Will Sample

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Sorry, but no way on that Ole Miss one. 4th and 25. The play not only lost OM the game, but a guaranteed appearance in the SEC CG, a place they have still never been. Oh, and it launched another Alabama national title, to rub a little more salt in that wound.
Allow 59 yards of total offense to a P5 opponent, the lowest by any P5 member in any game this season.....and not even get one unit on your defense mentioned.
Out of morbid curiosity, what other two games do you have MSU favored in, this season? I think maybe Kentucky, but Bowling Green at MSU might be a pick'em.
I have no idea how a team that loses at home, by 17 points in one year, (in a game that was even less close than the 17 point margin implies) goes to being a road favorite this year.
I'd have gone with a guy with 13 more catches, 10 more yards, and 10 more touchdowns than Mecham for 10th.... Marcus Monk.