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Even though My Cats finished 5-6 the Team played every game on their schedule showing up and even 18 -20 players short versus two SEC teams ( Fla & BAMA ) . This team had to endure a loss of one it’s Finest Assistant OL coaches in Coach Schlarman but still played their hearts out for him . Big time Bowl Win for the CATS and The SEC and just want to give a shout-out to all the SEC fan bases in saying Remember the sacrifices your players made to make this SEC Football season happen !
Look bottom line is SDS has kissed up to Florida all season long and once again when saying “ oh the decked was stacked against the poor gay-tors “ while not forgetting that the gators had about a 3 week covid bye & when teams like “ UK and UGA were short handed in personnel when they both played Fla. May I remind SDS my Wildcats didn’t back down when we were out 20 players in both our games in Tuscaloosa and Gainesville still playing the games but not once did I see SDS give Credit to the Wildcats for not backing out when they darn could have !
I commend the confidence a player has when going up against a great player but there’s a fine line in just keeping your mouth shut until day of game then running your jaw talking smack looking a fool when you can’t back it up !
Thanks Bama Time for your observation on my Wildcats not backing away from playing the scheduled games ! I think the Cats are the only team that’s played their full 9 games without any virus interruptions and can end their season next Saturday with a Much needed W for both the team but importantly our Seniors against those Cocky Chickens ! I hope you all do some gator hunting and send Those gators packing with an L on SEC Championship day !
Hey gator fans are you not forgetting you all had three freaking weeks because of your Covid vacation , if the conference made you all play the gators wouldn’t be in the position your in . I’ll have you know My Wildcats have had to play two teams (Mizzu & UGA)who’ve had two or more weeks with Covid vacation byes and now we are getting a Bama team with a Three Week bye , What happens in Bama and Gainesville, May not be pretty but I believe that Sankey and the SEC better understand what the Cats have had to face with all these teams receiving Covid byes right before we have played them , plus a loss of a Great Position Assistant coach & The Cats haven’t missed a game on their schedule yet !
Just be on the watch Vol Fans for a Ref may take away a TD that your team scored against Auburn . For My Wildcats had a TD taken from them in the first game of this 2020 season !
As a huge SEC Football fan and a Wildcats fan , these have been my observations during this 2020 season ! I think with LSU: fans should not only be looking at the DC but also the HC, for even to me these Tigers don’t have that DBU Fight I’m used to seeing from an LSU team. They usually fly to the ball , get takeaways and take it to the house . The HC had lots of private issues off the field this year with a Divorce and then a new hottie gf taking his time away from preparing his football team as a team takes on the persona of its coach sometimes . Now comes Bama Calling in Two Weeks let’s see if the Tigers bring the Fight & Bite to the Bayou ! UGA : First prayers up for the Dawg Defender injured in the dirt bike accident on Saturday night as an SEC fan you don’t want to hear any young man getting injured on any team . I was at the UK game on Saturday and was highly impressed by the speed & size of the Dawgs Defenders & the Dawgs Run game but did feel that QB Bennet didn’t see the field great and lost that GA quick strike big play . I do believe that the D will be dialed in for the Fla game putting pressure on Trask and allowing that Dawg run game gash the Gators D ! Bama : They are just doing Bama things and should make it to the CFP again this year , plus I’m not looking forward to my Wildcats trip to T town , they should just go and enjoy some dreamland BBQ that day ! Fla: So far the only team besides Vandy to have a long bye week from the field due to Covid which means “Well Rested up “ of course their D was better against Mizzu then their other games but it’s tough that both the Gators & Dawgs don’t get that extra bye week before the cocktail party like Bama and LSU still get .
Let’s give Joey G our support for this will be both an exciting day for him and family , but also a Big assignment going up against that Daunting Dawgs Top 10 Defense in the country ! I feel like the CATS have a lot to prove and will bring the fight to the dawgs even when others are selling them short ! Cats bring back the fight and respectability factor in this game but come up short to a score of UGA 38 UK 27! This game gets the Cats to a bye week and after the bye week it’s straight up Meat of the schedule with Vandy , Bama, Gators and Cocky Chickens ! Let’s Go CATS!
Let’s Remember every Big Time W has been followed with a Big Game Dud that’s the one consistency in the Stoops coaching era , for it showed up again today! My thoughts are it’s time to get more Young WR’s Some game experience especially ones we’ve been told that has great talent . I think hard nosed Gran needs to open up the playbook cause it’s tough to win with just the same 3 - 4 plays that always gets called !
Bottom line Mizzu wanted this game more , you saw it in their Defense, Offense moving staying ahead of the chains and their kicking game . My Cats laid an absolute Egg today but also don’t forget Mizzu was coming in off a bye week but props to the Tigers . They won this round but next year in Lex we’ll be ready to Cat Duel again !
Wilson I’ll take at #9 listed as a top 10 QB in the SEC . No Wildcat fan should complain with what Wilson has accomplished winning both at The Swamp & Rocky Top Which hadn’t happen in years. Now I haven’t forgotten that MR. Jones was at First a Wildcat Commitment before he got a visit from “ The King of College Football “ and all his Rings in Tide country!
Every year this is the game labeled " A house divided " for me , as my wife is from TN and loves her Vols and I'm the Wildcat Fan . Honestly I don't want to see my CATS play competitive but only wind up like " Charlie Brown with the football "having the game slipped out from under them and another Rocky Slop heartbreaker . I feel it will be a close one with Vols 27 CATS 24 but , it is 2020 and who knows if there ever was a year for an upside down result with the Cats burying that 36 year monkey and winning Saturday on Rocky Top this is it .
It’s Great to see this UK Team fight their way into a 7-5 season and another Bowl Bid . They let a few slip away this season but now just go out and beat those Hokies to end the 19 bid! In 2020 it’s time to End that losing streak in Neyland and make them Vols fans cry on Rocky Slop ! Go Cats