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It's a bigger picture than just run/pass. If somebody ran inside zone and Iso plays with Vandy's offensive line, then I would second guess them. But Vandy runs gap schemes like power, counter, etc. These involve the OL blocking at angles and getting lateral movement instead of blocking straight-ahead and getting vertical movement. Spread offenses aren't magic bullets. If you have a bad offensive line, the best thing to do is to have them block angles. The spread simply asks you to live on an island (2-3' line splits) and win 1v1 battles every play hoping you can get your "playmakers in space". Vandy's doing the right thing. Firing Andy Ludwig/Derek Mason or forcing them to change their offensive scheme because everyone else is spreading and melting faces off is just silly.
This is just pathetic. He makes one embarrassing drop in a drill in the first days of training camp and y'all act like the dude's a bust or something. Stick to UT hype articles
Nobleman69, nobody thinks that this was actually a good thing. It was a whiny SJW going on a fake hunger strike to get attention. Nothing about that should be honored, let alone in Stuart Scott's name.
Between this and their last article about Mizzou, SDS is just trolling us. This story is 3 days old
"The Tigers haven't gone more than two consecutive seasons without cracking at least 10 wins". Who does? That's like Alabama, FSU, Ohio State stuff. You act like we're a bad program because of that. Lol Tennessee has won 16 games in two years and you think that they're the second coming of Jesus.
Maybe Florida won the East because South Carolina and Missouri were down
We aren't expecting a lot this season. But not getting any credit where it's deserved is what's frustrating.
That's completely incorrect. Good defense takes you a lot of places, but your offense cannot be awful. A good offense also relies on the defense not being completely awful.
Above average defense? We have one of the top defensive lines in the SEC (7th best pass rushing duo in NCAA according to bleacher report). One of our linebackers is coming off back-to-back 90+ tackle seasons. Aarion Penton is one of the better corners in the SEC, and Anthony Sherrills gets better and better every game. I understand Missouri isn't perfect, but give us some credit where it's deserved. We return 8 starters on defense, meaning we should be even better than last year. And these "handicapping the SEC" rankings are a joke. Tennessee is just number one at everything, like they have no imperfections. Just like last year!
It's such a shame Nessler is leaving for the NFL. His voice is just synonymous with college football.
Where's Harold Brantley? And I like Brady a lot but I would ease up on calling him the best player on the team. Same goes with Beckner. Drew Lock is also a lot better than what everyone is giving him credit for. What could you expect for a true freshman being thrown into the fire with absolutely no help around him?
Get real, man. Not every Mizzou fan is a Bernie-voting puss.
Don't let their record fool you, Tennessee has never lost a single game before. Just ask their fans.
MU's depth lies at OL, not QB. Once Micah Wilson and the other freshman from Westminster HS (forgot the name) come in we'll have 5 QB's on the roster. That seems pretty normal to me
I like that someone's finally giving Mizzou some type of positive recognition, but it sounds like you didn't do much homework. Aside from a new coach, Mizzou isn't going through any sort of "transition" on the defensive line. We literally return every defensive lineman from 2015. And Donavin Newsom isn't a pass rusher. He's an OLB/S hybrid.
Mizzou had a fantastic defensive line that year. There are really two types of defensive lines in football: the one-gap penetration-based DL's (Mizzou and Ole Miss) and the two-gap run stuffing DL's (Alabama). Both have strengths and weaknesses that can be attacked. Mizzou's biggest weakness was that their DL would get so far up the field that it basically took them out of the play against traps, counters, or any quick-hitting run play. Auburn runs a quick-hitting run offense based off of the Delaware Wing-T of the 1950's. When the DL was already 5 yards in the backfield, Tre Mason was to the second level of the defense. It was essentially 5 blockers vs. 3 LB's the entire game. That's why trap was so successful for Auburn that game.
Bud Sasser was wildly underrated. Hell, he made Maty Mauk look good.
He hates because he's a Kentucky fan and has nothing to brag about. Hell, when's the last time Kentucky even made a bowl game?
This is just sad. I can't help but feel bad for the players. Hope Richt gets Miami back to where they used to be, college football just isn't the same without the U being relevant.
No Mizzou? This list is a JOKE. We have last years defensive line, one of the top in the SEC, returning every single player along with Harold Brantley. There are three guys who are potential first round draft picks (Terry Beckner, Josh Augusta, Charles Harris). And UT's OL is not very good. Their RB's and Dobbs always have to carry the load. Hurd is just a flat out tank and Dobbs is really good at shedding tackles.
We usually do sign our top guys. We've got Sheldon Richardson, DGB, Aldon Smith, TBJ, Lock, Maclin, etc. And I'm not trying to sound delusional. I'm fully aware of the sh!tshow in CoMo last year. I'm just ready to move on from it!
These guys are 3 stars, but their composite ratings on 247 are all around .88, which is the highest a 3 star is given. The sky is not falling in Missouri, SDS. Chill out
Agreed. Not a soul could fix Mizzou's offense on their own in 2015, let alone a true freshman QB. I've never seen an offense where literally every position is complete garbage, but we managed to do it. I actually have a lot of faith in Tyler Howell, and Paul Adams held his own pretty well against Derek Barnett when we played UT. I'm not saying this offensive line is perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but these guys are still really young up front and all of them show promise. If Ish Witter can learn to break a tackle, and Nate Strong or Chase Abbington can be our workhorse backs next year, we could really surprise some people. MIZ
We have every single player returning on what people considered the second best defensive line in the SEC (to Alabama). I know we lost Brothers, but Mike Scherer and Donavin Newsom both share really similar qualities. I don't see how that's such a crazy statement.
True. I am by no means saying that Tennessee's defense was bad last year, but I just didn't see them at the same level as a Georgia or Vanderbilt in 2015. Mizzou will definitely have a better offense this year though. When you're that bad, there's nowhere to go but up!
I agree. If you're not Tennessee or UGA, SDS gives you little respect. I seriously think Tennessee's defense was average last year. What makes anyone think they'll be better than Mizzou, who's returning arguably the best front 7 in the SEC and two 1st round picks on the DL.