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Wooo Pig Sooooiiiee! Razor-choke! As a final word. given Van Horn's apprehension of starting anyone else shows the hogs would have been short-timers in the CWS anyway.Eight hits in the final two games ain't getting it done. Goodheart, Wallace, Slavens and Franklin were no shows from the SEC tourney onward. Ok maybe that was more than a final word. Congrats and good luck to Tenn and Vandy. They did what good teams do, took care of business. Good luck to Miss State.
Giving the top four teams byes then you may as well keep it at 4 teams. All you're doing is changing the name of the NY 6 bowl games to a playoff game.
Both LSU and Tenn have found a way to win no matter what recently. Someone's streak will end. The better tream vs the hotter team I guess.
The Hogs have been running one one starter, Wicklander, Kopps the offense and defense all season. The offense and defense had some lapses against Nebraska, but made the plays to win the series. The hogs haven't lost a series all year conference or non conference. NC State ain't changing that. Once the CWS starts then the Kopps dependence will have to drop with games every other day. That will be an issue that the rest of the team will have to pick up.
Not to insult you but Nebraska is Big 10, used to be Big 12. I think the reason they put Nebraska in Fayetteville is because Van Horn used to coach Nebraska and Nebraska's current HC, Will Bolt, played for Van Horn while both were at Nebraska. Anyway it was a tough series. The SEC could have 5 teams make the CWS. The loser of LSU/Tenn being the only one not to make it. Vandy has the pitching tandem and hitting to make it, Ole Miss certainly has the hitting, LSU is hot as well as Tenn anbd Miss State has the pitching. The Hogs have Kopps.
You can see Muss cheering Welch's HR as the camera scanned the fans. He was on the front row to the left of the Hog's dugout wearing a gray T shirt with a Hog on it. anyway keep bringing in your players Muss!
Lost a kicker? Good riddance. A graduate transfer who kicked like an incoming freshman. His numbers don't reflect his ineffectiveness in key situations. We went for two in several situations last year because he couldn't be counted on to make an extra point. Other than that I agree with the assessment.
Congrats to Kopps on college player of the year. Hope that turns into a Golden Spikes award! Go Hogs.
Hopefully the hogs will get Slavens back for the Supers. The hogs starting pitching may not have any studs even though Wicklander consistely gets it done. Van Horn is a master of managing the starters and long relievers and knows when to pull them or leave them in. The meat of the hogs hitters were off in the tourney. the Offense was carried by the OPitz, Battles and Smith. Hopefully Moore, Franlkin and Wallace will find their strike going forward.
Hot water in the showers would be nice :)
Smith stepping up in place of Slavens. Battles stepping up when needed. Wiggins and Noland giving solid pitching over the weekend. Way to git it done Hogs!
I remember seeing Louisville ranked in the top 5 at one point this season. Now first 4 out. Must have been a real tank job. Congrats Hogs on winning the season and tourney.
The two obvious choices for the hogs made it. I feel Goodheart should have received DH as he was the National Player of the week one week. Van Horn not getting COY is a farce. The Hogs were picked to finish 3rd in the division. Plus Vitello just copied everything he learned while under Van hortn. LOL
I'l take the trade of Crawford for Nwanna all day with hours to spare. Nwanna is probably where he belongs.
Playing Kansas is one way to manipulate playing a P5 school. Give me a break. One of the best rivalries? LOL Right up there with Bowling Green and Miami OH.
So basically the COVID year was all exhibition. That's fine he and I know that's fair.
No he just couldn't hit threes in games that counted or in situations that mattered and that's why he got benched. Maybe he'll go back to New Mexico, they just got a new coach.
Their formula is also pirating top players from lesser teams that aren't going to make the playoffs, like Mike Woods.
Win at least 2 this weekend and it'll be 10/10 winning SEC series'. Our road series were against top 25 teams: Miss State, Miss, SC and Tenn. also LSU who usually is in the top 25.
Well Vitello approached van horn after the game. any way its a non issue. If each holds up their end they are sure to meet again in june.
The hogs pitching seems to do just enough week in and week out. Wicklander has been exceptional, but had a rough outing against Tenn. The other two starters can go anywhere from 2-5 innings at best. Out of the bullpen, Kopps has been beyond words. Monke, Costieu, Morris and Ramage can be good or not so good. The others are decent at best. In the tourney good pitching stops good hitting, we'll see. Soon.
Coach VH is generally soft spoken. Can't say I've seen him act that way before. Something was bothering both of them though. Good comeback win and Kopps closed the door. 1-0 1 save 6.2 innings 5 hits and one run. First run he's given up in a while.
Good for Cole. Too bad he had to play for the QB Destroyer Morris.
The hogs are gonna have to find some late inning help for Kopps. Now we know it won't be Wiggins. Didn't even get a freaking out.
YESSSSIRRR! Oops wrong sport. Great get! Another position-less player that fits Muss' style.
It's not ridiculous it's the SEC. First off we have to play everyone in our division and four teams in the East. We didn't play Missou at the bottom or Vandy at the top. also schedules alternate. Road teams become home games the next year. Not sure what your gripe is. Not everyone gets to play Missou.
Fisher wasn't hired and paid megabucks to finish second in the SEC West. If he is bringing in top tier recruiting classes then it should be a matter of just when he beats Saban and it should be kind of regular. Playing at college Station means it should be this year. Applause to Georgia for playing two P5 schools. And A&M wants to talk about beating Alabama and playing a middle of the road P5 team. Any football league is QB driven. Thanks Eli for your insight.