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Florida’s defense wasn’t good enough. Especially the secondary. Crazy thing is that tosu gave up more numbers to Smith in a half than Florida’s secondary did all game. Which is real surprising. Florida’s secondary is used to seeing those offenses regularly and Ohio State rarely sees them in that clown league they’re in.
He’s still sad that Georgia got beat by UF and still can’t win the big win.
Florida was missing 9-10 starters and 15+ players overall. If you really think Oklahoma would’ve beat a fully loaded Florida team that was actually focused on playing that game, you’re a nut job. You’ve seen what a fully loaded UF team when they spotted GA a few TDs and still slapped them down. The Florida/OU game showed why the playoff needs to be expanded to 8 teams and then do away with “New Years 6” bowls. Those bowl games from now on will be mostly boring due to all of the opt outs from those top teams. It’s a new era.
Man I really hope no one leaves early other than CJ. I thought Marco and Shawn Davis might test the pro waters. Shawn Davis impressed me a lot this year. Trey Dean should be better going back to his normal spot if he can get it back. Elam was impressive too. Jeremiah Moon will be back and I thought he played pretty well. If all of the guys on the d-like return, we should have some good depth. Zach Carter was making plays left and right. Linebackers worry me a bit bc Reese is a huge loss. I was real impressed with Diabate too. He needs to add some size to his frame.
Smart is fine until he starts losing to Florida more than not. Add Florida losses into this lack of big game wins.....and they’ll want him. Which will still prob be the wrong call. They’ll prob get someone worse and go through a decade of BS like Florida just endured. We’re still well below our scholarship limits. Kind of ridiculous.
There’s more Georgia fans on these Florida posts than Florida fans. These chumps really love to talk about Florida lol. Talk about some real scrubs.
I feel a lot better about the Mizzou game after they lost to Vandy.
Lol. Missouri fans talking about a having a winning record against Florida while they were down. Missouri has a low ceiling. Enjoy that cherry picked record while you can.
The poor tackling on a few plays is being overblown. That one long run by Dallas was just the dude breaking tackles. That happens. Good players break tackles. I don’t think Franks is that good at all but that 2nd Pick he threw I really believe he was trying to throw it away and got hit. It happens. Play calling was more to blame there. This is why you don’t want to play good teams in the first game. I think the defense looked great most of the game. Greenard is an absolute beast. The o-line needs to improve and hopefully they will. Franks is just inaccurate and inconsistent. I really hope we can see Trask and Jones get some PT this year.
He’s seen Kentucky beat Florida once in his lifetime lol
Florida with 2 national titles in the last decade.
Thank you for putting this stupid article in it's place. This is mainly based off of preseason polls, which any sports fan with a brain knows, that college football preseason polls are one of the dumbest things in sports. Jon, you went and crunched a few pointless numbers to try and tell me that Florida with 2 national titles is more overrated than Ole Miss? LMAO. The stuff I read on here. I suppose next you will figure out a way to call Mississippi State the greatest dynasty in SEC history?
Seriously, have you watched a WVU game. Everyone they play goes straight down the field and scores in like 5 plays on 95% of their possessions. Florida has a way better defense. As an SEC fan you should know that defense wins championships. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Dude you should remove the photo of a Gator player as your avatar and NEVER mention or watch the Gators again. WEST VIRGINIA A BETTER OVERALL TEAM?? LMAO. West Virginia's offense would be shut down by any top SEC team. And their defense couldn't stop my old high school from scoring 40 points. Get real dude. There may be some better teams in the top 8, but WVU isn't one of them.
Florida looks like the best second half team in the SEC. Gators will be what Alabama is in a few years. I told Gator fans, give Muschamp a chance. Dude is legit as a coach. Florida is just as capable as LSU, South Carolina, and esp Georgia. Florida's worst team still manages to beat Georgia's best these days. You will get the picture when Florida beats LSU in a few weeks down in the Swamp.