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Pavlov’s, really? I don't know about that one. It's not really that great of a bar... Just sayin'
Tennessee? Really?!? I highly doubt it. I get the lose to Georgia but not Tennessee. Regardless I still say we go to Atlanta again this year.
So tackling a running back right in the chest is an ejectable offense huh? The only reason his helmet comes off is because he lowers his head into the hit. Clowney doesn't go near the neck or head, he knows better. This is just dumb.
Especially in that Carolina sun. I'm ready for football...
Buster and Jerrell are going to surprise people this year. Just watch.
Don't worry South Carolina's not worried about you either Sammy. Our defense is looking to set some sack records against your 'Heisman candidate' quarterback too.
Keep an eye out for Alshon's brother this year. Melvin and Alshon came down and had a talk with Shamier and apparently Ole Head Ball Coach liked his change in attitude and play in the spring. He could become a favorite target along with Shaq and Bruce.
"DJ Swearinger’s stock has been soaring as of late, and he’s a specimen at safety." You're damn right.
Don't get me wrong I do agree Connor Mitch will be a stud but y'all always forget to mention Brendan Nosovitch. That kid had a monstrous high school career and the coaches really like him. He's underrated and a great athlete, I'm just saying that you might want to watch out for this guy in the very near future.
#3, #5, and #9, not bad. We had another great year in Columbia.
If DJ was suspended for his hit then yes the Vanderbilt player and the Alabama player should have been suspended as well. Fair is fair, dems the rules.
Also I forgot, I'm going to the bowl game this year so 5 total. (GA, ARK, CLEM, TEN, and MICH)
I went to 4 Carolina games this year which is a low number for me, the main reason being that I had to work most of them. Gotta pay for my education at USC.
Get 'em Marcus. Always like to see a South Carolina student succeed.
I love watching Jadeveon Clowney play, he is such a tremendous athlete.
Not a big Alabama fan but when it comes to the BCS Championship this year, I say: Roll Tide.
We would KILL Northwestern and LSU would KILL Clemson. I kinda like this; it kinda sucks that our conference is so great that some of the best teams in the nation have to get passed down to lesser bowls.
I went and South Carolina fans were outnumbered about 10 to 1 but that didn't stop us from being louder than they were; we were deafening. The real USC, all day.
The Almost Competitive Conference just couldn't hang this weekend. SEC, SEC, SEC!