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Two great pitchers and a formidable lineup. Gonna go far I reckon.
Almost feels kind of cheap to be able to win the SEC by beating Missouri. LOL
Indeed! I would say our roster is a wrap. Look forward to it.
Maybe he could be Assistant Coach of the Waterboys.
Processing out by teams or players leaving via the portal. One or the other, that's where we are at. It's like Darwin's rule of college athletics. some players leave because they can't get playing time and want to play. some players, like Mike woods, left for "greener" pastures that didn't turn out to be so green. Muss is trying to build a championship team. Jaxson doesn't fit into the rotation and he knows it. He will be able to go play somewhere though. Kamani doesn't look to get much playing time next year either. Neither do Dunning, Ford or Pinion. That leaves one or two others from Devo to the 5* freshmen to the transfers that aren't going to play as much as they thought either.
Best of luck Jaxson. He'll find a good landing spot. We needed the scholly for the incoming transfer Ricky Council. Once we get him then I beleive our roster will be set. Devo and Kamani only two remaining players from last year. That is if Jayloin doesn't return which I would say is not likely.
Maybe it because of the "The domestic violence enhancer" Him and Ruggs might be roommates, sort of
Congrats to Nick! Muss can't wait for the summer practices to start. These three 5* freshmen and the transfers coming in are going to bring a lot of wins to fayetteville. We'll be ready to rock!
If the hogs and A&M end up tied then A&M wins the tiebreaker. So the hogs just have a 1 game lead on A&M. Not worried about LSU. LOL
The hogs have hardly "all but locked up the West". they only have a 1 game lead on A&M as they have the tiebreaker. Plus A&M finishes with the Miss schools. While the offense has picked things up with the addition of Bohorofin and Diggs into the lineup the defense made six errors last weekend. Pitching continues to be good enough.
I figured that was coming. Yes it was a huge disappointment. I am saying the way Vitello is continuing to be mentioned for things not related to winning. No one can control which way a bat goes when they flip it. No #1 overall seed has won the natty since 1999. Tennessee wins it, bravo they deserve it. It is different in the tourney as you know when Tenn didn't even make it out of their own regional last year.
I agree with 1hogg. I trust the coaching staff. There are plenty of examples of FBS and even FCS players being late bloomers and able to play at the SEC level.
Every one of the Hogs' runs over the weekend were from home runs. Big series this weekend in auburn.
Vitello is going to subjuect to a lot of ridicule if he doesn't win the whole thing.
People point to our offense losing Burks and the two other receivers (tyson and Warren) that we are untested at WR. What we have though is a great oline and running game to take the pressure off somewhat. KJ will be able to loosen the defenses up with his running, accuracy and decision making. We have a long way to go. Every game will be a battle starting against Cincy.
Actually I thought they might be looking for a three point shooter PG more than another big.
It takes a real punk to throw F bombs at players he strikes out.
He should have been using his right hand occasionally. LOL. He sure likes to talk sh1t on the mound and what goes around comes around.
Go get 'em Muss! Well that would put us two over the limit if Jaylin comes back. so at one of Jaxon Robinson, Kamani Johnson or Devo Davis leaves. Devo will be back. That will be five 6'9" transfers coming in with the top (almost) recruiting class
He'll take a year off coaching and watch McCarthy plunder through 2022 and then he'll be the Cowboys coach in 2023.
The first game with KJ post Treylon Burks was Penn St in the outback bowl. I'm not discounting Cincy though, Fickell will have them ready. And Sam and staff will have the Hogs ready. Opening game for both teams could be some turnovers and who could benefit mostly from them.
Wow he actually had questions that were relevant. Carter just got injured this past weekend and he noted that. also that Hornsby isn't just gonna be the backup QB.
Even though we got a sweep it was eeeked out. got just enough pitching and hitting. LSU left a lot of runners on base especially in game 3. The defense was superb though.
Now there is no question about whom the instigator was between Vitello and Van Horn last year.