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Nah, Jeff Long seems like the perfect type for Tennessee
I'd much rather go to away games in Gainesville FL, Athena GA, Knoxville TN, etc. than go to... Champaign, West Lafayette, Iowa City... blah. SEC is way better. I'm happy in the SEC, I would HATE being in the B1G
Lexington, Kentucky is closer to Detroit than Columbia, MO is.
You must remember that Texas was in the SWC for a LONG time which consisted of... Rice, TCU, SMU, Baylor, etc... some of which were horrifically bad for a long time.
Thank you. We love being in the SEC. There's a lot more to it than football W-L record... So many people forget that.
That's what I'm saying. LOL. This is all a sack of BS.
Right. I honestly think someone is just bored and wanting headlines. This is the slowest part of the offseason. Everyone is getting anxious for week 1. I call BS on the whole thing. There is NO WAY Mizzou, A&M or Arkansas would ever support Texas coming to the SEC.
Also per state law in Oklahoma, OU can't go anywhere without Oklahoma State
"Old Hee Haw" I'm literally cry laughing right now LOL
Can I just point something out... 2012 vs Alabama, Georgia: Sellout 2013 vs Florida, Texas A&M: Sellouts 2014 vs Georgia, Arkansas: Sellouts 2015 vs Florida: 400 short of a Sellout 2016 vs Georgia: Fans pissed off about 2015 protests, unhappy about Odom, still near sellout 2017 vs Florida: Fans still pissed off about 2015, unhappy about Odom, both teams are trash... 2018 vs Georgia: Fans still pissed off about 2015, unhappy about Odom, 11 am kick, still near Sellout... 2019 vs Florida: Fans sick and tired of Odom, still near Sellout 2020: COVID. Mizzou sells a lot of tickets with SEC powers coming to town. There were some exogenous events that have affected things in recent years. Hoping we can get past those. 2015 protests (as much as I hated it) and disgruntled fans unhappy about hiring Odom / keeping Odom through 2019 had a huge effect on attendance. Hoping we are past all that crap now. MIZ
Literally nobody cares about Southwest Missouri State Teachers College football.