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Unless it is Jarrett Stidham......former Baylor QB.....
Matt, thanks for the excellent article. Great to see substantive info instead of cut & paste blah-blah articles. W/o a doubt, Alabama the stronger team, but doesn't always show up on the scoreboard; that's why they suit and play. For the Ags to win, our O-line MUST perform above their usual, and our D-backs MUST hit hard and wrap up on tackles. Hoping Garrett and Hall can have monster games. And hoping our native Texan, Jalen Hurts, almost wins the game.
As much as I want to see the Ags win; there is NO WAY we have a chance if our DBacks insist on the "bump tackle". They are the most pathetic tacklers I've seen in years; and that won't work against 'Bama. Occasionally Watts will actually hit someone, but for the most part, they look like pansies. Just hope Garrett, Hall, and the rest of D-Line and LBs can pick up the slack.
Much rather have a leader you have to pull the reins back on than one that you have to keep kicking to move.
The best coach in the nation right now is Tom Herman; not all time, right now. However I don't think there is any way he leaves UofH; that would be Saban-like, with all due respect to Saban. I've been wrong on most of my other calls this year, but he basically has the same recruiting geography as LSU, and 1/10th the pressure. Thinking he'll build a huge program before he leaves....3-4 years.
"THERE is no way they have a prayer in this game." That is VERY cute, 566ar, and I must say I respect your confidence, but I do think we have at least a chance in this game. This rivalry has been absolutely reborn from the old SWC days and I gotta say I love it, JerryDome or no JerryDome, I wanna "Beat The Hell Outta The Hogs". I have no fear of the Arky pass game, Ag D-line won't let it happen. However, if they are not schzizoid and just run the ball up the gut, the Hoggies could score at will. That scares me. At their worst, Ags have enough offensive talent to score at least 28 points. The open question is Ags LB's and safeties being able to hit and wrap up. Haven't done it so far. Once past the D-Line, we are patsies, relying on the horrid bump tackle.
2016 SDS article formula: Here's your headline kid. Google a bunch of stuff on this and cut & paste it below the headline.
Yep. Hate to say it but SDS has more and more blather articles than I recall over the past few years. Splashy headline, nothing behind the curtain. "Here's a headline kid, cut and paste some paragraphs underneath".... Sorry SDS, had to get that off my chest. From what I've seen of both teams this year this is way to close to call. For some weird reason the Aggies play every bit as well in harsh environs as Kyle Field; no home field advantage IMHO. With the Ags getting 3.5 pts in my pool, I have to take them. Really looking forward to this game; winner taks huge step up. I love playing in the SEC.
Remove all the planter boxes from campus and he should be fine. Wish him the best.
I do catch your drift. We're part of the South, maybe not the Deep South though. Proud to be both. I lived up north for a couple years. The people are nice enough, but the food was inedible; like eating paste. I ate nothing but pizza for 2 years.
Houston about 6 million, about 90 miles from Kyle Field.
A little misleading.....the population of Bryan-College Station is 228,000. It is essentially one city with a dividing line down the middle. Kyle Field attendance breakdown: Students: 40,000 Houston/Dallas folks: 40,000 Other TX towns: 25,000 Bryan CS non students: 15
Hate to lose Allen, no problem with Murray leaving. He may have been all-everything in HS, but for whatever reason, that talent did not transfer to college game. (being 4 feet tall didn't help). He had a crap attitude anyway; at least Allen kept his complaints off the sidelines. We've weathered worse storms (Franchione). C'est la vie.
Losing JFF to the NFL early was a big blow to the program; no matter how much you hate him, the kid was incredible between the lines. What hurt us JUST AS MUCH was losing OC Kliff Kingsbury to Texas Tech (great move for him though). Jake Spavital has been absolutely incapable of running an offense. Most Ags I know are willing to give Sumlin a pass up till now. If he doesn't get rid of Spavital however, Sumlin won't last more than a year.
Just as long as you scream loud at every play, even 1 yd pickups on 2 and 8....you too can be a great announcer.
I am a Steve Barnes fan. He grew up somewhere and I just read this article. I like the guy. Here is my advice for him. Please never type another sentence. People don't appreciate your work. It's time to move on.
If Florida somehow stops or limits Fournette (which I don't think will happen), all eyes will be on QB Harris to perform over and above. The type of pressure that makes or breaks most.
You got a weak definition of humor friend.
There is no such thing as a bad Ag; but there certainly are some No-Good Ags. This comes from a no-good Ag. Classless and doesn't represent 98% of Texas A&M.
Lets give this another go....and remember, only talking about DLine to DLine. Simply put, Ags D-Line with Bama's LBs would be MUCH better than Bama's D-Line with Ag's LBs. Run any system you want, Garret, Mack, and Hall are better than Allen, Reed, and Robinson. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
We get it. The wrecking crew had the number #2 defense in the nation over the 1990's behind Fla St. Texas A&M has ALWAYS been known for defense until Franchione came in and wrecked us, on both sides of the ball. Just getting back to it. Strictly talking DLs; our is better and deeper. Please look at the stats. Our top 3 starters have more tackles and so does our entire DL, as a body, in 5 games than Bama's DL in 6 games. No doubt they have a much better defense; but mainly due to their LBs; Ragland leads the team in tackles and it's not even close. Their LB's stuff the gaps, we don't have any LB's. Bama Tackles avg: 12.3 TPG, Ags DL 18.8 TPG Bama LBs: 21 TPG Ags LBs 5 TPG The game Saturday will not be played on paper, but the past 6 weeks have stats to back up claims, and frankly, they back up A&M as a better DL than Bama.
Yo Charlie Weldon! Will trade you Mr. Ragland for our backup QB and a couple WRs. The man has 26 solo tkls and 50 total tkls this year in 6 games! He's leading your defense in almost every category. He's got big shoes to fill but he'd start on any defense anywhere. Allen, Reed, Robinson combine for: 61 Tackles and 4 sacks. Garrett, Hall, Mack combine for: 63 Tackles and 12.5 sacks We've played 5 games, Bama 6. When you look at the LB's however, just the opposite. Of course, the game ain't played on paper, but I have to do something this morning.
Straight from fantasy world: A&M DL is better than Bama's DL. Myles Garrett and Daeshon Hall are not "good linemen", they're the best DE tandem in the country. We have 5 solid tackles including 6' 335lb Freshman Daylon Mack that will make headlines for next few years. What we don't have is ANY LBs. Alabama has incredible LBs including Reggie Ragland that is as good as any in the country. That makes Bama's front 7 as good as any in the country and way better than A&M's. But I WILL NOT give you the DL. No ways, no days! That said, none of our words mean anything; game day execution is everything. I hope the game turns out to be as advertised, nobody gets hurt, and the Aggies BTHO 'Bama!
Maybe it was just beer and pizza. I've gained a lot more than 43 pounds on that stuff. I'm 265 and it's all natural.
Yup! Gonna be a whale of a game. I really hope we don't get stupid and try to run on 'Bama or throw those slow developing "bubble screens"; will never work against this D. However, if we unleash Reynolds, Kirk, Seals-Jones, and a couple other racehorses from the stable, and maybe a dash of Kyler Murray, we may be able to blow right past them. Kyle Allen does not need much time to complete a 20 yd gain....and then some. I don't see 'Bama, as good as they are, shutting down our air attack. Bama will run Henry right up the gut (our weakpoint) for their yardage. We must have solid "gap play" from our tackles and our non-existent LBs to slow this down or it will be a battle of who scores last.
Couldn't agree more on lazy, cut & paste journalism. Read Murf Baldwin's article on Alabama's defense; that is what we are looking for. True Xs & Os and well written also.