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Being a Carolina fan is nothing but pain, except for when we come between the hedges and lay a fat dook to ruin yalls season!!!
You may be confusing me with your friend boxster as Ive been so balls deep in him the past few days my wang is turning brown!
Yeah who wouldnt want to join a program that has historically under performed while paying out the nose and hasnt won it all since 1980?!!?
Oh boxter. There is quite the difference in quality between "I like that coach he is good, I dont like that rule it is bad" (which is what almost all of your comments were) and something more engaging, like comparing statistics or making a case for your team to get into a bowl. You're almost there keep trying! Your Teacher, Willybob
Kirby nowhere did I say anything negative about large state schools, I'm simply explaining why HBCU need and deserve support and respect. I realize you are using the ol strawman to divert the conversation from that but I'm not surprised about another jawja backwoods self awarewolf. Enjoy living in intentional ignorance.
Apology accepted! It takes a big man to admit his mistakes, and you are that big man.
You moved on because I put you in your place and you dont have anymore to say. Cheers
Not sure they teach reading comprehension in alabama
You've never watched the show obviously as you were 4 when it was airing and I doubt you were watching it, although Missouri is known for some real white trash so who knows. And again, how you connected that to Ricky Martin and found another excuse to bring him up is only a secret your therapist could tell you.
lol ricky martin? out of all the 90s artist your first thought is ricky martin?!? yikes dont know what that says about you, although now that I think about it ol ricky could kick trdumps obese behind as well. Also I'd like to bet that most readers on this site were born before the year 1994 so why dont you go back to the kids table bucko
I Saban would beat the dogsh*t out of trdump what do yall think? Every SEC coach could, except Muschammp who would have found a way to lose. Heck saban would prob beat both trump jrs at the same time I’d love to see that on celebrity dethmatch!
Oh believe me I looked through your profile before it was full of your white knight comments attacking my superior intellect. Nothing but opinion, not discussion or debate. You speak like a buffoon and have an IQ to match. Please refrain from speaking to me.
Proof is in the pudding you dingus I dont have to dispute something when your comments are sitting on your profile. You are becoming tiring the lulz are beginning to wane its not as fun when they are too stupid to speak correctly. oh well i'm sure youll say something stupid soon to laugh at.
Every comment you write is i think this and i think that. Newsflash, if you are writing it then we already know its what you think. You just enjoy brining yourself up its common for people with low IQ to make themselves feel important and stand out in a conversation. You do stand out, just not for the reason you hoped. Pity
Again you are putting words in my mouth. I never said they are helples. I've only said they go where the opportunity and money is, which is what anyone would do. I'd just like to see more opportunities for HBCU's since they are already at a disadvantage in the form of budget, alumni donations, publicity, etc compared to schools in the SEC and the like. So please try to come into the real world, its a lot different than those jawja back woods you're used to.
Hey moron you are the only person talking about their intelligence which really seems telling to me. It's about opportunity and money, like everything else. I think you are intentionally blind to this issue so you can pretend racism ended in 1964. White ain't always right my child.
I never said they didnt have the “ability to choose whats in their best interest” (what a unintelligent phrase) I said they are going where all the money and opportunity is. Dang son you just keep making cases for a total remake of the GA school system you are a special king of stupid. And what does me taking a big sh*t on you have to do with these athletes? stop making everything about you, you conceited turd!!!
Nice job not responding to any of the points I made. I guess you can't without saying you were wrong so I understand someone as weak as you not being able to go through with it. As someone with family ties to the state of Georgia you embarrass me. I'll pray to Mighty Allah for you child.
Efren there are a lot of racists on this site that just dont get it, or dont want to. It's frustrating but also necessary to call them out. Keep up the fight and dont let boxter and the usmc bootlickers keep you down!
@boxter I dont think you know what implication means bc nowhere did I imply black athletes werent smart. I actually made the exact opposite point of that. Congratulations are being a true idiot. You. Are. Trash. oh and btw not liking racism and telling you to kill yourself only make me like me more. its a win-win! Your Teacher, Willybob
Imagine the words biggest pickle. Its still passes thru your anus like a hotdown down a hallway! I know because I did the plowing!!!
Oh hey what a surprise the racist bootlicker likes the other backwoods racist! Maybe when yall are done 69ing you can complain more about minorities!
@Efren dont even respond the lsumc hes obviously just a bootlicker whos mad that this is the 2nd time hes had a black leader giving him orders. SAD!
They go to those schools because thats is where the money and resources are you absolute donut. There are many reasons for that, too many to get into now, but that is like saying immigrant an immigrant from Honduras hate their country and left. No, its because they country was destabilized (by the USA) and now there is way more opportunity to prosper in America. You're a backwoods turd Boxter.
@boxter and where in what he said is wrong? HBCUs just want to be respected like everyone else and get a seat at the table. Shame on you for trying to keep the black man down. You. Are. Trash.
I'm just calling out boxter for his hypocrisy. They wouldn't publish the article if you didnt click and comment. Now here he is pooping on the very entertainment he consumes. Shame on this man. SHAAAAME!!!!
Thank you for sharing your opinion we were all waiting with baited breath! Please dont hesitate to share your feelings on who you do or dont like with us internet strangers again!!!
See? Now you're getting it. Much better comment. You don't seem like a turd and its quick and to the point. Good job mate youre learning. Your teacher, Willybob