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Stetson Bennett has the best juke move of any quarterback in the SEC.
I would take Bowers over Mayer any day. He may not fit the traditional role of a TE, but he’s a crazy good athlete and can do things most “traditional tight ends” like Mayer couldn’t dream of doing.
My only question is: "Who would you have at #4 over the loser of Ohio State vs Michigan?" Tennessee is a legit candidate for that, but I have a feeling that the CFP committee doesn't want another SEC team in and would avoid a rematch.
Neither has a chance to get the #1 ranking until Georgia loses a game. And I don't think Kentucky and Georgia Tech are capable of that. So right now they're playing for the #2 ranking.
I'm thinking the final playoff field is Georgia vs Michigan and Ohio State vs TCU. The Pac-12 is weak, and TCU already beat the bigger schools. Ohio State vs Michigan looks to be a close game, but I think Ohio State wins and Michigan drops to 4. Georgia won't have any real competition until LSU, and even then I'm not too worried. Without the presence of a fellow SEC competitor in the playoffs, Georgia beats both CFP opponents with ease and repeats.
If Ladd plays like that for the rest of the season, then I like our chances of repeating the national championship. It's much harder for opposing teams to account for Bowers, Washington, and McConkey at the same time, in addition to Kearis Jackson and Arian Smith.
This aged well. Personally I was predicting Philadelphia to run the table just due to their apparently weak schedule. Guess I was wrong.
It will probably happen. Unless the losing team gets blown out, I can see the winner going to #2 and the loser only dropping to #4. I think Tennessee is likely more deserving of a playoff spot than Ohio State, Michigan, or TCU but I don't think it's going to happen. In that scenario Georgia will likely wipe the floor with the playoff teams and easily win out. I don't see any major competition unless another SEC team somehow makes it in.
Gwhite, if you’re looking for other opinions then look no further than me and we can have a civil discussion. Most experts agree that the UGA vs TN game was not as close as the score because of Georgia’s defensive dominance in the game. TN couldn’t score a touchdown until the second half, while Georgia had already put up over twenty points. Because of the rain, Georgia started playing an increasingly conservative offense to try to run out the clock and reduce fumbles. Tennessee didn’t have this option playing from behind and continued to try to throw the ball. Georgia kept giving the ball back to TN, so they had plenty of I opportunities to score but couldn’t due to allowing multiple sacks. I haven’t seen anyone say it was a blowout, so I don’t know where you’re getting that information from. Point is, only stat that matters is the score at the end of the game.
The dominance is there. Now we just need the titles to prove this statement. If we win this year, the rumors could be legitimate. If we three-peat like Murray predicts, then it is very likely Georgia will be the new dynasty.
I won't ever feel like the Alabama dynasty is over until Saban retires. Even now, when they have one of the worst Alabama teams I've every seen, I would rather Georgia play Ole Miss or LSU in the SECCG than Alabama.
Adjustments are Kirby's specialty. I expect he'll have no problem countering the Air Raid.
I think a better prediction for UGA vs. Miss St. is that the defense will force more turnovers than they will give up touchdowns. The whole "UGA's D will outscore their opponent" prediction has been used multiple times and is getting tiring.
The D-Line hasn't been able to generate as much success this season, but that hasn't mattered because our secondary is one of the best I've seen in a long time. Stetson's playing out of his mind. I am very much enjoying watching the offense this year, and I think Stetson completes it in a way previous Georgia QBs couldn't: his mobility. Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm never had his speed, and I think that made our offense suffer. Justin Fields could have been great, but I don't think he liked being in an offense led primarily by the likes of D'Andre Swift and other great UGA RBs. That being said, I'm looking forward to next year when we can use at least one of our 4-5 star QBs on the bench. That will be fun to watch.
USC hasn't been relevant in a long time. And I doubt they will do any better in the Big Ten. Ohio State and Michigan dominate that conference (mainly Ohio State) and I don't see USC catching up to them any time soon. My prediction is that Georgia and LSU will win the most titles out of any two teams in the next decade. I'd say Georgia wins at least two-three titles in the next decade, while LSU wins two. If Alabama can get back to what they usually accomplish, I'd say they win maybe two or three. Maybe an odd Ohio State title in there at some point. Point is I think the SEC is going to completely dominate the CFP for years to come.
Well yes, Tennessee at one loss is more impressive than Alabama at one loss a week ago, because that loss was to Tennessee. Common logic.
It's strange, the Oregon loss looks much uglier than the Tennessee loss to UGA just based on the score but watching the games they both seemed like an equal beatdown.
Tennessee will definitely need help to get into the playoffs. The Michigan vs. Ohio State game coming up should help with that, Tennessee just needs to hope that it's not a close game and that the loser gets blown out enough to knock them down to #6 or below.Tennessee will not get in if: TCU wins out, Oregon wins out, and Michigan vs. Ohio State is close. Basically Tennessee fans need to hope that there are only two undefeated teams by season's end: Georgia and the Big Ten champ Go Dawgs!
Why play the games? To find out who the true contenders are. Maybe no benefit there for Oregon, but had they reached the playoffs and matched up with Georgia there the result would likely be the same. The whole "first game of the season" narrative devaluing the win is utterly ridiculous. Guess what? It was UGA's first game of the season too!
The Air Raid offense will be interesting to face, but I think our DBs are up for the challenge. We could potentially see a season-high interception total.
Also please quit using LOL. It sounds like someone who's trying to "fit in" with the younger generation. So forced and unnecessary.
Says the guy who believes Tennessee gifted the game to Georgia and that a 7-3 second half makes up for a 24-6 first half.
Accept the loss, say good game, and hope for a better rest of the season. I know plenty of Vols fans personally and they're all sane. Why can't you be? Anyone who preaches false narratives is not a true fan. I find that controlling my tongue, whether in message boards or in real life, helps me get along with people a lot better. If you troll people, you are going to attract trolls who want to get back at you. It's really stupid to start arguments online.
We also went super conservative after the back-to-back fumbles. Had there not been any rain, yes Tennessee probably would have scored more points, but so would we.
Georgia is not the next Alabama. Kirby has his own empire blueprint, built to keep his alma mater at or near the top.
WKU Grad, we might just see that with Carson Beck. In the games which he played in garbage time he was average near 100 yards and two touchdowns. Imagine he plays a whole game. Gotta get through this season first with Stetson, but man I'm excited for next year.
Basically any non-SEC team will be a blowout, except for maybe Ohio State but even they looked pedestrian against Northwestern