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Orgeron and Mainieri should have nothing to worry about and coaching isn't the problem facing Wade.
Glad to see the inevitable has happened. got one more opening to fill and we'll be ready in November. Lykes, Devo, Umude, Toney and Williams. With Notae, Robinson and whoever wins the last spot for the rotation.
Yep, if you're playing Bama you're schedule is tougher. Bama and GA can only play the teams in their division or conference. And when you're at the top you play the teams towards the bottom. The scheduling is as fair as it can be.
I recall seeing a read on SDS no too long ago that Bama and Georgia had the toughest schedules in the nation based upon Bama plays Miami and Georgia plays clemson. I knew that was a joke. Both of these stud teams play the hogs as well as the other lower teams in the SEC East and West. Do Bama and Georgia or even A&M or Florida play each? No, just in the division.
With all that Will Wade has done and is swept under the rug. then Ed, with his Natty less than two years old, is facing backlash for inappropriate actions by a player.
I'll take the bet. I would bet that the SEC rotates the scheduling and if we play these three next year it'll be in Baum.
Headscratchers. Louisville moves up to #2 after losing mid week game to Kentucky? Ole Miss drops 9 spots after losing a series to the #2 team? Vanderbilt only drops to 6 after getting hammered by Georgia?
Ark's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 hitters have 6, 6, 8, 7, 8 HRs, respectively. But even though the lineup isn't the same, these five guys are in there. Coach Van Horn has little patience with the pitching and has an early hook. That is because of the deep bullpen. I feel the starting pitching will come around.
and with him signing with an agent he can't change his mind and cause the problem Muss had with isaiah joe last year.
Not likely NBA. He left the NBA and became a college assistant to learn the ropes about the college game in order to get a HC job. our AD did a great job finding him, so Pay Da Man!! . The best thing for Muss at Ark is that his wife is a native Arky.
Thank you Moses! You were a big part of our Elite run. Much success on the next level, but hope you don't get drafted by a "dud" NBA team.
Yeah lets compare the most sought-after coach in the country against two SEC coaches on the hot seat. And let's rumor that Muss is potentially leaving for a program under investigation for corruption. LMFAO clickbait. but you got me!
Not surprising, best of luck Ethan. That closes the book on the Anderson hogs.
Who cares we've been undervalued by the media all year. Maybe that vermin Fuhrman got a job with USA Today.
Sure are a lot of players entering the draft considering there are only 2 rounds in the NBA draft. Lot of wishful thinking it seems. Of course some players are testing their luck and can come back to play if their hopes get dashed. Also Ole Miss did sign a big in the portal. a 7 footer I believe.
That walk-on QB from Ole Miss must have pushed him over the edge.
Not necessarily the highest bidder but the best chance for the player development-wise. Muss doing so well has a lot to do with his NBA experience working at the college level in building a team.
If five teams reach the final four that will be quite the achievement! Players are declaring for the draft but Moody has been quiet. No doubt his tourney performances hurt his draft stock. I thought for sure he was a goner and may still be, but not yet. The other three sophmores will be the leaders next season. Williams in the middle, Devo everywhere else and KK Robinson at PG who missed most of last season with a torn achilles. One transfer landed in the guy from Pitt and two incoming freshmen. I think we still have two more openings depending what Moody does.
I was for Gonzaga only that they could go undefeated. They chose to get pounded instead.
Ask him to spell TEAM and see if he puts an "I" in it. If Notae comes back he could be looking at #7 in the rotation. I'd be fine if he went elsewhere.
Big weekend series in Oxford coming up. The cardiac hogs are 9-2 in games they trailed in. Looks like Elite Matchup #2... and many more coming in the SEC.
Well we almost didn't make this list as we were only in year 2 of being in the SEC. Ok we aren't on the all time SEC Champs list, but I'll take the Natty.
Well we went 31-3 vs 33-6 for the 05-06 Gators. We were a #1 seed you were a #3. Maybe same group of guys, but you were significantly better in 06-07.
Put 'em 9 at the most. Can't put a loser higher than a winner.