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Missouri was also a few bad calls way from being a 10 win team last year
Roundtree should be on this list 100% Probably even at the 10 spot, just after Najee Harris
Do some research and educate yourself on the matter before you form an opinion.
Per Alec Lewis from twitter #Mizzou is appealing today's decision, per release. A quote from Jim Sterk: "The Committee on Infractions has abused its discretion in applying penalties in this case, and (MU) will immediately appeal this decision that has placed unfair penalties on our department and programs."
Hmmm. Would have thought loosing to Missouri 50 - 17 for the second straight year would have made it into the worst moments of the year category.
It cracks me up to think that UCF is playing Memphis and will think they deserve a national championship for beating them.... if they beat them
He picks Mizzou, here’s why We have: •A future first round TE (Albert O) •Three Stud RBs coming back (Badie, Rountree, Crockett) •An OC with a system that has shown it can display a QB’s talents (Dooley) •Young WRs that have shown they have big play capabilities (Knox, Scott)
It’s Thanksgiving break. 90% of the students have gone home for the week...
Safe to say Mizzou has a better chance at Kelly B?
Wouldn’t be the first time Mizzou has to play without an OC present
Kansas should seriously consider dropping their football program. They might as well be throwing money into a burn barrel at this point.
This is EXACTLY how teams lose games. You never overlook any team
Anyone wanna trade time slots?? I’d prefer that fewer people witness this massacre that is about to go down.
Just pulled an audible. Mizzou will now wear Gold helmets for the first time ever!
Lol! Yes, Missouri has several talented receivers, including one who averages almost 30 yards a reception.
I think if you leave the field for an injury you should not be allowed back on the field during that same drive. These guys would leave for a play or two and then show right back up on the field.
This literally happened all game long. At one point two defenders laid down right next to each other because they were unsure which of them was supposed to go down.