Rebels name Lane Kiffin head coach

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That’s because Roll Tiders don’t care how they get a NC. They would rent one with double-digit balloon payments, and sell it back five years later when no one was looking, if that were their only option. Spoiled Bama fans are shameless, and would sell anyone out, or ignore any standard just to have their way.
Herby is right. The SEC Championship is more important than the subjective playoff invitational tournament. The SECCG is the MOST important game of the year. Congrats to LSU for winning the biggest title of all.
Said the Roll Tider that would steal a used, soiled “national champIon ship” from the back pocket of an alley wino. Pathetic.
UGa has looked truly inept today. Where is the team from the Cocktail Party? Dawgs should can their failing, flailing OC and hire one that can shift tempo and balance. Rumor was that Kirby knew “D”. If so, maybe he should go fix that, as the Junkyards were only a trash-heap tonight.
In related news, Henderson changed the spelling of his first name from "CJ" to "C Ya". Because there is always "m" and "e" somewhere in "team." Spare me the "he has to make the best decisions for himself" bleeding heart. If he skips senior season, fine, good luck to him. But skipping out on your team before a bowl stinks. The bleeding hearts will cry, "but it's a meaningless bowl, not the playoffs!" Sure, but what if it was a standout player at South Carolina, knowing they were about to get clobbered by Clemson. They had no chance for a title, a bowl, or even a win, so another meaningless game. Why shouldn't that player leave his team holding the bag? yeah, players can do whatever they "pray about", but it's a cynical trend that only harms this awesome game. Sundays are full of guys like this, shame to see it infect Saturdays.
Nash, then it ain't Southern. Let's just call it the Big Excellent Conference or something equally bland to reflect the generic, expansive nature of whatever they're seeking.
Why does it have to be done? There was already plenty of cash and exposure.
I didn't say I was going to enjoy it...
No, we'll win the Cocktail Party in '20. But tomorrow, I'm a Dawgs fan. Try not to choke this time, please!
Oh yeah...2011, the year it was decided the SEC Championship didn't matter.
And GatorRob, you are correct, but it's a lousy trend we should all oppose. The SEC conference is selling itself out, and it is short-sighted.
No, I'm thinking like a SEC fan. Seriously, I don't want the SEC outside of the South! Including Virginia Tech would be an automatic rivalry with Tennessee. Look, I've had two great trips to KC, love the town, love burnt ends BBQ. But it ain't The South! What makes the SEC so absolutely great is that it represents a region distinct and apart from the others, which gives rise to its great rivalries. The SEC, Inc. will surely gobble up all the TV markets it can, I get that. But we don't need the cash, it does not add to our passion or notoriety, and it furthers the great homogenizing of CFP into NFL Jr.
Thank you, you are confirming my point. Because of THE PLAYOFFS!!, no one even cares about the SECCG. That is a crime.
And despite snide UGa fans, I will be cheering for the East tomorrow!
Aww, good boy...enjoy your streak, it's coming to an end soon. In the meantime, party like it's, I dunno, 1980?
I don't want them to unless they win the SEC first! I'm not some Roll Tide pathetic title scrounge. And speaking of titles, UGa...
Then your position is that the SEC Championship is essentially worthless, unless one is trying to play into THE PLAYOFFS!! YAY! You are buying into and propagating the prevailing herd mentality that the #&^$% playoffs are the end-all to CFB. SEC fans should be such snobs that winning our conference is more important than the subjective NC, and we should look down on all the other conferences therein. The SEC Championship should be viewed as the MOST important game each year, and any view otherwise just lessens us toward the level of the peasant conferences. Of course, a child of the Big 10 would see it that way.
Nah, but its apt. Seriously, Missouri is not part of the South and had no tie to the SEC other than the stupid commissioner's desire to expand it for the $$. Shoehorning Mizz into the EAST was even more hilarious. I've been an SEC snob for a helluva long time, and the conference should stick to the SOuth. Here's a deal: about we take Va Tech, and let Mizzou join the ACC? It makes better sense for us, and as much for you. Win-win.
I guess in the SEC it just doesn't "mean more" if it doesn't include Bama.
Like I needed one more reason to despise the NFL. Urban is a deceitful, genuinely bad guy, and I wish him many more sideline panic attacks.
Why should a Mizzou grad even write on this space? Go back to the Big 12ish where you belong, and then we can talk. As for Bama … thank goodness the War Chickens kicked the struts out from under the perennial "but we're the best" whine.
Every time Bama has won the SEC, I have cheered my head off for them! (And I still haven't forgiven them for losing to Urban's Blackeyes in '14). But Bama did NOT deserve to be in the title game in '11 or '17. How can a non-conference champ win the NC? That makes the conference title irrelelvant. Sadly, the Roll Tiders don't care, and would steal a used national title out of an alley wino's pocket if they could. You are the leader of the best conference, and you have helped to diminish it to the level of the other peasant conferences.
I don't hate Bama, and some years have rooted for them against Auburn. But I was all in with the War Chickens last week to prevent the Roll Tiders from whining their way into another undeserved playoff spot. Delicious!
Does the SEC Championship even matter anymore? I have always believed this was the most important game of the year, but...The BCS, and then THE PLAYOFFS! YAY!! insisted on shoehorning the Roll Tiders in year after year without winning the SEC. And now everyone’s assumption is “well yeah, OF COURSE LSU should be in the playoffs, even if they lose to UGa.” So does winning the SEC matter anymore? I hate the playoffs.
Actually I’m pretty shocked. I thought that late season upset of Western Carolina was really gonna help Bama. Guess not ...
None of the Roll Tiders will care how many they lost to to whom. All that matters is that they deserve to be in THE PLAYOFFS !! YAY , and they should always be because, well, Bama! It would be a real time saver if we could just have Bama, the Sunny Nuts, and Clemson play a round robin Labor Day Weekend to crown and invitational champ, get it out of the way, and then we could enjoy the season.
It makes no sense that a team can win the NC without winning their division or conference. The stupid BCS screwed that up w/ Nebraska in ‘01, and Oklahoma in ‘03 and ‘04. Putting Bama in the ‘11 BS Championship meant the SEC title was worthless. Sad, and dumb. But the Roll Tiders never cared, so long as it was to their favor.
You’re exactly right. LSU got screwed in ‘11 and it set a terrible precedent for the stupid playoffs, sorry, THE PLAYOFFS YAY!!