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I can't wait to watch Rountree all over Barry's defense. This guy was a nut and had no idea what he was doing as a HC
This outcome only happens if someone poisons the Alabama team water
Was it not obvious to you that this was sarcasm. Dumbiest
Alabama wins 9 out of 10 times.... so you're saying we have a chance?
I think Albert Okwuegbunam should get an honorable mention. While he did not have a top 10 40 yard dash, he did have the 4th fastest 40 time of any TE in recent history. The man is 6'5, 258 and ran a 4.49!
I believe this morning he mentioned he would act as both HC and AC. Nothing official, but I think Dooley is gone
"numbers on the helmet representing the area code of each player."
Should be dressed in clown costumes with the way we played against Vandy
I would be shocked to see Albert O. slip out of the first round. He’s fast, big, can run great routes and has a TD for ever four catches he has. I think he needs to be on this list
Albert O will go before Pinkney in terms of TE’s drafted
Franks and Guarantano have given us a lot of trouble in the past. I can see why they're so high on this list.
Listen, I understand i'm a bit of a homer when it come to my opinion here, but I truly think the TE spot should go to Albert O. Very good chance he's the first TE off the draft board
Mizzou is tired of bowing down to SC. I think this is the year we say enough is enough and we move past them. Kentucky will be a revenge game. This could be really awesome game to watch. Florida will be a dogfight and I think Tennessee keeps up in the first half but will lose momentum in the second. Georgia is Georgia and will continue to do Georgia things. 6-2, tied for 2nd in SEC East with Florida
Jarrett Guarantano is far from a top 25 QB. Bentley should also be higher
"Turns out, Kelly Bryant doesn’t even care about the storyline that has consumed the college football offseason for the last 24 hours." DUH 2.
Could you imagine leaving an SEC program to go play for kansas? Crazy world we live in
Missouri was also a few bad calls way from being a 10 win team last year
Roundtree should be on this list 100% Probably even at the 10 spot, just after Najee Harris
Do some research and educate yourself on the matter before you form an opinion.
Per Alec Lewis from twitter #Mizzou is appealing today's decision, per release. A quote from Jim Sterk: "The Committee on Infractions has abused its discretion in applying penalties in this case, and (MU) will immediately appeal this decision that has placed unfair penalties on our department and programs."
Hmmm. Would have thought loosing to Missouri 50 - 17 for the second straight year would have made it into the worst moments of the year category.