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I think Pruitt should have taken the field goal to cut it to one score and played Bailey sooner. They need to go ahead and buy Pruitt out now before it gets worse.
Eddie Gran is the worst offensive coordinator in college football we know that because he threw with a quarterback that doesn't know how to throw and he ran with a running back who isn't efficient and when we did run with the right players we did okay but the defense was so gassed we couldn't get off the field. As long as we have Terry,AJ Rose, and Eddie Gran back there we are not doing anything on offense and it's on Stoops for not doing anything about it.
I think the biggest thing is that Kentucky fouled up the first two games, which they were good enough to beat both teams but now they smell blood and are pressure on their self to make up for those losses. I'm not saying that Missouri won't beat Kentucky but catching the cats in this position is dangerous for the tigers.
The key is to open up the pass game with the run, and by running with the right players. Kentucky failed to use Smoke more but he should have carried twice as many times than he did so it doesn't put so much pressure on Terry.
Until we start beating Tennessee on a regular basis then we shouldn't be ranked above them in the east,nuff said.
I don't agree about Cade Mays starting against South Carolina but I do think Eric Gray is a 1,000 yard back.
I hope there even is a season. Were getting worked up about football so they don't want to say it's over yet but by September I bet thet pull some B.S.
Eric Gray will be tough this year if they give him the keys but without Jennings and Calloway the passing game might go down.
The 2019 offense was probably the best I've ever watched,so 2020 will probably slide backwards some but backwards from 2019 still would be very dangerous in 2020.
I think Bo will have a good year but only if the O-line is comfortable.
Tebows bloody shirt vs Florida State no question.
It's a state issue not a Greg Sankey issue, he is pandering.
What does the NCAA have to do with the Mississippi flag? Stay in your lane NCAA,which is a narrow one.