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Most think Mays projects as a guard, but your point about him starting day one is accurate.
Let me preface by saying I don't believe Butch Jones is an SEC-quality head coach. However, two things are off with the Swain/Hayden conversation. 1) Hayden's son was not a priority recruit (hence signing w/ Arkansas). UT signed 3 RBs last cycle over Hayden. 2) If Mays signs elsewhere, it will be the first legacy I can remember who has not signed with UT by choice. The only other one I can recall is Jalen McCleskey at Ok St, but like Hayden he didn't have a spot at UT.
Yet James Franklin is celebrated despite lingering questions concerning how much he knew or tried to cover up.
You're right. Yet the media (not SDS necessarily) will spend far more time rallying for a nitwit like Kaepernick than promoting a person who tries to make life better for others. I'm a Vol fan - but I admire Tebow.
They actually speak more to the divide between Alabama and everyone else.
I understand his criticism of Jones, but I don't get him using the term 'abysmal'- because in the same sentence he refers to choosing between 'good' and 'great'. If Jones's ceiling is 9 wins, it might not be enough to keep his job - but not sure it qualifies as abysmal.
Tip: Don't feed the troll. UK fans (if he/she is really is a UK fan) don't have a lot to be proud of during football season. Individuals such as the one above can only find happiness in other teams' victories vs UT. UK certainly can't. I actually like UK and hope they have a solid season.
For all Butch Jones's faults and shortcomings (there are plenty) during his 4 years as HC, beating UK has not been one of them. UT is 4-0 during that stretch and the games haven't even really been competitive. Move along.
What's worse...having no compliance program or having one just for show?
It's a tad unfair to leverage the Alabama games against Fournette. Name a RB who ran on Bama in a meaningful game the last 2 years. Safe to say Bama's D-line and LBs (all NFL players, btw) were keen on stopping the only offense LSU had - Fournette.
Fulmer got the blame (and the infamous subpoena) but it was actually Houston Nutt that got Bama nailed that particular time.
There are only 2 schools you never, ever want to get into a bidding war against - Alabama and Auburn. The whole state is complicit, therefore no one talks.
Georgia has no excuse to not be in the national conversation annually. There's just waaayy too much in-state talent. It's doubtful that SC will ever get to that level. Not as long as Dabo is at Clemson and Spurrier doesn't find the fountain of youth.
Not much credibility when you list Garrett as 1st team over Barnett this year. It's downright laughable to list Lawson over Barnett.
Lol this would be Bama's wet dream. OSU is only Big 10 team that can match up athletically, but they would struggle on the oline vs Bama.
As a fan of neither school, this is not really close....LSU by a mile here.
Wow. Hard to believe Harbaugh makes $2M more than a guy who's won 4 nat'l titles in 10 years.
Yes I agree that certainly is a big factor and it takes two good teams to make an attractive national game - but Tennessee has played Florida, UGA, Bama plenty the last few years and not attracted Gameday or the CBS time slot. Those games are generally picked for their competitiveness and national relevance. That was the only point I was making.
1) Dobbs 2) Dobbs' arm 3) Dobbs' legs 4) Dobbs' astro brain 5) Derek Barnett
There's no way anyone ever really expected this guy to make restitution. A much better sentence would've been to publicly renounce Saban and the Bear, followed by a painful tatoo of Pat Dye's face on his chest and 'War Eagle" across the top.
Yes that is what I consider relevant. When CBS gets to pick first of all conference games each week and they pick UT's game 4 in a row, yes that means UT is relevant. Now, relevance and success are two different things. Success is measured in wins and championships.
Haha look, this is the SEC and teams can win on any given Saturday. But with a win vs UGA, Tennessee is looking at playing the game of the week for 4 straight weeks and playing in front of College Gameday for the 4th time in 6 weeks. That isn't the equivalent of winning the conference, but my friend it is the definition of relevant. Later.
Was silly of him to react to the UT player's mouthing, but was also a questionable penalty to assess - let alone warrant ejection. Glad it was overturned.
At least ya'll are better than Ken....oh wait
Interesting to learn about the other hurt QB. If it was intentional, the kid will eventually get what's coming to him. Hopefully Del Rio has a full recovery.
Honest question for UF fans....having seen the Del Rio injury, was it a 'dirty' hit or just an unfortunate outcome? I know McElwain was really upset - has that changed any since Saturday (outside of the obvious resulting injury)?
Hahahahaha....get it, KNEEland instead of NEYland. How punny. Lame.
Hey everybody! Look at me! I made a clever comment on the internets! My team sucks, so I troll others to make myself feel better! Lol go eat some more meatloaf in your mom's basement, loser.