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Or when a bama fan, who projects all their dreams and goals into a football team, so they can feel like a "winner". My Auburn degree allowed me to travel the world, live debt free and have paid for homes in Italy and the US. If the football team of my Alma Mater wins, it's a bonus. If they lose, life goes on. I don't own an Auburn t-shirt, bumper sticker or take the time to post on a rival team's article. Settle down and head back to the double wide my friend.
I would love to see LSU humble Clemson. Clemson played nobody and have a chip on their shoulder? Give me a break.
This Auburn grad say Go Bayou Tigers - Win it all! (And if you get a chance to play Clemson, give them an appropriate humbling)
Auburn graduate here. I say - Go all the way Tigers! (the bayou ones) I would love to see LSU give Clemson a beatdown (if they get the chance) Funny this dude is here talking smack when his team has sucked for decades.
I think Gus is gone if he doesn't win at least one of the two games against Georgia and Alabama. Also, if he loses to either, it better be a close game....
I'm an Auburn graduate and I'd put Florida ahead of Auburn.