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Roger on is a little troll who only got the job cuz the coaches LSU really wanted didn't want to lose to Bama every year. Canada was just making a joke, he knows that will be his only win against the tide, so he has to live in the past
Finally, somebody talking some sense, Henry should win it cuz he did it in SEC, not high school conference PAC 12
Fwiw, SEC West tanked in the bowls, overall SEC was 7-5 in bowl games. So, get your facts right
The Buckeyes schedule is embarrassing. The biggest issue is that Alabama will be getting beat up week, week out. OSU will not be, making it that much easier to get to the playoffs and not being worn out for them.
Seriously? Have you forgotten the Heisman favorite? Dak Prescott is better on and off the field than both of them
Hmmm, UGA has problems different than Alabama's? Like losing a tough one to SC, another tough SEC team
Hey kick some weak FSU butt this weekend, k!