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Both Coaches should be crying! That was the worst officiated game I’ve ever witnessed!
Half the Georgia players have been locked up for various reasons. So your point is? Lol
What you’re really trying to say, is this is a stupid article!!!!
He’s as grown as he will ever be! He’s a stupid gump lol
You could add Auburn to the list too! Just recently won series against #1 LSU & #2 South Carolina. Swept Ole Miss and about to sweep Missouri this weekend
I agree with your comment for sure! I like read worthy comments! Thank you
Freezes offense is Taylor made for this kid! Watch what he does folks!!!!
What seed was the doggies? Funny, with a BB team like Georgia has, you would talk smack Lmao
According to these comments, LSU has the best, Georgia has the best! Basically, whatever team you pull for has the best portal class Lmao ……….y’all funny
Next year is when Freeze will do his damage in recruiting with a whole season behind him! The guy has done phenomenal for being at Auburn for only 3 weeks!!!!
You were doing ok, until the last paragraph of your comment lol The Freeze hire us in no way questioned like the Harsin hire! Tons of SEC experience from Freeze! Zero experience from Harsin! Freeze is an excellent recruiter and Harsin is a horrible recruiter! Two modern day spread coordinator hires from Freeze! Boise State hires from Harsin……..come on now! There’s no comparison!!!!!!!He's already flipped 3 really nice recruits and one of those is from the top center in the class! Case closed
I’m praying for good results, for a good man, and Coach! One of my all time favorite College Coaches! GOD BLESS
To start with, we’re all sinners! Just curious, do you give the death sentence to all Sinners, or just Hugh Freeze?
Well, the man actually said him and Saban are good friends! He hoped they’re a little nervous! That’s hardly guns a blazing lol! If I were the rest of the SEC though, I would definitely take note of who is the Head Coach at Auburn now! He’s a hellva coach, and what he has done at these lower tier schools, is nothing short of top tier!!!! He beats people with less talent, but now, he can even up that talent
He will beat Arkansas next year too! Oh, he beat the piglets with little ole Liberty lmao
Facts! He’s a really good Coach that has worked 6 years to get back to the SEC! He will do really good at Auburn and soon. Sit and watch the tv
Gumptards galore on here! Y’all nervous too? He’s gonna win at Auburn! Sabans on the way down, and Hugh Freeze is ready to kick his ass in Auburn next year lol