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We are just trying to crawl out of the laughing stock status under "coach" (and I use that term loosely) Morris. I wonder how much Gus will have to cover for Morris' ineptitude as the "O" coordinator.
I'm glad Toll moved back to DE. Even though it will take a toll on our TE depth.
Not exactly what I'd call a winnable game. If we do play i hope it is at GA just to get it out of the way.
"Arkansas could be better than it was in the Chad Morris era and easily not have the wins to show for it." Considering Morris won zero conference games and statistically had one of the worst FBS teams on both sides of the ball. I'd say the author was really sticking his neck out this statement. The hogs need to get back to being respectable and wins will be hard to find. Entering year 9 in the post Petrino era when the hogs used to be competitive.
We will win more than one conference game. Concerns are TE depth especially if henry gets injured, LB play and depth, and will the offense sustain some drives and get TDs. The oline which has been a very sore spot the last two years looks promising with the experience and the coaching.
He's probably a shoe in for the Rimington Award. Hope we get him!
Under Bielema we landed a highly recruited kicker, Cole Hedlund. anyway he was a choker supreme. Better luck to Cameron Little. Be more like Steve Little and nothing like Hedlund.
Good to hear! The oline has been such a sore spot the last three plus years. They now have sound coaching and will make a marked improvement. that will allow the skill players to be more effective. KJ, Lucas and Landon can learn under Feleipe and coach Biles and be ready to fight it our in 2021.
maybe we can call it the "Great Arkansan Comeback" in these days of COVID and another comeback that isn't working so well.
It's hard to be optimistic as but last two years of Chavis and Morris are in the rear view mirror. You'd think the only way to go is up, but I thought that when Morris took over for Bert. And we still plummetted. Hopefully Sam and Barry bring more maturity than Chad and his bozo coaching staff. We'll have to see.
The hogs will miss Agim. Bell and harris, but no mention of Xavier Kelly the grad transfer from Clemson on the dline to help with the run defense. Also the biggest reason the defense was soooooo bad was because of the inept Chad Morris offense and their perpetual 3 and OUTs kept the defense on the field and the team always behind.
He feels he needs to decommit best of luck. When a team brings in another QB one of them is not going to win the job. It appears Coley is more confident in his abilities to perform better.
The vehicle fire was the result of vehicle maintenance cuts so we can build the wall.
The oline has 4/5 starters returning, has gained weight and will be better coached. The two talented WRs have a year under their belt and Woods was consistent. TE is reliant on one person so that may be an issue. The QB and RB are solid. And lastly we have a competent coaching staff and accomplished OC.
This was an unexpected pickup. WPS!! Receiver corps looked good anyway and just got better.
He played for Clemson when Morris was OC. That is the argument lol
Then also consider Kelly Bryant. He opted not to take a grad transfer to Ark when Morris was HC because he saw the mess that Ark was in due to Morris.
Gundy is an idiot for wearing that shirt. How could he not know this would be offensive to 80% or more of the players and their families he recruits.
12 commitments, nine offensive. Sure has been an active recruiting time during this time of uncertainty. Hope they are solid cause there is a lot of time until they sign the dotted line. Keep it up Sam and staff!!
That goes both ways. Bert wanted to suck off the Razorback tit while having some low title. He failed to live up to his end thus the Razorbakc Foundation cut him off. the reality is his ineptitude as a coach will prevent him from getting rehired. Has so far. He is the current OLB coach for the NY giants. that is about as good as he'll get.
Obviously bias has existed in the naming of the winner of this trophy for a long time. The bias is based up ratings and going to a "favorable school" weighs heavily. Notre Dame only won 2 games so that had nothing to do with it. With Notre Dame vs Tennessee and Syracuse on the side, Hornug had it in the bag. Darren McFadden accounted for 1796 yds and 15 TDs his junior year and 1994 yds and 17 TDs senior year. lost to reggie bush and Tebow, respectivley. The Hogs were a .500 team but he played against the luster of Florida and USC. There are lots of other examples, probably just about every year.
In addition to Burks the hogs also have sophmore Trey Knox 6'5" 203.
Ryan Mallet had two outstanding seasons. Cumulative 8400 pass yards 69 TDs 24 INTs, 57.8%. Comparable numbers to Manziel and Newton other than rushing yards. Tebow did have better numbers and was "given" a heisman trophy in spite of darren McFadden's superior numbers.
When you consider you are doing very well when you fail as a hitter 70% of the time which equates to a .300 average.
Long wanted Bielema to work to get rid of the slack from firing Petrino after his 22-5 record, even though it was doubtful Petrino would have continued his winning trend. Bielema's record sure made some fans miss Nutt. and Morris's record sure made other miss Bielema. Rock bottom anyone?
Like SC, former Arkansas AD Jeff Long wanted the Bret Bielema job to work after he just fired Petrino followiing two years at 22-5. He then gave Bielema a hefty extension after a 7-6 year. then the after they fired "Burt" they gave a former SMU coach with a record of 11-20 the farm. No wonder Hogland is a mess and all self-inflicted.
Once you sign with an agent you can't come back to school. You have until June 3rd to either sign with an agent or come back to school.
no, why don't you tell us. You can't because the odds aren't the same for any given player. What are the odds on Anthony Edwards and Nick Weatherspoon?