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Although they are still consensus top 30 SoS nationally and in several top 15's. Good try trolling though.
Yeah. Dont love Georgia, but its obvious theyre one of the 4 best teams.
Florida will win this handily. Big ten is crap and so is Michigan. Their vaunted defense played a bunch of crappy big 10 offenses. Big ten was a dumpster fire in everyones eyes before they started played conference opponents. UK shuts down penn st as well
The Big Ten was the biggest dumpster fire in college football non-conference. It was so bad that the ACC looked a few tiers above it. Everyone knew it. Even the Big Ten. Then conference play started, and magically the Big Ten was good and deserved higher rankings...even though they were playing a bunch of other dumpster fire teams. Mich is going to get destroyed by UF. I won't be surprised if UK beat Penn St. And the only reason Ohio State will win is because they're playing a team from an even worse conference than the BiG Ten....
Florida had one out from injury, two that didn't travel, and another that got hurt in game if I remember right. Were very thin in secondary and not experienced after all that. Also contributed to Fromm having a lot of time to throw.
Probably hold him like crazy and hope the refs keep on not calling it.
Not to mention, if they had actually watched the game, they would know that points were left on the field because Kentucky receivers dropped passes that hit them in the hands. However, they didn't watch the game, so I am sure they didn't know that.
RB's only have so many hits in them. Roughest position in the game. It would be insane for him not to leave after this year. Too big of a risk of something happening to him next year.
Yeah, lets not act like Purdue didn't lose to Northwestern and EMU lol. While I don't think Ohio State is a top 5 team...their defense definitely just gave up. Purdue was running pretty basic stuff and just gashing them.
Nah, they'll just snap to Terry and tell him to either run or give it to Benny. Worked against Vandy's defense on that last drive.
Honestly, I think it's just Wilson's decision making. Stoops has said several times they had a chance to pass on plays for good gains and he wouldn't pass. But now that he's being hammered about needing to pass, he has missed several run plays for big gains he would have normally taken earlier in the year. Kid has a great deep ball. I honestly think the decision making is getting to him. Not saying he isn't smart, but split second decisions you have to be able to react, not think.
Or if he could buy a hold call ever.
Not saying he's the primary factor per se, but if you take him out and put a slow QB in, those other teams are dropping that safety and probably a DB back into coverage making the passing game even tougher, because you lose the threat of the running QB. A very fast running QB. I'm not concerned about Missouri and UGA's run defense nearly as much as I was about A&M and Miss St. Like I said, A&M wasn't even that bad. We were gaining yards and were successful on 3rd/4th and short situations. We just didnt run the ball. Missouri's run defense isn't good, people just tend to pass it because their pass defense is so bad and Georgia just gave up 275 yards rushing to LSU. If we stick to our guns, I have full faith in our now healed OLine to make a big dent. If you look at the numbers of those games, UK had significantly more rushing attempts as well. A&M game was low possession game for UK. Our poor defense was on the field forever.
The problem is, you're disregarding Wilson, who got us those 5 wins. Hoak is a great kid, but he's no heisman. He is also slow. The thing that makes Kentucky's run game so dangerous is that Benny and Rose are excellent backs that keep going after contact and Wilson runs a 4.4 40....so if he has an opening he can literally get 10 yards in just over a second, so the safety has to play spotter. The problem with A&M was 2 things. 1) We went away from our run game even though we were getting gains and winning on 3rd/4th and short. 2) We went all in on the pass with Wilson. There were a TON of opportunists where he had easy 5 or 6 yard runs that he normally took, but didn't in the A&M game. Makes me believe the coaches told him to focus on pass and it took away one of our biggest offensive threats.
Hey, saw your team won a conference game for the first time in 2 years. Congrats.
I tend to agree with this, unless Georgia loses 2 in a row and runs out of gas realizing they're out of a title race. Either way, Florida is definitely getting their best shot after taking an L
Solid plan. If they win, they can be happy. If they get annihilated in the first round, we can never talk about them again.
I'm not thinking so much that those teams are better than Georgia, but that all those games back to back against physical teams will be a challenge to Georgia mentally and physically. Not sure if they can bring their A game to each game, and all of those teams can upset them if they don't come ready.
I'm all for someone de-throning Bama, but if you've watched the two teams closely...there is a huge difference between them both. Not just on sheer talent, but the stuff Bama runs is just way beyond what Georgia is doing now. I'm not sure Georgia can get past its 4 game gauntlet its about to run, let alone get close to beating Bama.
Tennessee is definitely improving. Problem is getting those lines improved. Hard to make progress when you're playing in the SEC with a bad trench game.
He got two first downs on 3rd and 1 with 2+ yards on each of those carries. Thanks for playing though.
Yeah, I watched the game. Benny was still getting yards on carries. He touched the ball 13 times the entire game. Two 3rd and 1's he got 2 yards+ on both of those. 3rd and 2 you give the ball to your Physical back who has gotten you those gains time and time again. UK's coaches tried to win the game passing and didn't even give our run game a chance. At the very least, if you're going to totally abandon your bread and butter, at least put in your backup QB who is actually good at making throws.
"Kentucky finally faced a team that contained the running game." AKA, our OC stopped doing what worked for us all year long and gave your conference best RB 13 touches the entire game and no touches on critical 3rd and shorts. Still got almost 5 yards per carry on 13 touches...wtf.
I still don't understand two things. 1) If you have a QB that's struggling and you're FORCING throws instead of using your conference best run game...why wouldn't you use your backup QB who is an EXCELLENT passing QB? 2) How do you not give the ball to Benny Snell? Even against A&M's defense he was averaging almost 5 yards a carry....3rd and 2...give it to your RB who has like 70% of his yards AFTER contact. Physical back...use him.
Wilson also had a LOT of open runs available that he didnt take that he would've taken 2 weeks ago. Not sure what was up with that.
Benny averaged almost 5 yards a carry. You know where that would've been good? 3rd and 2.... Wouldve also been good when we were clearly not doing well in the passing game. I wouldve rather gone 3 and out on runs so our defense could have at least gotten some rest. holy hell
Seriously though, the SEC is turning into quite the basketball conference.