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I'm with you. I don't understand why the others are bickering back and forth. Every team has players who will make mistakes or commit crimes. This is a non-story comparatively and shouldn't even be reported.
I love these recaps. It's fun to look back over the weeks and see team development or problematic trends.
Maybe wait for the LSU/Miami and FSU/VT games before posting this article (and assuming who will win).
When he was a 5-star coming out of high school I had high hopes for him. I know his career with Auburn didn't last long, but good for this guy living out his dream and playing in the NFL.
Yeah, he has potential to be good, but I like to keep my expectations in check.
Thanks for not having a clickbait title about the new QB and simply laying out some facts.
I was pretty worried there. Thanks for reassuring us!
Yeah, I'm sure there wasn't much he was allowed to elaborate on given the ongoing investigation. The author seems rather opinionated about the new HC though. I don't see where Luke was lacking in personality. He's excited and it showed. I hope they give him a chance to really lead the team.
This is the most logical solution
If recycled news counts, then I suppose.
You and your well founded logic are not welcome here! How dare you say something I agree with! There really is next to no benefit by playing him. As much as I already dislike JFIII and Jeremy Johnson, they can beat our cupcake this week (fingers crossed). White should be feeling better going into the Iron Bowl, and hopefully most of our injuries are healed so it can at least be a competitive game. 8-4 isn't what we hope for, but it's a respectable record and there's no use making bonehead decisions and burning redshirts over at the end of the season.
You skipped Wisconsin twice... Also, we're not a playoff team. We've improved, but I think our upper limit is top 10.
"...Affectionately known as Uncle Verne.." Ha! CBS on mute is a beautiful thing if any of you ever get around to it.
Auburn and Georgia are historically about as identical as you can possibly make two teams. But, I would love to hear what stats or evidence you have pointing to Georgia owning Auburn. We're all listening.
Bold statement there. At least Tennessee has enough fans for the cheering/booing to be noticeable.
People should always be held accountable for their actions. Substance abuse should never, ever be an excuse.
He was charged with Desecration of a Venerable Object and Public Intoxication per AUPD.
It was a hell of a hit. Arguably unnecessary and regrettable that a player was out for a whole year, but that's the nature of this game. I respect the committee for reviewing it and trying to improve upon the consistency of officiating, right call or not.
This isn't news. The same Krystal has been doing this for years.
ITT: Everyone thinks it's good clean rivalry fun. Except Pick6 who decides to take things too far.
You're definitely right. In my experience visiting College Station three years ago, A&M has outstanding hospitality and very welcoming fans. The world needs more of that kind of sportsmanship.
"Coaching B" - "...The staff really brought its A game" Probably not the best wording.
You guys looked good against USC. I'm excited for SEC West competition this year (despite week 1 outcomes).
From what I'm seeing, I'm better off going to /r/cfb than hanging around reading SDS articles. Seems pretty accurate to me.
I like you. You're not close-minded. Of course winning matters to all of us and we get upset when we don't, but off the field character, charisma, enthusiasm, and leadership all matter as well. Cam obviously has a personality that is hard for some to digest. Here, we have a case of someone who just genuinely cares for others and isn't seeking attention for it.