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Jalen! Jalen! Jalen! Jalen! Jalen! Jalen! Jalen!
If OSU makes it over OU, then that will prove there's a Big 10(!4) homerism in college football instead of the alleged SEC homerism.
Should Georgia be in the CFP? Yes. Will Georgia be in the CFP? No. This is the season that, like 2011 before, forces a change to the way college football crowns a national champion. In three to four years the NY6 will be the NY8 and will become the first round of an 8-team playoff. That's the only way to respect the bowl system while having a playoff. Georgia is clearly one of the top four teams in the country. However, two losses make them ineligible for the CFP under the current system. It's going to be Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame (sigh), and Oklahoma. Ohio State is an outlier, but their blowout loss to an unranked team should disqualify them.
I grew up in Mobile, and we pronounce it: puh-cahn (the "n" is almost silent). There's no set Southern dialect, just a generalized softening of consonants, slower cadence, and varying degrees of drawl. I had the great misfortune of being stationed up in Fort Drum, NY for a time and was often told, "you don't sound like you're from Alabama." When I'd ask if they knew anyone from Mobile, they'd tell me they knew someone from Birmingham or Atlanta or Nashville or some other city. I'd then ask them why they didn't have any trouble accepting different dialects from people from NYC when those people live only a few miles apart, but they find it unbelieveable that I'd sound different from someone who lived hundreds of miles from me. All of this is to say that I reject your assertion that I must say, "pee-can" if I'm from the South. My accent is Alabama Gulf Coast, not North Georgia, and I refuse to talk about cans containing urine.
This is a truly shocking revelation. Who knew that Alabama had a basketball team?
The Hugh Freeze thing was utter BS.
Mississippi State over LSU was the biggest shocker.
Barring some sort of injury, this weekend should end the Sims-Coker debate. When Coker was out there he looked unready. Sims looked steady and confident even after the INT and the brief sidelining.
Not sure I agree. It's only week #3. Lots of football to be played.
Ugly. Ugly, ugly, ugly. At least I think we can say that Blake Sims has earned the starter spot. He's scrappy and has made the plays.
Geez, people. How about counting the number of rings all your supposedly-better running backs have? What's surprising is that Eddy Lacy isn't on here.
Vanderbilt. It combines the best elements of classic and modern. Florida's is the worst.
I lived through the Dubose-Francione-Price-Shula debacle. Do you really think an 11-2 season is going to make me second-guess Saban?
TAMmy and Misery shouldn't be in the SEC, anyway.
WW not HH. That's what I get for trying to listen to the radio and type before the coffee has kicked in.
At least none of the angry comments are mine even though I did find that one of his least humorous. "Paul Bunyan was a serial killer of trees and we call him a Folk Hero"? HH can do better than that.
When Alabama dropped Mark Price before a single game, a lot of people thought it was a bad move. But the SEC is still in the South and the entire region tends to have a more conservative morality than the rest of the country, and if you have a coach of dubious morals families are going to push recruits to other schools which hurts your recruiting and program in the long run. This is definitely the right move for Arkansas if they want to keep getting quality talent, especially with Malzahn now recruiting on the same turf. So, yes, this was the right move for Arkansas. And people, the "even in Arkansas," line is a joke. Don't take everything so seriously.
Only if you can reign in his penchant for bizarre uniforms.
I have to disagree with your first paragraph. In the US Army, prayers are offered by chaplains before every official ceremony and there are many who choose not to join in. However, the "us vs. them" mentality you mention is very rare. Not unknown, as it can never be completely unknown in a large organization, but still very rare. I have had many commanders who were open and freely discussed their religion in front of the troops, and on occasion, led a prayer during some somber moments. Yet the unit functioned about as well as any organization of human beings can.
The First Amendment prohibits the state from establishing a specific religion as its official religion. It does not mean that all references to religion must be purged from the public square. If a coach wishes to offer a prayer before a game, I am quite sure that any dissenting players are free to either not participate or to leave the locker room while it is ongoing. So long as the coach does not force a player to participate in the prayer or conduct other specific religious rites as a condition of being on the team, then there is no Constitutional problem.
Gee, it sure is a puzzlement as to why guys who earn millions of dollars retire broke. It's just the biggest mystery.
They're 85-54 or .612 under Pinkel. If they don't want that to drop, they better start changing.