for titles and not sitting at home during the playoffs, you do what you have to do. He'd already blown his chance to walk in easy. Respect is much needed in sports as anywhere else, but this was no disrespect.
I don't think the committee needed to be awakened to UT's suspect defense this late in the season . Nice to have something to hang your hat on I guess.
If it's against some FCS lower ladder team, you take a knee every time in that spot. Against an SEC team that has played at a respectable level , you put a grenade in their cold dead carcass.
Honestly I think it was just to reward Milton for sticking around and getting live game reps (just in case scenario) He hasn't had a chance to play much this year. If you can end his year with a couple bomb TDs , that really puts his confidence at a higher level going into next season.
Heupel's offense is far from a fraud. Tennessee got beat by better athletes. Simple as that and nothing more.
Lol @ Sir..this is a Wendy's . That's one long winded rant even for you . Jeeez
Hard to argue there. Lots of stupid talk for weeks. I agree with Uglyfisherman. We have no business in the playoffs. I'd love a good NY6 bowl . We still have a lot of work to do.
You're actually right. The theme since the Florida game was , " how good is this team really?" Today answered it. Good enough to challenge the 2nd tier of the SEC, and not quite there yet for the top.
If I was forced to bet the farm , it would be on Smart. And if it was, it was Smart of Smart.
Oh Oskie, you don't have to be the king to enjoy the game. After the last 20 years, I'll love it if we can go 10-2 or 11-1 for a while. I know you're bummed , but we just got flat ironed by years of stability and high end recruiting on Georgia's part. We'll get there.