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Hudson Clark #2? Put that #10. We had three other INTs and the one that sealed the game was by Morgan. also it was the Burks catch that answered Ole Miss' score.
The focus will be on the oline with all returning. Franks was sacked over 30 times last year with these guys. Not all are oline fault. But KJ will need better protection to be able to execute the offense and get a productive running game. On D the LBs and secondary will need to be better as the front four won't be as good.
Considering what we had last year for size, we looked better. Bailey last year was a better rebounder than anyone this year besides Smith. If we continue to live/die by the three then continue to look at big wins and thumping losses.
Grow the ground game? You had the top SEC RB and he was getting less than 10 carries/g. Even when they thumped LSU it was all pass. One priority should be Leach coach football, not fondle your ego.
Yeah the hogs are looking lost. They are now facing a stretch of playing the cellar dwellers so we'll recheck their record in two weeks. The return of Smith will help. It is a mystery why Sills is so unproductive. Can't depend on a true freshmen (Moody) to carry the load every game, but the rest of the team is very inconsistent. I expected more out of the grad transfers and players that sat out last year.
Even though Marshall was a true force I think replacing the most important position, QB, is the biggest obstacle. KJ did good in his only start, but he'll be seeing defenses adjust. We have lots of playmakers at WR and RB, he'll have to be able to get it to them. But as fans of other schools with first year coaches made excuses for not having a spring, need to get his players, need to incorporate the offense blah blah etc. We didn't.
Hey Guarantano sorry to inform you but the super QB Guru coach Leech isn't there anymore.
He wasn't a starter, but he was quality depth which was lacking on D. However, our dline was better on depth than LBs or DBs.
Glad you liked it! But as we all know Odom is a pitiful head coach, right?
What a nice surprise! It would be great if the NCAA passes the COVID rule that means transfers don't have to sit out.
Feleipe really stuck his neck out coming to Ark. A rock bottom team in a tailspin from a loser coach. He endured a lot of criticism coming to a rock bottom team. A team some SEC coach said was one that looked like it had gone through sanctions. Even though he silenced the critics quickly by week 2, peole were still wondering when he was going to self destruct with bonehead plays and decisions. He let his play do the talking. He will be a great asset to some NFL team. Thanks Feleipe!
Some players college and pro alike are injury prone and can't shake it thus never live up to their potential. Seems to be the case with Gerald. Hope for the best, but anything we get out of him will be a bonus.
I guess Iowa couldn't quite make it. Wonder how that kicker feels about that.
Not many in the SEC I would compare to Burks. Warren took advantage of the ineffective start Knox had. Maybe Knox had a soph slump and will re-emerge. we also have 4* RS FR Darin Turner next season.
All of the returns says how the players feel about playing for Coach Sam.
More players have left Leach's program than cabinet members in the Trump administration
I wonder if Warren's decision is gonna spur any more in the transfer portal.
So now Cunningham and Clary are coming back, Latham was on the all SEC freshman team. that leaves Stromberg, who was supposedly good and Wagner or Clenin who are underclassmen. I wonder given the fact Feleipe was sacked over 30 times if this is really a good thing. some one or two on that line was lacking I would say.
I look for the hogs to the grad transfer route. maybe they can transform Guarantono the way they did Franks.
Sounds like he isn't going to come back for that Covid senior extension. Hope KJ has learned from him. It has been refreshing having a real QB for a change.
The hogs have multiple options and as one of the worst rebounding teams last year due to lack of height, they have fixed that with a team effort and a true PF in smith. the schedule has been ho hum so we'll see where they stand when conf season gets started.