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We put up almost 700 yards of offense, set a record for most yards against A&M, and had a player set a Tennessee record for most all purpose yards in one game. I tip my hat to A&M for capitalizing and winning a tough game, but I'd hardly call that a pass. I'd call that a defense in serious need of adjustments immediately. Good luck the rest of the way.
A 10-3 Northwestern team that beat Stanford last year finished ranked 23 after we crushed them. I get it. Our win streak was not against an impressive list of teams, but we looked like we'd hit our stride offensively last year. I'm not sure what happened in the offseason. Granted I would not use NW as an example this year because now they're terrible lol.
Which is funny, considering how porous your secondary is, you'll likely be entering October with that same 1-3 record. Deandre Francois just scored again.
Oh, I didn't know you won your first game. Congratulations.
Look at who they beat. Two teams with a winning record for a combined 17-9. The rest of their 9 wins combined for a record of 33-76. They beat multiple teams with 2 or less wins last year. I respect what their program is doing, but if we do not win this comfortably, we are in for a long season.
"Fan." He's just a troll. It's more sad than anything considering he has time to type all of that drivel. I don't even read his posts anymore. I can just gauge the level of trolling by the length of the post.
I wish I knew what team you were actually a fan of, because you have never once said anything positive about Tennessee. That leads me to the conclusion that you are a troll at best, or at worst simply an awful, overly critical fan. It was in practice and he is trying to prove he deserves to crack the rotation. Relax, and shut up.
Never is a strong word and it also denies past games ever happened. UT actually owns the largest margin of victory in the series. 1990: Tennessee - 45 Florida - 3 However those types of games in the series are few and far between. That being said, I expect this year's game to be closer than a lot of our fans expect.
Eh... it'll more likely be him gaining experience for the future. Eason was in the spring game in front of a completely non-hostile crowd, with plays on offense and defense designed to get him completions and boost confidence, and knew he wasn't going to be decleated by a 300 pound lineman. He won't have two of those three things in any game this season and won't have all three of them in many. He has the tools and talent, but we won't know until some of the best DEs in the country are trying to take his head off and take control of the game if he can perform as expected as a true freshman.
Agreed, that sounds like a good young man with a great, team-oriented attitude.
In response to your post below, we don't know and won't know how this class will turn out for years. This class could be involved in winning the SEC, this class could fall apart and be replaced by a whole different slew of players, this class could turn out to be solidly competitive if nothing else. Jones has been praised by the media as being excellent at evaluating talent. None of these kids are even out of high school yet. Why don't you chill with the "this class is terrible" crap and tell us who your school is so we can see how awesome your class is going to be years from now.
That's completely untrue. Of course his on the field results (especially last season) left something to be desired, but we've improved annually under him. We're finally competitive with everyone again and bringing in talent that can play at this level. Jones may not be the coach of the future for us, but he's at least made us an attractive destination for coaches again.
Who will be your next coach when you guys can't even win 5 games this year? Also I'd like to remind people of how pathetic you are, even for a troll, making jokes about Pat Summit's death.
I doubt this person you are talking to is actually a TN fan, and if they are, my apologies.
Well, that's literally impossible because we will have played 1 SEC game. I could see us dropping UF but still winning the East. It'd be interesting to talk to others on here if you weren't just blatantly talking trash instead of providing constructive conversation.
You just insinuated that with the level of talent we have collected, we will either lose to the Ohio Bobcats or the App State Mountaineers by saying we won't escape September without 3 losses. You have basically just invalidated any further opinion you have on this website. That, or you just said we lose to both of those teams and Virginia Tech, and beat the Gators. Your choice.
Well, first off, it was sarcasm and I feel you read into it a bit too much. Second, it has been a long time, but we are actually going to likely end up with a top 10 class. We are looking very good with a couple in state 4 and 5 stars, and looking good with the number one player in several other states. Honestly, I'll also be surprised to see all of these 3 stars make it to signing day unless they are asked to walk on.
The TSIO has always been strangely geared towards streaks, so if you're a newer fan, that makes sense. About once a decade the balance of power shifts back to the other. Likely, it will shift back in our favor once your once in a generation coach retires.
You almost have to go with no championship. You may not win it all, but you're always ranked, recruiting well, nationally relevant, at least in the playoffs or nice bowl game, and happy more often than not. 10, 20, 30 years from now after that title has come and gone and you're going 6-6 every year, you're not happy.
5 Would be one. Your offense will be reliant on a running game that will not be there unless Lock takes serious strides forward and the WR corp takes a huge step forward as well. You've also lost a couple running backs in the past few days and that position will be extremely thin. Your new OC will also take some time to get his system implemented. He did well at USU overall. I expect your defense to keep you in games early on and get worn out in the second half much like last year. Unless your offense looks completely different from day one, I see 6-6 as a best case scenario for you guys. Obviously this is just a prediction and like I said, things change. We'll see soon enough.
Ever again? Seriously? I'm not so sure we do this year, but that's a ridiculous statement. Maybe focus on beating FCS schools first.
What issues? All I see is players who were removed or suspended from the team without anything other than an accusation and a lawsuit that cites Lil John as part of the reason the plaintiffs need well over one hundred million dollars. I don't claim to believe all of the accused were innocent, but none of them were let back on the team unless cleared legally.
I'm not sure myself. Both schools had to ask for more I believe.
I don't want to read anymore comments today. This is it. This is the only one I need today.
The Chinese demand for tiger bones and tiger skins has all but doomed them in the wild. I hate it too. They're truly gorgeous animals.
Well considering Jones suspended all accused players (guilty until proven innocent essentially) I think Jones will be just fine.
For the record, I base this solely off the talent that Florida produces out of high school year in and year out.