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Some of y'all that are pulling for the non SEC teams in the bowl games need to go read what some of these other fan bases think of the SEC, you'll change your mind. I hate UT with a passion but definitely not rooting for the small 10.
After the bowl games and playoff games are played, the SEC will be at the top yet again.
Nakobe Dean is a problem, actually the whole defense is a problem....BIG PROBLEM
Yea they have talent but so does the teams they will play later. I thought Stetson was the right call until he threw that pick, he doesn't have the top end talent I don't think. Saban had Hurts and pulled him for Tua
1.This UGA defense is right there with the 2011 Bama unit and might pass them soon. 2. 2nd half Kirby has to get JT some reps before the playoffs, do you trust Stetson against high level competition? 3. Look out for Vandy grabbing a W against Missouri
I actually think Nakobe Dean is undervalued on this list.. he's a machine.
"Who brings a bottle of mustard" hahaha best thing I heard all year
Joe Milton snuck the bottle of mustard in the stadium, that much I do know.
I don't agree with that, man. 1. LSU does have very good players and recruits at a very high level but for Kentucky to have put the number of players in the draft that they have recently, you'd have to acknowledge that. 2. Kentucky has recruits pretty well for who they are and develops at a high level ex. Josh Allen. 3. Kentucky's put 200 million into facilities recently 4. They had a 10 win seasn in 2018 I totally agree on LSU being a much higher level than Kentucky but you can't say we have "none of that"
They'll figure it out. Beamer is the best man for the job, just give him time to recruit.
Good game to the Gamecocks,the defense was pretty tough and Williams-Brice is one of my favorite places in the SEC. Both SC and UK offense was offensive this game especially Kentucky good God.
The SEC as a whole is pretty tough this year which is great. Georgia looks dominant and Arkansas came out of nowhere. When bowl games start, the SEC will embarrass other conferences.
I learned that Chris Rodriguez doesn't wear gloves which is pretty stupid with all the issues he's had but what do I know.
All SEC fans have a certain bias for their programs and choose to ignore certain things because it's their team but this isn't one. I'm one Sqare's biggest fans but as soon as I saw this I knew it blatant. It's unacceptable to do that regardless but to your own staff?!?! Clean it up.
That line is so enticing to bet bama cover but it's too low, something smells fishy. Not touching it.
I can't believe Harrison Bailey hasn't transferred, he's been thrown away like garbage. There is now reason that kid should be sitting on that bench behind these two. Sad
I've got Arkansas winning and proving that Texas is not "back" and won't be when they join a real conference. Let's go Hogs!! ⬇️
I said the other day that Bailey should be starting for UT and even more so now. Milton was terrible against a bad team, they didn't even try another qb. If they don't switch before the Pitt game they'll get the doors blown off.
I would have just rolled with Bailey. Milton has the body type but Bailey has the mechanics and he played well during the spring game. I think that's who they eventually settle on.
Thats peach fuzz not a mustache but didn't JT Daniels have one similar?
Dash Right 93 Berlin. I still get sick hearing that call by Saban. After Lorenzen dumped the Gatorade bath on Guy Morris I knew it was over. 02 LSU was #1 for my most annoying game.
Two weeks to flatten the curve, now show me your papers. That's not how Americans operate. It starts with football then extends everywhere until freedom is gone.
As much as I think Kentucky can win, we've never done well in Starkville. We've also been known to lose after the UGA game and after bye weeks, so that just spells a loss to me until we actually prove we can win there. I don't see two wins in a row over LSU but might get Auburn though. 6-6