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if they play that well it will be closer than anyone thinks. I mean no one gave them a chance against LSU and look what happened.
yea you losers keep saying that. But did you check out the list of injuries on the Gators D today? Guess what? They didn't cry like little babies, they sucked it up and won the game. That is how real teams do it, not piss and moan and cry like you lot always do.
He has one job, get himself into the NFL. Nothing else matters. The school doesn't give a crap about him, and neither does his teammates.
You could not be more wrong. The NCAA regulations punish people that do that. The NCAA regulations give him an advantage by leaving now. Now should he screw himself over for a school that had done nothing for him? These kids are not slaves, stop treating them like they are.
it isn't nothing, it just means Pruitt has an actual future. That's how you need to respond to Saban. No one wants weak coaches like kiffin that won't stand up for themselves.
I know right? This is Tennessee, they'll probably figure out how to lose the last 3 or 4 games.
It is disgraceful. He loves to talk and antagonize everyone, but the second someone pounds him into the ground repeatedly, he acts like a little baby. Disgusting. He totally folded in that game.
no one expected Florida to win. The lost everything when their wb was suspended for supposedly taken something. The NCAA is pure evil.
Just one more piece that is the slavery that is NCAA sports. Why do they have to commit at all? Why punish the players for going somewhere else but not the coaches? Ridiculous.
why on earth do you think that? Because he lost one of the best D lines in college football and had nothing to replace it with? That isn't the D coordinators fault. Carolina lost far too much in the draft in the past two years, and has no leadership at all from the players. Replacing all that talent is not easy. The only way Ward should go is to a head coaching position somewhere, like pretty much all of Spurrier's former D coordinators.
and for every one that does, there are dozens that don't. Latimore didn't. Gurley was dumb to ruin his chance at the NFL. At some point we need to realize the NCAA is slavery.
Did you somehow not see what happened to Latimore? Gurley will be lucky if he plays in the NFL at all. The NCAA claims another victim. At some point we need to stop the slavery and kill the slavemasters.
just by reading what you wrote you seem consumed by hate.
More importantly, spitting can be assumed to be attempted murder with things like aids floating around. Yes their are dumb fans everywhere, but only UGA we can assume it is the norm. Nothing good has ever come out of that school or state. Half that crap that was described would have led to massive fights in most places.
I wish he would refuse to play. All in takes is one play to destroy a knee, and his career could be over.
FSU is undefeated only by an awful last second penalty call gave them a win from a loss, and because they play against some of the worst football teams in history. Seriously they've gone down big in the first half of almost every single game they've played.
maybe you haven't been paying attention, but few football players get degrees in any field that actually has any earning power. The only way any of these players has a chance is to make it in the NFL. The colleges themselves see to this because they force the players to spend the majority of their time focusing on football and giving them little to no time to focus on academics.
Stop making excuses for the slavery that is the NCAA. If there was a real football minor league system so many of these players would still be on the field playing instead of having being injured because the NCAA loves free slave labor.
Tony Dungy is not one of the best anythings. He was a mediocre at best coach. The only thing he was ever known for is never screaming and preaching religion. That is it. I know you like georgia but there has to be something between your ears...
Somehow I doubt teams like Indiana would really care. I mean they lose virtually every game anyway, so what is one more? This rule is just going to make SEC teams play the trash of one of the other conferences, and nothing more. It is a awful rule. I'd rather see SEC teams play a team like ECU or the like. Not in the so called awfully named power 5, but a team that can beat anyone any day.
Did she really say something that dumb? you'd think she would be smarter than to trash millions of potential fans.
He was ranting. He could barely get the words out fast enough. That is the definition of ranting. His message was idiotic. The team is horrific right now and the coaching staff is not doing their job. The product is subpar and no one should have to pay to watch that garbage. It is not the players fault, and to think the fans are booing the players really brings into question his intelligence.
Mushchamp chose the wrong qb. Driskel is awful, Brisset is doing amazing things. This game would end anyone's career.
And so is pretty much what happens after every single SEC play. The SEC is more lenient than the NFL or any other college conference when it comes to celebrations. Saying a hand sign is unsportsmanlike conduct is absurd.
no they don't. You think the NFL couldn't develop a farm league like every other sport overnight? The only thing colleges do to athletes is enslave them, force them to risk their well being all for just a chance at getting drafted into a pro sports league. And God forbid if someone actually wants to make sure that athlete doesn't starve. That is a massive NCAA fine. It is horrific. These universities could go and charge $0 a year to everyone forever and never need for a penny. They all have multi billion dollar non taxable trust funds and have mastered the art of begging for money.
Wow someone is going to get a very large payday.
no big deal. Remember Florida had that douche that is coaching at Ohio U. Remember Aaron Hernandez? He was probably one of the more clean cut players that went through Florida while that loser was coaching there.
Wait, did you miss the entire Steve Spurrier era? The Ol' ball coach would have said more insulting things 4 or 5 times before even getting on the bus to go to the stadium. Whatever is happening has nothing to do with what Muschamp said. That is being so blown out of proportion. Like making a grain of rice into a world killing nuclear bomb.
Apparently some people don't know what a rivalry is. His job is to make the fans of the other teams disappointed. Stop being so sensitive. You'd think you people have never heard a football coach make fun of the enemy.
Charlie will have a job somewhere in football soon enough. He is a great football mind. Just a terrible recruiter though.