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I’m hearing the freshman DJ Williams is the real deal and will be getting a lot of carries moving forward’
I think Auburn has the best team but you never know! The home field is worth 7 points! I still pick Auburn
I think Auburn definitely has the better team! But, the home field advantage is big in this game! If Florida can keep enough offense going to keep the fans In The game it could win this game! Played at Auburn, NO
Dumb arse!!!!! I see you getting nervous already lol
Standards are high for the team maybe? You don’t play on the team, so it’s not us lol
Looking at Bamas schedule I think the Auburn will be much tougher for them than LSU. I think the smack talk cost LSU two more touchdowns lol
What's funny is the leading rusher in the SEC wasn't even a starter in the first two games of the season. Moral of the story is, don't quit what you start!!!!!