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You do know many of the people fired for cheating he got from Alabama.
Unless they hire Joe Brady back as OC with a butt load of money LSU is not going to right the ship with Orgeron. I remember LSU fans bragging how they would skip a beat after losing Brady, Arnada and that talent. How did that work out.
Liberals are actually one of the most educated voters in the country. College educated democrats make up 62% of electorate as opposed to 32% of Republicans. That’s almost double.
I know,right!? Who do they think they are? Alabama!?
He is saying that information is flawed but I’m sure you know better than any doctor.
Yes then you will have a lead in a championship game and give up said lead. Or team will not play to expectations and you won’t even win the East.
Since Trump said it then it must be wrong decision because he’s a moron.
So whatever fits your conspiracy is true
They are the schools Presidents and have power over both. In some cases Board of Trustees also involved
Young? If he played in 84 at UF then he is in mid to late 50s. Unless your in your 80s he’s not that young.
Pruitt had wanted to bring Graham in last year but couldn’t make it work within budget.
Nice!! Way to trash a 20 year old kid. I’m sure that makes you feel like a man. Of course you sound like a 12 year old girl.
I love LSU fans trying to act like this is no big deal. If the OC was calling the plays why was Brady up in the box. Also why did Brady win the Broyles award and not SE. Brady was passing game coordinator and you passed a lot. Having the system in place and the playbook doesn’t guarantee it will be the same. Brady had tendencies that were his alone. Also you were sure wanting to keep him. I didn’t hear anything about a extension for the OC
Lawyer is right not to release information to public. I’m almost any trial setting that’s what a good lawyer does. He doesn’t owe you or anyone else answers about the lawsuit. You don’t generally sue someone immediately because judge will throw out if he sees that parties have not tried to settle out of court. I’m sure that both parties have tried to negotiate and haven’t been able to agree. As far as timing of lawsuit; sure they could have decided that filing now could have beneficial effect on transfer. Fact is they were going to sue doesn’t really matter that they chose now to do it.
Yet somehow didn’t come out until Cade Mays decides to transfer? Maybe leaked is a bad choice of words but UGA definitely informed media of lawsuit that they were unaware of as of Wednesday.
Lawsuit was filed in December and there is a missing pinky. Kevin Mays planned this back in 2017. Diabolical! Lol
You’re just a special king of stupid. I remember you posting earlier this year that only way we make a bowl is to bring back Fulmer. How is that working for you now?
Look at the film again. Jennings is trying to leave as Vandy players are pushing in. He takes a step back (without looking back) and steps on Vandy player head. No forcible kick just a normal step like someone losing his balance.
Vandy player had helmet on and Jennings didn’t stomp on his head. He stepped on it while trying to leave as Vandy players were pushing in to “protect” player.
Butch Jones went 9-4 2 years in a row and was let go, so no I don’t think UT fans will be satisfied with 8-4 every year.
More talent in Florida to draw from than VA Tech has up there. Norvell is a better coach I think. I think FSU is looking for a bigger hire though
100% agree Vandy needs to be thinking 2or 3 steps ahead. Need to offer assistant job if looks like successful coach will bolt and they will. Not sure Franklin had one they wanted at Vandy but they need to try and set up order of succession if possible.
Good thing Chaney is not there anymore. Who needs to go to SEC Championship games and the Playoffs.
Let’s just be glad the darts went our way for a change.
You’d still be wrong. Missouri worked with NCAA and gave them their full cooperation.
Cade May went somewhere else because we fired the coach who recruited him. Can’t say anything for this kid. Haven’t heard his name on Tennessee recruiting boards so either no interest or we knew he wasn’t interested.
Foul on 3 pt shooter was right call. Nobody even knew about double dribble until TV ref brought it up later.