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In addition to Burks the hogs also have sophmore Trey Knox 6'5" 203.
Ryan Mallet had two outstanding seasons. Cumulative 8400 pass yards 69 TDs 24 INTs, 57.8%. Comparable numbers to Manziel and Newton other than rushing yards. Tebow did have better numbers and was "given" a heisman trophy in spite of darren McFadden's superior numbers.
When you consider you are doing very well when you fail as a hitter 70% of the time which equates to a .300 average.
Long wanted Bielema to work to get rid of the slack from firing Petrino after his 22-5 record, even though it was doubtful Petrino would have continued his winning trend. Bielema's record sure made some fans miss Nutt. and Morris's record sure made other miss Bielema. Rock bottom anyone?
Like SC, former Arkansas AD Jeff Long wanted the Bret Bielema job to work after he just fired Petrino followiing two years at 22-5. He then gave Bielema a hefty extension after a 7-6 year. then the after they fired "Burt" they gave a former SMU coach with a record of 11-20 the farm. No wonder Hogland is a mess and all self-inflicted.
Once you sign with an agent you can't come back to school. You have until June 3rd to either sign with an agent or come back to school.
no, why don't you tell us. You can't because the odds aren't the same for any given player. What are the odds on Anthony Edwards and Nick Weatherspoon?
Mason Jones has signed with an agent so he won't be back. He just wants to start his pro career....somewhere. I'm thinking Isaiah Joe will go as well.
That's why i gave it to russell. Couch battled, was injured, was on a terrible expansion team, etc. Just couldn't get it done. he made it 9 years. Russell - lazy, lazy, lazy. got that big rookie contract and retired. After that NFL re structured rookie contracts so they don't get mega millions guaranteed up front.
Gotta be Jamarcus Russell. #1 pick as a QB and out of the league in 3 years. More INTs than TDs. In the words of Sinead O'Connor. "Nothing Compares 2 U" The DVD story summed up Russell's effort.
Not for me, but for you.
#8 Missed opportunity? Cry me a river Bama fans. It really must suck that Bama gets the best high school players every year yet can't be crowned "King" every year.
And of course Ole Miss the only team not represented. I'm sure kiffin will have them near the top next year.
Better hope he isn't like Marino or the Super bowl win drought for the fish will continue.
Not bad LSU has all three number 1 selections. Unfortunately jamarcus Russell is also the biggest #1 flop in terms of salary he received versus productivity he delivered.
I am pleased to see olinemen committ at Ark under coach Sam. Our oline has sucked ever since he left. I'm sure we'll see a few more and here here!
1964 when Bama was awarded the AP NC. this was before the bowl games were played. Bama then lost their bowl game to texas and Ark beat Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl to finish 11-0 and won the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) #1. After that year the NC was awarded after the bowl games.
Joe is the higher ranked between the two, but Jones is the higher bet not to come back. It appears jones just wants to start a pro career anywhere. With neither a guarantee to go to the NBA it seems at least one will come back. Jones would be hard pressed to get better than he was last year and Joe has something to prove due to his injury. Also the 3 point line was moved back last year.
That means a lot from a Pac12 team, who doesn't even belong in the Power 5.
Coach Sam is speaking the truth, but the truth doesn't bring a lot of optimism. guess that is what to expect from a team that has gone 4-20 with no SEC wins the last two years. The good thing is the deadwood coach and his staff are gone.
Early "commitments" should be rated as 50/50 guys as they can decommit depending on which way the wind blows.
Thanks to Jalen for a great effort and best of luck in the big East. Maybe you can drill a game winner against CMA and St. Johns.
5 ways to measure success: Compete for 4 quarters Beat the spread on a reasonable number of games Win non conference games handily, except Notre Dame Beat A&M Make a bowl game
Thanks CJ for clearing the air. It wouldn't matter who was on the team the last two years with that incompetent coach on the sidelines. Morris owns at least 6 (CSU, North Texas, San Jose and WKU) Pick any two conference games between Miss St (homecoming) Mizzou, etc etc. of the 10 worst losses we had since petrino's dismissal. and he did that in only 22 games! Bert owns the other 3 and Smiling Smith the other (ULM)
The hogs have a tough lineup, solid starting pitching a deep bullpen and strong closer in ZV. Not to mention depth. Oh by the way also the best manager.
This is a great pickup considering what we lost in Agim and Smith. With Gerald missing last year Soli got some good experience. YESSSSIRRRR
Recruiting is one thing. Morris had a top 25 class his second year. Then a bad loss at home to San jose State, rolling over playing dead in the SEC and losing to WKU was all we could take. Cautiously optimistic hoping for a 6-6 season.