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This kid moves like a 300lb gazelle! So fluid for his size with quick feet! I think he will wreck havoc QB’s & RB’s in the future and play a long time in the NFL if he chooses!
Lol.......Drinkiwitz was an assistant for Malzahn at Auburn. Harsin won’t be coaching Boise players or Mizzou players......he will be coaching better talent! Go paint a bleak picture for your own team lol
As Coach Harsin would say: There are a few Gump Twidiots on here.....GTFOH
It’s not as tough as last years schedule. If Malzahn had learned to schedule like most SEC teams, he would still be the coach
You mad, or bitter? Lol.....with those two long comments, it’s one of the two!! That win was a fluke over Auburn! Just look at the stats. Auburn and Bobo will run South Carolina off the field in 2021. Hide and watch
So the Brown kid was released and the Brooks kid can’t get a release? The Brooks kid is starting to hate Tennessee for this! Release him, good grief.....they want to keep him because he’s higher rated lol
Rumors are, Nix is excited with the multiple schemes of Harsins offense To keep defenses off balance, more than the QB coaching!
Lol! That is Gus’s class! It was ranked 49th until Harsin brought it up 19 spots to 30th in a couple weeks....come on dude
Auburn has had their share of 5 stars that didn’t work out! Auburn needs to develope 3 & 4 stars and they can compete. That hasn’t happened in a few years but that’s about to change
He will be a great recruiter because of his personality. Watch his YouTube videos
When I first heard Auburn was hiring Harsin, I wasn’t very impressed. After researching his career, I come to realize this is just what Auburn needed. He is a no nonsense guy with very good discipline and respect from his players. Auburn has not had this by watching them play. All the hotdogging you seen with Malzahn players, you will not see with Harsins! He has high integrity high expections and all business. I think if he can have a full spring to install his schemes on both sides of the ball and get a couple key transfers, he will surprise some folks in 2021
Marcus Aurelius had a man to follow him around and whisper in his ear, you’re just a man, you’re just a man! You need somebody to follow you around and whisper in your ear, you’re just a fan, you’re just a fan. This is so you want actually think you play on the team lmao
Lol..... that’s hilarious! But ole Gump troll deserved it lmao
The guy has played one game lol.....He can only hope to win one! He has no chance at two!
Harsin is installing his offense, not Bobos! I’m sure Harsin want let him be predictable because he wasn’t at Boise! Ask Oklahoma, Georgia and Oregon
He will probably be ok as an assistant, not HC material
Rumors are it was a very tight race between Auburn & Tennessee and he’s headed to Auburn, close to home
Certainly they have! They’ve lost 3 quality Coaches...... The 2-8 record starts at the Top! Two of three of these guys are proven winners. One of them was at your school for 14 years and one Ex Qb in the pros for 10 years and still there today
I like the hire of Mike Bobo personally! He’s a great QB developer and he was at UGA for 14 years. They won a ton of games in that 14 years I might add. He’s got one QB that’s been in the league for 10 years now!
Butthurt! That should tell you about the starte of the program before Malzahn left! Buddy buddy with no discipline, and it showed on the field!!!!
It’s not about loyalty, it’s about money! There never been any loyalty in SEC coaching
Very good coach! Has NFL experience, and Stanford has really good defenses when he there! Bravo
I would ten to agree! Steele has give up a lot of point as DC! He was fired from Clemson for giving up 70 points in a game
Lol wrong! The best of the best are all over the Country! See Alabama’s Najee Harris....... Heisman candidate and he’s from California (West Coast). Another Tid bit, Alabama recruits all over the Country and this is why nobody can beat them
Malzahn beat Saban! It’s not that hard! He will be fine dummy