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Stop it. I have heard the same argument from Tennessee fans for years.
If they were in the SEC West and had two games against decent East teams, I am not sure if they would have that many wins.
Why? Because Arkansucks hired this chump? They will still be at the bottom of the barrel.
That is what happens when you schedule cupcakes and can not win against a ranked opponent. Maybe this will stop teams from having a weak schedule.
I want to know if Choklama is ready for LSU. In other news, Alabama declared that it won the national championship. It is not the first time Alabama declared itself the champion after 2 losses.
Alabama lost. Get over it. If they would have treated Jalen right, then they would have other QB’s.
A lot of Bama’s penalties are blatant - false start, holding.
Didn’t Georgia lose to Alabama twice when the backup QB came in for Alabama? Just saying.
spoiler alert — Everyone is undefeated at the beginning of the season.
At the end of the day it was still Kentucky. If Trask came out in a basketball game and got a triple double on Kentucky, then I would have mad respect for him.
Miami’s defense is so good because they get more game time reps than most defenses. Eventually the defense had to get better. They have about a season’s worth of experience in the first couple of games.
The difference in those games is that Troy was a big underdog against ranked opponents. It would not surprise me if the experts had Troy beating Mizzery.
Tua has never been on a team that beat Auburn. Hurts may be 26-2, but he is 1-1 against Auburn.
You are funny. One good season where you don't blow it until the end, and you think UGA is a powerhouse. In 2016, UGA lost to Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Florida. Things can turn quickly, but I guess if your are UGA fan, you only have short term memory.
So Patterson will throwup big numbers against weak teams, and get flatlined when they play someone decent?
I agree. Fisher will be under more pressure playing in the toughest division in the toughest conference.
I do not think he lost to Vanderbilt two times in a row, so that's a plus.
Tennessee is feared among coaches because they do not last long there.
Elite athletes would need to get paid to go to any school in Mississippi.
If Gus wants to go to Arkansas, I have no hard feelings. This means he has lost his fight to win a championship as a head coach because he knows he will not have a chance at Arkansas.
Alright Tennessee, I will take the job. I believe I can put together a game plan to beat the mighty in-state powerhouse Vanderbilt.
Yeah, ensure his schedule is easier towards the end of the season.
It is not the embarrassment of losing to the newcomers, it is the embarrassment of losing to MIZZERY!!!
I am not ESPN analyst or sports writer, but my mathematical analysis states that are 1 spot from being #1.
Arky fans do not even have to decide because they are not bowling this year
No team from Mississippi is talking about a Natty unless it is a Natty ICE, 12 pk.
It has the same feel when you beat another team in youth sports by a lot of points, and you have to shake hands at the end and tell them good game. You really do not mean it, but you kinda have to.