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Auburn doesn’t need him, they’re loaded at defensive back
He can’t beat Bo Nix out at Auburn! Auburn & Howard is not in the same universe
How many of you were high on this kid before he decommitted? Now, he is a Tar Heel, and he would never play at the Crapstone anyway lol..... Gtfoh
It is rumored he got caught selling Pot! Definitely sounds like some animosity there on both sides. Was it a coincidence he did it on NSD? I think it was on purpose
You feel that way because you’re an LSU fan lol......I thought 23-20 was pretty good for a Freshman QB at LSU’s place.........No other QB stayed nearly that close, much less a freshman
What you smokin cowboy gator? QB is the most important position on the Field. Bo Nix broke several freshman records this year ! Including the first freshman to ever beat Alabama in Iron Bowl history......
And one of those holds were on a TD play and LSU won by 3
The Refs do suck! The reason this kid is frustrated is because he went through the LSU game with 5-6 no holding calls. Just because they wanted LSU & Alabama To play as #1 and #2 a couple weeks later. The video is all over YouTube, so take a look. It’s about ratings and money
Auburn’s Nic has struggle against two highly ranked teams with one being #1 LSU. As bad as he played in both games, Auburn still had a chance to win both at the end. Nix has played really good at home and that will continue against Georgia........ I expect Auburn to come out of that game with a W. Gonna be really loud and proud. Auburn’s D has been really good in the red zone and that will continue. No score predictions but I think Auburn wins this game.
Auburn does play well at home! Georgia has a great team and defense.......This will be a tight game for sure
Happened to be running on the field in the right place at 6’5 320 lbs and levels a running back in the open field is more like it!!!!!!!!
Well the last account I had, it’s those two end stripes just before the end zone both teams have to cross. This is when they tally points for both teams. Problem is, LSU could only cross it for 23 points and 3 points more than Auburn. Correct me if I’m wrong! It doesn’t matter if you LSU had 1200 yards, they could still cross that for. 23 points my friend.......End of story
LSU won’t be able to run the ball with much success! Therefore, Burrow will have to have time to throw and I think he will. He will get sacked a few times though because that defensive line for Auburn is really good. Just hope it’s a great game
Only two comments, both from Auburn fans and negative. Well I’m an Auburn and I say Auburn will win 23-17
I’m hearing the freshman DJ Williams is the real deal and will be getting a lot of carries moving forward’
I think Auburn has the best team but you never know! The home field is worth 7 points! I still pick Auburn
I think Auburn definitely has the better team! But, the home field advantage is big in this game! If Florida can keep enough offense going to keep the fans In The game it could win this game! Played at Auburn, NO
Dumb arse!!!!! I see you getting nervous already lol
Standards are high for the team maybe? You don’t play on the team, so it’s not us lol