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Theres concrete evidence he kept money from Ukraine for the investigation I dont see how its total BS? Also he just assassinated someone without congressional approval with no evidence of attack. He's also rolled back almost every environmental protective law passed in past 40 years. How can anyone still support this lunatic?
This is pathetic. Why are there SOOO many trolls/2nd accounts on this 3rd rate sports website? just patheic how many losers there actually are on here. its freakin college football people just relax
hey esec please keep the suicide prevention number in your phone 1800 273 8255 if you ever feel you will hurt yourself call. It will turn around one day just keep grinding. One piece of advice is to stop 'trolling' on a 3rd rates sports site. Why SC tho? Thought you might be more concerned about beating Vandy first?
I actually think was Cody said was 100% correct. Working at a fast food joint deserves respect just like any other job. I like your attitude Cody good luck to both teams Saturday and no injuries!
Hey esec call 1800 273 8255 if you feel depressed or think you might hurt yourself im seriously concerned for your mental health. "trolling" a 3rd rate sports blog at 4am is not healthy my man go get help. Also try not being a tennessee fan that will probably do wonders
I know esec is a tenn troll, but I just have to point out how pathetic he actually is. Check out the time he posted that comment. 4am?? How much of a loser do you have to be to 'trolling' a 3rd rate sports blog at 4am? Go get some help man call 1800 273 8255 if you think you will hurt yourself or others..especially after losing to Chattanooga on Sat.
my point is that uga fans had no class then and have no class now. dont expect us to throw our guy under the bus just because it comes so naturally to you. why dont you go talk trash on an alabama article you simpleton.
Hey remember when uga 'fans' egged aaron murrays house the night he lost to SC? the day after he found out his father had cancer? it showed they care!
Well then Ret is is obvious you didnt go to UGA, or at least not when LSU came to play. LSU fans will absolutely trash your city from the stadium to the bars and everything in between. Ask ANY ole miss student after a gameday, they arent even rivals but Oxford is trashed every year after they play there. They are the Philly fans of college sports and its gross. and its not a 'small percentage' when it happens to every away game for yeeeeears. LSU worst fans in SEC confirmed.
Well the worst fans in the SEC also reside in that state. Coincidence?
Don't expect anything other than toxicity from a UGA fan. and dont waste any sleep on this matty he doesnt get it
Cool story hansel. I especially liked the part where you ignored what I said completely! Someone using the fox news playbook!
Just more proof that UGA has some of the worst fans in the SEC. I'd say it goes 1. LSU 2. FLORIDA 3. UGA And if any UGA fans want to debate that, just remember what yall did to aaron murray after he lost a game or two. pathetic
LOL! I come back after the weekend to see that I sparked quite the conversation. After going through it all, just had some final words on the matter... I put out what I think is a well thought out case for SC to make a show like this. Nowhere did I claim that SC was the best team in the SEC, the East, or even for a show like this. I simply took 5 minutes from my work day and typed up a quick comment to a fluff piece. Is Geaux had been intelligent at all in his reply maybe I wouldnt have taken a shart on him, but he didnt add a single thing to the conversation outside of toxicity. As for the LSU soldier boy, hes been a troll on this site for longer than I've been coming here so I dont take anything he says seriously. Also only boots tell the world they are/were in the military so I have no respect for that dude. To the two other people who made comments about the article thanks. WORST FANS IN SEC LIGHTING ROUND 1. LSU 2. FLORIDA 3. GEORGIA
Considering you're actually not smart and a big troll on this site I would say that you are a bad guy. oorah
Only really good soldiers tell everyone they were in the marines right? i bet you have like 300 confirmed atleast right? just another piece to the pile of trash that is LSU fans!
Wow what a great retort you really made my points look weak with those well thought out arguments I can see that the Louisiana education system is pumping out real winners. I get why your ornery like an alligator, I probably would be too if I was Alabamas little brother (well more like little cousin really, Auburn is still more relevant than LSU) for about as long as recent memory goes. But just relax, this was a fluff piece no need for any hostility. But thanks for proving what every school already knows: The worst fans in the SEC are from LSU!
I think I could make a case for South Carolina. First and foremost would be Muschamp of course. Hes always been a character to say the least, and this is going to be a very tough year for him, in terms of the hard schedule in the immediate and in terms of the program direction for a long term arc. There is a juicy QB controversy with Jake Bentley coming back for his senior year after what most people consider a disappointing career here with his up and down play, competing against a 4 star recruit from last year and Mr. SC Football Dak Joyner, and our "future' in the newest QB to sign in Ryan Hilinski. SC also just opened up a $60 Million athletics facility and it would be fun to watch the players make themselves at home there for the first time. Not to mention how cool it is that Deion Sanders may be lurking around the sidelines since his son Shilo Sanders signed in the 2019 class. Also those brutal Columbia summer heat practices are always fun to watch (from the comfort of AC or shade, of course)
"I know what it takes to be a football player" I wouldnt count riding the bench for 4 years as playing but whatever atleast you tried your best. It's obvious you needed to try better on reading comprehension because where in my post did I ever mention race or being racist? It seems you are projecting your insecurities and its kind of pathetic. Didnt bring up politics either but keep trying. And you still didnt acknowledge my point that the kid would have been punished for asking for water, but he sitll deserves blame for that? Youre pathetic maybe take the next few plays off Champ.
"Feel sorry for this young man, he should have been drinking fluids and had some accountability" You have obviously never played football, especially not for a hard nosed coach like you seemed to glorify in your original post. Coaches look down on you for getting water if they even allow it at all. Apparently you didnt read the entire article on ESPN because if you did you'd know the extreme 'macho' culture there meant that if he had stopped and asked for water he would have been humiliated and possibly lost playing time. Youre probably mad that a grown man peacefully protested by kneeling during the anthem too. Grow up and realize football is just a game nobody should have to die for your entertainment.
Yo BB I'm right there with you, this guy is a HACK. Oh and he doesnt care what we think, except he does enough to come down and insult the readers while acting like an elitist. Newsflash crist, you write about a game that 18 year old kids are playing. Get over yourself and just do your job nobody wants to see your personality
I can see im too late, but people please dont feed the troll that is john crist. This guy writes about sports but offers no unique perspective, inside information or predictions, then comes and insults the readers when they disagree with him. Hey crist, you write about sports. You are a wannabe Colin Cowherd and its kinda pathetic how obvious your shtick is. Try real journalism for me one time!
Feels weird to agree with LSUMC, but its a strange world. Also, I think Crist is a certified douche who loves to insult readers and then point to his awards in journalism when people dont agree. Dudes a hack, a less talented version of Colin Cowherd, just saying whatever he can to get attention. I need to remind myself to stop clicking on articles "written" by this buffoon.
He certainly is TM, but the author of this fluff piece wasnt really looking to have much of a discussion. He just needed to meet his word quota for the week so he spewed an easy take about the 3 teams with the biggest fan bases in the East. This is a 'see i called it' and a 'they had all the pieces but...'. he covers all his bases without really saying anything unique or making an actual prediction. Then he comes down to the comments to insult the readers. What a classy guy. Real journalism here people.
The difference there is that the QB has the ball. If that linebacker somehow has the ball than sure bring that backer down to stop a pick 6. But to attack someone who doesnt have the ball like that isnt right. I agree with champ it can and does cause serious injuries. It also doesnt take any technique to do it, you just throw your body into their knees. At least proper blocking requires some strength and skill.
PRetty sure this clown pegged S. Carolina to win 3-4 games max this season. His fat ass is too weak to apologize himself so lets stop taking anything this guy has to say with any sort of seriousness.
You know I've seen you reply to different articles and you always sound like a moron, but this one really takes the cake. If you actually served in the marines then shouldnt you appreciate somebody exercising the rights you 'protected' by serving? And on another note, how did you come to the conclusion that South Carolina fans hate the country? Where in the article did it even talk about the fans?Must have skipped reading comprehension at boot camp huh?
The video for the Gamecocks is the Vols fumble video
lol someone mad that the hype train left their auburn qb? NCST had I think 18 returning starters 11 of which were seniors. Meanwhile Carolina is a team of freshman and sophs. The game was at a 'neutral' site in NC in a professional stadium. Carolina performed incredibly well in a game they would not have won last year. I don't think anyone is picking USC or Bentley to win it all, but to downplay his performance Saturday is just sour grapes bro