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Burks will go down as the best receiver ever in Hog history. Caught at least one pass in every game he played and made a difference in just about every game he played. Don't impress too much, hate to see you with one of the undesirables in the NFL. Guess we can all look forward to seeing Haselwood next season. Hope the running game is clicking against Penn St.
Playing OK in Tulsa not Norman. I would say most Ark fans are a little surprised about our national ranking. Even though this list means nothing we haven't played a solid game yet offensively. We are Ice Cold from 3. But we are killing the boards, creating lots of TOs and locking down on defense.
Really thought he should have received it last year. A little surprised he got it this year considering he was up against Bennett a QB from the #1 and then undefeated Georgia. Him and his brother Drew were as tough as they come as competitors.
KJ will be a JR next year, but he will also be draft-eligible following next season.
And another Noon EST start. Look for KJ to light it up with Burks and the running game.
This guy saw the connection between KJ and Burks and thought: I can do that. Replacing Burks would be impossible, but this is a good step.
Brad Davis was our oline coach then left. Good luck maybe he can get a HC job somewhere based on this win.
Nice playing on Jan 1st, but i have not seen Penn St play. Burks playing for a good draft pick.
Army?! Won't have to worry about passing to beat them! Wow!
A loss by GA would hurt this year because of the undefeated season and the prospect of having to play them again for the championship. If they don't win it this year, then it will be a long year to get back to this point. Bama will play like a wounded and cornered coyote.
Not feeling bad, but LSU would never be an easy game for us and they have beaten us 2/3 of the time over a 60 game series.
Always good to beat Texas and equally good to get the gorilla off our back against A&M. Also it was good to get that sixth win on the first try against Miss State. Even though LSU dominates us good to get the Boot especially on the road and at night. thanks again Orgeron for playing the freshman QB instead of Johnson. KJ was so much better than expected. I think he really benefited from sitting behind Feleipe last season. The Auburn game was the only game we laid an egg on all year.
Lane did a great job with his aggressive play calling and 4th down gumption.
So Baylor beats Ok St and GA beats Bama, puts Notre Dame without a coach in the playoffs.
We haven't played a killer schedule but winning comfortably. Muss' transfers are filling their roles well. Toney, Lykes and Umude are all making the plays just need more consistency which will come.
I think if Heupel is going to OK he'd have taken it already. Maybe he would have bolted for OK if they were staying in the Big12. Tennessee is a much better SEC prospect than OK will be. Harsin isn't in the same league as Lea and Drinkitz. harsin has established credibility.
I thought they were rehiring the WR coach back.
These win probability graphs are like No Sh!t Sherlock! When watching a game who couldn't figure it out?
Actually he does. SDS writers are volunteers. I saw him flipping burgers at Carl's Jr.
Either Bama plays the best game of their season or Georgia plays the worst. if somewhere in between, GA wins.
If Bauer charged the line from punt formation, that was a helluva run.
Sure is nice not to have to worry about losing our coach during these carousel times. AHH!