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I like Alabama but you don’t know which team will show up! The one that beat Georgia or the one that should have lost to Auburn and struggled with LSWho & Arkansas. So I’m going with Georgia! It’s hard to beat the same team twice in one year!
Georgia can’t beat Alabama! They haven’t them since 2007! It’s because Georgia don’t think they can beat them and Alabama rarely loses a game on the big stage fact
He should have beat King Saban this year with half the Boise staff! If Harsin gets the whole Boise staff, he will curb stomp Saban lol
That’s a fact and most are ignorant ike this one lol
Just plain guesses, they miss more than they hit! You can’t judge a teams heart on any particular day!
Congratulations! You get the most stupid comment of the day award!!!!!! Your participation sticker is in the mail!!!!!
Bryan Harsin is still finding his place as a SES HC! It will be upper tier if he can recruit! The guy can Coach, he no nonsense, and the players love him
That was not a bad pass! The Auburn DB set him up to make that throw, he never saw the DB crossing in front of his intended target! It happens, just a great defensive play by the DB
LOL!!!!! That’s a good one! And great sense of humor sir
All you Georgia pricks will still lose to Alabama in the SEC ship lol Roll Tide
What Gump fan has credibility? Lol…… are you physic? No, you’re only a simple Gump fan
This is precisely why I’ve been saying, the NIL will ruin the college game
He will start but I think you see both Qb’s this week and maybe 3
Auburns offensive will show up against LSU just like last year! It should be a great game
Rumor is The wide receiver Coach got in to it pretty bad with a couple of his players about rotation at half time and Harsin took it over the 2nd half! There were a lot more rotation in the 2nd half for sure!!!!! Harsin is no nonsense Coach with Capital T in Team
When the 3 Mike’s were at bammer lol…….boo birds were plentiful back then! They’re winning consistently now and nothing to boo at! But, you watch them struggle and you will get your boo birds, just every other team
Auburn will be fine!!!! They will win some games they’re not supposed to win! New Coach, staff, system with new hos of transfer players! They went into an environment with 107,000 fans! The old Auburn would have gotten ripped but this team played to the end, and had an opportunity to tie the game!
He transferred because he was a starter last year but would have been 3rd string this year! Tony Fair is a true nose guard in the new 3 4 scheme! He will be a household name! Watch his highlights. Auburns defense will be nasty, remember I said this! Most transfers are best out……fact
Lol! Calm down, it’s not like you’re not use to this
Is that why two of the top five linebackers in the SEC are from Auburn! Read the articles lol
Lol…….The gumpties just out scored everybody! The turd defense was horrible!!!!! Give 80 plus points in two games! Where was those stud linebackers lmao