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So from 2012-2021 Tennessee has 291 wins, UGA has 286. Still can't add in Georgia. You want to do 2013-2022, it's still Tennessee 324 (Wikipedia didn't update from the weekend) to UGA 291. 2012-2022 is 348 to 322. So my typo on putting 2012 instead of 2013 really makes you get me.
Math/counting isn't your strong suit, is it? Tennessee has 323 wins the last 10 years (2012-2022) while UGA only has 291.
So, again, you don't care about the action. Got it. Typical hypocrisy. Google that word if it's too big for you.
Telling this poster to retake English is rich when you can't comprehend 10+ words strung together.
So it wasn't the bird itself, just that Tennessee did it. Got it.
Another mentally weak UGA fan who can't read more than 9 words in a row before getting confused. Read the rest, maybe you'll understand.
And you're too mentally weak to be able to stay on topic. But bravo, want a participation trophy? That's all UGA will get in this sport.
Georgia has won nothing of relevance in the sport since before current recruits were in their daddy's scrotum.
Did you call out the ND player for his bird Friday night? I'm guessing you don't care at all about that one since it wasn't Tennessee doing it.
And yet, they've won 7 of their last 8, Arkansas won 7 of 8, UK only 6 (one L being to Tennessee), and Auburn 5 of 8. If things ended now, UK would be 4th in the conference.
Also clearly you turn a blind eye to the piss balloons your fans throw in your football stadium.
Rich coming from a guy whose team throws more elbows and hips than anyone.
Yeah, 3 points is "destroyed". You Bammers are so dumb, you can't even use simple words correctly.
You're part of a fanbase that has grown men barking like dogs. Doesn't really leave you much room to attempt to throw insults around like "hillbillyville".
Given the fact that game was in 1996, and the article explicitly states this liss is from "2000-present", it certainly wouldn't be on the list.