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When Brandon Allen was a RS freshman in 2012 he made his first start against Bama. 52 - 0. uh we had the 0.
Haha, Petrino one of the most despised to Pittman one of the most revered.
Obviously if he is sticking with him through 6 INTs, he is sticking with him. Corral just spent too much time reading about how good he was against Bama.
Stuff happens throughout games that can be second guessed. Talk about Ark letting Tank manhandle them ok. how about Auburn blowing a 17-0 lead in the 2nd Q to 20-12 at half. Auburn ahead 27-21 in the 4th and then big Steele defense giving up a 30 yard TD strike to put Ark up. Go through all that and Ark ahead 28-27 and then the Call happened . It has been universally condemned throughout college football and NFL analysts as a joke of a call. Congrats on the "big" win.
Drinkitz will see what a real defense is this week. Could be another one of those 24-2 games.
Gus is a good coach and he has proven that. The guy with the white hat on is the biggest problem. Looks like cronyism may be his coup de grace.
Is it only seniors who get the extra year? Or will a sophomore still be a sophomore next year?
Sam Pittman should be #1. Without him there wouldn't be Barry Odom thus this defense wouldn't be playing as is. Without Sam maybe not Feleipe and without Feleipe Burks' numbers would be down. Finally we'd probably still have a goose egg in the win column.
The SEC didn't even recognize Morgan in their weekly "Power ranking the top 10 players in the SEC after Week 4". not even honorable mention.
haha It is nice we can laugh at the 0 for Chad years now after two years over crying every week.
If Franks leaves, there is always the transfer portal. But anyway I would say there are a lot of schools that lose a multi year starter with no other QB having playing time. If we ever get a running game going I expect Franks to really get better.
" Grant Morgan, was named the Chuck Bednarik Award national player of the week for his performance against Ole Miss." but not good enough for this list. LOL
With all of Catalon's accolades mentioned above he has yet to win a SEC defensive player of the week. too many other hogs are "hogging" up the awards.
Well Co-defensive player of the week jaycee horn got honorable mention.
All Morris and Chavis would say is "it is gonna take time", "this is not an overnight fix", the cupboard is bare"
Yes and Brandon had just been drafted by the Colts a week or so before he died.
Well we've yet to win in the swamp. FF has been good enough and we have yet to see him make the bonehead plays that I have seen people on here mention.
How embarrassing for the AD. If he is on scholarship, give it to Hudson Clark.
I've been thinking the same about A&M. Special teams continues to be our achilles heel with yesterdays fake punt in an obvious fake punt situation. Two blocked punts, a botched extra point, multiple failed two point conversions and big returns by the opposition.
Obviously UK was rusty against auburn. The loss to OM could have gone either way. Now they look like a beast.
With Chad Morris he'll continue to regress. Morris has plenty of excuses in his playbook.
It is his call and he'll do what is best for him. that's the way it is and should be. We'd all love him to stay. It just continues to validate how poor a coach Morris is. Him and his DC Chavis just made excuses of how "bare the cupboard is" and we got rid of them and IMMEDIATELY get positive results.
You nailed it..."Always felt he fancied himself a genius but no one else could keep up — and believed everyone would still love his genius despite the losses." Remember the fake punt he tried against Auburn last year. then when the North Texas punt returner faked a fair catch and went for a TD they made sportcenter, PTI, Around the Horn, etc for stupid plays. Laughed at. embarrassing.
We are erasing all of our losing crap this year and snapping the 8 game losing streak against you is coming in two weeks.
Yea but the game wasn't sealed until the 7th.
I'm sure the reason he said that is because of the alleged racial tones of "Ole Miss".