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Did you believe that “supporting” means the absence of critical analysis?
Agree. It was balanced and thoughtful. Anytime a Gator poster is ? positive and stupidly exuberant, they’re labeled a troll and fake.
What indicates to you after this mess that the program is headed in the right direction?
EXACTLY!!! It’s not being a troll to point out that AR makes poor reads, and is consistently INconsistent. The Gator offense will not improve as a unit under him, and the announcers who keep touting home as a potential Heisman next year are looking through their NFL homogenizer goggles. AR is a sCam Newton wannabe, who is too turned on by his own hype to improve. I hope he bolts NOW.
I hope he goes. He’s a larger, stronger version of FSU’s Chris Rix, great athlete, not a fast processor. Whatever coaching he may have received did him no good, and he’s still got too much showboat attitude inconsistent with the on-field situation. I don’t think the Gator offense Will consistently improve with him, and I hope he bails.
I hope AR declares for the NFL immediately. I don’t think he will improve enough to improve the overall offense, and there was no evidence that the coaching he received this season made him any better.
Pointing out the regression during this season, and lack of discipline is not being fake, it’s being objective. Blind homers are stupid no matter who they cheer for.
The last drive demonstrated why I look forward to Richardson going to the NFL … or anywhere else. And Napier’s seat will start deservedly warm in 2023.
Do you only want sunny-yay-whistle-past-the-graveyard posts? Any objective observation, or just grade school invective?
I agree with the writer. I have no faith in AR to do anything but perform with a high level of inconsistency, display below-average processing, and throw at least one pick. This season is just one long Orange & Blue game to (hopefully) prepare for next year. When I hope AR will be in the NFL.
Gators open as a +9.5 dog against the Unwashed Heathen. That seems right. Florida has disintegrated all of its good momentum heading into Rivalry Week.
That’s consistent with the stupid, left wing woketardary UF has become known for (and yes, I’m a Gator grad). White kid can’t say certain words, for which any player of darker hue would have received a pass, if it had even come up. The horrible double standards now enshrined in the moron culture will keep stupid divisions alive forever.
Dumb response. I'm not a sunshine fan, nor am I a sycophant. read the first sentence of my post, if you are able. It's not the W-L this year, but the consistent improvement. On all three squads there ahs been gross inconsistency, and any casual fan could manage the clock better than CBN. Or I guess I could just rah-rah mindlessly with no thoughtful analysis, which it the apparent path you and Marsh are taking.
I’ve suddenly grown very skeptical of Napier. I believe the first year for any head coach is a gimme, but today wasn’t simply one bad day, or a terrible collection of flukes. These were the deep structural failures, most of all poor mental discipline, that have been the hallmark for Gator football since the despicable Buckeye devil was here in ‘09. Napier should make radical changes in his staff, his outlook, his philosophy, and his game day management rapidly, or he should be fired midway through next season. I didn’t hope for 9 wins, just wanted to see consistent improvement. Today shows that has not occurred on any level, and gives us no reason to hope for better anytime soon.
I am criticizing what has become a fairly one-dimensional approach on offense. And this far into the season - granted some receivers were out - AR was horribly inconsistent in management and accuracy. That is objective analysis. Negan, Jr? Weak.
Now now, let’s be fair. 6-5 is not bad … … if you’re Vandy.
Well who doesn’t like a string of banal platitudes? What a sorry performance. Dumb and undisciplined, from the head coach on down. Hope next year is better, but after losing to the Noles, this year will stink as much as last year.
The Gators will never win an Eastern Division under AR.