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Just having fun UGADAWG78. If I were so smart, I wouldn't be double and triple-posting, trying to find out how to use this darn message board! Good luck in the Sugar Bowl. Believe it or not, I'll be cheering for you.
I'm just having fun, UGADAWG78. I hope that you are as well.
I'm just having fun, UGADAWG78. Hopefully, you are as well.
You're confused, "Dawg" (lol!). I never indicated that I was a fan of the Gators. I see that you went to the Kirby Smart school of reading comprehension. You know what the difference between your bravado and the bravado of UGA fans over the last 4 decades? It's a trick question, because there isn't any difference.
Yep. Talk is cheap. At least The Tide has backed up that talk, at least, until this year. Every team has a down year here and there, but Bama's up years bring home trophies, as opposed to, lol, the Dawgs. Their up years mean that they _might_ get to bark about beating Florida...
Uh oh! UGA is reloading. You heard it here first. Now, if they find a coach who knows how to use all of that talent, they'll shake up the world! Smart is like a man with a porn star schlong who lasts about 10 seconds when the rubber hits the road. It just HAS to be deja-vu for Dawg fans, like another cheap horror movie where everyone knows what's coming next, and it's not going to be good for the oblivious teenagers going to pound town in the isolated cabin. Smart isn't even worthy of a "going to NFL" rumor. I sat through the Richt years thinking, "They've reloaded again! This is their year!", but no... Now they have a trollish-looking Richt Jr... constantly reloading, with UGA fans talking about championships when it doesn't count, the off-season. WHo the heck can't reload at UGA? You'd have to have Quasimodo coaching before recruits would sour on the place. You can have all of the talent in the world, and you can win 10 games a season with that talent, but trophies? That requires some mighty fine coaching. Winning 10 games a season with a broken team, well, that IS coaching. Mullen is impressive. Smart well, it's unfortunate that he was born with a surname that automatically makes his life fraudulent. UF hasn't beat 5-star Georgia with their 3-star talent yet, and as usual, UGAs bragging as if they have any room to brag. Seriously. Look at UF's roster. Then look at UGA's roster. That game should have been decided in the first half, or at the very least, the third quarter with, uhm, "adjustments". You know what those are, UGA fans? Right? Clue your coaching staff in on that. You can actually change your game plan part-ways through the game! Imagine that! When Mullen gets some more 4-star talent to challenge that mighty UGA "reloaded" 5-star roster, then it's back to the status quo: Spankings for UGA. Richt is probably saying to himself, "They fired me for THAT?". WHen I look across the field towards our opponent at the SEC championship game, and see Smart, I think, "Just make him have to adjust his game plan. When he has to, the wheels will come off the 5-star jalopy". IF I look across the field at Mullen, I know that we'll be fighting for our lives, no matter what the talent level. That's the difference. Smart has squandered his chances while UF is down, because he's about as nimble as an elephant with roller skates on a frozen over pond. Strategy? LOL! "Let's do the same thing the second half! It will work this time!". Mullen is going to curb-stomp Richt Jr. and his "reloaded" 5-star talent soon enough, and then I'll be worried about the SEC team across the field once again.